October Xinji Observation-Debt-based Jicheng Issued Theme Equity Fund Explosions Frequently Appeared

October Xinji Observation: Debt-based Jicheng Issues Theme Equity Fund Explosions Frequently Appears

Source: Morningstar’s product dynamic review and market fluctuations in the second half of the year, investors’ risk aversion is heating up.

Against the backdrop of increasingly stringent regulatory requirements for money market funds, bond funds have undertaken the spillover demand for low-risk investments.

As a type of bond fund, the fixed bond base quickly became popular due to its stable size and the ability to allocate low liquidity products to obtain higher returns.

With the introduction of the accumulated amortized cost method, the net value of the fixed debt base no longer changes the secondary market’s ups and downs, and long-term stable returns have therefore attracted the favor of many individual and institutional investors.

At the same time as demand rises, fund companies have also rushed to establish related debt bases in order to help the company increase the scale of its solid-income products through such funds.

At present, the ultra-long-term limited debt-making base is the key issue target of fund companies.

At least in the market, the short-term fixed debt-making base is usually fixed within three years, and the ultra-long-term limited debt-making base of more than 5 years is being reported intensively. Among them, Puyin Ansheng’s fixed debt-making maturity period is as long as nine and a half years.

The ultra-long-term limited bond-issuing base is generally an institutional customized product: reorganization, the long-term allocation of institutional funds is high, and the holding period of the ultra-long-term bond-issuing base is just accompanied by matching; instead, public funds have their own tax-saving attributes, and debtLong-term cooperation can bring certain tax benefits to the organization.

  Market Overview Affected by the 11th holiday, the fund issuance market in October was obviously cold.

As of October 31, 2019, a total of 40 funds were newly established that month, raising a total of 809.

6.3 billion funds.

With the peak index issued in September, the number and size of new funds in October both fluctuated significantly.

However, the average issue size of newly established funds in October was 20.

2.4 billion, an increase of 39% from the previous month, the highest level in the year.

From this point of view, investors’ expectations for the purchase of new funds are still very large, and the decline in volume and scale is mainly dragged down by the early month holiday.

  From the perspective of operating methods, the scale of open-end fund raising decreased in October, and funds were received that month (371.

5.1 billion yuan) only the previous month (1249.

01ppm), less than 30%, of which ETF funds and other open-end funds fell by 457.

6.7 billion and 4佛山桑拿网19.

8.1 billion yuan.

Approximately, the closed-end fund’s ability to attract gold increased significantly in October, raising a total of 438.

1.1 billion funds, accounting for 27% of the total funds raised from last month.

07% rose to 54 in the month.


It is obvious that the nine closed-end funds established in October opened bond funds on a regular basis, with an average size of 48.

6.7 billion yuan, much higher than ETF funds15.

$ 7 billion and other open-end funds10.

The average scale of 8.9 billion yuan.

  From the perspective of fund structure, the newly-developed fund market in October showed a pattern of debt-based dominance.

Specifically, 23 bond funds were established in October, raising a total of 541.

USD 8.6 billion was the largest and largest category of funds established in the month.

The size of the bond fund is mainly contributed by the fixed-open bond base. Its China Taihui Huixin regularly opens bonds for three years (141.

9.9 billion yuan) and Zhongrong Ruixiang enjoy 86 months of regular open bonds (141.

02 ppm) The notes on the scale of fundraising of the two funds are half of the total fundraising scale of bond funds.

The proportion of hybrid funds and equity funds raised in October was close to 135.

6.9 billion and 120.

1.8 billion came in second and third place in various funds.

It is worth mentioning that even if only 6 hybrid funds and 9 equity funds were established in the month, the equity funds burst frequently when they were first raised.Except for the Xingquan Hetai Hybrid Fund that was “sold out in one day” and proportionately placed, Invesco Great Wall Innovative Growth Hybrid Fund ended its advancement and exchanged CSI 800ETF for the first time to raise 6.6 billion mean investors for major equity products.Sought after.

In addition, investors and investors’ increasing demand for diversified asset allocation has gradually attracted attention from commodity funds.

Following the establishment of the first Commodity ETF in September, the Dacheng Nonferrous Metals Futures ETF and franchise funds were again established in October.

Prior to this, the issue of commodity funds was very sluggish. In the past three years, only two such funds were established in December 2016 and April 2017.

  Author: Morningstar Morningstar (China) Research Center, Wu Xueyan

Tianqi Lithium (002466): Rights issue eases financial pressure

Tianqi Lithium (002466): Rights issue eases financial pressure

Tianqi Lithium Industry announced an allotment plan of placing 3 shares for every 10 shares to all shareholders (maximum of 3 shares).

400 million shares) will be set at 8.

The price of 75 yuan / share.

The net amount of the company’s rights issue 合肥夜网 after deducting issuance costs is intended to be fully repaid to purchase SQM23.

77% equity related M & A loans.

The application for the rights issue has been approved by the CSRC on August 30 this year.

  Review issue price is discounted from previous.

The company’s rights issue price is 8.

75 yuan / share, accounting for about 32% of the company’s latest closing price, with a high discount.

If the maximum number of shares is 3 this time.

Calculated with 400 million shares, the maximum raised funds for this rights issue is about 29.

9.8 billion yuan.

  Financial cost pressures eased.

The company acquired SQM with a time limit of 3.5 billion U.S. dollars in debt, and the pressure on budget expenditures increased significantly, with financial expenses from 0 in 2017.

55 ppm rose to 4 in 2018.

7 ppm, while 1-3Q19 financial costs are as high as 16.

5 ppm, a long-term increase of ten years ago5.

6x (3Q19 financial expenses 6.

400 million, up 28% from the previous month).

After the completion of the rights issue, the net proceeds raised will be used to repay SQM-related acquisition loans, and the company’s financial cost pressure will be eased by then.

  Helps optimize capital structure.

As of the end of the third quarter of this year, the company’s asset-liability ratio was about 75%, and net debt replaced 264%.

We estimate that if the company raises 29 shares this time.

The company’s asset-liability ratio and net debt ratio will drop to 69% and 192%, respectively, while the company’s asset-liability ratio and net debt ratio will decrease to $ 7 billion in the previous vertical of $ 7 billion.
61% and 131%.

  Lithium fundamentals are expected to recover.

The acceleration of European automobile electrification and 5G construction in 2020 is expected to drive the recovery of lithium consumption, while the difficulties in lithium mine operation in Australia will limit the increase in supply. We believe that the fundamentals of the lithium industry next year are expected to be repaired at the bottom.

In the first half of 2020, lithium concentrate inventories may inhibit the upward movement of lithium prices, but in the second half of the year, the fundamentals are gradually repaired. We expect that lithium carbonate prices may usher in a staged rebound.

  We maintain our profit forecasts for 2019 and 2020 unchanged.

It is currently expected to correspond to 40 in 2020.

0 times price-earnings ratio.

Maintain neutral rating and 25.

00 yuan target price, corresponding to 36.

2 times the 2020 price-earnings ratio, compared with 9 previously included.

4% downside.

  Risk lithium prices fell more than expected.

Ping An Bank (000001): Stay tuned for 2019

Ping An Bank (000001): Stay tuned for 2019

Event: Ping An Bank disclosed its 2018 annual report. In 2018, it realized operating income of 1167 ‰, an increase of 10.

3%; net profit attributable to mothers was 2.48 million yuan, a year-on-year increase of 7.

0%, as expected.

In the fourth quarter of 2018, the NPL ratio increased by 7bps to 1 quarter-on-quarter.

75%, loans overdue for more than 90 days / non-performing quarter fell 22 substitutes to 97%.

Ping An Bank’s bad inventory problem was resolved in one place in 4Q18, which will serve as an alternative basis for the inflection point of asset quality in 2019.

In the fourth quarter of 2018, Ping An made great efforts to repair the bad overdue scissors, and the bad deviation degree replaced 97%, which was a significant decrease of 22 substitutes in the quarter.

Due to the increase in bad confirmations, the non-performing ratio in the fourth quarter of 2018 increased by 7bps to 1 quarter-on-quarter.

75%, provision coverage ratio fell 14 times quarter-on-quarter to 155%, 4Q18 plus write-off write-offs generated a negative quarterly increase rate of 75bps to 3 quarter-on-quarter.


Initially, despite such vigorous efforts to deal with bad issues, the rate of bad write-offs increased by 20bps to 2 in 2018.

33%, indicating that its new generation has been significantly prominent.

Observed from the potential bad indicators, Ping An has added a lot of high-quality assets, and the bad leading indicators have always been good.

It is expected that both concern and overdue will achieve double decline. Until the end of 2018, Ping An is concerned about the loan rate. The overdue loan rate has dropped by 68 and 59bps to 2 compared with 1H18.

73% and 2.

60%, attention-oriented loans, overdue loans decreased by 13 compared with 1H18.

4% and 12.


At the same time, the overdue situation was significantly exceeded, and loans overdue within 90 days fell by 4 compared with the early period and 1H18.

4% and 12.

2%, 1H18, 2H18 overdue loan generation rates were -14bps and -73bps, respectively.

In our judgment, Ping An Bank is expected to usher in an inflection point in asset quality in 2019, and it will set aside profits for back-feeding. It is worth looking forward to the release of performance.

In 2018, the net interest margin of Ping An Bank improved quarter by quarter, and the defect cost recovery under the wide currency environment is expected to become an important contributor to the 19-year net interest margin.

Ping An Bank’s net interest margin fell by 3bps to 2 each year in 2018.

35%, the decline significantly converged.

In terms of single quarter data, Ping An Bank’s net interest margin increased from 2Q18 to 4Q18 quarter by quarter, and the quarter of 4Q18 increased by 11bps to 2 quarter-on-quarter.


(1) Asset side: Structurally, increasing loan allocation, especially retail loans with high interest rate levels, 2H18 asset side structural factors contributed 21bps to the increase in interest margin.

With the return to the origin of the business and the continuous increase in the proportion of loans, Ping An Bank’s loan end since the end of the retail conversion at the end of the 16-year period of loan resources have been tilted to retail loans, continued to reduce the decline in corporate loans.

As of 4Q18, the proportion of retail loans in the quarter increased further.

5 up to 57.

8%, has basically reached the long-term optimal investment ratio of its loan-end retail to the public six or four open.

In terms of interest rates, lending yields contributed 38bps to the spread.

According to estimates, 2H18 retail loan yield increased by 88bps to 8 compared with 1H18.

29%, the yield on corporate loans slightly increased by 1bp to 4 from 1H18.


We expect that the reason for the rise in retail loan yields may be related to the adjustment of some credit card income from fee income to interest income. By 2018, the total growth rate of bank card fee income will drop from 80% in 1H18 to 36%.

We expect that under the environment of loose liquidity, there is already limited room for marginal upward return on the asset side, but the decline in Ping An 重庆耍耍网 Bank’s loan pricing level, which is dominated by retail loans, will help smaller than peers.(2) Debt side: In terms of inter-bank debt, the inter-bank debt compensation coefficient has changed from negative to positive, and the positive contribution margin in 2H18 is 7bps.

According to the re-pricing structure at the end of 2018, inter-bank denial and response bonds due in 2019 (mainly inter-bank certificates of deposit) accounted for 23% of total liabilities, offsetting the pressure on end-cost costs to promote continued relief.

In terms of deposits, retail and corporate deposits each increased by 38.

4% and 4.

1%, and high-interest structured deposits are the main force of current deposit growth. 42% and 46% of new deposits in 3Q18 and 4Q18 came from this, respectively.

However, the structured deposit interest rate has also declined since the second half of 2018, so the negative contribution of the 2H18 deposit-side interest rate factor to the interest rate differential increased from -14bps in 1H18 to -10bps.

We believe that Ping An Bank’s convertible bonds have been issued smoothly. If the subsequent successful conversion of shares, the re-issuance of public credit will restore the vitality of the growth of public deposits, and the impact of the resistance to the positive interest margin will be more obvious in 2019.Especially the wealth management sector is worth looking forward to.

According to the leader’s presentation on the Group Open Day in October: “Ping An Bank is positioned as the main operating position for Ping An Group’s high net worth customers.

With the support of the Group, the 1200-person wealth management team affiliated to Ping An Trust has been absorbed.

“As of 2018, Ping An Bank’s AUM exceeded 30% to 1.

4 trillion, and since 17 years, the average AUM growth rate has continued to be negative. The average AUM growth rate has increased 9% to 16,887 yuan, and the number of wealthy customers and private banking customers has increased by 29 each time.

6% and 27.

7% of them reached 59 and 30,000 households. In the future, AUM per capita and the number of wealth customers will gradually increase.

We believe that Ping An Bank’s retail business will continue to make efforts in expanding its AUM and private banking business in addition to its flagship products. In the future, high-end wealth management business will become the core of its retail transformation. The retail transformation will further focus on improving the significance.

Company view: It is expected that the improvement of core profitability and the reduction of pressure on credit costs will drive Ping An Bank’s 2019 performance to a new level, the inflection point of asset quality in 2019, and the average value of the recovery of public deposits and the progress of retail conversion in the wealth management sector are expected to remain “buy””Level, re-inflection point combination first.

It is estimated that the growth rate of net profit attributable to mothers in 2019-2021 will be 12 respectively.

3% / 14.

9% / 16.

8% (maintain 19- and 20-year profit forecasts and add 21-year profit forecasts), currently reaching 0 in 19 years.

93X PB, raise target price to 1.

2X 19 PB, 29% upside.

Risk Warning: Severe Economic Downturn Causes Undesirable Risks in the Industry

White-collar workers: how the office out of place

White-collar workers: how the office “out of place”

The five working women who participated in the conversation came from different industries. They were Zou Jing, a reporter for an Evening News; Chen Yue, a car magazine plan; JOY and Zhou Zhenni were two employees of the advertising company;Field staff.
See how they understand “out of place”.
  Professional women move out of the office. In the office, men are concerned about politics, and women are intentionally out of office.
  Clothing, manners, work, performance, and interpersonal reasons are all reasons and motivations.
  ”In the short term, it’s easier to get dressed and behave; in the long run, it’s mainly her ability to work and performance that sets her apart.
Especially those girls who work better than boys can easily be affirmed!
Zou Jing’s understanding of work is not superficial.
  ”Women themselves need to have character.
If her ability is not worse than that of men, why her position is lower than that of men is a social issue and a personality issue.
“Chen Yue, who is in charge of planning, has led a team of more than 20 people, and she values personality more.
  Zhou Zhenni has a unique view and concluded that “women must be in a certain position, and in addition to professional skills, they must have good interpersonal relationships.
In addition, according to my observations, the so-called strong women are often very neutral.

  何时出位最有效  “出位的本身是为了向有利于自己的方向发展,工作可能不是为了出位,但一定要做好,好的结果必然会有回报,不要为出位而不顾后果.
Zou Jing compares the relationship between work itself and position.
  When she first arrived at an advertising company, she worked overtime for ten consecutive days in order to do an unfamiliar 4A company case, and kept asking colleagues for advice.
Although she hasn’t done long at this company, the boss and the department manager have repeatedly retained when she left for personal reasons.
She feels that such work has achieved the out-of-place effect.
  The experienced Yuan Jing believes that in a new environment, don’t rush into position, but pay attention to the relationship between colleagues.
Because after having the performance and being recognized, speaking has weight.
“In the beginning, showing yourself especially would be counterproductive.
Only when there is a performance in the company can it be affirmed.
“” I like to be out of office wherever I go, either a PARTY or a party, I am a ‘outspoken’ person.
This is the character.
I haven’t noticed it myself, but what can be done may already be in place.
“Joy is” criticizing “herself:” If you get affirmation, you will be more confident.
“I want to be in place when I am out of the office.
But being out of place is also a problem.
Zhou Zhenni raised a more practical question, “As an employee, don’t be too ‘outspoken’.
The boss hopes that your position will help him solve problems and troubles. Too much position will suppress your boss and the superiority of the next level, then it will have a negative impact.
But Chen Chenyue believes that as long as one thing is completed, no matter how many people get out, it will be a positive help for himself in the future.
The advertising industry needs to be personalized, and it can’t do anything without being critical.
“Now women will intelligently choose the time to put themselves in position, and a professional woman should have this ability.
“She added.
  Cheerful JOY believes that this position is not strong. “In the beginning, when things were done, they would rub against the team, and some people would reflect that I always have different ideas from others.
Actually, I don’t mean to oppose others, but my true thoughts.
Adapt to each other and slowly integrate with the team.
“It seems that the position in the team is still a matter of adaptability.
  How to grasp the degree of success depends on the corporate culture?”To understand the company’s corporate culture, when I was in Guangzhou before, I felt that the people in the advertising company were very personal in all aspects.

Now changing to referrals will follow the corporate culture of referrals.

In addition, an appropriate degree is required for the position.

Zou Jing looks at this problem from the perspective of the enterprise.

  ”Different company cultures shape the ideas of employees.

Some companies want their employees to be better, some companies want their employees to be well-formed, some companies want their employees to have their own personalities, and some companies don’t want employees to have their own personalities.

“Chen Yue is more expected.

  If creativity is required for the job, companies will encourage it.

“People need to have personality, they must be active, they must have ideas.

The boss of the company is always looking for ways to help you realize your potential so that your design is in place or in place.

“Jenny has a relaxed working environment.

  Everyone agrees that it is beneficial to work in the expected position. Excessive position will have a negative impact.

Letting your performance be in place, without feeling “outspoken” is definitely the ideal state.

Newborn-specific physiological phenomena

Newborn-specific physiological phenomena

Galactorrhea: The newborn’s stomach is horizontal, with a small stomach capacity. The sphincter muscles at the entrance of the stomach are loose, but the pyloric muscles at the exit are relatively tight.Cardiac, return to the esophagus, overflow into the mouth, and flow out of the small mouth.

In addition, the neuroregulatory function of the digestive tract of the newborn is not yet perfect, which is also the cause of milk reflux.

Physiological galactorrhea does not require treatment. As long as you pay attention to care, you generally increase the age of the month and will slowly recover until it disappears.

  Epithelial beads, horse teeth, and mantis mouths: Some newborns have hard white palate on their mouths, and some white beads are visible, which are medically called epithelial beads.

Epithelial beads are caused by incomplete cell shedding, which has no effect on the baby, and will disappear on its own after a few days without treatment.

There may also be white beads on the tooth ulcers of newborns, which look like teeth that have just emerged, and some are like small teeth in the mouth of a pony. This phenomenon is commonly known as “horse teeth”.

A small pile of aunt pads, commonly known as “mantis mouths”, will accumulate on the two toes of the newborn’s mouth.

Like epithelial beads, horse teeth and mantis mouths do not need to be treated, they will disappear on their own.

  Enlarged breasts and sunken nipples: unless born to a baby or a baby, born 3?
After 5 days, the physiological phenomenon of breast swelling will appear.

There are broad beans or hawthorn-sized indurations on the touch. Squeeze gently to get milk.

Newborn breast enlargement is the result of maternal estrogen’s effect during hypertension, which is usually 2?
Can subside within 3 weeks.

Neonatal breast cancer is swollen. Do not squeeze it. If you accidentally squeeze the nipple, it will bring in bacteria, cause redness, swelling and inflammation of the breast, and may even cause sepsis.

If it is a baby girl, squeezing will cause inflammation of the mammary glands, secreting part of the mammary glands, and it will affect milk secretion in adulthood.

  Jaundice: Also called physiological jaundice of the newborn.

Neonatal jaundice may occur 72 hours after birth.

This is due to the specificity of neonatal bilirubin metabolism, which is a normal physiological phenomenon.

The serum bilirubin of term infants generally does not exceed 12 mg / dl, and temporary jaundice occurs about a week after birth, which occurs about 50%.

Serum bilirubin in premature infants generally does not exceed 15 mg / dl, and the incidence of temporary jaundice is about 80%.
Subsides naturally after 10 days.

  Physiological weight loss (collazon): The physiological weight loss of newborns is a common phenomenon in newborns.

In the first few days after birth, newborns have long sleep, weak sucking power, low feeding time and frequency, a lot of water evaporated from the lungs and skin, and a relatively large amount of fecal excretion. In addition, the mother’s milk secretion is small at the beginningTherefore, in the first few days of birth, the newborn’s weight does not increase, but instead falls. It is a normal physiological phenomenon. It is commonly known as “collapse”, and novice mothers need not worry.

In the following days, the weight of the newborn will increase rapidly.

  Physiological peeling: About two weeks after the birth of the newborn, peeling occurs.

Good baby, the tender skin starts to explode overnight, and then it starts peeling. The beautiful baby seems to be coated with a layer of paste and cracked.

This is the metabolism of newborn skin, the replacement of old epithelial cells, and the generation of new epithelial cells.

Fetal fat that is attached to the newborn’s skin at birth is replaced by metastatic epithelial cells, which results in the phenomenon of physiological peeling of the newborn and does not require treatment.

  Physiological alopecia: Some newborns have hair loss within a few weeks after birth. Most of them are hidden hair loss, that is, thick and shiny hair that gradually becomes thin, pale, and thin; very few are sudden hair loss.Hair loss occurred almost overnight.

Neonatal physiological hair loss, most will gradually recover, it is normal, mothers should not worry.

At present, there is no clear explanation for the physiological alopecia of newborns.

  Crying normally: The language of a newborn is crying. The meaning is roughly: “Mom, listen, how healthy I am!

“Medicine calls this kind of cry as a sports cry. The cry sounds frustrated, not harsh, the sound is loud, the rhythm is strong, and there is often no tears to replace.
5 times, each time shortened, extended up to 2 hours, without accompanying symptoms, does not affect diet, sleep, play normally.

If the mother touches the baby lightly, the baby will smile; if you place the baby’s small hand on its belly and shake it twice, the baby will be quiet.

When your baby is crying like this, it is better for the mother not to interrupt the baby and let the baby “speak” with you for a while, this is a good parent-child communication.

  Laugh: Newborn laughs often appear in sleep, smile slightly, or just tilt the corners of their mouths upwards.

When a newborn is awake, it is not easy to laugh or to laugh.
It is natural for a newborn to laugh.

When the newborn’s body is in the best condition, there are more laughs; when the newborn is uncomfortable, there are fewer laughs, even frowning, and crying and groaning when it is severe.

Newborns have their own emotions, sorrows and sorrows, and mothers can make preliminary judgments on their health through their expressions.

  Neonatal Pioneer Head (Tumor): Newborn babies born through the birth canal have headaches that are squeezed by the external force of the birth canal, causing scalp edema, blood stasis, congestion, partial overlapping of the skull, high and pointed head, like a “pioneer”Doctors call it “Pioneer Head”, also called neoplasia.
Newborns born by caesarean section have a round head and no obvious deformation, so there is no vanguard head.

Tumor formation is a normal physiological phenomenon and will gradually change over a few days after birth.

  Fast and slow breathing: newborns have a small chest cavity and a small amount of gas exchange, which is mainly due to the increase in the number of breaths to maintain gas exchange.

Normal newborn breathing rate is 40?
50 times.

The development of the newborn’s central nervous system is immature, and the breathing rhythm is sometimes irregular. Especially in sleep, there will be uneven breathing speed and breath hold. These are normal.

  Retina: Newborns will have sharp jaws or limbs. Novice mothers often think that this is “convulsions” and make a big problem.

Neonatal neurodevelopment is not yet complete, and it is easy to make generalized responses to external stimuli.

When a newborn hears an external sound, it is often the whole body up and down, with limbs stretched out into a hug, which is a generalized response to the stimulus.

Newborns also lack directional ability to stimulate and cannot distinguish the source of the stimulation.

Mothers can try it and touch any part of the baby lightly. The baby’s response is almost the same-the limbs are stretched out and they quickly flex to the body.

The mandible is also a manifestation of the generalized reaction, not smoking, and the mother need not be nervous.

  Facial expressions are weird: newborns will have some strange expressions that are difficult for mothers to understand, such as frowning, grinning, empty sucking, pouting, nose bending, etc. Novice moms have no experience and will think this is a “problem” for the baby.It is the normal expression of the newborn and has nothing to do with the disease.

When the baby repeatedly appears an expression, it is necessary to see the doctor in time to rule out the possibility of convulsions.

  Struggle: Novice mothers often ask the doctor that the baby is always hard, especially when he wakes up, sometimes his face flushes with red, isn’t it uncomfortable for the baby?

The baby is not uncomfortable. Instead, he is comfortable.

Newborns are blushing, that is stretching lazy waists, a kind of exercise that moves the muscles and bones, and the mother should not be surprised.

It is not necessary to hold your baby tightly, not to force the baby hard, or take the baby to the hospital.

  Frightened: The development of the newborn’s nervous system is not yet complete, and the neural tube has not been completely wrapped. When there is an external stimulus, the newborn will suddenly startle or cry.

In order to prevent the baby from being “frightened”, the mothers often wrapped the newborn’s limbs to sleep more peacefully.

But be aware that wrapping the baby for a long time is not conducive to the growth of the baby; when the baby wakes up, you should open the package; be sure not to “candle the package”-wrap the baby upright, just like a candle.

“Candle packs” are harmful to the development of newborns.

  Snoring: When a newborn is anxious or eats something wrong, it will continue to snore, and the baby is very uncomfortable.

An effective solution is that the mother hits the bottom of the baby’s feet with her middle finger, causing her to cry for a few times. When the crying stops, the snoring also stops.

If not stopped, the above method can be repeated.

  Skin erythema: Skin erythema may occur in the first few days of life of a newborn.

The erythema varies in shape and size, and is bright red in color, distributed throughout the body, mainly in the head, face, and trunk.

Newborns have discomfort, but usually disappear after a few days, rarely more than a week.

When erythema appears in some newborns, it is also accompanied by peeling.

Neonatal erythema does not pose any threat to health, and it does not need to be treated, and it will subside on its own.

  Nasal congestion, sneezing: Newborn nasal mucosa is developed, capillaries are dilated and nasal tract is narrow.

When there is secretion, nasal congestion occurs in newborns.

Novice parents need to learn to clean the nasal passages for the baby.

Newborns sneeze when they get cold when they bathe or change diapers.

This is the body’s self-protection, not necessarily a cold.

  Sweating: the palms of the newborns, the soles of the feet are easy to sweat, and the head sweats slightly when sleeping.
Because the development of the central nervous system of newborns is not yet perfect, the temperature regulation function is poor, and it is susceptible to the external environment.

When the surrounding temperature is high, babies will dissipate heat by evaporating moisture and sweating from the skin.

Therefore, mothers should pay attention to the temperature of the room and the circulation of air, and must provide sufficient water to the baby.

  Thinning and occipital alopecia: The hair quality of newborns has a great relationship with the mother’s nutrition during pregnancy.

In the infant period, the baby’s hair quality is closely related to the family genetics.
Neonatal occipital alopecia is not a unique sign of calcium deficiency in newborns. Harder pillows, iron deficiency anemia, and other malnutrition diseases can cause occipital alopecia.

8 secrets of lotion that few people know _1

8 little-known secrets about lotions

Lotion has become a must for our daily skin care.
But do you still have a lot of doubts about this little bottle of lotion?
Today, we will answer the lotion myths you must know.
  1.Is there a lotion step?
  Expert guidance: The three steps of cleansing, conditioning (lotion), and moisturization are inextricably linked. They are indispensable and are the most basic elements for creating beautiful skin.
  The toner can sterilize and condition the skin’s pH value, condition the cumulative damage of the tap water (hard water) to the skin, and once again remove the remaining grease, makeup and metals and chlorides in the tap water.
Therefore, lotion is not just a bottle of water, it can re-do a healthy and soft conditioning for the skin, and help the effective absorption of subsequent maintenance ingredients.
  2.Using spray lotion is more effective than general lotion?
  Expert guidance: No such statement.
  Whether it works depends on the ingredients and whether they are suitable for you.
If additional moisturizing factors are added to the spray, such as polyalcohol, hyaluronic acid or neuraminic acid, etc., spray it evenly on the face and massage with fingers, then use eye cream, essence and moisturizer.
However, if the spray contains only mineral ingredients, it should be positioned as a fresh soothing water instead of a lotion, which can be used to calm and relieve the pressure, dryness and redness of the skin at a certain moment.
  3.High-performance lotion is more effective than ordinary?
  Experts point out: high-performance lotion may not be suitable for everyone, it can have a good effect on extremely dry and aging skin, but for young skin, using general lotion is enough, otherwise high-function ingredients are not only a waste but alsoNo visible effect.
  In fact, all lotions are extended from moisturizing lotions. The difference is that some lotions have some functional ingredients added to them or their penetration is strong.
High-performance lotion usually contains more expensive biochemical moisturizing factors, such as hyaluronic acid, mucopolysaccharides, collagen, amino acids, peptides, etc., not only has high-quality moisturizing effect, but also has repair and anti-aging maintenance effects.
  4.Can I use alcohol-based lotions?
  Experts point out: Alcohol can remove oil secreted from the skin.
  On the other hand, it also has antiseptic function, and it also has sterilization effect, but to fully achieve this purpose, the concentration of alcohol needs to be as high as 60% to 70%, which is very irritating and harmful to the skin.
There are more and more non-alcoholic lotions, because many of their ingredients have the advantages of alcohol but are not irritating, especially some plant formulas, you can try it.
  5.Is there no seasonal difference in the use of lotion?
  Experts point out: In fact, it is not just when changing the seasons, whenever the condition of the skin changes, you should alternate the use of the corresponding effect of lotion.
  Moisturizing lotion can be used in winter or when the environment is dry; plant-based astringent lotion can be used in summer or when the oil is stronger; whitening or hypoallergenic lotion can be used in autumn and spring.
For acne or rough horny areas, you can use the appropriate lotion locally, but it should not be used for a long time.
  6, oil control effect lotion is a summer essential?
  Experts point out: oil control lotion is not suitable for long-term use, it will change the skin’s natural water and oil balance.
  It is recommended to be used in the T-shaped oil outlet, or use oil-control lotion during the day, and moisturizing lotion at night, so that the skin can get a breather.
  7, tapping the lotion with your hands can better absorb nutrients?
  Experts point out: The advantages of hand pats are that tapping the skin directly with your hands can help the skin effectively absorb nutrients.
  This feeling of direct contact with the skin is very kind.
Disadvantages cannot take into account every inch of skin and check skin cleanliness, and the amount is not necessarily small.
The advantages of makeup sponge can take care of every inch of dead skin and face, and check whether makeup and dandruff are left on the face.
If the lotion on the pad is still enough, you can also take care of the neck, chest and arms.
Disadvantages If the force is too heavy or the quality of the wafer is not good, it will hurt the skin.
  8. Is colorless water safer?
  Expert guidance: None of the colors of the skin care products are primary colors.
  Because all ingredients have their own colors, when they are blended together, they cannot be all beautiful white or pink, so you must add pigments to make the color of the product more uniform, but the pigments used by regular companies should bePassed inspection by relevant departments.
The only pigments that have been proven to cause sensitization are tar dyes and D & C red dyes.

Take care of newborn milk

Take care of newborn milk

[Guide]Newborn baby is delicate and tender. His cocoa is too particular. Do you know that newborn milk should pay attention to these problems?

Let us explore the mystery together.

1: milk sterilization.

Bottles, teats, spoons, pots, etc. used by newborns must be disinfected regularly and placed in a fixed container, preferably in a steel pot with a lid, to ensure the quality of cleaning and disinfection.

2: Milk preparation time.

Milk is a good bacterial culture agent. To prevent spoilage, it should be prepared according to the season.

On hot days, you should try to arrange the cooked milk in the morning and eat it in portions in the morning. If necessary, feed after boiling each time.

The milk at night should be boiled and stored in the refrigerator, or the milk powder in the afternoon can be prepared at any time according to the feeding time.

Motivation, milk can be prepared twice a day in the morning and afternoon, boiled and poured into a sterilized bottle, and warmed with hot water when feeding.

If using milk powder, you can reduce the water content (supplement) and make the milk liquid into a paste, and then use boiled water or hot rice soup to add the required amount of water.

This temperature is suitable, and it is no longer necessary to warm the water, but the container must be sterilized strictly.

If the milk in the bottle has not been eaten, it should be poured into a milk pan and boiled for the next use. It should be cooked before eating.

3: Test temperature.

Before feeding, you need to test the temperature first. You only need to pour a few drops of milk on your wrist to test the temperature immediately. You should not try it directly from the nipple of an adult, subject to the bacterial contamination in the adult’s mouth.

Milk powder improper drinking all kinds of practical products that are convenient for mothers and babies. Top 10 high-quality tableware. 4: Feeding position.

Newborns should sit in the arms of their mothers. Mothers hold the bottle and feed slowly.

From beginning to end, keep the milk filling the nipples and occur so as not to suck air in.

After feeding, the newborn should be picked up, and the back end should be patted to let the air out and avoid returning milk.

5: The warm cup should not put milk for a long time.

Because milk and utensils will inevitably leave some bacteria that are not visible to the naked eye, and the temperature of the warm cup is very suitable for the reproduction of bacteria. Milk and rice soup have a good bacterial culture agent. After a certain period of time, the bacteria will quickly reverse and producetoxin.

Newborns who eat this milk will experience symptoms such as diarrhea and vomiting.

Therefore, milk and rice soup can be boiled and filled into several small feeding bottles. The bottles are placed in a cool place and covered with a clean dry gauze.

When the newborn needs to feed, take a small bottle and warm it with hot water.

Concentrations of milk required by children of different ages Concentrations of milk required by children of different ages Total number of days of birth: milk with sugar (%) milk consumption 1-2 1: 1 5-8 20-40 3-7 2:1 5-8 40-80 8-15 3: 1 5-8 80-100 16-28 whole milk 5-8 100 or more If the digestive function of the newborn is good, the amount and concentration of milk each time can be based on actual conditionsIncrease, and feed warm water between each feeding to reduce the dryness of the stool, and clean the mouth to reduce the incidence of oral diseases such as thrush.

It is advisable that the temperature of the milk should not be dripping on the back of the hand of the breastfeeder.

Self-psychological adjustment of rescue workers

Self-psychological adjustment of rescue workers

After arriving in the disaster area-write to the post-earthquake rescuers about the psychological relief of the affected people. When the disaster just happened, based on trying to understand and feel the survivors of the disaster, say: I feel sorry for the pain and danger you have experienced.

  You are safe now (if this person is really safe).

  this is not your fault.

  Your response is the normal response to an unusual event.

  It is normal for you to feel this way, and everyone with similar experiences may respond very well.

  It must be very sad / painful to see / hear / aware / smell.

  Your reaction now is treasured, you will not go crazy.

  It may not always be this way, it will get better, and you will get better.

  You should not restrain your emotions now, cry, anger, hate, want revenge, etc. You have to express it.

  Don’t say: I know what you feel.

  You are lucky to survive.

  You can be lucky to get something out.

  You are lucky, you have other children / relatives and so on.

  You are young and able to continue your life / to find another person.

  The person you love didn’t suffer too much when they died.

  She / he has gone to a better place / happier now.

  Good things happen outside of tragedy.

  You will come out.

  Nothing will happen, everything will be fine.

  You shouldn’t feel this way.

  Time heals all wounds.

  You should go back to your life and continue.

  For yourself-the helper’s self-protection to protect your rescuers who feel the quake and other major disasters, often there will be severe disability and even psychological breakdown due to sympathy and empathy for the survivors and their wounds.
  The disaster site is like a battlefield, so when you arrive at the scene, please pay attention to self-adjustment in a timely manner and seek professional help when necessary.

  Signs and manifestations of psychological breakdown: physical response: fatigue, physical decline, extreme physical fatigue, lack of rest and sleep, prone to physical discomfort, such as dizziness, difficulty breathing, stomach pain, nervousness, inability to relaxOther psychological reactions: traumatic reactions and interpersonal conflicts. Poor communication with others. Emotional dullness. Loss of faith in fairness, good and evil. Cynical numbness to everything they experience. May feel angry because of mental exhaustion and exhaustion.,内疚和羞耻,感到自己的问题与受灾者划分微不足道觉得自己本可以做的更好,做得更多而产生罪恶感,怀疑自己是否已经尽力  对于自己也需要接受帮助,觉得尴尬,难堪过份I am sad for the victim, why do you feel such depression? Lack of a rest system, too much workload, lack of guidance from others, rescuers have their own personal injuries, high expectations of themselves, and better help the victims of the earthquake disaster, how should youCoping to ensure access: rest, diet, support, expression consolidation和Improve your own social support system: keep in touch with family and friends. Colleagues support each other and discuss and share your feelings and disaster relief experiences with colleagues in a timely manner (if possible, find a time to rescue people to share their emotions with each other). Find放松和娱乐自己的方法,安排好充分的休息和娱乐定时定量的饮食,不管是不是有胃口  避免不必要的伤害(如果可能尝试不去其他灾难的现场)。
  Pay attention to rest (don’t always be with the victim or survivor, you must have rescuers alone every day) to find a way to express yourself: think about how to better talk about the situation you encounter, the work you do and the workThe difficulties encountered in the process encourage and encourage each other, encourage and affirm each other. Never blame each other for allowing yourself to have some interacting emotions, and express and vent.