[Can maternal eat sauerkraut]_Postpartum_Can I eat

[Can maternal eat sauerkraut]_Postpartum_Can I eat

Every household in the Northeast region eats sauerkraut. They also know that sauerkraut has high nutritional value, and sweet and sour can help appetizers and promote digestion. However, it is not recommended to eat too much sauerkraut because theThe high salt content and the very acidic content may adversely affect maternal health.

Can I eat sauerkraut during lactation? A small amount of sauerkraut can be eaten during lactation. As long as it is sufficiently sour, the nitrite is very trace, especially after cooking.

However, because pickled vegetables produce nitrite during the pickling process, and the content of nitrite is closely related to many factors such as salt concentration, temperature, and pickling time, it is easier for families, small workshops or pickled vegetables produced by manufacturers without strict safety inspection.There was a problem of excessively high nitrite content.

In fact, sauerkraut should not be eaten too much.

You can eat sauerkraut during lactation.

At the same time, you should also pay attention to the pickled fish made by the restaurant. It is high in oil and high in salt. It is best to eat less. You can also cook at home. Pay attention to salt control during breastfeeding.Yes, although the diet during lactation is not as demanding as during pregnancy, it is also important to pay attention.

You can eat sauerkraut during breastfeeding, but it is better to eat as little as possible. After all, sauerkraut is not a good thing. It is a submerged food.

Regardless of whether it is during the month or later, expectant mothers must pay attention to the regular diet in breast milk reservations. They must not eat too greasy, spicy, cold, and too salty and off-season food.

During breastfeeding, avoid using chives, peppercorns, malt, hawthorn, etc. Other foods can be eaten normally. Sauerkraut fish will not cause milk back. Don’t worry too much, you can eat normally.

It is also beneficial for the child’s physical development that mothers eat more fish, but it is better to eat less sauerkraut.