[Can you be jealous during lactation?

]_ Recommended diet

[Can you be jealous during lactation?
]_ Recommended diet

Breastfeeding women need to pay attention to dietary issues, because it is also important to pay attention to this matter. Considering the baby’s breastfeeding health, and whether breastfeeding women can be jealous, many postpartum mothers are more confused. The following isTell you in detail whether women can be jealous during breastfeeding.

Many people think that you can’t be jealous during breastfeeding, mainly because it may cause milk back, and it is not good for teeth.

In fact, from a scientific point of view, women can be jealous during breastfeeding, especially when they are added to cooking and cooking. It can be eaten without adverse effects, but not excessive.edible.

There are many mothers who may experience significant changes in their diet and taste throughout the lactation period, preferring sour and spicy foods, but we all know that because they are breastfeeding, some of the food they eat may pass through breast milk.The baby’s digestive function is not very good, so it may cause other adverse effects for them.

If you want to eat, you should pay attention to the principle of proper consumption.

And women are a very important period of recovery during lactation, so diet health must pay attention to and maintain enough rest and sleep, eat those foods that are easy to digest and high nutrition, and ensure the absorption of protein, such as milk, beans, or eggsThese foods are more suitable for lactation.

[Eating indigestible food]_Not easy to digest_Some foods_How to eat

[Eating indigestible food]_Not easy to digest_Some foods_How to eat

In daily life, many friends will have problems such as bloating, stomach pain, stomach indigestion, etc. after eating. This is mainly because some foods are not easily absorbed by the human body. Friends who are more vulnerable to the stomach, You will experience symptoms of stomach upset.


Tremella Tremella is rich in nutrition, as well as the effects of kidney, lungs, and Shengjin, which are popular among the elderly, but clinically, elderly people who have intestinal obstruction due to improper consumption of Tremella are also common.

This is because the elderly have poor digestive functions, and Tremella is not very well digested. If you eat too much at one time or continue to eat more than one meal, it will cause intestinal obstruction.Stop venting the anus, etc., some serious conditions even need surgery.


Caviar Caviar is a nutritious food, which contains a large amount of protein, calcium, phosphorus, iron, vitamins and riboflavin. It can also be replaced. It is a good supplement and nourishment for the human brain and bones, but the elderly must try toEat less, because the caviar is implanted in the plasma, and the elderly do not eat more.

In addition, although the caviar is small, it is difficult to cook thoroughly, it is difficult to digest after eating, and it is easy to have indigestion after eating, which causes diarrhea.

Therefore, the caviar should be cooked thoroughly and not overdone.


Although sunflower seeds are rich in nutrition and delicious, they are not suitable for the elderly.

First of all, sunflower seeds have high oil content, and these oils are mainly unsaturated fatty acids. Excessive eating will not only consume choline in the body, make the body’s trace metabolic disorders, trace deposits in the liver, affect the normal function of liver cells, and cause liver dysfunction.It also easily causes connective tissue hyperplasia, and even induces liver tissue necrosis or cirrhosis.

Basically, some sunflower seeds, such as cinnamon and peppercorns, have certain stimulating effects on the stomach during frying.


Tofu is a common food with high nutritional value, but it should not be eaten by the elderly.

Tofu contains extremely rich protein, but also contains phytic acid and bloating factor. If it is consumed too much at one time and the body will absorb iron, it will also easily cause protein indigestion, abdominal distension and diarrhea.

In addition, the soybeans that make tofu contain a substance called saponin, which can not only prevent atherosclerosis, but also promote the excretion of iodine in the human body, causing iodine deficiency in the human body.

Chinese medicine believes that tofu is cold, so people with cold stomach and diarrhea, bloating, spleen deficiency and kidney deficiency who often have nocturnal emission should not eat more.

Hua Tailai (603659): The first quarter profit slightly increased, capacity expansion cycle is about to start

Hua Tailai (603659): The first quarter profit slightly increased, capacity expansion cycle is about to start

The profit in the first quarter is under pressure, and it is initially expected to improve the company’s revenue in the first quarter of 2019 10 quarterly.

29 ppm, an increase of 79 in ten years.

52%, net profit attributable to mother 1.

29 ppm, an increase of 0 in ten years.

51%, deducting non-net profit 1.

14 ‰, an increase of 9 in ten years.

78%, operating cash flow -1.

27 trillion, 1383 million in the same period, mainly due to the increase in raw material needle coke prices and the increase in carbonization processing costs caused by the increase in fast-charging products, 天津夜网 repeated material profit breaks through the pressure, and the comprehensive gross profit rate from 36.

55% returns 26.

51%. At the same time, in order to accelerate the expansion of production capacity, bank borrowing and financial leasing are used to form certain financial expenses.

The company’s total maximum material output is 3, and finally to the 5th hour, another convertible bond is issued to raise and put into operation 3, and the capacity expansion cycle is started to drive quarterly improvement.

Short-term materials: expanding production capacity and speeding up, entering the world’s leading short-term materials. Major customers include ATL, Samsung SDI, CATL, etc., sales in 20182.

In September, the annual growth rate was 24.

34%, net profit 4.

2 ‰, an increase of 8 in ten years.

35%, the production capacity will be increased from 3 to 8 replacements in the next 2 years, which will fully open the power battery market.

In the short term, due to the increase in the price of needle coke and the increase in graphitization processing fees, the gross profit rate in 2018 was 39.

22% dropped to 33.

90%, gradually increase the production of graphitization capacity, profitability will gradually stabilize and recover.

Replacement machine: Adjust the structure of customers to achieve an increase in sales of 199 lithium-ion equipment in 2018, a year-on-year decrease of 16.

39%, net profit is 0.

97 ppm, an increase of 27 in ten years.

16%, under the pressure of intensified competition in equipment, the company actively adjusted the customer structure and realized product upgrades, with a gross profit margin of 30 in 2018.

01% increased to 33.


Investment suggestion: The company is about to enter the period of performance harvest. Maintaining the capacity of the buy-rated company is about to enter the period of rapid release and bring about release of performance. Regardless of the impact of convertible bond raising projects, the company’s EPS is expected to be 1 in 2019-2021.

81, 2.

42 and 3.

12 yuan / share, corresponding to P / E ratios of 27X, 20X, and 16X. For the benchmark midstream lithium battery leader company, considering the high barriers of the company’s card swap, it will give a 2019 performance of 35X P / E ratio, a reasonable value of 63.

35 yuan / share, maintain BUY rating.

Risk reminder: The price of anode materials has fallen more than expected; the customer development has fallen short of expectations.

Visual China (000681): Core business resumes positive growth in line with expectations. The general direction of image copyright protection remains unchanged.

Visual China (000681): Core business resumes positive growth in line with expectations. The general direction of image copyright protection remains unchanged.
The business has initially returned to the right track. From the third quarter, core core business income has resumed positive growth for half a year.Vision China achieved operating income from 19Q1-Q35.86 ppm, with a ten-year average of 16.50%, of which, the core main business “visual content and services” business achieved operating income5.83 ppm, an increase of ten years.55%; net profit attributable to mother 2.15 ‰, the ten-year average of 2.40%, net profit after deduction 213 ppm, 10-year 深圳桑拿网 average1.88%; the increase in operating income and net profit was mainly due to the company’s divestiture of non-core core businesses.According to the preliminary single quarter, 19Q3 achieved operating income1.US $ 8.3 billion (with a small amount of parent company non-core business income rushing back), with each change of 16.51%, of which, the core main business “visual content and services” business realized operating income1.84 ppm, a ten-year increase4.85%, net profit attributable to mother is 82.22 million yuan, exceeding level 1.26%, net profit after deduction of 82.22 million yuan, an annual extension of 1.50%.  The gross profit margin and net profit margin returned to normal levels in a single quarter, and the return expense financial expense ratio continued to decline.Affected by the “black hole” incident, the gross 南京夜网论坛 profit margin of 19Q1-Q3 was 64.77%, with a ten-year average of 1.04pct; split quarter, 19Q3 gross profit margin 68.40%, more than twice.48pct, up 8 from the previous month.1pct, the gross margin of the “Visual Content and Services” business in the historical era is basically the same.In terms of net interest rate, 19Q1-Q3 net interest rate was 36.42%, up 4 each year.20pct; split quarterly, 19Q3 net profit 44.83%, an increase of 6 per year.92pct, up 13 from the previous month.3 points.In terms of expense ratio, 19Q3 sales expense ratio was 9.0%, rising by 1 every year.9 points, management cost rate 8.8%, down 2 every year.3pct, R & D expense ratio 7.0%, an increase of 2 a year.1pct, financial expense ratio 1.1%, down 4 per year.0pct, the annual decrease in financial expense ratio is mainly due to some concerns about the company’s return.  Optimize the business model, and put forward the strategy of “customization of skull customers and standardization of long tail customers”.The “black hole” incident accelerates the company’s rapid business model optimization. Based on the approved passenger transport model, it highlights the company’s product and service capabilities. At the same time, it provides long-tail customers with different strategies to meet the needs of long-tail customers.Standard packages, while strengthening personalization of services for head customers.For example, after the company signed a strategic cooperation agreement with AVIC Group in June, after signing the agreement, the company will conduct in-depth cooperation with AVIC Group in terms of copyright, build a visual content asset management platform for AVIC Group, and combine their respective advantageous resources in tourism services, membership services, brandsIntensive cooperation in cultural propaganda and other aspects.  Investment suggestion: After the “black hole” incident, the company responded quickly and fully resumed business at an appropriate time. Since the third quarter, core business revenue has returned to a positive growth, which is in line with our previous judgment. At the same time, the incident is conducive to the company’s accelerated business model optimization.Since the incident, the company has successively signed strategic cooperation agreements with AVIC Group, and cooperated with JD.com, Alibaba Cloud, Kingsoft WPS and other large-scale Internet platforms. It is expected that these cooperations will begin to manifest in 2020.As it takes time for business development and business confirmation of newly added large customers, we will return the net profit forecast to 3 to 2019-2021.66/5.12/6.8.8 billion down to 3.21/4.26/5.44 ppm, with a ten-year growth rate of -0.01% / 32.7% / 27.8%, the current market value corresponds to a P / E of 33 in 2020.3x, maintain “Buy” rating.  Risk reminders: policy supervision risks, the genuineness is less than expected, industry competition is intensified, copyright operation management, and the risk of content review mechanisms seem to have a continuous impact from public opinion.

Solutions to Internet Addiction

Solutions to Internet Addiction

1. Close the door to real life, curl up alone in the hut, surf in the virtual network world, and replace electronic communication with human peers!

  Solution: For internet addicts, even throwing a computer into the toilet will not help. Therefore, in your life, you should use a reasonable and balanced connection, use the Internet less, and communicate with family and friends.

  2, eat all day long, do not pay attention to exercise, soaked in the computer all day!

  Solution: Do 3 every week?
4 aerobic exercises, every 20?
30 minutes, jogging, walking and cycling works well.

  3, in front of the computer, keep eating some snacks with high nanometers such as chocolate and pizza!

  Solution: When indulging in front of the computer, eat more foods that are good for the brain and nutritious, such as apples, cabbage, soy products, etc.

  4. Develop a bad habit of tolerating coffee, alcohol, etc. to pass the time online!

  Solution: Do not spoil your body, try not to drink alcohol and coffee for a long time, and choose some health drinks that increase energy and relax your mood.

  5. “Online lover” destroys the intimate relationship between men and women. Solution: Internet communication is mysterious without excessive demands. If you find this kind of threat from the Internet, please review that your partner from onlineWhether you get what you lack in your life.

But your partner is really drowsy and can’t extricate himself. You must “help each other!”

  6. A humpback solution appeared: change the sitting position, use a straight-back chair, and adjust the position of the computer monitor so that you do n’t bend your neck to surf the Internet.

  7, excessive use of eyes, resulting in decreased vision!

  Solution: It is recommended to often walk outdoors, or stand in front of the window every hour, and use eye drops to relieve visual fatigue.

  8, too addicted to the Internet, work at risk!

  Solution: Strict self-control and establish the consciousness of “work is work, play is play”.

  9, revel in online pornography, which contains porn games and obscene chat rooms!

  The solution: Seriously review your own implementation and leave the “spiritual opium” early. If it is transmitted and downloaded, it will be punished by law.

  10. Dissatisfaction with the status quo is vented through unrealistic online life!

  Solution: Discover the real cause of addiction to the Internet, and apply the right medicine to restore normal real life.

What is the relationship between a person’s sleep time and personality?

What is the relationship between a person’s sleep time and personality?

Human beings living in thousands of worlds each have different personality characteristics.

Generally, it can be summarized into two categories of introvert and extrovert. People with two different personalities can also sleep as much as they want.

  Some research data show that how long each person needs to sleep each day is accompanied by a close relationship with personality characteristics.

People who need short sleep have mostly extroverted personality. Most of them are broad-minded, optimistic and confident, work hard, and have great work enthusiasm.

Most of these people are tireless in learning, ambitious, and confident in life and the future. It seems that Edison is the representative of this type.

The personality of people who need long sleep is mostly introverted. Such people are cautious about work, broad in interest, good at thinking, have independent opinions on everything, they are rich in artistic creation, and the founder of relativityStan is a representative of this type. He sleeps longer than ordinary people every day.

What tea does it take to nourish the stomach

What tea does it take to nourish the stomach

Yangwei depends on the specific situation, if it is cold stomach, drinking green tea is not comfortable, so you still have to look at your physique.

In fact, regardless of men and women, drinking tea depends on physical fitness.

  Tea is a favorite drink, but medical experts caution: drinking tea needs to distinguish between physical fitness and proper, otherwise it is very easy to hurt.

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that people’s constitution is different from hot and debilitating, and tea leaves can be divided into cool and warm after different manufacturing processes, so tea with different constitutions is also particular about it.

People with a hot constitution should drink cold tea, and those with a debilitating constitution should drink warm tea.

  Common tea leaves are mainly divided into green tea, clear tea (including oolong tea, Tieguanyin, Dahongpao), black tea, and black tea (puer tea).

This is basically based on the degree of fermentation of tea leaves from low to high.

Generally speaking, Tieguanyin in green tea and green tea belongs to cold tea due to reduced fermentation; Oolong tea in Dacha, Dahongpao belong to neutral tea, and black tea and Pu’er tea belong to warm tea.

  Experts suggest that people who have a habit of smoking and drinking are likely to get angry, and those who are hot and have a fat body (that is, those with a hot constitution) drink cold tea; their stomachs are cold, they usually eat bitter gourds, and people with watermelon feel uncomfortable or have a discomfortThose who are weak early (that is, those with a debilitating constitution) should drink neutral tea or warm tea. The elderly are suitable for placing black tea and Pu’er tea.

However, special attention should be paid to the fact that Kuding tea has a strong cooling effect, clears heat and detoxifies, softens blood vessels, and lowers blood lipids. It is better than other teas. It is most suitable for those who are dry and hot, but those who are sweaty are definitely not suitable for this tea.

  However, the physique of modern urban people cannot be simply divided into hot and cold, and some people have both of them in terms of performance: they are fat and easy to get angry, but they will have diarrhea if they eat something cold;The human body is thinner, and the spleen and stomach are weak, but it is very hot.

This is mainly a modern urban person who has bad living habits such as smoking, drinking, staying up late, etc., which leads to the transformation of the physique, but everyone’s physique will show the main symptoms. Drinking tea should be based on the main symptoms.

  People with sub-healthy urban diseases should drink Dahongpao, black tea and Pu’er neutral and warm tea, and add milk to the tea at most, so the milk tea effect will be better.

If the blood sugar itself is not high, consider adding sugar to the tea.

There may be some people with poor absorption function, drinking milk tea may have diarrhea, then drink only cooked Pu’er tea (higher degree of fermentation), because cooked Pu’er will produce a lot of trace elements after fermentation to promote appetite and absorption.

  The characteristics of different teas: Pu’er tea: mild and mellow, it has the effects of warming the stomach, lowering blood pressure, lowering blood lipids, and long-term elimination is effective for atherosclerosis and prevention of cardiovascular disease.

  Green tea: Allergic constitution is easy to vomit when drinking green tea.

Most of China’s famous teas are green tea. Because there is no fermentation in the production process, other types of rich nutrients are high, but the chlorophyll content can also be penetrated through the gastrointestinal tract. Patients with gastric ulcers cannot drink green tea.

  Tieguanyin: Do not drink on an empty stomach.

Tieguanyin is a semi-fermented tea. It is still cold due to its short fermentation period, and its fat-reducing and digestive functions are outstanding.

But do not drink Tieguanyin on an empty stomach, otherwise, it is easy to get drunk.

  Oolong tea: It must be brewed with boiling water at 100 ℃.

Oolong tea is neither cold nor hot, but it is a kind of neutral tea, suitable for most people.

Because the tea is relatively old, it must be brewed with boiling water at 100 ℃.

  Dahongpao tea: warm but not cold does not hurt the stomach, the taste is mellow, and the aroma is strong. After the drink, the tooth tip stays fragrant and lasts forever. After brewing 9 times, there is the osmanthus fragrance of the original tea.

Seven things men don’t want to share

Seven things men don’t want to share

Men have always been social animals, playing by nature, and like being hilarious, but sometimes they have their own private territory, and this territory can be hit by anyone, even his hardcore friends and close partners.


1 Secret hobby phenomenon that people do not want to share: If there is a day, he has been locked tightly and forgot to close it. You are curious to open it and find that there are many children’s comic books, kite cats and snoopy dogs hidden inside.

  Don’t ask him, because he doesn’t want others to know, even the people closest to him.

  If he is afraid of being hit, when he tells you that when you want to stay alone, you are reading his villain’s book, or playing with children’s favorite things, you have to give him full freedom.

When a man is coquettish in front of you, he should be fortunate, because he treats you as his own person, and then reveals to you the deepest side.

  Maybe women never understand, but she must accept the reality that men become themselves, not others, because of their special hobbies.

  Analysis: The man’s bones are also very fragile. He has a child complex, and his yearning for purity can be said to be a return to instinct.

Occasionally he was willing to find a trace of his innocence in this reserved world.

Such men deserve more distress.


2 Pursuing the past phenomenon of love in his memories: he has a picture of the girl who was secretly in love at the age of eighteen, a letter from the first girlfriend, and a tie from his ex-wife.

Occasionally he looked at the photos and love letters secretly, and smiled foolishly, no matter whether you were jealous or jealous in your heart, but you must smile when facing him.

  Analysis: Everyone has memories of beautiful love. A man is not unable to afford it, he is just nostalgic for a once beautiful youth.

Remember, he chooses you now, and he has a reason, he loves you-wants to live with you.

  Maybe once, he will tell you everything about himself.

If he feels that you don’t need to know this, and believe that he will handle it well, give him space for memories.


3 The emperor phenomenon in the virtual world: Almost all men like video games, but that is a youth accessory. At a certain age, not many big men will persist.

If a man who looks very mature is still obsessed with video games, it means that his psychological adolescence is not complete.

However, there are still a large number of men sitting in front of the computer and forgetting the existence of the world, playing dimly, and not willing to be disturbed by anyone.

  Analysis: The synthesis of men’s heroism complex and idealism complex.

  A man’s potential restlessness factor, like fighting and violence, and virtual worlds such as games, just meet his inner needs.

He can play a tyrannical emperor, a passionate prodigal son, a troubled son, and the change in these roles is also a psychological need of men.

  In this space where outsiders can’t intervene, he got a lot of things he wanted and got pleasure.


4 healing phenomenon when injured: Someone finds someone again, the phone is set to leave a message, the mobile phone is turned off, and he disappears with the outside world.

When I got home, I didn’t want to say a word, I just wanted to stay in the bathroom or study, smoke a cigarette, or daze, and solemnly stated that I didn’t want to be disturbed.

  Analysis: Men are like little beasts, running around all day, there are always times when they are injured, and when they are hurt or failing, they long for themselves to be quiet for a while, and sum up their mistakes carefully,Perform healing.

  They do not want others to see such a frustrated side, they are willing to give people a look of vitality and vitality.

Because men are big men, any difficulties can be solved by themselves.

Tell me everywhere?

In his opinion that might be what women do.

So it’s best not to disturb him first, and when he thinks about it himself, he will tell you these things frankly.


5 Silence after making love: Many women refuse that men always fall asleep or don’t care much about themselves after making love, not at all tender.

In fact, many men like to stay alone for a while after that.

  Analysis: After extreme excitement and exhaustion, the delicate and sensitive man really understands what “color is empty”. At this moment, he will feel that everything in the world is just like this, and suddenly feel boring, lost and sentimental.   This is a psychology unique to some men and has nothing to do with loving you.

When he comes back to God, the person he loves most is the person next to him.

But you have to forgive him for a moment of isolation and silence.


6 Facing challenges, planning the phenomenon alone: Men like challenges. When they encounter any problems at work, they are willing to stay alone for a while, so the secretary must not knock on his door at this time, or even give him coffeeTo be trained.

  Analysis: Men like to fight with confidence, he doesn’t want to tell others before things are done successfully.

  ”Behind closed doors,” this is a man planning his career and planning for the future.

  Men’s world is full of challenges and pressures. When they face a major turn in life, they are always used to making decisions by themselves and then telling women the results.

“Resignation”, “loan to buy a house”, “lend money to others”, etc., are shocking decisions in women’s eyes. They do not tell women in advance.

From a woman’s point of view, this man’s behavior is incomprehensible in any case.

She would think, “Why don’t you talk to me about such a big thing?

Am I so insignificant in his eyes?

“Actually, the man is not trying to hide anything. He just doesn’t want the dear to bear the pressure and trouble that should have been suffered by the man.

  Therefore, as a partner, in addition to silent support, do not look for trouble.


7People walking in different places: Many times, men like to go to other places and change to another way to show his other side.

For example, one day, on a street in Paris, you discovered that a former colleague was on vacation. He was originally a very quiet and calm person, but at this moment you see him and the street artist selling loudly together.Have fun.

Please don’t be surprised, and don’t go up to ask, because he doesn’t want acquaintances to see himself like this.

  Analysis: Men face a lot of pressure in society. They need to vent and release pressure.

  So many times men like to stay in an unfamiliar city for a while. While admiring the beautiful scenery, they will arrange all the precautions and pressures, release the man’s nature, spend the time happily and easily, and recharge the future work and life.

  Maybe a person who is very noisy will stay quiet for a few days in some places. A person who is very quiet will have madness like never before, it is just a channel for them to vent, because in strange surroundings and crowdsHere, they don’t need to pretend or hide anything.

So please let them go alone.

  In fact, the need for “private territory” is mainly a manifestation of his versatility in the transformation of a man’s multiple roles.

The social side can be seen, and the personal side is unwilling to be known by anyone. Only in this way can a man release himself completely.

These have potential psychological characteristics unique to men, so be sure to understand them, and do n’t try to expand.

Whitening at night is more effective


Whitening at night is more effective

Many people paint wooden boards with various skin care products during the day, especially sunscreen products, for fear that ultraviolet rays will cause a little damage to the skin.

However, do you know that in addition to day care, night protection is the focus of whitening?

Because the skin is a good time to rest at night.

So want to really whiten!

Night care is very important, don’t let yourself lose the chance of whitening because of laziness!

Here’s how to do whitening at night and become a real white beauty.

  The first trick of whitening at night: Washing out the whitening and smoothing work during the day, not only the brain is consumed, the skin of the face is also a great loss.

Dust in the air, computer radiation, and unknown bacteria cause rapid loss of skin moisture and make the skin look dull and dull; a large amount of dust is adsorbed on the skin, clogging the pores, and the skin is more easily dullLight.
So whitening is a great achievement.

  The first step in whitening is to wash off dirty things first.

Then the moment of washing your face is especially important!

If you wash your face frequently, you must not be lazy. If you do not wash your face, the consequences will be serious.

  It is best to wash your face with warm water at night, which can better remove the skin care products, makeup products and dust used during the day.

  The second trick of whitening at night: Many MMs that are photographed have ignored the role of toners, which is quite wrong!

The toner has a good cleaning and hydrating effect.

Use a toner or toner for a second cleansing to thoroughly remove the residue of cleaning products, while promoting the skin’s ability to absorb subsequent products.

  Toners can better improve the quality of the skin and allow the skin to better absorb subsequent products.

At the same time, it can replenish water very well!

Naturally, the skin becomes tenderer and whiter quickly.

  The third trick of whitening at night: the pale white and dull complexion that is wiped out, of course, it is not that simple washing can solve the problem.

Be sure to use some “magic” to whiten your skin.

After thoroughly cleaning the skin, letting the skin absorb nutrients and restore charming redness is the key.

  Whitening at night, the use of whitening night cream is particularly necessary!

Let the skin absorb the whitening cream of the whitening cream in the evening, wake up, and whiten back at night. The fourth trick: the whitening mask applied is a good whitening product. Use the whitening mask to better absorb the facial skin.It promotes skin metabolism and whitening.

Of course, the mask is not an elixir. It won’t be effective immediately after one or two tablets. You have to restart it to have a real effect.