Oral: How to achieve bodybuilding of teeth

Oral: How to achieve bodybuilding of teeth

In the United States, Sweden and other extensions, the popular slogan is “Dental bodybuilding makes you more attractive.”

  Supplements, bodybuilding of teeth, jaw and face are an important window to increase your charm.

As the saying goes.

Heart of beauty in everyone.

Beauty is people’s pursuit and people’s enjoyment.

US President Reagan, because of the needs of the President of Congress, has undergone cosmetic surgery, Westerners see him as an example of the pursuit of beauty.

The beauty of the human body in social life is certainly the most important.

Ancient China has long been described as “Xishi Shi, Zhao Jun, sinking fish and falling geese; Diao Chan, jade ring, closed moon ashamed flower” description.

The appearance of the human body is the only part of the human body that cannot accept any cloak. It can timely reflect the psychological state and emotional changes of the human body, and is also the best starting point for the aesthetic effect.

Teeth and maxillofacial are important components of the face. The bodybuilding of the teeth and maxillofacial means the teeth, conferring the health and beauty of the face.

  The World Health Organization has set standards for oral health.

Requires clean teeth, no cavities, no pain, normal gum color, and no bleeding.

It should be clear: the health of the teeth and jaws is the foundation of beauty and a substitute for beauty. Bodybuilding, bodybuilding, how can you talk about beauty without health?

Most contemporary people do not like Lin Daiyu’s morbid beauty.

Today’s people’s demand for medicine: Not only is it expected that “preventive medicine” can prevent people from disease and enhance their physique, but also that it can maintain the natural beauty of the human body.

Not only is it hoped that “clinical medicine” can save lives and relieve pain, but also hopes that it can repair the natural beauty of the human body.

So how can we achieve the bodybuilding of teeth and jaw face?

  (1) To break through the restricted area and emancipate the mind, “the body and skin are the parents”, to change the old concept that the appearance brought from the mother’s womb is treasonable, but to establish a new idea that is justified and reasonable to pursue beauty

  (2) Pay attention to oral hygiene and develop a good habit of brushing teeth and rinsing.

Carry out regular oral health checkups and actively prevent oral diseases; in the daily life, improve your aesthetic ability, accumulate aesthetic experience, and realize your desire to be beautiful.

  (3) Once an oral disease is found, it should be diagnosed and treated in a timely manner. During the process of filling teeth, dental implants, orthodontics and maxillofacial surgery, not only the cure of the disease, but also the psychological requirements of the patient’s beauty, and a more beautiful appearance than before.

Five things you must pay attention to when practicing yoga

Five things you must pay attention to when practicing yoga

Guide: Five things you must pay attention to when practicing yoga.

However, many MMs will always be able to do some unnecessary movements and experiences in the process of practicing yoga, eventually leading to the effect is not achieved, but also miss their beautiful youth.

Therefore, the following five major misunderstandings must be avoided.

  Misunderstanding 1: Deliberate breathing breath penetrates the whole movement.

When a bottle of perfume is placed in front of you, you will normally inhale and exhale, but when you are reminded to smell the perfume, your breath will intensify subconsciously.

Practicing yoga also encounters the same problem. Often when it comes to breathing, the human brain becomes nervous subconsciously, making it difficult to breathe freely.

  Correction: Practice more.

Breathing can be practiced. Control your thoughts slowly. Don’t imply that you intentionally breathe.

Slowly restore the subconscious breath to a free, natural state, coordinate breathing and many body movements, and drive the movement to swim in each form.

  Misunderstanding 2: Many movements that force you to exercise yoga need to take a long time to achieve your position.

For example, a common small movement of pulling the two hands at the top can be done normally by the right arm, but it is quite difficult for the left arm to do it.

If you are impatient, force yourself to do this stiffly.

The result is that although both hands are pulled together, they are either sprained too much or their arms are painful after exercise.

  Correction: Keep the rhythm of your movements and think of assistive methods.

Practice each movement must be peaceful, you can replace a towel or yoga props to help complete.

Hold the towel in both hands and try to get closer.

Practice this one more time. After cutting, you will find that the left arm can easily achieve the effect you want.

  Misunderstanding 3: The process of practicing yoga without respect for self feelings should be a process of making yourself very relaxed and comfortable.

But when you practice, you find yourself uncomfortable, your neck is tight, or your chest is stuffy.

  Correction: self-respect.

It is important to do yoga to learn to respect yourself.

When you feel uncomfortable, it is best to stop and adjust immediately.

You should use your brain to think about why you are uncomfortable.

Neck tension may be that hands are not flat, chest tightness may be breathing is not coordinated with movement and so on.

In short, you must respect your feelings, even if the actions are not very standardized, but you must make yourself feel comfortable.

  Misunderstanding 4: I care too much about the perfection of the action because doing yoga can make the form and behavior beautiful.

So you imitate every move seriously and hope to do as well as the coach.

But after one lesson, you find yourself exhausted by the beauty and torment, without happiness.

  Correction: Recognize that yoga is not a “competitive” sport, and that “enjoying happiness and doing your best” is the best state.

Pursuing perfection deliberately makes it difficult to truly experience spiritual happiness.

The beauty of yoga is slowly achieved through continuous practice. It is a beauty from the inside to the outside. As long as you complete the basic movements in a comfortable and comfortable state, the effect is almost the same as the standard movements.
  Misunderstanding 5: Think that the movement is not in place. You think that pain is an inevitable reaction to exercise. You are afraid that the movement will not affect the effect of exercise.

Therefore, in the case of incomplete physical conditions, force yourself to do actions that are currently unattainable.

As a result, he suffered backache and back pain, and unfortunately suffered a fall sprain.

  Correct: Change your misconceptions.

Pain is not an inevitable reaction to practicing yoga.

  Tips: Many movements can be achieved as long as they are performed in a coordinated and relaxed state of the body.

It is important to exercise properly according to your physical condition, so that not only will not be easily injured, but it will also deepen the pleasure of stretching your limbs.

Learn from the ancients the coquettish weapon of vixen

Learn from the ancients the coquettish weapon of vixen

“Fox fox” can be defined as “coquettish”, “swinging” and “shameless” women who are good at using various methods to seduce men.

“Fox fox” may be beautiful, but unfortunately it is usually not recognized.

However, I think it’s appropriate to say that foxes are not beautiful, because they do not win by virtue of being beautiful, others have “secret weapons”.

And in fact, only by picking up this weapon, every woman can firmly tie the man he likes.

  The “fox fox” mainly has the following tricks: The first trick: charming lethality: ten “fox fox”-the man’s dream lover “mei” was originally discovered and defined by the outstanding writer Wang Bin Bin, he created a word called “fox charming”,It is also known as the “fox fox charm”, which is specifically used to describe the “fox fox” trick.

  Mei is something that comes out of a woman’s life, actually from the diffuse. It is a colored, highly penetrating light, a toxic light smoke that directly stimulates a man’s sexual consciousness and makes himSurrounded with excitement and desperate, seeing the excitement of death.

“Mei” hides things of appreciation, attraction, pleasing, obsession and so on. It is related to the laws of universal gravitation and acceleration of gravity, which is a special way of power between substances.

It has an innate talent characteristic. Some destiny mysterious auras revolve between the subject and object of “beautiful”. Although acquired learning is also extremely effective, it ultimately affects the effect and quality.

For example, some people don’t know the boundaries of Shi Mei, courting, obedience, etc., and it is easy to become Dong Shi Xiao.

  Mei’s synonyms are gentle, the difference is mainly in the degree and intensity.

Conversely, “gentle” strikes a man at the superficial level of the heart, up to the middle, while “fox” can enter the microcosm after penetrating the heart-because it comes from the diffuse, it also enters the microcosm.

When a charming, bird-like woman shoots a man with eyes, smiles, tears, language, and sexual arrows, you will hear the sound of “gaba gaba” in his body, that is himThe soft and cracked sound of his bones: At this time, no matter how hard a man is, he may tremble like a severely weathered mountain, and may collapse into mud at any time.

  The derogatory use of “mei” is “coquettish”-when a woman’s act of enchanting arouses jealousy of others, these others will give her this crown; on the other hand, if someone says you are a “coquette” woman, you”Mei” power may be in place.

  The representative of Hu Mei: Wu Mei Niang, see Zhao Mei’s novel “Wu Zetian”.

  The second trick: Devil’s lethality: Nine-level “fox spirit” has a noun called “fairy”, and demon is naturally their characteristic.

  ”Demon” is also the unspeakable traits of those women.

It refers to the lightness, softness, fantasy, and blurry temperament and state that women are born with or decorated to deceive men.

The demon of the fox spirit is first reflected in its slender figure, light and graceful posture, and flexible waist. The woman with the so-called “water snake waist” is often called a “fairy” because her waist is twisted more easily.

The so-called “skinny beauty” that has appeared in recent years is also an external feature of “monsters”.

So the enchantment is also emitted from the bone marrow, and it is necessary to break the other side.

  In fact, the demon is some fractures that stimulate sexy words and deeds, reflecting the lightness of the “fox spirit” soul in life.

It may be related to a certain novel dress, it may be related to some unique body movements, or it may be related to many weird language words. On the surface, it may be passive, impassive, and actually extremely active and profoundProvocative and seductive, whoever gets caught in it will die.

  The derogatory meaning of the demon is close to “wandering” and “shameless”.

Some women say that the most fundamental way for foxes to seduce men is to shamelessly dedicate their bodies, and sex is almost the only weapon for foxes.

I can’t fully agree with this opinion, although the person who made it is very beautiful.

I think that although “demon” is related to sex, and a very demon woman will definitely make men continue to have a strong sexual impulse, there is still a fundamental difference between demon and sex: sex can at least catch the flesh, and demon can catchThe soul, the really demon fox spirit is always good at raising sex to the art of destroying the soul.

Therefore, when a woman hears that she is a “shameless” “wandering” woman, you don’t have to worry about your moral gains and losses. Once again you are suspected of “wandering” and “shameless”. It is likely that your charm has reached a high level.Already.

  The representative of the demon fox: Carmen (translated by Carleman), see Fu Lei’s translation of Merrime’s novel “Carleman”.

  The third measure: Wild lethality: Eighth grade “Wild” refers to the unrestrained, free-spirited, and arrogant personality of fox spirits, which usually manifests as pure and natural pollution of worldliness, free and free from rules.

As soon as you hear her, you will feel like a wild plant from a vast grassland, exuding a primitive wild scent; her behavior is like a child’s unscrupulous, “giggle”, arrogantly loudLaughing, many people feel crazy, but they always reveal a pleasant freshness. When she appears, the air will immediately become active, and everyone who is infected will suddenly have vitality, and can’t help but want to follow the jump.
  The derogatory meaning of “wild” is barbaric, unruly, unreasonable, and shameless.

Of course, it is very difficult for a person with “shame” to become a fox. Because “shame” means to observe morality, and Chinese morals are very strict on the rules of women. Although women who follow rules everywhere can sometimes be cute, they are also cute to men.It is difficult to generate irritation.

If you go to the other extreme and transcend the limits of these norms, that is, “indecent assault” and “shamelessness”, men may not even be able to afford it even if they like it.

The reason why fox fox became a fox fox is that she is good at rubbing the ball near the norms established by Taoists, daring to challenge the rules, and often making breakthroughs. She brings back shuttles at the junction of “shame” and shamelessness. What she plays is heartbeat.Addicted to death, he played with a man between the palms of his hands, hanging him to death.

  Representative representative of the wild fox: gold, see Cao Yu’s script “Wild.”

  The fourth trick: sadness and lethality: Level 6 On Lin Daiyu’s “beautiful” image. If Lin Daiyu lives in today’s world with literature, young girls are sad.

The best writers know that if you want to make your work more attractive, you must set the heroine as a sentimental, candid, pitiful, and often crying woman.

Master Cao Xueqin is such an outstanding representative.The Lin Daiyu chanted the tears and said “Like a beautiful flower, like a stream of water”, our tears came down with “唰”, unknowingly inspiring our tenderness and tenderness, and unknowingly, weI’m hooked on her.

  The fox spirits are usually melancholy and sad, because the vulgar and trivial reality always frustrates their sharp and delicate tentacles, making them feel inexplicable pain, and the beautiful life that always exists in the distance quietly comes the call of temptation,Long-term expectations spread hope and despair on their wounds like poison.

As soon as he saw the scar hidden in their eyes, the man would lick his tongue as quickly as the wolf found the blood stains, and would find the clue like a detective, and could not wait to solve the mystery of her mind.

  Representative of Youhu: Lin Daiyu, see Cao Xueqin’s “A Dream of Red Mansions”.

Women’s menstrual diet improves resistance

Women’s menstrual diet improves resistance

Every time a woman comes to menstruate, due to the loss of a certain amount of blood and changes in hormone levels in the body, the body’s resistance naturally declines more than usual, especially for women who are usually weaker and whose menstruation is reduced.

If you do not pay attention to health care at this time, colds are easy to occur.

So, how to prevent and help treat postmenopausal colds?

Taking the following diet before the menstrual cramps can help prevent colds after menstruation.

  The practice of Ejiao pig lean meat soup: 10 grams of Ejiao, 10 grams of Codonopsis, 10 grams of Chinese wolfberry, 3 green onions, and 50 grams of lean pork.

Break the gelatin, wash the pork lean and cut into pieces, put the onion white, codonopsis, medlar in a casserole and cook the soup, season with salt when eating.

Can I take 2 a week before menstruation?
3 times, especially suitable for women with heavy menstrual flow.

  Angelica red jujube soup practice: 10 grams of angelica (head or body should be used, not tail), 6 red dates, 15 grams of Huang Jing, 1 cooked egg.

Wash the angelica, steam and soften it with water, and cut into thin slices for later use.

Wash the red dates to remove the cores, and wash the yellow essence.

Then add Angelica sinensis, red dates, and Huang Jing to the casserole and cook the soup together.

After the soup is boiled, add cooked eggs (shelled) and cook for another 5 minutes.

Eat soup and eggs.

This prescription can be taken twice a week before menstruation, especially for those who are usually weak and prone to dizziness.

  If you suffer from a cold after menstruation, treat it promptly.

Treatment of postmenstrual cold can be combined with food therapy.

Optional medicinal treatment: brown sugar tea practice: 30 grams of brown sugar, 6 grams of tea, 10 grams of nepeta, 10 grams of perilla leaves, 3 slices of ginger.

First add nepeta, perilla leaves, ginger, and tea to the casserole. Add water and boil to a boil, then switch to simmer for 20 minutes. Then add brown sugar and drink twice daily.

  The practice of windproof porridge: 15 grams of windproof, 3 scallions, 100 grams of rice.

Add the windproof and scallion together into the casserole and fry the juice, then remove the residue and take the juice for later use.

At the same time, the rice is washed and put into a casserole to cook porridge. When the porridge is cooked, add the medicinal sauce to cook the porridge.

Take while hot, twice a day, even 2?
3 days.

What to pay for your eleven-year affection

What to pay for your eleven-year affection

At the look 11 years ago, he deeply branded her in his heart.

At the age of 11, he never gave up looking for her and finally found her, but she didn’t know if she should follow him, even though he is now brilliant and her marriage is like a stagnant water.

  ■ Introduction: Xiangyu (pseudonym) ■ Gender: Female ■ Age: 30 years old ■ Education: The secondary school is the gentleness of that look. My hometown is a county on the Yangtze River.

After finishing secondary school in that small county, I entered the county government office and became a small clerk.

At the age of eighteen or nineteen, he didn’t understand anything, but he was very stingy and lived in a simple joy all day.

Bei Ming (pseudonym) was in love with me at that time.

  Beiming is a native of Chengde, Hebei, tall and bold.

He came to our small county to do office equipment business and met me in government agencies.

  I was not impressed with the first meeting, but Bei Ming said that he was very impressed: when he walked in, I was sitting cross-legged on the carpet, and had no reason to be happy.

It was a bit hot in April, and there were some small beads of sweat on the tip of my nose, and glitter on the sharp little nose.

The warm sun covered my hair.

Bei Ming said that with that glance, he couldn’t help but fall in love with me.

  This is what happened 11 years ago.

  When Bei Ming found me last November, he used the word “stunning” to describe it.

He said the scene remained in his mind.

It was that wonderful feeling that kept him looking for me for 11 years.

  At that time 11 years ago, Bei Ming stayed only a few days before leaving.

He came back less than two days after leaving, and made a special trip to give me a gift.

He brought me a very cute little alarm clock with a beautiful love poem.

I left the gift in my office and hurried away.

  Colleagues said that Bei Ming’s love for me was unabashed.

But at that time I was unconscious and didn’t take him seriously.

Besides, Bei Ming was a 31-year-old married man at the time. I thought he just liked my simplicity and cuteness.

  In the following 11 years, Bei Ming became a vague tall figure in my impression.

  Four months after Bei Ming left, I left my hometown and came to Wuhan.

He has since lost contact with him.

  10 years of emotional life is like a pool of standing water. In April 1994, I met my current husband Han Wei (pseudonym).

  At that time I was the foreman in the hotel. The hotel was run by a friend of Hanwei. He often came to eat and saw me.

According to himself, he was in love with me at first sight.

  Han Wei was two years older than me, who had just graduated from college and was doing business by himself.

He has a flexible mind and is particularly hardworking.

By 1998, his career had not improved, and family members persuaded me to break up with him, to find a better one for me.

My spirits came up, and I was determined to be with Han Wei.

  From the age of 20 to 27, we have been dating for 7 years.

In the end, the person was tired and no more passion. Both felt that if they didn’t get married again, they would only have a break up. It seemed to be an explanation for the relatives and friends on both sides. In May 2002, we held a wedding.

  In fact, in the legal sense, we are not legal couples, because we have never obtained a marriage certificate.

After I came to Wuhan, my parents moved a few times, and my household registration in my hometown was also lost, so the marriage certificate has been dragged out.

  A year later, Han Wei began to often stay away from the night.Soon, when a girl came to her home and knew me as Han Wei’s wife, tears ran down.

I understand: this is the “third party” between me and Han Wei.

  Afterwards, I talked to the girl and had a deep talk. I said that if they truly loved each other, I would do well.

But Han Wei confessed to me and said that she would live with me.

I did n’t make a noise, I did n’t make a noise, and I could n’t handle the whole thing, but my psychological shadow could never be removed.

  Later, a series of things happened that made me completely lose trust in Hanwei.

  One of our very good friends celebrated their birthday and they joined to sing.

When I got there, I didn’t realize that the ladies in that area seemed to be familiar with Han Wei. He greeted him all the way, just like the king of that kingdom.

Throughout the night, Han Wei was particularly irritated and restless.

He sent me home in advance, saying that there were some things to go back to arrange, and it was another night.

Just before dawn, I sent him a text message saying that we were completely done.

  Han Wei has always “enlightened” me like this: Now the social atmosphere outside is like this, as long as the man’s heart is still at home, you don’t ask too much.

  I’ve always wanted a child, and Han Wei always said that we can’t afford it now.

Due to the issue of getting a marriage certificate, he is even more unavoidable now.

  My parents died prematurely, and their relationship with Han Wei was so salty and indifferent. I felt a sense of wandering, like an orphan.

  Another man has been looking for me for 11 years. Last November, I received a text message from Bei Ming.

Seeing the text message, I suddenly remembered the tall figure sealed in my heart.

  It turned out that since I came to Wuhan in 1994, Beiming had to go to my hometown every two years to find me. He was at the police station and the neighborhood committee checked my hukou.

A major flood occurred in 1998. Bei Ming said that he dreamed about the fact that I was washed away by the flood every night, and was anxious to call my hometown radio station to ask for information.

  In November last year, Bei Ming drove from Chengde to my hometown and brought three subordinates.

This time, he gave his subordinates a death order: In such a large county, you must find my jade even if you turn over the land.

After all their troubles, they searched for a large group of relatives, and finally learned my phone number from one of my aunts, and then sent me a text message as soon as possible.

  Bei Ming said to see for myself how I was doing.

If I am not doing well, he must take me away.

  But I refused, but kept on the phone.

  In March of this year, Bei Ming ran to Wuhan to find me.

Before that, I secretly vowed that if I hadn’t seen him before my 30th birthday, I would never see him again.

Coincidentally, the day Bei Ming came was my 30th birthday.

We met at a Western restaurant in Hankou, and Bei Ming brought me a platinum necklace as a gift. I refused.

Bei Ming’s sadness is that if you don’t accept it, then I have to go.

He said this twice, and I still didn’t promise to accept his gift. He got up and left, and the necklace was on the table.

I asked the waiter to run out to him.

  This is how we meet again after 11 years.

  I don’t know where to go from here Beiming is now the typical “successful person”.

He has done a great job, is the boss of a large group company, almost every city in the north has his branch or office.

  This is why it is difficult for me to decide to give up everything to follow him.

  Bei Ming said, spiritually, anything in the material, as long as you want, I will give you.

And that paper of marriage, if you insist, I will give it to you.

I am now reckless.

You are a peach demon, clothed a peach blossom array, and took away my soul 11 years ago.   I think he is losing his mind now.

With his current achievements and scope, one can imagine how much a divorce will have an impact on his career.

In early April, at the request of Bei Ming, I went to Chengde.

Bei Ming took me to meet some of his best friends, and then took me to see his branch in Beijing and the house he bought for more than 1.2 million yuan in Beijing.

Bei Ming hoped that I would stay and said that this house was bought for me.

  After two days in the north, I hurried back.

I have been very contradictory since I came back. In the past few days, Bei Ming has been sending me text messages to remind me to pass. Sincerely, you do n’t have to make a decision right away. You can first look at my career, inspect my people, and see if we canCan’t live a lifetime together.

Bei Ming said that he can tolerate all of me, my stubbornness and willfulness, and he will accept all the advantages and disadvantages of me.

  I have no doubt about Bei Ming’s feelings for me. If he is not sincere, a 42-year-old man should not have such great passion, and he will not persistently look for me for 11 years.

  I’m in a dilemma right now, and morally and family-wise, I should stay.

But this means that I still have to endure Han Wei’s debauchery.

  On the one hand is the man who loves me and the unpredictable future, and on the other hand is a marriage like a stagnant water. I don’t know where to go.

  [Postscript]The man’s long-cherished responsibility, Bei Ming said a lot, “And there is that paper, if you insist, I will give it to you.

“What does it mean to insist?”

What does “also give”?

Isn’t it taken for granted?

  A man who has a marriage who is crazy about pursuing another woman, no matter how persistent or infatuated, is zero.

How enthusiastic he is about Xiangyu, the deeper he hurts his wife.

Residual wine in the old bottle has not been cleaned up, how can you rush into the new wine?

  Xiangyu followed Beiming to Chengde to see the company and to Beijing to see the big house. He must have been excited?

Helpless “from the perspective of morality and family responsibilities, I should stay”, so outsiders need to encourage.

  Your marriage is your own responsibility.

Since marriage is “in order to give an explanation to both parents and relatives and friends”, why not continue to explain it?

Xiangyu’s husband is one of the reasons, but the real fuse should be the extinguished love in her heart, but she didn’t know whether Bei Ming rose up or could last a lifetime.

For some men, a woman who did not get when she was young is just a sad heart.

Got it, the wish was gone, and there was no woman behind.

  Will Bei Ming be such a person?

The answer lies in Xiangyu’s own heart.