Lonely dish

Lonely dish

Lolium is a 1-year or 2-year-old herb of the cruciferous family.

Born in the field, it is distributed everywhere.

Short-horned fruits are nearly round, oval-shaped seeds, brown-red, smooth, can be squeezed for oil, used for medicinal purposes, also known as seedlings.

  Sexuality is bitter, hard and flat.

  Grain seeds contain cardiolipin.

  Pharmacological animal experiments, the weakened heart formed by cat’s chloral hydrate can cause the myocardial contractility to increase, increase the output, and have asthma effect.

  [慢性渗出性胸膜炎]  独行菜种子(炒)15克,红枣4枚,获娄9克,半夏6克,甘草3克,水煎服。  [老年慢性支气管炎,喘息咳嗽]  独行菜种子9克,杏仁9克,陈皮6克,桑白皮9克,水煎服。

Learn from the ancients the coquettish weapon of vixen

Learn from the ancients the coquettish weapon of vixen

“Fox fox” can be defined as “coquettish”, “swinging” and “shameless” women who are good at using various methods to seduce men.

“Fox fox” may be beautiful, but unfortunately it is usually not recognized.

However, I think it’s appropriate to say that foxes are not beautiful, because they do not win by virtue of being beautiful, others have “secret weapons”.

And in fact, only by picking up this weapon, every woman can firmly tie the man he likes.

  The “fox fox” mainly has the following tricks: The first trick: charming lethality: ten “fox fox”-the man’s dream lover “mei” was originally discovered and defined by the outstanding writer Wang Bin Bin, he created a word called “fox charming”,It is also known as the “fox fox charm”, which is specifically used to describe the “fox fox” trick.

  Mei is something that comes out of a woman’s life, actually from the diffuse. It is a colored, highly penetrating light, a toxic light smoke that directly stimulates a man’s sexual consciousness and makes himSurrounded with excitement and desperate, seeing the excitement of death.

“Mei” hides things of appreciation, attraction, pleasing, obsession and so on. It is related to the laws of universal gravitation and acceleration of gravity, which is a special way of power between substances.

It has an innate talent characteristic. Some destiny mysterious auras revolve between the subject and object of “beautiful”. Although acquired learning is also extremely effective, it ultimately affects the effect and quality.

For example, some people don’t know the boundaries of Shi Mei, courting, obedience, etc., and it is easy to become Dong Shi Xiao.

  Mei’s synonyms are gentle, the difference is mainly in the degree and intensity.

Conversely, “gentle” strikes a man at the superficial level of the heart, up to the middle, while “fox” can enter the microcosm after penetrating the heart-because it comes from the diffuse, it also enters the microcosm.

When a charming, bird-like woman shoots a man with eyes, smiles, tears, language, and sexual arrows, you will hear the sound of “gaba gaba” in his body, that is himThe soft and cracked sound of his bones: At this time, no matter how hard a man is, he may tremble like a severely weathered mountain, and may collapse into mud at any time.

  The derogatory use of “mei” is “coquettish”-when a woman’s act of enchanting arouses jealousy of others, these others will give her this crown; on the other hand, if someone says you are a “coquette” woman, you”Mei” power may be in place.

  The representative of Hu Mei: Wu Mei Niang, see Zhao Mei’s novel “Wu Zetian”.

  The second trick: Devil’s lethality: Nine-level “fox spirit” has a noun called “fairy”, and demon is naturally their characteristic.

  ”Demon” is also the unspeakable traits of those women.

It refers to the lightness, softness, fantasy, and blurry temperament and state that women are born with or decorated to deceive men.

The demon of the fox spirit is first reflected in its slender figure, light and graceful posture, and flexible waist. The woman with the so-called “water snake waist” is often called a “fairy” because her waist is twisted more easily.

The so-called “skinny beauty” that has appeared in recent years is also an external feature of “monsters”.

So the enchantment is also emitted from the bone marrow, and it is necessary to break the other side.

  In fact, the demon is some fractures that stimulate sexy words and deeds, reflecting the lightness of the “fox spirit” soul in life.

It may be related to a certain novel dress, it may be related to some unique body movements, or it may be related to many weird language words. On the surface, it may be passive, impassive, and actually extremely active and profoundProvocative and seductive, whoever gets caught in it will die.

  The derogatory meaning of the demon is close to “wandering” and “shameless”.

Some women say that the most fundamental way for foxes to seduce men is to shamelessly dedicate their bodies, and sex is almost the only weapon for foxes.

I can’t fully agree with this opinion, although the person who made it is very beautiful.

I think that although “demon” is related to sex, and a very demon woman will definitely make men continue to have a strong sexual impulse, there is still a fundamental difference between demon and sex: sex can at least catch the flesh, and demon can catchThe soul, the really demon fox spirit is always good at raising sex to the art of destroying the soul.

Therefore, when a woman hears that she is a “shameless” “wandering” woman, you don’t have to worry about your moral gains and losses. Once again you are suspected of “wandering” and “shameless”. It is likely that your charm has reached a high level.Already.

  The representative of the demon fox: Carmen (translated by Carleman), see Fu Lei’s translation of Merrime’s novel “Carleman”.

  The third measure: Wild lethality: Eighth grade “Wild” refers to the unrestrained, free-spirited, and arrogant personality of fox spirits, which usually manifests as pure and natural pollution of worldliness, free and free from rules.

As soon as you hear her, you will feel like a wild plant from a vast grassland, exuding a primitive wild scent; her behavior is like a child’s unscrupulous, “giggle”, arrogantly loudLaughing, many people feel crazy, but they always reveal a pleasant freshness. When she appears, the air will immediately become active, and everyone who is infected will suddenly have vitality, and can’t help but want to follow the jump.
  The derogatory meaning of “wild” is barbaric, unruly, unreasonable, and shameless.

Of course, it is very difficult for a person with “shame” to become a fox. Because “shame” means to observe morality, and Chinese morals are very strict on the rules of women. Although women who follow rules everywhere can sometimes be cute, they are also cute to men.It is difficult to generate irritation.

If you go to the other extreme and transcend the limits of these norms, that is, “indecent assault” and “shamelessness”, men may not even be able to afford it even if they like it.

The reason why fox fox became a fox fox is that she is good at rubbing the ball near the norms established by Taoists, daring to challenge the rules, and often making breakthroughs. She brings back shuttles at the junction of “shame” and shamelessness. What she plays is heartbeat.Addicted to death, he played with a man between the palms of his hands, hanging him to death.

  Representative representative of the wild fox: gold, see Cao Yu’s script “Wild.”

  The fourth trick: sadness and lethality: Level 6 On Lin Daiyu’s “beautiful” image. If Lin Daiyu lives in today’s world with literature, young girls are sad.

The best writers know that if you want to make your work more attractive, you must set the heroine as a sentimental, candid, pitiful, and often crying woman.

Master Cao Xueqin is such an outstanding representative.The Lin Daiyu chanted the tears and said “Like a beautiful flower, like a stream of water”, our tears came down with “唰”, unknowingly inspiring our tenderness and tenderness, and unknowingly, weI’m hooked on her.

  The fox spirits are usually melancholy and sad, because the vulgar and trivial reality always frustrates their sharp and delicate tentacles, making them feel inexplicable pain, and the beautiful life that always exists in the distance quietly comes the call of temptation,Long-term expectations spread hope and despair on their wounds like poison.

As soon as he saw the scar hidden in their eyes, the man would lick his tongue as quickly as the wolf found the blood stains, and would find the clue like a detective, and could not wait to solve the mystery of her mind.

  Representative of Youhu: Lin Daiyu, see Cao Xueqin’s “A Dream of Red Mansions”.

Test: What attracts you most to the opposite sex?

Test: What attracts you most to the opposite sex?

When you meet a lover who has just broken up for a few days, he accidentally said that he slipped away and said that he had a new love, what would be your first reaction?

  A, scold the other person B, turn away and ignore C, ask Xin Huan who is D, feel sad and cry very much E, and ask him why he should choose A like this for you.The opposite sex has a fatal attraction.

This type of person is very possessive if they fall in love, want 100% ownership, and will love each other in different ways.

  Choosing B, you know how to appreciate each other’s strengths and make them very moved.

This type of person is quite male (female), and even some big male (female), but also know how to appreciate, will find the other party’s advantages, and praise the other party moderately, the other party will feel very happy.

  Choosing C will make you a lot of money and is a beloved cash machine.

This type of person is usually full of intentions at work, and does not like the feeling of losing. Therefore, they can win a very good reputation at work and have a very good ability to make money. They are wealthy people who make the opposite sex heart beat.

  Choosing D you look good, simple and pity.

This type of person is really very kind. Once they fall in love, they will waste their feelings and will be dominated by the other party. Therefore, they often forget their existence when they get along, so it is touched to deal with the other party wholeheartedly.

  Choose E, you have a traditional sense of responsibility, and give people a sense of security.

This type of person is very obsessed with love. When falling in love with a person, all emotions are placed on that person, and they will plan for the future, so they will also accept their fate very much, will be tolerant of each other, and always move people.

Ten points to drink mung bean soup in summer

Ten points to drink mung bean soup in summer

As the temperature rises and the hot summer season gradually comes, a bowl of mung bean soup that clears the heat and relieves heat has become a must-have for many people.

However, there are some places that need attention in the process of creating mung bean soup, otherwise the effect of eliminating heat and detoxification will not be achieved, which will cause harm to the body.

Let’s take a look at the specific content!

  Contraindications to drinking mung bean soup 1. Do not drink mung bean soup on an empty stomach. From the perspective of Chinese medicine, mung beans are cold and cold, and an empty stomach is enough to easily cause damage to the spleen and stomach.

People with cold constitutions usually have symptoms such as coldness and weakness in the limbs, cold pain in the waist and legs, and diarrhea, and the symptoms of diarrhea will be dilute. However, eating mung beans will aggravate the symptoms and even cause diarrhea, joint pain due to qi and blood stasis, cold stomach and weak spleenChronic gastritis and other digestive diseases.

  2. Do not drink too much mung bean soup Mung bean soup is delicious, but it should not be drunk too much.

The low carbohydrates contained in mung beans are prone to bloating, and mung beans are non-digestible foods. Excessive presence of mung beans can easily damage the spleen and stomach. If female friends replace the mung bean soup too much, it will cause abdominal distension and dysmenorrhea.

  3. Mung beans sometimes cannot be eaten together with Chinese medicine. Mung beans are a kind of traditional Chinese medicine. If they are mixed with exogenous wind and heat, heat invasion, and other sexually transmitted diseases, taking mung bean soup appropriately while taking Chinese medicine will have a complementary effect. But if there is stomachPeople with weak intestines and weak limbs, chills throughout the body, cold pain in the waist and legs, and diarrhea should take mung beans while taking Chinese medicine. Otherwise, it will not only reduce the efficacy of the medicine, but also worsen the disease.

Therefore, whether or not to eat mung beans while taking Chinese medicine can not be generalized, it should be based on the cold and heat of the disease and the nature of the traditional Chinese medicine.

  4, mung bean soup can not drink mung bean soup properly every day is no problem, generally adults drink 2 to 3 times a week, one bowl at a time.

Toddlers must follow the physical constitution, it is best to consult a doctor first, because mung beans contain more protein than chicken, and large molecular proteins need to be converted into small molecular peptides by enzymes before amino acids can be absorbed by the body.

The gastrointestinal digestive function of young children is relatively poor, it is difficult to digest mung bean protein in a short time, and it is easy to cause diarrhea due to indigestion.

First, when children start to eat porridge when they are 2 to 3 years old, they can add some mung beans.

The number of adults is not recognized until the age of six.

5. When making mung bean soup without iron pot, use iron pot is most suitable.

Most of the active ingredients of mung bean are in the mung bean skin. After the action of flavonoids and metal ions in the mung bean skin, a darker complex may be formed, which makes the color of the mung bean soup black, which may cause gastrointestinal upset and indigestion after consumption.
Therefore, the casserole for mung bean soup is ideal.

  6. Don’t add alkali when cooking mung bean soup. Mung beans are rich in vitamin B. It is an important part of mung bean’s anti-heatstroke properties and can make up for the nutritional loss during sweating.

Alkali can seriously damage vitamin B.

At the same time, the flavonoid antioxidant component in mung bean is also lost due to the addition of alkali, which causes the structure to change and the color to yellow.

Therefore, it is best not to add alkali in cooking mung bean soup. If you want to make the soup sticky, consider adding a small amount of oatmeal or glutinous rice to “thicken” it.

  People who should not drink mung bean soup1. People with a cold constitution because of the cold nature of mung bean, people with a cold constitution who drink mung bean soup may easily cause diarrhea and other symptoms, and may reduce the immune system of the digestive system.Should not drink mung bean soup.

  2. Women during menstrual period The women in menstrual period are in a state of blood loss and have a cold constitution, so it is not advisable to drink cold mung bean soup, otherwise it will cause qi stagnation and blood stasis in women, causing abdominal pain or aggravated dysmenorrhea and menstrual discomfort.

  3. Weak human mung bean contains high protein, which needs to be converted into small molecule peptides and amino acids by the enzyme to be absorbed by the body.

People with weak constitution generally have weak gastrointestinal function, and it is difficult to digest mung bean protein in a short time, and it is easy to cause diarrhea due to indigestion.

  Can pregnant women drink mung bean soup? The content of lysine in mung beans is higher than other crops.

In addition, mung beans also contain starch, trace amounts, protein, multivitamins and zinc, calcium and other minerals. It is a dietary supplement for zinc supplementation and pregnancy edema in pregnant women.

But pregnant women should also drink less mung bean soup.

Mung beans are yin, which is not suitable for those who have a cold and weak spleen.

Pregnant women should not put too much sugar when drinking mung bean soup, and pregnant women must not drink iced mung bean soup, which may cause diarrhea.

When cooking mung beans, you can add some red beans and jujube together to help pregnant women achieve the effect of nourishing qi and nourishing blood.

  On hot summer days, although mung bean soup can help us cool off and cool down, we should properly avoid it in moderation to avoid the adverse effects caused by inappropriateness. Let the sweet and refreshing mung bean soup accompany us through the hot and irritable summer.

What to eat when your baby has a fever

What to eat when your baby has a fever

When a baby has a fever, his body’s metabolism is accelerated, the consumption of nutrients will be greatly increased, and the body’s water will be consumed obviously.

At the same time, due to fever, the secretion of digestive juice in the baby’s body will be reduced, reorganization peristalsis will slow down, and digestive function will be significantly attenuated.

Therefore, parents must pay attention to the baby’s diet conditioning during fever, high-transition, high-vitamin liquid or semi-liquid food is the best choice.

In addition, eat less and eat more, the baby eats 6?
7 times is appropriate.


Rice soup: Boil the rice to remove the residue and add the sugar before.

The rice soup is full of water and easy to be digested and absorbed.


Mung bean soup: Boil the mung beans, take the mung bean soup, and add an appropriate amount of rock sugar.

Mung bean has the function of clearing heat and detoxifying. It not only supplements nutrition, but also helps to excrete toxins in the baby’s body, which can help the baby to reduce fever.


Egg scoop: put 1?
Beat 2 eggs well, add an appropriate amount of warm water, and steam for the baby to eat.

Egg custard supplements protein and is easier to digest and absorb.


Fresh pear juice: Fresh pear juice has the functions of clearing heat, moisturizing the lungs and relieving cough, and is suitable for babies who have fever and cough.


Fresh apple juice: Apple juice contains a large amount of vitamin C, which can not only supplement the nutritional needs of the baby’s body, but also neutralize the toxins in the baby’s body.


Yinhua tea: 10 grams of Yinhua, Jianshui mixed with sugar.

If your baby has a bad appetite because of fever, don’t force him to feed, but try to rehydrate.

During your baby’s fever, don’t add foods that you haven’t eaten before to avoid diarrhea.

Special reminder one, do not eat babies with fever, eat more vegetarian food: fever is a systemic reaction characterized by enhanced sympathetic nervous system activity.

The secretion of saliva and gastrointestinal activity will also decrease, and the secretion of digestive enzymes, gastric acid, and bile will be reduced accordingly. If these foods stay in the metabolic tract continuously, they will ferment, spoil, and eventually cause poisoning.

Therefore, when children have fever, parents should not prepare them with meat, eggs and other fishy foods. They should drink plenty of water and eat more vegetables and fruits.

Second, the child often does not want to eat after a few days of fever, and the parents themselves are very worried and ask the child to eat more after the fever has gone.

In fact, the child’s gastrointestinal function has not fully returned to normal after fever, and secretion of digestive enzymes is also possible. If you barely eat more, it may cause anorexia.

Therefore, in the early stage of the child’s recovery, they should be given soft and easy-to-digest soft foods and fresh fruits, such as milk, soy milk, orange juice, porridge and so on.

Foods should contain high vitamins, avoid foods with too much oil or sugar, and give children favorite foods at the same time.

For children with poor appetite, parents must have patience and confidence; if children still have no appetite one week after fever, they should ask a doctor to check, because there may be other causes in the body.

Towels are not used for a long time, they are easy to be infected, and daily disinfection has these methods

Towels are not used for a long time, they are easy to be infected, and daily disinfection has these methods

Towels are daily necessities in our daily life.

The Chinese people are affected by the thrift concept of “no break and no change”, and a towel is often used for a long time.

This approach is very unsanitary.

  A towel is used in many people’s homes. A towel is “multi-tasking”-washing your face, wiping your hands, bathing, washing your hair, and even cleaning your private parts.

In this way, bacteria from hands, arms, hair and hair, and towels will spread all over the body. If germs enter sensitive areas such as the nose, nose and eyes, they may also cause discomfort, especially children and people with allergies.Easier to win.

Therefore, towels must be divided according to purpose. Men must have at least three towels. Wash face, feet and bath towels separately. Women should prepare at least four towels. On the basis of washing face, feet and bath, add a towel for private use.

  Towel disinfection tips Towels are often contaminated with human secretions, among which there are many pathogenic microorganisms, such as Chlamydia trachomatis, Staphylococcus aureus, Neisseria gonorrhoeae and mold, etc. Therefore, disinfection is recommended every week.

There are several methods of disinfection: cooking and disinfection.

Boil the towel with boiling water for about 10 minutes, then wash it with soapy water, and then use it after drying; microwave disinfection method.

Clean the towel, fold it and put it in a microwave oven, and run it for 5 minutes to achieve the purpose of disinfection; high-pressure steam disinfection method.

Put the towel in a pressure cooker and heat it for about 30 minutes to kill the microorganisms; chemical disinfectant disinfection method.

You can choose to change the disinfectant 200 times, soak the towel in the solution for more than 15 minutes, then take out the towel and rinse it with water to remove the residual disinfectant, and you can use it again after drying.

  How to choose a suitable towel and see how much terry.

The towel is a double-sided looped fleece fabric with many integrated loops on the surface, which is the main sign of the quality of the towel.

Good quality towels have many and long loops on each side of the front and back, rich and soft, easy to absorb and store water; towels of poor quality have short and small loops, which are not rich enough.

  The second is weight.

Good quality towels have a heavier portion; poor quality towels have a smaller portion.

You can use the method of 掂 estimation and comparison to select good products with heavy portions.

  The third is to identify the yarn height.

The better the yarn count for weaving towels, the better the yarn count becomes.

High-grade towels usually consist of 32 and 21 interlaced towels; mid-range towels are mostly woven with 21 or 20; low-grade towels are woven with 21 or 16 yarns.

  Fourth, feel soft and hard.

The yarn for weaving towels has cooked yarn and raw yarn. The cooked yarn is strong and durable, and the raw yarn is poor.

It can be distinguished by hand. The cooked yarn feels soft and the raw yarn feels hard.

You can also distinguish between the strength of water absorption, take a small amount of water, and drip the towel from a height of 20-30cm. If the water drops are immediately absorbed, weaving is a cooked yarn; if the water absorption rate is slow, weaving is a raw yarn.

Tips to help you moisturize your lips naturally

Tips to help you moisturize your lips naturally

Fresh yam with cinnamon powder can activate cells and promote blood circulation. Hawthorn can add vitamins to the lips.

  Lip balm film material Ⅰ: 10 grams of fresh hawthorn, 30 grams of yam, 5 grams of cinnamon powder.

  Practice: 1.

Fresh hawthorn and yam are washed, peeled and ground into mud.


Add cinnamon powder to make a paste.


After washing the face, apply the mixed dressing on the lips and leave it on for about 15 minutes.

  Small reminder: Fresh yam and cinnamon powder can activate cells and promote blood circulation. Hawthorn can add vitamins to the lips, and the taste is fragrant.

It is recommended that you lie down and keep your lips still while you are applying them.

  Lip balm film Ⅱ material: appropriate amount of lotus root powder.

  Practice: 1.

Add lotus root powder to a paste with water.


After washing the face, apply the mixed dressing on the lips and leave it on for about 15 minutes.
  A small reminder: The relationship between lips and the stomach is very close. If the stomach is not good for a long time, the lips are usually not too healthy.

This formula for lip balm can help to reduce the fire and restore the lips’ beautiful appearance.

9 psychological massage methods to completely relax yourself

9 “psychological massage” methods to completely relax yourself

1. Humor.
Humor is a beautiful “transformer”. It can turn troubles into joy, it can turn pain into pleasure, embarrassment into harmony, and it is good for regulating emotions and eliminating physical and mental fatigue.
At present, some scientific research institutions in the United States have implemented “humor therapy”, which allows many patients to relax their entire body muscles and get rid of the psychological state of worry, guilt, and depression.
  2. Music appreciation.
Music can improve health, help cure diseases, and make people live longer.
Frequently enjoying beautiful and beautiful music is not only beneficial to the cultivation of sentiment and comfort, but also has the wonderful role of turning dryness into jade and promoting family harmony.
Doctors who are engaged in “music therapy” point out that pleasant music affects the cerebral cortex through human hearing and increases the endocrine system’s secretion of some hormones and enzymes that are good for health. Therefore, when a person listens to his favorite music, his breathingDeepening, the nerves relax and fatigue is eliminated.
  3. Calligraphy.
Calligraphy is a good health and fitness activity.
With the least amount of practice, you can not only enjoy the artistic enjoyment, but also improve your sexuality and health.
It is similar to qigong and Taijiquan: there is movement in static, movement inside and outside.
When practicing a book, “intention to write first”, “concentrate on calmness”, when the pen is transported, the body is relaxed and relaxed, and can concentrate on one’s mind.
  4. Painting.
Painting is also a kind of artistic activity that makes people feel comfortable and rejuvenated, especially when they go to the wild to paint and sketch while enjoying the natural beauty, which is good for their physical and mental health.
Some foreign hospitals also use “painting therapy” to treat diseases, allowing patients to naturally vent their depressed feelings through painting, regulate their spirit, improve their condition, and speed up their recovery.
  5. Enjoy the flowers.
Plant flowers and plants on the balcony or in your home and feel comfortable and refreshed.
Regular watering, fertilizing, pruning, and transplanting can also make a person’s personality brighter.
Medical scientists have found that the fragrant and fragrant flower smell has special effects on psychological disorders such as depression, anxiety, delusion and phobia.
For example, pelargonium scent can calm people’s nerves, promote sleep and eliminate fatigue; Milan scent can make asthma patients feel comfortable; lavender scent can slow the heart rate of patients with tachycardia; lilac scent can have a toothachePain-quiet effect.
  6, reading.
Reading can empathize with ease and invigorate the spirit to enhance immune function, which is of great health benefit.
A unique “book therapy” has emerged abroad. There are hospitals in Germany that have opened special libraries for patients. Many chronic diseases, especially patients with neurological and psychological diseases, have been absorbed in books and recovered quickly.
  7. Imagine.
In recent years, some countries in Europe and the United States have used “imagination therapy” to treat diseases.
Patients using this method can at least enhance confidence in curing the disease, relieve pain and reduce torture.
The secret of “imagination therapy” is to build a confidence for the patient to see hope and strengthen the courage to overcome the disease.
  8. Forgiveness.
Anger is buried deep in the memory, always feeling angry, and only forgiveness can suppress the painful memories.
Forgiveness can heal the trauma and even restore friendship and reconciliation.
  9. Talk to yourself.
Talking to oneself can release the ideological and emotional depression suffered by the heart for many years, so as to obtain a balance of mental state and mental state.
This is because the tone of your voice has a calming effect and can create a sense of security.

Seven things men don’t want to share

Seven things men don’t want to share

Men have always been social animals, playing by nature, and like being hilarious, but sometimes they have their own private territory, and this territory can be hit by anyone, even his hardcore friends and close partners.


1 Secret hobby phenomenon that people do not want to share: If there is a day, he has been locked tightly and forgot to close it. You are curious to open it and find that there are many children’s comic books, kite cats and snoopy dogs hidden inside.

  Don’t ask him, because he doesn’t want others to know, even the people closest to him.

  If he is afraid of being hit, when he tells you that when you want to stay alone, you are reading his villain’s book, or playing with children’s favorite things, you have to give him full freedom.

When a man is coquettish in front of you, he should be fortunate, because he treats you as his own person, and then reveals to you the deepest side.

  Maybe women never understand, but she must accept the reality that men become themselves, not others, because of their special hobbies.

  Analysis: The man’s bones are also very fragile. He has a child complex, and his yearning for purity can be said to be a return to instinct.

Occasionally he was willing to find a trace of his innocence in this reserved world.

Such men deserve more distress.


2 Pursuing the past phenomenon of love in his memories: he has a picture of the girl who was secretly in love at the age of eighteen, a letter from the first girlfriend, and a tie from his ex-wife.

Occasionally he looked at the photos and love letters secretly, and smiled foolishly, no matter whether you were jealous or jealous in your heart, but you must smile when facing him.

  Analysis: Everyone has memories of beautiful love. A man is not unable to afford it, he is just nostalgic for a once beautiful youth.

Remember, he chooses you now, and he has a reason, he loves you-wants to live with you.

  Maybe once, he will tell you everything about himself.

If he feels that you don’t need to know this, and believe that he will handle it well, give him space for memories.


3 The emperor phenomenon in the virtual world: Almost all men like video games, but that is a youth accessory. At a certain age, not many big men will persist.

If a man who looks very mature is still obsessed with video games, it means that his psychological adolescence is not complete.

However, there are still a large number of men sitting in front of the computer and forgetting the existence of the world, playing dimly, and not willing to be disturbed by anyone.

  Analysis: The synthesis of men’s heroism complex and idealism complex.

  A man’s potential restlessness factor, like fighting and violence, and virtual worlds such as games, just meet his inner needs.

He can play a tyrannical emperor, a passionate prodigal son, a troubled son, and the change in these roles is also a psychological need of men.

  In this space where outsiders can’t intervene, he got a lot of things he wanted and got pleasure.


4 healing phenomenon when injured: Someone finds someone again, the phone is set to leave a message, the mobile phone is turned off, and he disappears with the outside world.

When I got home, I didn’t want to say a word, I just wanted to stay in the bathroom or study, smoke a cigarette, or daze, and solemnly stated that I didn’t want to be disturbed.

  Analysis: Men are like little beasts, running around all day, there are always times when they are injured, and when they are hurt or failing, they long for themselves to be quiet for a while, and sum up their mistakes carefully,Perform healing.

  They do not want others to see such a frustrated side, they are willing to give people a look of vitality and vitality.

Because men are big men, any difficulties can be solved by themselves.

Tell me everywhere?

In his opinion that might be what women do.

So it’s best not to disturb him first, and when he thinks about it himself, he will tell you these things frankly.


5 Silence after making love: Many women refuse that men always fall asleep or don’t care much about themselves after making love, not at all tender.

In fact, many men like to stay alone for a while after that.

  Analysis: After extreme excitement and exhaustion, the delicate and sensitive man really understands what “color is empty”. At this moment, he will feel that everything in the world is just like this, and suddenly feel boring, lost and sentimental.   This is a psychology unique to some men and has nothing to do with loving you.

When he comes back to God, the person he loves most is the person next to him.

But you have to forgive him for a moment of isolation and silence.


6 Facing challenges, planning the phenomenon alone: Men like challenges. When they encounter any problems at work, they are willing to stay alone for a while, so the secretary must not knock on his door at this time, or even give him coffeeTo be trained.

  Analysis: Men like to fight with confidence, he doesn’t want to tell others before things are done successfully.

  ”Behind closed doors,” this is a man planning his career and planning for the future.

  Men’s world is full of challenges and pressures. When they face a major turn in life, they are always used to making decisions by themselves and then telling women the results.

“Resignation”, “loan to buy a house”, “lend money to others”, etc., are shocking decisions in women’s eyes. They do not tell women in advance.

From a woman’s point of view, this man’s behavior is incomprehensible in any case.

She would think, “Why don’t you talk to me about such a big thing?

Am I so insignificant in his eyes?

“Actually, the man is not trying to hide anything. He just doesn’t want the dear to bear the pressure and trouble that should have been suffered by the man.

  Therefore, as a partner, in addition to silent support, do not look for trouble.


7People walking in different places: Many times, men like to go to other places and change to another way to show his other side.

For example, one day, on a street in Paris, you discovered that a former colleague was on vacation. He was originally a very quiet and calm person, but at this moment you see him and the street artist selling loudly together.Have fun.

Please don’t be surprised, and don’t go up to ask, because he doesn’t want acquaintances to see himself like this.

  Analysis: Men face a lot of pressure in society. They need to vent and release pressure.

  So many times men like to stay in an unfamiliar city for a while. While admiring the beautiful scenery, they will arrange all the precautions and pressures, release the man’s nature, spend the time happily and easily, and recharge the future work and life.

  Maybe a person who is very noisy will stay quiet for a few days in some places. A person who is very quiet will have madness like never before, it is just a channel for them to vent, because in strange surroundings and crowdsHere, they don’t need to pretend or hide anything.

So please let them go alone.

  In fact, the need for “private territory” is mainly a manifestation of his versatility in the transformation of a man’s multiple roles.

The social side can be seen, and the personal side is unwilling to be known by anyone. Only in this way can a man release himself completely.

These have potential psychological characteristics unique to men, so be sure to understand them, and do n’t try to expand.

Women’s menstrual diet improves resistance

Women’s menstrual diet improves resistance

Every time a woman comes to menstruate, due to the loss of a certain amount of blood and changes in hormone levels in the body, the body’s resistance naturally declines more than usual, especially for women who are usually weaker and whose menstruation is reduced.

If you do not pay attention to health care at this time, colds are easy to occur.

So, how to prevent and help treat postmenopausal colds?

Taking the following diet before the menstrual cramps can help prevent colds after menstruation.

  The practice of Ejiao pig lean meat soup: 10 grams of Ejiao, 10 grams of Codonopsis, 10 grams of Chinese wolfberry, 3 green onions, and 50 grams of lean pork.

Break the gelatin, wash the pork lean and cut into pieces, put the onion white, codonopsis, medlar in a casserole and cook the soup, season with salt when eating.

Can I take 2 a week before menstruation?
3 times, especially suitable for women with heavy menstrual flow.

  Angelica red jujube soup practice: 10 grams of angelica (head or body should be used, not tail), 6 red dates, 15 grams of Huang Jing, 1 cooked egg.

Wash the angelica, steam and soften it with water, and cut into thin slices for later use.

Wash the red dates to remove the cores, and wash the yellow essence.

Then add Angelica sinensis, red dates, and Huang Jing to the casserole and cook the soup together.

After the soup is boiled, add cooked eggs (shelled) and cook for another 5 minutes.

Eat soup and eggs.

This prescription can be taken twice a week before menstruation, especially for those who are usually weak and prone to dizziness.

  If you suffer from a cold after menstruation, treat it promptly.

Treatment of postmenstrual cold can be combined with food therapy.

Optional medicinal treatment: brown sugar tea practice: 30 grams of brown sugar, 6 grams of tea, 10 grams of nepeta, 10 grams of perilla leaves, 3 slices of ginger.

First add nepeta, perilla leaves, ginger, and tea to the casserole. Add water and boil to a boil, then switch to simmer for 20 minutes. Then add brown sugar and drink twice daily.

  The practice of windproof porridge: 15 grams of windproof, 3 scallions, 100 grams of rice.

Add the windproof and scallion together into the casserole and fry the juice, then remove the residue and take the juice for later use.

At the same time, the rice is washed and put into a casserole to cook porridge. When the porridge is cooked, add the medicinal sauce to cook the porridge.

Take while hot, twice a day, even 2?
3 days.