[Baby food supplement lean porridge has a certain method]_ 小儿 _How to do

[Baby food supplement lean porridge has a certain method]_ 小儿 _How to do

Everyone should have eaten lean meat porridge. The taste of this porridge is still very good, and it has gradually become a staple food that people often eat, but in fact, lean meat porridge was still the first time.As a baby’s complementary food, but as a baby’s complementary food, lean meat porridge should be made lighter and cooked longer, so that the baby’s gastrointestinal tract will not be harmed, and some freshMade of lean meat, with higher nutritional value.

Method 11: Wash the rice, soak it in water for half an hour; 2. Wash the lean meat, chop it into fines, wash the lettuce, and also chop it into pieces; 3. Put the rice and the right amount of water into the potAfter boiling over high heat, cook on low heat, add minced meat when Mira is blooming, cook until the meat is rotten and thick, add lettuce and cook slightly.

Method 2 Material is about 50 grams of rice, about 300 grams of water, 50 grams of lean meat, 50 grams of preserved eggs, 2 onion leaves, and an appropriate amount of salt.

Cut the lean meat into shreds or slices, marinate with the tender meat powder and raw soy sauce, cut the egg into small pieces, and cut the green onions into the shallots. 2

Put rice and water in the casserole. After boiling over high heat, slowly cook over low heat 2?
3 hours 3.

After the porridge is boiled with cotton silk (do not see large grains of rice), pour in the eggs and cook for about 5 minutes4.

Then pour in the sliced meat and stir with chopsticks. When the congee is rolled away, the flesh turns white, add an appropriate amount of salt, and sprinkle with green onion to serve.

Tip 1. Sprinkle a few drops of sesame oil or sprinkle some white pepper powder when eating.

2. If the casserole is difficult to cook porridge, you can also use rice to add water to cook, the time will be longer, or use an electric pressure cooker to cook porridge.

[1]Method three: material lean meat, Songhua egg, rice, sesame oil, spring onion, ginger, salt, the appropriate amount of practice 1.

Wash the rice, put it in water, pour in sesame oil, stir well, and set aside, soak for 30 minutes.

Ginger is peeled and cut into filaments, chopped chives.

Cut the egg of Songhua into small pieces.


Cut the meat into pieces first, then shred, and finally into small particles.

Put in a bowl, add 1/4 teaspoon (1 g) of salt, stir well and marinate for 20 minutes.


Pour water into the pot. After the high heat is boiled, pour the meat into the boil for a while. When there is foam on the water surface, use a spoon to thoroughly skim off, then pour in half of the egg slabs, and pour in the ginger. Cook for about 2minute.

Pour the soaked rice and cook it on low heat for 40 minutes. During this time, stir with a spoon in the same direction every 5 minutes to prevent the egg from sticking to the bottom of the pot.


Finally, pour the remaining half of Songhua egg into it and continue cooking for 10 minutes. Add the remaining salt and chopped chives before drinking.

Pork has a high content of protein and cholesterol, and it also contains vitamins and zinc. These substances can greatly supplement the growth of the baby. Regular consumption can promote the improvement of the baby’s intelligence.

[Beef soup rice to see how the master makes it]_How to make_How to make

銆 愮 坛 夋 堡 楗  湅 鐪 嫔 ぇ Ning 堟 槸 訸 宝 箞 餱 抆 抆 慱 許 庝 箞 锅 歘 傡 揘 悡 傍 悍 綍 傍 名 損 卍?
鐗涜倝姣旂尓鑲夐浮鑲夊拰鍏朵粬鐨勮倝绫伙紝钀ュ吇浠峰€艰楂樺嚭寰堝鍊嶃€傜墰鑲変腑鐨勭儹閲忓拰铔嬬櫧璐紝鏄墍鏈夎倝绫讳腑姣旇緝楂樼殑涓€绉嶃€傝€屼笖鐗涜倝鍦ㄥ钩鏃剁殑鍚冩硶鏈夊緢澶氾紝鐗涜倝姹らキ鏄緢鏈夌壒鑹茬殑涓€閬撶編椋燂紝姣旇緝閫傚悎鍐椋熺敤銆傜墰鑲夋堡楗兂瑕佸埗浣滅殑姝e畻What are you talking about? What are you talking about? What are you talking about? What are you talking about?What are you looking for? Altar inlay?50 嬏 嬴 咴 濆 崪 0.5鏍癸紝鏈ㄨ€?What are you saying? Back to back?What is it?鐗囷紝澶ц懕3娈碉紝鑺辨5鍏嬶紝鐩愰€傞噺锛岃儭妞掔矇閫傞噺 鍋氭硶1。鎶婄墰鑲夌敤鍑夋按娲楀噣锛屼笌澶ф枡銆佸銆佸ぇ钁便€佽姳妞掞紝鍐锋按涓嬮攨鐓?twenty two.Do the altars in the temples?1浜轰唤)锛屽ぇ鐏儳寮€鍚庡姞鍒囧ソ鐨勮悵鍗溿€佹湪鑰崇倴澶х害20鍒嗛挓; 3。鍔犲叆灏戣鐩愩€佽儭妞掔矇锛?.澶х鍐呮斁鍏ョ背楗紝鎶婄叜濂界殑鐗涜倝姹ゆ穻鍒扮背楗笂锛屽姞鏋告潪銆佽姖楹诲嵆鍙€?

[Encyclopedia of green beans fried meat]_How to_How to do

TOWER Huang Pu Xiao Ling Qing Pang Marlene insert pot still water у Dong Chen Jue TOWER Tuan Ho Tong Qian Xu pot How to pot?
This article was written by the father of Nauru, the Han Nao chain, the Han Dynasty, the Hong Dynasty, the Hong Dynasty, the Hong Dynasty, the People, the People, the Republic of China, the Republic of China, the Republic of China, the Republic of China, the Republic of China, the Republic of China and the Republic of China.彂鐜帮紝闈掕眴涓庤睂璞嗘湁鐫€姣旇緝澶х殑宸埆锛屽苟涓嶈兘鐢ㄨ繖绉嶆柟娉曢鐢ㄣ€备竴鑸潵璁诧纴鐢熸It ‘s hard to tell what ‘s going on, what ‘s going on, what ‘s going on, what ‘s going on, what ‘s going on, what ‘s going on, what ‘s going on, what ‘s going on, what ‘s going on, what ‘s going on, what ‘s going on, what ‘s going on?嬩笉閿欍€傞偅涔堬紝闈掕眴瀛愮倰鑲夌殑鍋氭硶鏄粈涔? How to draw a picture: Adorable: What is it? Baby?闱 掓  憔 熲) 銆 傝 皟 揟 揙 欙 銩 愬 皯 璯 璯 綳 鋳 鑳 ℃  琪?/4灏忓嫼锛岃€佹娊2鍕猴紝钁卞灏戣銆?鍋氭硶1銆侀潚璞嗘斁婊氭按鍐呰繃涓€閬嶏紝澶囩敤锛岀孩妞掑垏灏忓潡銆?銆 佺 尓 姓 序 姏 囗 囧 姧 吶 溶溶 麴 庹 娹 尃 尃 凔 凔 蒙 (鍙  姞 灏 戣 Forging the Book) Can you 屽 埗 15 鍒 嗛 錆?You do n’t know what to do, do n’t do it, do n’t do it, do n’t do it, do n’t do it, do n’t do it, do n’t do it, do n’t do it, do n’t do it, do n’t do it, do n’t do it, do n’t do it.Shovel.In the meantime, we are in the middle of the world, and we have a lot of ideas about it.The father and the father would sue the country, the country, the country and the country, and the father would sue the country, the country, the country, the country, the country, the country, the country, the country, the country, the country, the country, the country, the country, the country, and the country.笉鏄睂璞嗭紝瀹冨睘浜庤睂璞嗙殑涓€绉嶏紝浣嗘槸瀹冧笌璞岃眴鍙堟湁鐫€鏈川涓婄殑鍖哄埆銆傞潚璞嗘槸The problem is that you have a lot of troubles, such as sorrow, sorrow, sorrow, sorrow, sorrow, sorrow, sorrow, sorrow, sorrow, sorrow, sorrow, sorrow, sorrow, sorrow, sorrow, sorrow, sorrow, sorrow.殑棰滆壊锛屽張缁嗗彲鍒嗕负闈掔毊闈掍粊澶ц眴鍜岀豢鐨粍浠佸ぇ璞嗕袱绉嶃€傞潚璞嗙殑鑽氭灉涓哄甫鐘堕暱鍦嗗舰锛岀暐寮€佷笅鍨傦紝鍛堥粍缁胯壊銆傞潚璞嗗瘜鍚泲鐧借川銆佺氦缁寸礌銆佷笉楗卞拰鑴傝偑閰搞€佸ぇ璞嗙7鑴傘€佺淮鐢熺礌A銆佺淮鐢熺礌C銆佺淮鐢熺礌B銆佺淮鐢熺礌K绛夊绉嶈惀鍏诲厓绱狅紝鍏锋湁缁存寔琛€绠$殑寮规€с€侀槻姝㈣剛鑲倽褰㈡垚銆侀闃插績琛€绠$梾銆佸欢缂撴満浣撹“鑰併€侀檷浣庝綋鍐呯殑鑳嗗浐閱囧惈閲忋€佹秷鐐庢姉鑿岀瓑鍔熸晥銆傝睂璞嗙殑绉嶅瓙鍛堝渾褰€佸渾鏌卞舰銆佹き鍦嗐€佹墎鍦嗐€佸嚬鍦嗗舰绛夛紝绉嶇毊澶氫负闈掔豢鑹诧紝涔熸湁榛勭櫧銆佺孩銆佽銆侀粦绛夐鑹茬殑鍝佺銆傝繕鍙牴鎹〃鐨垎涓虹毐鐨拰鍦嗙矑锛屽共鍚庡彉涓洪粍鑹层€傚叾鑽氭灉涓洪暱妞渾褰㈡垨鎵佸舰锛屽悓鏍峰彲浣滀负钄彍椋熺敤銆傝睂璞嗘槸鏄ユ挱涓€骞寸敓鎴栫鎾秺骞寸殑鐢熸攢缂樻€ц崏鏈鐗╋紝鍦嗚韩鐨勮睂璞嗙О浣滆湝绯栬眴鎴栬湝璞嗭紝鎵佽韩鐨勮睂璞嗗埆绉板緢澶氾紝鏈夎嵎鍏拌眴銆佸皬瀵掕眴銆佹樊璞嗐€侀夯璞嗐€侀潚灏忚眴銆佺暀璞嗐€侀噾璞嗐€侀害璞岃眴銆侀害璞嗐€佹瘯璞嗙瓑銆?

Depth-Company-Ziguang Co., Ltd. (000938): 15% increase in main business, customer structure enhanced, multiple features

Depth * Company * Ziguang (000938): 15% increase in main business

The company released its 2019 Interim Report: 228 revenue.

700 million (+2.

0%), net profit 8.

5 billion (+15.

5%), deducting non-net profit 6.

0 billion (+2.


The business structure has improved, and operators’北京夜网 5G demand has grown rapidly, which will become a focus in the second half of the year.

Maintain BUY rating.

Key points of support level The 15% growth rate of the core business of infrastructure is in line with expectations, and the benign indicator of the distribution business.

Revenue from core business “digital infrastructure and services” 115.

100 million (+15.

1%) in line with expectations; revenue from “IT product distribution and supply chain services” was 141.

5 billion (+2.

8%) noticeably flawed.

Since Xinhua III is the domestic total distributor such as Hewlett-Packard, the distribution business also has an impact on the performance growth of Xinhua III’s subsidiaries.

In addition, Q2 has a reason for the change in the settlement method of the procurement service.

H1 gross profit margin has therefore 北京夜网 increased significantly to 22.

5% (infrastructure gross margin decreased by 2.

4pct or guided by server expansion growth.

R & D funding 18.

The 200 million (+ 15%) growth rate matches the core revenue growth rate.

In 2019H1, the external environmental pressure was overcome, and the overall performance was stable.

Although the growth rate is slower than Q1, the previous prediction has not changed.

5G has increased operator business, and additional features have started to appear in its revenue structure.

One reason for not expecting change is also related to customer structure.

In 2019, the operator’s business increased rapidly, and the proportion increased because the company began to improve the operator’s product line and superimposed the start point of the 5G construction cycle.

It is expected that the proportion of operators is expected to increase significantly from the previous 10%.

Affected by the settlement cycle of the operator’s customers, the fineness of the performance improvement has shown a small feature in the first (half a year) and a large feature in the latter (six months).

H2 information security, operators and overseas as the starting point.

19H1 prepayments and inventory increased by 152% and 31%, much higher than the growth rate of the previous year.

The first reason is to deal with the uncertainty of the supply chain, and it also shows that it is looking forward to the force: the company’s largest share recently won the bid for one of the operator’s hardware firewall collections; the 5G station is leading.

Estimated to fine-tune 2019 due to distribution control and R & D growth?
Net profit to 20 in 2021.

2, 27.

7 and 37.

200 million, EPS is 0.
99, 1.

36 and 1.
82 yuan (down 4?
13%), corresponding to PE, 35, 25 and 19 times.

The estimated growth rate matches and does not fully reflect the company’s leading position in the ICT industry, and maintains a BUY rating.

The main risks faced by the rating are that the business development of the operator is less than expected; the inventory price has been lost.

China Construction (601668) 2019 Third Quarterly Report Review: Q3 Profit Growth Significantly Improves Significant New Infrastructure Signing Decline and Continues Narrowing

China Construction (601668) 2019 Third Quarterly Report Review: Q3 Profit Growth Significantly Improves Significant New Infrastructure Signing Decline and Continues Narrowing

Core point of view Q3 profit growth significantly improved, gross profit margin, expense ratio was basically flat.

In the new decade, the number of units has increased steadily, and housing construction has grown rapidly. The decline in the number of new construction contracts has continued to narrow. New construction has gradually accelerated and the completion has accelerated. Real estate sales have accelerated and land reserve turnover has accelerated.

Considering the moderate recovery of infrastructure and the company’s abundant orders on hand, we maintain EPS forecast for 2019-21 of 0.



17 yuan, maintain “Buy” rating.

   2019Q1-Q3 revenue + 16%, net profit attributable to mother +9.

8%, the third quarter profit growth significantly increased, all businesses have steadily increased.

The company’s 2019Q1-Q3 revenue was 9,736 trillion, +15 a year.

8%; net profit attributable to mother +10 for ten years.

8% to 299.

800 million; Q1-Q3 minority shareholders ‘equity + 34%, a decrease of 7pcts from the first half of the year, of which Q3 minority shareholders’ equity + 5%, from the perspective of profit growth rate is expected to be consistent with income growth.

In a single quarter, 2019Q3 revenue was 288.8 billion yuan, +14 for half a year.

6%; 96Q3 net profit attributable to mother.

700 million, +18 a year.

At 5%, the growth rate of net profit attributable to mothers increased 四川耍耍网 significantly.

In terms of business, the income from housing construction / infrastructure / real estate was 601.8 billion yuan / 220.8 billion yuan / 145 billion yuan, +15.

3% / + 14.

3% / + 22.

8%, accounting for 61.

8% / 22.

7% / 14.

9% (decade -0.

3 / -0.

3 / + 0.


   Gross profit margin and expense ratio were basically flat.

2019Q1-Q3 company’s comprehensive gross profit margin is 10.

4% per year -0.

1pct, of which housing construction / infrastructure / real estate gross margin is 5.

5% / 7.

9% / 32.

0%, about -0.

4 / -0.

5 / -0.


  2019Q1-Q3 company comprehensive expense ratio 3.

6%, +0 per year.1pc, of which sales / management / R & D / financial expenses are 0.

3% / 1.

9% / 0.

6% / 0.

8% (a year ago + 0 / + 0 / + 0.

5 / -0.


Net operating cash is at least 1淡水桑拿网06.7 billion (net over 65 billion in the same period last year); net investment cash repeats 180.

500 million (net decrease of 141.

800 million); net cash inflow from financing 346.

500 million (net inflow of 775 in the same period last year.

500 million).

   In the new decade, the number of houses has increased steadily, housing construction has maintained rapid growth, and the decline in infrastructure has continued to narrow. New construction has continued to be gradual while completion has remained high; real estate sales have accelerated, and soil storage turnover has accelerated in September.

The company’s unit price for 2019Q1-Q3 in the new decade is 2,038.8 billion yuan (+9 for ten years).

0%), of which 10.89 million yuan was newly signed overseas (ten years -6.

8%). The decrease in overseas signings was mainly due to the large number of large projects undertaken in Q3 last year.

Construction business newly signed 1.678 trillion (10 + 6 years).

3%), of which, housing construction / infrastructure / design newly signed a total of RMB 14,383 / 321 / 8.6 billion, +17 per year.

2% /-24.

8% /-1.

9%, housing construction maintained rapid growth, the company has a solid advantage in high-end areas such as super high-rise; the decline in new construction signings narrowed compared to H112.

6pcts, Q3 new infrastructure signing +21 for two years.

A 6% apparent recovery.

Q1-Q3 Housing construction / new construction / completed area13.



500 million square meters, ten years +8.

5% / + 0.

1% / + 48.

8% (+ 1% growth rate compared to H1.

5 / -1.

9 / + 23.

3pcts), new construction continued and completion remained high.

In terms of real estate, Q1-Q3 contracts amounted to US $ 269.9 billion (+30 per second).

4%), sales area of 15.68 million square meters (ten years +16.

2%); As of the end of September, the land reserve was 96.95 million square meters, a sharp decrease of 17.68 million square meters from the previous month. The continued stable and healthy land purchase may indicate that the soil reserve turnover accelerated in September.

   Risk factors: Infrastructure, housing construction business growth is less than expected, overseas business growth is less than expected.

   Investment suggestion: Considering the moderate recovery of the infrastructure and the company’s abundant orders in hand, we maintain the company’s EPS forecast for 2019-21 to 0.


06/1.17 yuan, the corresponding PE is 5.



6x, maintain “Buy” rating.

Notes on Massage Massage 2 hours after meal

Notes on Massage Massage 2 hours after meal

Now many white-collar workers at work like to use massage to exercise, because massage is one of the easiest and more effective health care methods.

Massage can alleviate people’s fatigue at work, inhibit the growth of diseases, and promote people’s blood circulation.

So, what are the precautions for massage?

Let ‘s take a look at it together.

  Notes on massage massage Many hospitals will notice that the massage is accidental and enter the hospital for physical therapy. Orthopedic treatments often occur, and the most among them are patients with spine disease, so we recommend that people who have this symptom always be the bestDon’t use massage for health.

When massaging acupuncture points, if the technique is correct, it can reduce people’s tiredness during the work day and promote physical health.

When you are fine at home, you can also give yourself a simple massage.

  Pay attention to the following points when you are massaging massage: Wear comfortable and loose clothing, and remove all kinds of cascading jewellery; do massaging massage for 2 hours after meals, and should not be performed after obesity or overeating; women during menstruation, pregnancy, postpartum 1Within a month, do not do massage, especially waist and abdomen massage is absolutely prohibited; have internal organ diseases, malignant tumors, infectious, purulent diseases such as burns, burns, skin diseases, etc., varicose veins or thromboticPhlebitis, tuberculous arthritis and other diseases should not be treated with massage; if symptoms such as palpitation, nausea and bruising are observed, massage should be stopped immediately.

  The easiest operation: rubbing the lower abdomen and the soles of the feet helps to strengthen the spleen and stomach. The navel is where the essence is concentrated, and it is also an important acupuncture point in Chinese medicine.

There are also acupoints such as Zhongli, Guanyuan, Qihai, etc. Gently rubbing and pressing is good for adjusting human blood and improving internal organ function.

  Inserting the soles of the feet to promote blood circulation The feet are called the “second heart” of the person. Here, the acupoints are offset, and there are thousands of peripheral nerves, which are closely related to the health of various organs of the human body. The importance is self-evident.

Using hot water to bubble your feet every two or three days, every half an hour, is a very easy to reset health care method. It can apply warming and meridian to promote blood circulation.

  The most complete effect: both ears and spine rubbing both ears benefit the whole body. Traditional Chinese medicine talks about “kidneys open to the ears”, do good ear health, and have a better effect on strengthening the kidneys.

Massage the ears gently, usually with squeegee, rubbing, and pulling. The time is preferably 5 minutes, not more than 10 minutes.

Pushing your ears upwards can regulate and promote the physiological functions of the human body’s systems, which is good for strengthening your physique; rubbing your ears and rubbing them can clear the meridians, and it can play a health role in organs throughout the body.

  Push the spine to enhance immunity.

The spine and its two sides are one of the two largest meridians of the human body. The place where the meridian passes, and there are important meridians such as the liver crest and kidney crest.

Normally, the family of adolescents helps to massage the spine and back and forth from top to bottom, or from bottom to top. It can be pushed forward while pinching, or beat forward, every 5 minutes has the effect of clearing the meridians.

  The easiest thing to ignore: Pocket and front chest and armpits according to Pocket Ningshen Wide Heart Chest Chinese medicine believes that there is an important acupuncture point at the pocket, called Jiquan. Acupuncture or massage Jiquan has the effect of wide chest Ningshen.

There are two methods of massage, one is kneading.

With your right index finger, middle finger and ring finger, massage the arm sockets clockwise, then counterclockwise 15 times each, and then change the left hand to massage the arm sockets for 3?
5 minutes.

The second is to pluck, raise the elbow arm, put the thumb of the other hand on the shoulder joint, and flick the bottom of the arm with your middle finger. You can change the rhythm quickly and slowly, and alternate left and right.

  Photographing the front chest to improve lung function The front chest is where the human yin meets. Doing good health care on the chest can not only achieve the effect of wide middle qi, but also improve the lung function and improve the resistance of the body.

Use the virtual palm to pat lightly for health care. Put your five fingers close together, the palm of your hand is hollow, and aim at the sternum in the middle of the front side.

3 at a time?
5 times, stop for about 10 seconds, 3 times a day?
5 minutes.

  Through the above sharing, we realize that massage cannot be performed blindly, and we need to understand the relevant knowledge before performing massage.

Skincare private words, keep your husband’s heart


Skincare private words, keep your husband’s heart

It ‘s true that women are made of water. Women-skins must be supple . For women before the age of 30, the skin is generally oily, easy to get oily, easy to get acne, easy to take off makeup, evenNo matter how expensive your clothes are, you can’t hide the shine and stars with good cosmetics.

Every morning, my husband opened his eyes and saw his greasy “high-yielding flour face”. The husband teased that he slid into the oil barrel during sleepwalking, and when he saw his face, he thought of the rag in the kitchen.

When going out, others opened their mouths and closed their mouths, aunt, aunt, soreness in their hearts is not the taste.

  After 30 years of age, women’s skin growth cycle will slow down. If you miss the key skin rejuvenation maintenance period, you will find that your skin is thick, your face is yellow, and wrinkles and stains are all found. The original “beauty” was immediately discounted.Turned into a “yellow face woman”, it looks like he is more than 10 years older than his peers.

Husband is because you lose face and gradually lose interest and love for yourself.

  Therefore, fighting “traces of time” is an indispensable part of a woman’s life, and she can write more about her face and win her happiness for life.

Let’s go and listen to the skin care private talk of successful skin care sisters.

See how they are invincible from young girls to young women, conquering the eyes of men?

  One of the skin care private words: In order to capture the hearts of men, you must first conquer men’s eyes and skin care. One of the best: Bai Shasha, 39 years old, the chief financial officer of a private company’s skin care experience is firmness and anti-wrinkle. After 30,Women are the first to feel loose on their face. If you want good skin, it is best to use them together. This will improve the essence of the essence, reduce melanin, reduce wrinkles, and whitening with full-effect cream., Isolation, sun protection, multiple protections, it is difficult to look bad on the entire face.

  I do not know since when I no longer envy the beauty of the girls around them but their youth.

It ‘s been almost 10 years since I married my husband, and I feel the numbness of feelings in my left hand and my right hand. My husband is going to work earlier and later, and getting late from work. The more he drinks, the less he smiles.

I suspect he has an affair!

He started to follow him, but was discovered by him. We started to quarrel. His words broke my heart: “You still doubt me, you do n’t look at yourself, you ‘ve become a child after giving birth.Bian, you did n’t do this when you first got married. Now you look like Huanglian Po, who wants you to be frugal?

We’ll send you the money you saved.

“My husband’s words are like a thunderbolt on a sunny day. He gave me a head-on blow and paid so much, but no matter how you manage your family, no matter how good you are with your husband, this will not make up for your old sin.

For a woman in her thirties to manage her love, she must first hold her husband, and to hold her husband, she must run her own business.

So it must be beautiful, so beautiful that he has no chance to think about others.

In order to find my husband’s heart, I secretly bought skin care products myself. It did not disappoint me. After using it for a few days, my arms became smoother, wrinkles were reduced every day, and the stains were lightened.Changed a new face, tender and smooth, but also full of elasticity, glowing healthy and rosy, and just like when they were just married, when the husband came back to make up for it, he had to hug me and touch my face, saying that you have long beenIt’s time to nourish the skin, and it looks much younger now!

Dear sisters, if you want to keep a man ‘s heart, first tie his eyes, this is my skin care experience!

Towels are not used for a long time, they are easy to be infected, and daily disinfection has these methods

Towels are not used for a long time, they are easy to be infected, and daily disinfection has these methods

Towels are daily necessities in our daily life.

The Chinese people are affected by the thrift concept of “no break and no change”, and a towel is often used for a long time.

This approach is very unsanitary.

  A towel is used in many people’s homes. A towel is “multi-tasking”-washing your face, wiping your hands, bathing, washing your hair, and even cleaning your private parts.

In this way, bacteria from hands, arms, hair and hair, and towels will spread all over the body. If germs enter sensitive areas such as the nose, nose and eyes, they may also cause discomfort, especially children and people with allergies.Easier to win.

Therefore, towels must be divided according to purpose. Men must have at least three towels. Wash face, feet and bath towels separately. Women should prepare at least four towels. On the basis of washing face, feet and bath, add a towel for private use.

  Towel disinfection tips Towels are often contaminated with human secretions, among which there are many pathogenic microorganisms, such as Chlamydia trachomatis, Staphylococcus aureus, Neisseria gonorrhoeae and mold, etc. Therefore, disinfection is recommended every week.

There are several methods of disinfection: cooking and disinfection.

Boil the towel with boiling water for about 10 minutes, then wash it with soapy water, and then use it after drying; microwave disinfection method.

Clean the towel, fold it and put it in a microwave oven, and run it for 5 minutes to achieve the purpose of disinfection; high-pressure steam disinfection method.

Put the towel in a pressure cooker and heat it for about 30 minutes to kill the microorganisms; chemical disinfectant disinfection method.

You can choose to change the disinfectant 200 times, soak the towel in the solution for more than 15 minutes, then take out the towel and rinse it with water to remove the residual disinfectant, and you can use it again after drying.

  How to choose a suitable towel and see how much terry.

The towel is a double-sided looped fleece fabric with many integrated loops on the surface, which is the main sign of the quality of the towel.

Good quality towels have many and long loops on each side of the front and back, rich and soft, easy to absorb and store water; towels of poor quality have short and small loops, which are not rich enough.

  The second is weight.

Good quality towels have a heavier portion; poor quality towels have a smaller portion.

You can use the method of 掂 estimation and comparison to select good products with heavy portions.

  The third is to identify the yarn height.

The better the yarn count for weaving towels, the better the yarn count becomes.

High-grade towels usually consist of 32 and 21 interlaced towels; mid-range towels are mostly woven with 21 or 20; low-grade towels are woven with 21 or 16 yarns.

  Fourth, feel soft and hard.

The yarn for weaving towels has cooked yarn and raw yarn. The cooked yarn is strong and durable, and the raw yarn is poor.

It can be distinguished by hand. The cooked yarn feels soft and the raw yarn feels hard.

You can also distinguish between the strength of water absorption, take a small amount of water, and drip the towel from a height of 20-30cm. If the water drops are immediately absorbed, weaving is a cooked yarn; if the water absorption rate is slow, weaving is a raw yarn.

Scraping therapy and contraindications

Scraping therapy and contraindications

A scraping therapy scraping is one of the traditional Chinese medical methods. It combines the principles of meridian theory of traditional Chinese medicine, by scraping the skin to clear the meridians, regulate the functions of the viscera, adjust the functions of rectifying the evil, clear the heat and detoxify, and enlighten the mind.law.

It has the characteristics of remarkable curative effect and safe treatment.

  Second scraping mechanism 1.

The scraping test stimulates the skin acupoints, meridians, and can stimulate the energy of the meridians. Through the meridian exchange, the functions of the internal organs can be adjusted, the body’s yin and yang can be balanced, and the body’s disease resistance can be enhanced.


The role of the drug medium can be absorbed through the skin acupoints and penetrate into the human blood circulation to play a better pharmacological effect.

  Three-scraping operation The hand-held scraping plate uses wrist force, arm force, and gentle force. The 45-degree angle between the edge of the scraping plate and the skin is appropriate. When the scraping point appears, the spot can be purple.

  Four scraping matters needing attention 1.

Scraping utensils must be routinely disinfected.


It is not easy to take a bath within 3 hours of scraping.


If the symptoms of paleness, cold sweat, dizziness, palpitations, palpitation, chills in the extremities, fainting and other symptoms during the scraping process are dizziness, stop scraping, let the patient lie flat, drink warm water, and in severe cases, stab a hundred sessions.Among the people, Neiguan, Zusanli points.

  Five Contraindications 1.

Skin irritation, trauma and ulcers are prohibited.


Contraindications for patients with bleeding disorders such as; thrombocytopenia, leukemia, allergic purpura.


Lower abdomen should be carefully shaved during menstrual period, and lower abdomen and Hegu acupoint during pregnancy should not be shaved.


Those who are too tired are not allowed to shave.

  The characteristics of the six points

The colors are: bright red, dark red, purple passion black.


The forms are: scattered, dense or plate-like, blisters appear in the wet and heavy.

Why do you sleep well on rainy days

Why do you sleep well on rainy days

People often like to go to bed as soon as it rains. If there are sounds of water flowing around and bird sounds accompanying you to sleep, you will also sleep soundly.

Is there any scientific reason for this?

  Acoustically, these sounds have a common term name: white noise.

It refers to the power of the frequency components in a sound over the entire audible range (0?
20KHZ) are uniform.

In contrast, other noises that do not have this property are called colored noise.

Of course, the absolutely ideal white noise does not exist, but the sounds of nature such as rain, running water, bird song, etc. are the closest to white noise in the real world.

  Our hearing system is like an alert system on call.

If we make noise when we sleep, the sudden change will attract attention and wake us up.

And white noise will create a masking effect, making people ignore the noisy environment, which is equivalent to shielding a lot of small, you have no sound changes.

  Some experts believe that white noise can help treat some neurological diseases.

At present, foreign experts have used it to solve two clinical problems.

One is to use white noise to stop the baby crying.

The newborns have just left their mother’s womb and came to a strange environment. The strange sound will make them feel restless.

White noise is similar to the sound in their familiar womb.

Some people who are often polluted by environmental noise will use white noise to help restore work efficiency. Some college students and white-collar workers will use white noise to reduce the adverse effects of construction noise on their concentration.

  There are so many benefits of white noise, so what kind of sound in life is white noise?

The sound of rain is the best “white noise”. Generally speaking, forest insects, mountain birds, and running water are all good white noise.

In other words, nature far away from the city is the best source of white-like noise. If you want to relax and sleep, it is recommended to go to nature every week.

Of course, you can also download some insect songbirds, the sound of rain and water, and play them when you sleep.