[Can uric acid and broad beans be eaten]_ 胡豆 _Can you eat

[Can uric acid and broad beans be eaten]_ 胡豆 _Can you eat

Many clinical examinations in the clinic may detect uric acid in the human body, and excessively high uric acid will also have a direct impact on people’s body.

Gout, as a common clinical disease, will also affect people’s life and work. Excessive uric acid and gout are directly related. In this case, special attention should be paid to diet.

Can patients with high uric acid eat broad beans?


Patients with high levels of fava uric acid as far as possible do not indicate purine metabolism disorders.

Do not eat foods high in purines, seafood, beer, animal offal, and soy products, so try not to eat broad beans.

Be careful not to stimulate with cold water.

And drink more than 2000ml of water a day to help excrete uric acid.


Do not eat soy products (tofu, dried tofu, milk tofu, soy milk, soy milk), dried beans (mung beans, red beans, black beans, silk pupa), bean sprouts, soybean sprouts, broad beans, etc. are of medium purity.eat.
Sustained high uric acid can induce gout attacks and early treatment is recommended.

High uric acid should pay attention to sufficient glucose and trace amounts should be added if there is no adverse effect on the heart and kidneys should drink plenty of water.

For cooking methods, use more braised, boiled, boiled, steamed, simmered, and less fried, fried foods should be as easy to digest as possible.

Eat more vitamin B1 and vitamin C foods.


Note that broad beans have some dietary taboos, because broad beans are not easy to digest, so those with weak spleen and stomach should not eat more, and most people should not eat too much, so as not to damage the spleen and stomach and cause indigestion.

There are also broad beans that should not be eaten raw. In some people, after eating broad beans or recovering broad bean pollen, acute hemolytic anemia, also known as “faba bean yellow disease,” will produce symptoms such as dizziness, shock, and jaundice.

This is due to the doping of the contained nestleine.

Therefore, the broad beans must be cooked before consumption.

At the same time, broad beans should not be eaten with Tianluo, otherwise it may easily cause colon cancer.

[Cold Tofu Practice]_Cold Tofu Practice _How to Do _Cooking Daquan

[Cold Tofu Practice]_Cold Tofu Practice _How to Do _Cooking Daquan

Everyone has eaten cold tofu. Generally, there are many cold tofu methods. However, the cold tofu to be introduced today uses organic tofu. Both southern tofu and northern tofu are acceptable. Generally, you need to prepare some coriander and pepper.Cut the tofu into pieces and put it in the pot. It is best to simmer the tofu with cold water to make the tofu more delicious.

Ingredients Organic tofu, a box of green kiwi, a cow tomato, an onion, half a nine-story tower, coriander peel, pepper, a strip of Tainan sweet soy sauce, a tablespoon of sesame oil, seasoning of soy sauce, 1/2 tablespoon of lemon juice, a small amount of minced garlic instead of onionSoak in ice water for later use; peel the kiwifruit and cut the beef tomatoes to about 0.

5cm small pieces, peeled peppers, minced, nine-story tower, chopped coriander, as thin as possible, put in a large bowl.

Add all the seasonings and mix thoroughly, add in Method 1 and mix well.

Take out the boxed tofu, drain 2 cm pieces of water, and pour on the second method to serve.

Material Tofu empty box 1 milk empty box half of animal fresh cream empty box half of fine granulated sugar amount of gelatine powder, please see small skimming boiling water, please see small skimming black syrup amountspare.
Add fresh cream, milk and granulated sugar to the pot and heat to the temperature of the bath water without boiling.

Then add gelatin that has been dissolved into a liquid and mix well.

Fill the empty tofu box with liquid and refrigerate on ice until it solidifies.

(It is recommended to do well the night before, it should be fine when you wake up, you don’t need to wait for it to solidify.

) Prepare hot water at about “bath water temperature”, soak the solidified tofu, just immerse the box in hot water for a few seconds, just soak it to the bottom and edges, this step is to help demold, because gelatinAfter being heated, it will melt into a liquid state. The first heated part must be the periphery, so if there is a little water around the box, you can flip the box upside down, and the fake tofu can be smoothly ejected.

Pour all kinds of sweet sauces that you think look like soy sauce, such as caramel sauce, black syrup, brown sugar water, chocolate sauce and so on.

Pseudo tofu (fresh milk jelly) is done!

※ Giletine powder can also be used to replace gelatin tablets in the same amount as gelatin powder.

(Giletine can be cut into small pieces with scissors.

), The gelatine tablets need to be soaked in ice water to soften, then drain the water. When the milk is cooked with fresh cream, throw it in and mix well until the gelatine tablets are dissolved.

[Children’s nutrition soy milk recipes]_kids_making method

[Children’s nutrition soy milk recipes]_kids_making method

Many people drink soy milk at breakfast.

As a soy product, soy milk can not only supplement protein, but also has a good effect of relieving heat.

Many stores sell iced soy milk. Iced soy milk is just a congee, and it becomes a delicious sweet drink. It is loved by many people, but iced soy milk is not suitable for children, because it may cause diarrhea.

So, how should children use soy milk?

What are the children’s nutrition soy milk recipes?

1. Do n’t give children drinking raw soy milk that contains basic proteins, trypsin inhibitors and other harmful substances before cooking. If it is not cooked, nausea, diarrhea and other problems will occur, so the milk must be boiled before drinking.When cooking soy milk, do not cover the pot, so that the toxic substances can be converted into water vapor and will be sent out.

So parents must boil the soy milk before giving the child a drink.

Note: If you experience headaches, dyspnea and other symptoms after drinking soy milk, you should go to the hospital immediately.

2. Do n’t beat eggs in soy milk Many people think that soy milk and eggs are very nutritious, so they like to beat eggs in soy milk. In fact, this method is wrong. Beating eggs in soy milk will affect the body’s absorption of nutrients.The mucus protein (egg white) is easily combined with a small amount of protease in soy milk to produce a substance that cannot be absorbed by the human body. It is because eggs and soy milk have lost alternative nutritional value.

3. Don’t let children drink soy milk on an empty stomach. It is best not to let a baby drink soy milk on an empty stomach. Most of the protein in soy milk will be converted into the body to be digested, and the nutrients cannot be fully absorbed by the baby.

When drinking soy milk, eat steamed bread, bread and other food.

4. Avoid organic acid precipitation in brown sugar and brown sugar, such as acetic acid and lactic acid. They can combine with the protein and calcium in soybean milk to produce denatured products and blocks such as calcium acetate and calcium lactate. This completely damages the soybean milk.The nutritional value also affects children’s absorption of nutrients.

5, avoid using a thermos bottle to store soy milk. Some workplace moms cook soy milk directly after filling the milk in the thermos bottle, want to bring the children to kindergarten to drink, its practical thermos storage of soy milk is unscientific.

Because the bacteria in the soymilk bottle multiply in a suitable temperature, 3?
After 4 hours, the milk will deteriorate.

6, do not drink with medicine when the child is sick, Mummy should pay attention to try not to give the child soy milk.

Because some drugs such as antibiotics such as erythromycin can destroy the nutritional components in soybean milk, and even produce side effects, endangering children’s health.

7, the nature of soy milk is cold, children should not drink a lot of soy milk. Soy milk is made from soybeans, and soy contains high purines and belongs to cold foods, so children should not eat soy milk in excess.

In addition, if your child has bloating and diarrhea, it is best not to drink soy milk.

8, often drink soy milk, pay attention to zinc supplements contain inhibitors, saponins and exogenous lectins, these are not good for the human body.

The best way to deal with this is to cook soy milk. People who have long-term consumption of soy milk should not forget to add trace element zinc.

Therefore, in addition to allowing children to develop the habit of drinking soy milk, don’t forget to supplement their children with zinc during three meals a day.

Gao Fangzhuan was put on the tight hoop mantra in 2017, only 63 stocks reached the standard (attached table)

Gao Fangzhuan was put on the tight hoop mantra in 2017, only 63 stocks reached the standard (attached table)
Gao Shunhuan was put on a tight mantra. In 2017, only 63 stocks reached the standard. Chongqing Commercial Daily-Upstream Financial Reporter Dan Yu Chongqing Commercial News-Upstream Financial Reporter Dan Yu On the evening of April 4, Shanghai and Shenzhen Stock Exchanges respectively issued”Guidelines for Information Disclosure (Draft for Soliciting Opinions)” (hereinafter referred to as “Guide to High Delivery”).In the forthcoming “Guide to High Transfers”, the authoritative definition of high transfers is made, but the proportion of high transfers is disclosed. The disclosure time is linked to the performance of listed companies and reductions in holdings.Put on the “tightening curse”.  10 to 50% of the new “gate cloud” One of the important significance of this “Guo to send and transfer” is to authoritatively define the standard of high transfer.Among them, the Shanghai Stock Exchange stipulates that high transfers refer to the company’s bonus shares or the use of surplus reserve funds, capital reserve transfer of shares, the total ratio of more than 5 shares for every 10 shares.  The Shenzhen Stock Exchange’s high transfer standard is related to the specific sector where the listed company is located.The main board, SME board, and GEM listed companies required by the Shenzhen Stock Exchange to issue bonus shares for every 10 shares and convert their capital reserve into share capital totaled or exceeded 5 shares, 8 shares, and 10 shares, respectively.From this point of view, 5 shares for every 10 shares are transferred into the common “basics of biology”.  In order to prevent the listed companies from overhyping the concept of high transfers, the Shanghai and Shenzhen Stock Exchanges’ High Transfer Guidelines issued stringent requirements on the performance of listed companies.  The net profit or estimated net profit of the most recent reporting period proposed by the listed company’s proposal for a transfer of stock is negative, and the net profit has fallen by more than 50% or the return after the transfer is less than 0.2 yuan, can not disclose the high transfer plan.This means that companies that are not likely to make a lot of profits or earn a lot of profit will definitely be “not playing”.  There are four conditions that need to be met externally for profit. On the basis of profit, the proportion of high transfers that a listed company can implement is also related to the company’s specific circumstances, including the following four situations: 1.2. The net profit has continued to increase in the past two times, and the proportion of the shares to be paid must not exceed the compound annual growth of the net profit of the company in the last two years; 2.2. Report changes in the implementation of refinancing through mergers, mergers and acquisitions, reorganizations, etc. that cause changes in net assets, the proportion of transfers that can be sent must not be higher than the expansion of net assets at the end of the reporting period of the listed company compared to the beginning period;Net profit has continued to increase in the last two years and the average return in the last three years is not less than 1 yuan. If a listed company believes that it is necessary to disclose a high transfer plan, it is sufficient to fully reveal the main considerations and rationality of the high transfer plan.The return after the conversion is not less than 0.5 yuan (only applicable to high delivery based on annual financial statements).  4.The disclosure time of other high-speed transfers in this Guide to High-speed Transfers is linked to the reduction of holdings by important shareholders and the lifting of the ban on restricted shares.If the company has established shareholders and controlling shareholders and their concerted parties, directors, supervisors and senior management personnel (hereinafter referred to as “relevant shareholders”), the company has not reduced its shareholding in the first 3 months or has a shareholding plan in the following 3 months.High delivery plan.The listed company shall not disclose the high-sale transfer plan within 3 months before and after the expiration of the restricted sale period held by the relevant shareholders.Preventing high transfers from becoming a tool to cover the lifting of bans on restricted shares and reduction of holdings by major shareholders, as well as further breeding of insider trading, market manipulation and other illegal activities.  In 2017, the 63 stocks were “highly distributed” at the height of the 2017 annual report disclosure period, and many listed companies have disclosed dividend distribution plans.The reporter noticed that in recent years, in the form of stricter supervision of “high delivery”, in 2017, many companies chose “dividends” instead of “shares.”According to wind data, as of April 7, a total of 1163 listed companies in the two cities plan to pay dividends, while there are only 284 listed companies with public reserve funds to increase their share capital or bonus plans.  Among the 284 listed companies that have “send transfers”, according to the standards in the “High Delivery Transfer Guidelines” of the two cities, only 63 stocks can be counted as “high transfers.”Among them, there are 18 main board listed companies with a total of 5 shares of bonus shares and conversion of provident fund to 5 shares, 21 small and medium-sized board companies that transfer 8 shares or more for every 10 shares, and 10 shares for every 10 sharesThere are 24 GEM companies and above.Of these 63 stocks, Gao Sheng Holdings and Bayi Iron & Steel Co., Ltd. plan to increase their capital by 10 shares for every 10 shares without dividends. The remaining 61 companies have multiple cash dividend plans.  For each of the 8 companies, more than 10 shares will be transferred. Among the 63 “high transfer” shares that have been disclosed in 2017, the top 15 stocks with the highest total of a series of bonus shares and the accumulation of public reserve funds are shown in the following table:In the annual report, the top 15 companies with the most transfers of shares, the largest transfer of capital is Metano, plans to send 18 shares for every 10 shares, dividends1.5 yuan (before tax), the plan currently includes the board’s preliminary plan stage.According to the company’s annual report, Metino achieved net profit in 20174.8.7 billion, an annual growth of 350.74%, 2017 basic earnings per share1.51 yuan, an increase of 165 per year.28%.According to the company announcement, at the time of the high-speed transfer plan disclosure on November 27, 2017, the relevant shareholders of the company had no plans to reduce their holdings for six months, but the company’s consolidated shareholder Jia Ming and Jiangxi Riyue Tonghui Investment Management Co., Ltd. had a total of nearly 14.61 millionThe lifting of the ban on restricted shares.  Among these 15 companies, it is also worth noting that there is a main board listed company, Celis, which has a higher ratio of transfers and has received two inquiries from the exchange.The company disclosed the plan on February 7, 2018. It plans to distribute a cash dividend of RMB 1 (including tax) for every 10 shares, and at the same time convert the capital reserve into share capital and increase 15 shares for every 10 shares.However, the company’s performance is not particularly “conspicuous”. According to the company’s annual report, the company achieved net profit of 93.85 million yuan in 2017, an annual increase of 36.17%, basic profit income 1.32 yuan.  The company’s board of directors believes that the high transfer plan is legal, compliant, reasonable, and sufficient, and will not cause the company’s working capital expenditure or other adverse effects, which is in line with the company’s current actual operating and financial conditions, while taking into account investorsThe interests of the company and the need for sustainable development of the company, there is no fact that damages the legitimate rights and interests of the company, shareholders and small and medium investors.  After the announcement of the high-speed transfer plan, the company’s stock resumed trading, the daily limit for two consecutive trading days, a cumulative increase of more than 20%.However, the company has received two inquiries from the foreign exchange of the exchange, which mainly include: First, the compound growth rate of the company’s net profit in the past three years is about 22.47%, which does not match this high transfer.In addition, the company has implemented a plan to convert 4 capital shares into 10 capital shares for each half of 2017, and now plans to implement 10 to 15 again, the total difference between the two conversions to share capital.Second, among the initial restricted shares that were lifted in the previous period, the total shares accounted for the company’s total shares.4274% of the company’s shares may be reduced in the next 6 months.Subsequently, the company responded to the exchange’s inquiry and issued two consecutive risk alert announcements.  The New Third Board is now giving 190 shares to 10 new shares. Under the high regulatory pressure of some two cities, more dividends and less transfers have become a new trend of A shares, but the New Third Board frequently appears to send hundreds of shares for every 10 shares.The oversized high delivery was shocking.  On the evening of April 2 this year, Fire Dance Software (872105), a company listed on the New Third Board, released a profit distribution plan for 2017. The company plans to send 120 bonus shares (including tax) for every 10 shares to all shareholders, and increase 70 shares.After the implementation of the release plan, the company’s total share capital is expected to be 708.260,000 shares increased to 14,165.240,000 shares, an increase of 19 times.  It is understood that Fire Dance Software is an online game development company. It officially entered the NEEQ market on September 27, 2017, and it is a new stock that has been listed for less than one year.According to the company’s 2017 annual report, the company’s operating income2.9.8 billion yuan, an annual increase of 58.07%; net profit 5877.09 million yuan, an annual increase of 79.39%; basic profit income 8.57 yuan.As of December 31, 2017, the parent company’s undistributed profit was 8804.740,000 yuan, the capital reserve is 5502.320,000 yuan.  It is obvious that large transfers like Fire Dance Software are not unprecedented in the New Third Board.Many enterprises such as Jiuding Group, Kyushu Quanzhou, Lianchuang Investment, Yikang Intelligent, Aiyongbao, Zhongyin Communication, Longmen Education, Junshi Bio, Daotuo Medicine, and immersive companies have reached 10 per share100 shares.Among them, in 2016 Kyushu Quanzhou transferred 330 shares for every 10 shares; in April 2017, Lianchuang Investment transferred 650 shares for every 10 shares of the capital reserve to all shareholders; in 2014, when Jiuding Group was just listed, it had had1902 for every 10 shares.In the case of 78 shares, the total share capital is directly from 1829.800,000 shares increased to 3.5 billion shares.There is really no more “最” but more “壕”.  Some people believe that for NEEQ companies, the greater significance lies in the fact that after the expansion of the share capital through high transfers, the scale continues to decline, and it can be split for 南京龙凤网 financing transactions, expanding liquidity, and attracting investors to subscribe and increase.In addition, it can attract attention and attract investors’ attention.Now, under the condition that the A-share market’s high transfers are gradually standardized, how long can the ultra-large amount of transfers on the New Third Board last?  The concept of high-share transfers among investors is mostly played by the false Chongqing Commercial News-The upstream financial reporter Wang also focused on the contradictory performance of long-term stock transfers. How do small and medium investors view the “precision and high-standard transfer” phenomenon of regulators?What about it?Business Daily reporters conducted an understanding.  ”The concept of high-send transfers is mostly deceptive.” Li Quan, a shareholder, believes that “except for high-send transfers, which can expand the company’s share capital and can be cashed through major shareholders’ reductions, it has nothing to do with dividends. The true dividends are sufficient for cash dividends.”Li Quan also said,” I rarely participate in the second-share market, because many stocks overhyped the performance of the hype after listing, this is the same as the one-day hype on the first day of listing of new stocks in 2012. It is a game of changing the soup, not the risk.Competitiveness.Regulation by the supervisory layer is conducive to further deepening the value of investment concepts.”Waltz in G major” of the stockholder also believes: “The fundamental factor that determines the breakthrough of the listed company’s gains is performance. High concept transfer stocks, including cash dividends, must be supported by the fundamentals if they are to be recognized by the market.In fact, the positive weight of high bonus transfers and dividends is not as direct as performance growth. Some companies have not paid dividends for many years, but have been growing, thanks to the continuous improvement of fundamentals.Therefore, we small investors can no longer indulge in short-term operations as before, and at the same time continuously encourage value investment, so the selection of outstanding growth stocks is the key to stable income.”Expert opinion promotes purification of the A-share market Chongqing Commercial News-upstream financial reporter Wang also clearly stipulated this time that the high percentage of transfers will be affected by the regulator. How will this affect the A-share market?Li Weixia, chief economist of Fuding Asset Management, interviewed by a reporter from the Commercial Daily, analyzed from the following three aspects: First, dialectical treatment should be given to investors who transfer high-sold shares.Stocks that have implemented cash dividends and stable growth for many years in succession, or stocks that have stabilized and rebounded after the prior period performance restructuring, and stocks that are in line with national strategic policy support, as long as the previous period has experienced a deep decline and has not experienced recent stir-fry, are worth holding for a long time.  Second, investors should stay away from the sub-new stock groups in the high-sale transfer stocks.The listed companies corresponding to this type of stock have not experienced the throbbing of the industry reshuffle, the storm of the real economy’s rise and fall, the business model is still immature, and the overestimation cannot support the expensive burden.Leaders have issued a high-stakes transfer guidance plan, which has the largest dividend for the new shares. It does not rule out the possibility that the new shares will plummet after the holiday. Therefore, investors are better to surpass the main ones.  Thirdly, in the medium and long term, the regulation of high-speed transfers by supervisors has led to the elimination of some funds and illegal behaviors such as insider trading by executive shareholders, further eliminating irrational speculation, and responding to the management of listed companies.Resisting the impact of systemic risks at home and abroad is a new test that helps the company’s business model to grow rapidly and mature, forming an equal situation where company executives and investors share the same sorrows, honours, disgrace and commonality, and standardize the transparency of the securities market information disclosure system.It has a long-term positive impact and helps protect the legitimate rights and interests of investors.  Qian Xiangjin, chief analyst of CITIC Securities, pointed out: “Since 5178, as long as there is speculation in the A-share market, it will soon be wiped out by the policy; this announcement of regulating high transfers is also one of the policies to prevent speculation.Why do leaders hate hype?其实,并不是管理层不希望股市上涨,而是因为在经济处于转型的关键阶段,一旦资金囤积在某个领域形成‘吸金黑洞’,那其他领域就很可能因无法受到资金的青睐而瘫痪,This is expected to make progress in economic transformation and upgrading.This point, while the broader market rose from 2000 points to 5178 points, the reverse transformation of the real economy performed the most prominently, so there was a reference to “extricate from reality” and “precise poverty alleviation”.Therefore, we believe that the consensus on the regulation of high transfers is still essentially an economic policy that is “de-emerging from reality” and is conducive to accelerating the process of internal economic structural adjustment.For A-shares, the immediate difficulties are temporary. As long as the real economy finds a new growth engine, A-share bulls can still look forward to.”

Sino-Singapore (002912): The second quarter of 2019 results are expected to grow rapidly. Network visualization follows the surge in traffic growth.

Sino-Singapore (002912): The second quarter of 2019 results are expected to grow rapidly. Network visualization follows the surge in traffic growth.

Event: Sino-Singapore released the 2019 half-year forecast.

The net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies is expected to reach 6,209 in the first half of the year.


450,000 yuan per year + 0%?
+ 20%.

Net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies is expected to reach 6,831 in the second quarter.


920,000 yuan, +15 for ten years.

+ 36.


Traffic surge agreement upgrade usher in new opportunities, telecommunications anti-fraud contribution is outstanding.

With the surge in traffic, the upgrade of new high-speed ports, 5G protocols, and traffic monitoring and network visualization vendors have ushered in new opportunities for product upgrades. We believe that leading companies are expected to further increase the industry’s market share.

On July 9, the company’s 2019 China Internet Conference hosted by the China Internet Association was honored as a support and service unit for preventing and controlling telecommunications network fraud.

Layout of first-tier products, and multiple big data operation products may become the new engine of the company’s performance drive.

While laying out visualization products, the company actively expands its product line, effectively integrates cutting-edge products such as network security products and big data operation products with front-end equipment, and provides complete integrated application systems to downstream integrators.

The company appeared in the Jiangsu Industrial Internet Forum in January. In June, the company’s distributed intelligent big data operating system based on massive data was awarded as Jiangsu’s 2019 big data outstanding product.

Strengthen the channel development strategy and lay out overseas markets.

As a leader in the field of conventional network visualization, the company benchmarked the global network visualization market leader Gigamon and dug deeper into the main line of information security.

The added value of product technology is high, the gross profit margin is maintained at a high level, and the ceiling of the industry is continuously improved under the background of the surge in traffic. We believe that the market space is expected.

profit prediction.

The company has long-term profitability, which is beneficial to the company’s long-term development for 5G commercial use, traffic 四川耍耍网 surge and increasing network security.

We estimate that Sino-Singapore’s total operating income for 2019-2021 will be 9.

78 (+41.

45%), 13.

81 (+41.

27%) and 19.

01 (+37.

64%) million yuan, net profit attributable to mother is 2.

86 (+39.

9%), 3.

89 (+ 36%) and 5.

23 (+34.

2%) billion yuan, EPS is 2 respectively.

68, 3.

65, 4.

90 yuan, given the 2019 PE range of 38-45x, corresponding to a reasonable value of 101.

60 yuan, “continuous market” rating.

risk warning.
Market competition intensifies risks, and downstream governments and operators monitor and evaluate risks in the market.

Sany Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. (600031): 1H19 results increase, eye-catching market share continues to increase

Sany Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. (600031): 1H19 results increase, eye-catching market share continues to increase

Performance preview predicts annual profit growth of 92% -107% Sany Heavy Industry issued 1H19 performance forecast, it is expected to achieve net profit attributable to mothers 65 ppm-70 ‰ in the first half of 2019, an increase of 92% -107%, in line with our gradual progress in the “1H19 machinery industryPerformance Preview: Segment performance differentiation, continue to recommend the high growth leader “(we previously expected 1H19 Sany Heavy Industry to return to its mother net profit of 7 billion US dollars).

  Points to focus on 19Q2 continued high growth and continued improvement in profitability.

Based on the median of the company’s performance forecast, the company achieved net profit attributable to its mother in the first half of 201967.

5 ‰, an increase of 99% in ten years; of which, in the second quarter of 19, the company achieved a net profit of 35.

300 million, an annual increase of 87%.

  We expect high growth of the company’s performance. The reduction will be due to the steady growth of the construction machinery industry. The company’s market share will continue to increase and its operating income will continue to grow rapidly.improve.

  The market share of core products continued to increase.

From January to June 2019, the industry sold a total of 137,207 excavators, an increase of 14 per year.


We expect 3H excavator sales to be 1H19.

About 50,000 units, with an annual growth rate of over 30%, significantly leading the average growth rate of the industry, and the market share increases by about 3 each year.

5ppt to 25.

About 5%.

From January to May, the sales volume of truck crane industry was 21,964 units, an annual increase of 63.


We estimate that the sales volume of Sany ‘s truck cranes from January to May is expected to double, with a market share of about 25%, an increase of about 5 percentage points from the same period last year.

In addition, we expect the 1H19 company’s concrete machinery sales are also expected to achieve high double-digit growth, and the market share will further increase.

  Rapid growth in overseas exports.

From January to May, the company exported 3,222 excavators, an increase of 38 per year.

8%, we expect the company’s excavator export growth in 杭州桑拿网 June will continue to maintain rapid growth.

In addition, we expect the company’s truck crane exports to achieve high double-digit growth in the first half; the company’s overall overseas export growth in 2019 is expected to exceed 50%.

At present, the company’s market share in some overseas markets such as the Indian market has ranked first. The continued expansion of overseas markets will continue to increase the company’s growth space.

  Estimates and recommendations Considering the company’s continued improvement in profitability, we raise the company’s 2019 / 20e profit forecast10.

2% / 9.

8% to 110.


0.5 billion.

The company currently corresponds to 2019 / 20e10.

2x / 8.

9x P / E.

We maintain our “Outperform” rating and target price of 16.

20 yuan, corresponding to 12 / 11x 2019 / 20e P / E, 21% growth space than currently expected.

  Risk infrastructure, real estate investment growth is slower than expected, and industry competition has intensified.

There are three main benefits to soaking your feet with vinegar

There are three main benefits to soaking your feet with vinegar

Clean skin with vinegar and water, improve skin absorption of nutrients, and increase skin vitality.

In fact, we can also use vinegar to soak our feet, which can reduce stress, strengthen the body, and promote blood circulation.

Here are some of the benefits of using vinegar to soak your feet: TCM believes that the foot is the root of the human body, and there are enough reflex areas with important therapeutic value of 75. Frequent vinegar soaking can be used to adjust the meridians to promote qi and blood.Running helps balance yin and yang.

Sticking to soak your feet with vinegar for a long time can not only improve the quality of sleep, but also improve the physical strength and resistance.

  Decompression often uses vinegar to soak the feet, which can coordinate the excitement of the sympathetic and parasympathetic nerves, thereby regulating and relaxing the originally nervous nerves.

  Promote blood circulation In winter, the cold hands and feet are often caused by the impaired blood circulation of the body. The use of vinegar to soak the feet can accelerate the blood circulation of the human body, improve the hypoxia caused by long-term immobility or fatigue in various parts of the body, enhance metabolism and improveCold hands and feet.

Recommended: 20 diet weight loss products

Recommended: 20 diet weight loss products

Women are 20 years old, after childbirth, and during menopause, they are most likely to hoard in the abdomen due to changes in hormones and lifestyle changes.

For these 3 age groups, experts recommend different ways to exercise your abdomen.

  According to the American Oprah Magazine, women are most likely to accumulate in the abdomen during the three periods of 20 years old, after development, and during menopause. Because of the changes in hormones and lifestyle changes in the body, sports experts have recommendedAbdominal exercise methods of different ages.

  20 years old: the skull is around the ring.

Face the slender mirror, the legs are separated from the hips, the knees are slightly curved, the hips are closed, and the chest is chest.

Draw a circle in the mirror with a dark color, keep the hip joints in motion during continuous movement, alternate between left and right, and do 5 minutes a day.

  Postpartum: The sofa is tightening.

Sit on the edge of the sofa with your feet on the floor and your hands on your abdomen.

Relax your thighs and zoom out slightly, then lower your upper body until your chest just touches the sofa cushion.

During the pressing process, the abdomen is forced to move off the ground with one foot or both feet.

Keep this position, and when you count to 10, squeeze the abdominal muscles harder.

Then, put your feet on the ground, sit up straight and relax.

In addition, you can also use a one-arm push baby stroller, stand sideways behind the stroller, and grab the handle with the hand closer to the car.

Slightly bend the spindle and raise the spindle slightly to push the stroller far away.

Then stand up straight and pull the stroller back hard.

After 5 round trips, repeat this action with the other hand.

  Menopause: muscle exercise in the core area.

Tilt and bend, put your feet on the floor, lie on your upper body, raise your calf until it is parallel to the floor, and still bend in the direction, only relax on the top, palm down.

Do not aim at the support, contract the abdominal muscles and lift it up.

  These exercises, which are not strong enough but are easy to grasp, often practice to help the stomach fight against the physiological age and maintain a fascinating tightness.

Why jealous women can lock men’s hearts

Why jealous women can lock men’s hearts

A few days ago there was such a news: There is a realistic version of “Wei Xiaobao” in the United Kingdom, relying on his own two money, to seduce seven women to become their “wife”.

The eldest wife is 65 years old and the youngest is 30 years old. Seven of them take turns serving the 48-year-old husband.

The reporter learned that in this bizarre family, these seven women are suffering, and the family is full of terrible jealousy and hatred . It seems to think of a recent statement from Yuan Li: “If I were a man, I would find many womenFriends, one for each type, and everyone is together.

I believe this is also the life that many men want to live in. Three wives and four wives, I think it’s good, as long as they don’t fight.

If the other way round, I would also like to be one of these women.

“Three wives and four wives is indeed a man’s dream since ancient times, but being a member of the three wives and four wives has never been a woman’s wish since ancient times.
However, in reality, some women are still unwilling to admit that they are jealous. It seems that acknowledging their fear of jealousy means admitting their infatuation and knowledge of this man.

Probably, they felt that this would devalue their worth.

A man thinks she can hold her tightly!

  In life, the weaker the woman, the harder her mouth is.

They refuse to admit their jealousy, deliberately portray their free and easy, and when it comes to anything, they always say “What’s the big deal!”

But let me tell you, the more women in this group, the more insecure they are. They are afraid of being hit, so they deliberately use strong and unruly style to disguise themselves.

Imagine that women are not afraid of jealousy?

Which woman would rather stay alone and listen to her husband and other women kissing me next door?

  The nature of love is selfishness. Love without “selfishness” is not love at all. Perhaps, Yuan Li’s remarks are to make women treat marriage as a “professional” and have enough food to eat.

But in fact, even if you treat your career, you will have inertial feelings over time. In the face of a man’s third wife and four wives, women don’t have to pretend to be so free and easy!

The more free and easy you act, the more you will reduce the guilt of the man, and the more he will feel that he can be bright and carefree, and will not harm anyone.

When men are no longer disturbed by their conscience for derailment, women’s day is really coming!

As a woman, don’t be a stupid woman with a soft heart and a tough mouth. This will only provide a strong excuse for men’s betrayal.

  Between men and women, jealousy is not hidden in the heart, jealousy is to be expressed.

The softness of a woman must be manifested, and if the other party has some scruples, you may be able to love stronger!

Whitening + wrinkle coffee beauty DIY_1

Whitening + wrinkle coffee beauty DIY

There are more and more people who love coffee. In addition to its bitter taste and fascinating aroma, as well as its refreshing effect, the charm of coffee can also be beautiful!

For example: using the brewed coffee grounds massage alternately transforms the skin to be smooth, firming and cosmetic.

Let’s “tasting” a cup of coffee with endless aftertastes. In this romantic moment, we are full of mouthfeel and beautiful.

  Why can coffee be beauty?

  Caffeine is the core component of coffee. Although it is controversial in the field of nutrition, it is the main functional component of popular slimming skin care products.

The caffeine extract is added to skin care formulas, and the active ingredients penetrating deep into the skin can stimulate the digestion and excretion of fecal cells and restore the bloated body.

  (1) Homemade coffee wrinkle-removing mask material: 1 egg yolk, 1 spoon of honey, 1 spoon and a half of flour, coffee powder 2 money Method: Efficacy: make the skin more elastic, smoother, remove wrinkles and prevent wrinkles.

  Coffee Whitening Mask (2) Coffee Whitening Mask Material: Almond amount, coffee powder amount, 1 protein.

  Method: Efficacy: moisturize and remove wrinkles, make loose skin tight, lighten dark spots, and make skin fair and bright.

  (3) DIY methods for other coffee skin beauty: 1.

Coffee fumigation refreshing: 2.

Coffee thin face massage: Method: Put a suitable amount of coffee powder into the massage cream and massage it with a light hand. The area from the jaw to the cheeks is maintained for 15-20 minutes a day, which is very effective for tightening the cheeks and double chins.