Top ten tips for men dealing with burning girlfriends

Top ten tips for men dealing with burning girlfriends

The first trick: There are girlfriends of this type in Cunning Rabbit Cave. If you carry cash on your body, it is as dangerous as a bomb tied up. Hurry to take the money to buy a house, stocks, bonds, long-term fixed deposit, it is best to open the wallet and have only small changeYou can also tell her that you are planning for the long-term future.

  The second trick: Ninja Turtle fled the payment site quickly. Before the waiter comes to pay the bill, you will suddenly have a stomachache and go to the toilet for a long time. You may also contact the company boss’s important phone number and ask her to pay the bill. You pay half of her, To develop the habit of paying for herself.

Don’t be embarrassed, be patient.

  The third trick: change to zero without big bills, just bring small change, even small bills of fifty yuan will work, and it is best to fishmongers, vegetable vendors find you wrinkled old fishy notes, letYour girlfriend is embarrassed when paying. Maybe in the future, she will attract sanctions from the clerk.

  The fourth measure: credit guarantee resets the credit card demagnetization.

If you swiped the card casually, when the credit card was returned, the clerk faced him innocently and asked him, “Do you accept phone cards?

“So, my girlfriend doesn’t pay for it, okay?

  Fifth trick: Do n’t go anywhere where it ‘s dangerous to spend a lot of money. If your girlfriend wants to visit a department store, you are advised to go to an art exhibition or visit the countryside.Clear porridge side dishes, girlfriends want to buy cosmetics, said: “Natural is beautiful!

Anyway, it’s a place to spend money away from the abyss of sin.

  Sixth trick: The miserable world takes her to an African refugee camp, or visit a homeless home.

  Seventh trick: The mainland miracle judging machine promotes the tragedy of eating sweet potatoes in the past, telling her the story of diligence, and at the same time beautifying the diligent woman, how to get the awareness of men (of course, it is one thing, men chooseThe subject is still pleasing to the eye).

  The eighth trick: to destroy the imaginary girlfriend ‘s purchase is your enemy. When the enemy is eliminated, so when the girlfriend starts to want to buy something, he shouts, “This is ugly”, “That ‘s no taste”,”Not for you” to break down the girlfriend’s shopping interest.

  Ninth trick: Scorched earth tactics, you can also buy some, and let her accompany you for a month of instant noodles.

  Tenth trick: The plan of the grief soldiers to work at McDonald’s and work on night shifts. Those who originally drove RVs changed to riding motorcycles, changing bikes on motorcycles, and walking on bicycles, and then constantly told her how hard you worked and let your girlfriendKnow the price you paid for her money.

  I went to work at McDonald’s and worked on the night shift. The person who originally drove the motorbike changed to riding a motorcycle, changing the bike by motorcycle, and walking instead of cycling, and then kept telling her how hard you worked, and let your girlfriend know that you had enough money to make money for her.cost.
  Finally, I want to remind you that the above ten tricks should be used alternately and in a flexible manner, because if you keep using the eighth trick to destroy, in the end, even if your girlfriend does not abandon you, you will find a friend alone and scold you while you work hard”You’re stingy, have no taste, no personality”, and then the more you buy, the happier you are, and the more you curse, the smoother it becomes.

Tonic with sea cucumber and mushrooms in autumn and winter

Tonic with sea cucumber and mushrooms in autumn and winter

Sea cucumber is a famous treasure in the sea. Modern medicine believes that it helps to correct anemia, reduce blood lipids, and soften blood vessels. It is a food for people with high blood pressure and coronary heart disease. It contains chondroitin sulfate to help the human body grow and develop; it contains iodineA high amount can prevent premature muscle aging and enhance human immunity; the mucopolysaccharides and vanadium contained can inhibit the growth of peptides.

Chinese medicine also believes that it can nourish the kidney, nourish the blood, moisturize, regulate menstruation, nourish the fetus, and nourish the essence.

It is very beneficial to eat more sea cucumbers in autumn and winter, and it is better to make soup in autumn, sea cucumber and shiitake mushrooms and shrimps, smooth and delicious, moisturize and nourish yin, nourish kidney and refine essence, suitable for men, women and children.

  Materials: 180 grams of sea cucumber after the hair is released, shrimp (ie, shelled, fresh shrimp meat behind the head), 100 grams of lean pork, 6 mushrooms, 60 grams of bamboo shoots, 2 eggs, and 3 slices of ginger.

  Cooking: Sea cucumber, shrimp, winter bamboo shoots cut into small squares; sea cucumber, ginger, spring onion and boiling water are slightly rolled up; eggs are shelled and mixed well; lean meat is minced.

Stir-fried minced meat in oil, bamboo shoots, mushrooms, 1250 ml of water (5 bowls) and ginger rolls for a while, sea cucumber, shrimp until freshly cooked, egg liquid, coriander and salt, oil can be.

For 3?
For 4 people.

What to eat when your baby has a fever

What to eat when your baby has a fever

When a baby has a fever, his body’s metabolism is accelerated, the consumption of nutrients will be greatly increased, and the body’s water will be consumed obviously.

At the same time, due to fever, the secretion of digestive juice in the baby’s body will be reduced, reorganization peristalsis will slow down, and digestive function will be significantly attenuated.

Therefore, parents must pay attention to the baby’s diet conditioning during fever, high-transition, high-vitamin liquid or semi-liquid food is the best choice.

In addition, eat less and eat more, the baby eats 6?
7 times is appropriate.


Rice soup: Boil the rice to remove the residue and add the sugar before.

The rice soup is full of water and easy to be digested and absorbed.


Mung bean soup: Boil the mung beans, take the mung bean soup, and add an appropriate amount of rock sugar.

Mung bean has the function of clearing heat and detoxifying. It not only supplements nutrition, but also helps to excrete toxins in the baby’s body, which can help the baby to reduce fever.


Egg scoop: put 1?
Beat 2 eggs well, add an appropriate amount of warm water, and steam for the baby to eat.

Egg custard supplements protein and is easier to digest and absorb.


Fresh pear juice: Fresh pear juice has the functions of clearing heat, moisturizing the lungs and relieving cough, and is suitable for babies who have fever and cough.


Fresh apple juice: Apple juice contains a large amount of vitamin C, which can not only supplement the nutritional needs of the baby’s body, but also neutralize the toxins in the baby’s body.


Yinhua tea: 10 grams of Yinhua, Jianshui mixed with sugar.

If your baby has a bad appetite because of fever, don’t force him to feed, but try to rehydrate.

During your baby’s fever, don’t add foods that you haven’t eaten before to avoid diarrhea.

Special reminder one, do not eat babies with fever, eat more vegetarian food: fever is a systemic reaction characterized by enhanced sympathetic nervous system activity.

The secretion of saliva and gastrointestinal activity will also decrease, and the secretion of digestive enzymes, gastric acid, and bile will be reduced accordingly. If these foods stay in the metabolic tract continuously, they will ferment, spoil, and eventually cause poisoning.

Therefore, when children have fever, parents should not prepare them with meat, eggs and other fishy foods. They should drink plenty of water and eat more vegetables and fruits.

Second, the child often does not want to eat after a few days of fever, and the parents themselves are very worried and ask the child to eat more after the fever has gone.

In fact, the child’s gastrointestinal function has not fully returned to normal after fever, and secretion of digestive enzymes is also possible. If you barely eat more, it may cause anorexia.

Therefore, in the early stage of the child’s recovery, they should be given soft and easy-to-digest soft foods and fresh fruits, such as milk, soy milk, orange juice, porridge and so on.

Foods should contain high vitamins, avoid foods with too much oil or sugar, and give children favorite foods at the same time.

For children with poor appetite, parents must have patience and confidence; if children still have no appetite one week after fever, they should ask a doctor to check, because there may be other causes in the body.

The practice of delicious food mushrooms

The practice of delicious food mushrooms

Would you rejoice if there is a food that is both delicious and full without overlapping too much energy?

Recently, the US “Eat Good” website published a research result: Researchers found a food that is as full as beef but low in energy-mushrooms.

  Researchers said that the mushroom ‘s precipitated fiber contains much more protein and amino acids than ordinary vegetables, so eating mushrooms can have a strong satiety like beef.

Eating more mushrooms can not only make people lose weight and maintain a slim figure, but also prevent constipation, bowel cancer, arteriosclerosis, diabetes and other diseases.

What’s even more wonderful is that the mushrooms are full of umami, and you can make many delicious dishes without losing the taste of beef without adding a little MSG or chicken essence.

  Mushroom soups are delicious and delicious without salt; fried or braised are good.

However, it should be noted that the mushrooms must be thoroughly cooked, otherwise there is a danger of food poisoning.

Recommend a “carrot stew with mushrooms”: first fry carrots and mushrooms several times, add clear soup; add soybeans, broccoli, add salt, sugar and other condiments, cook and serve.

Men practicing yoga can enhance sexual performance

Men practicing yoga can enhance sexual performance

1. Men also decompress. The first yoga practitioners were separated from society, climbing on the snow-capped mountains of the Himalayas, and meditating on the banks of the Ganges, just like the recluse yogis seen in the “Himalayan Star”.

Since the beginning of the 20th century, people began to accept yoga for the human body, and then it began to spread in the world.

Modern fast-paced work and life, especially the society gives men more responsibilities and requirements. Men are accustomed to bear pressure and reduce the way of decompression. Any form of indulgence cannot make it possible to truly relax, but often even relax.Not anymore.

Those retreat yoga practitioners have no pressure, but the practice method is a good way to reduce stress in modern society. Yoga can improve the flexibility of the body, enhance coordination, increase agility, and shape rigid and flexible body lines.Cultivate elegant and noble masculinity.

Only a man who knows how to relieve his stress can know more about life and work.

  2. Fighting Men’s Health Crisis Men have many health problems. Awareness of their bodies, brain and bones, and physical problems are actually caused by overloaded stress. Without a calm brain, people are always under pressure.Emotions can be intense.

As the stress increases, the disease becomes more prominent.

Chronic stress is 6 times more likely to cause high blood pressure and cancer than risk factors such as smoking and high blood pressure.

The brain is one of the most important organs in the human body. When the brain is fatigued, many functions are affected.

The great benefit of yoga is that it can help brain waves return to a calm state, reduce the role of parasympathetic nerves, restore a state of energy, and fight against various health crises.

  3. Enhancing Men’s Sexual Ability The British singer Sting once said that he could have sex with his wife continuously for up to 5 hours. According to him, he relied on the effects of practicing yoga every day.

Do not misunderstand that yoga can help men improve sexual function, this utilitarian idea will distort the benefits of yoga to the body.

The benefits of practicing yoga for men’s sexual abilities are natural. The biggest benefit is not the lengthening of time and the improvement of abilities, but helping the practitioner to enhance the physical sensation, extend the sexual pleasure and achieve a higher sexual arousal state.

If they can continue to practice, women can increase their chances of getting double orgasms, and both men and women can lead orgasms to various parts of the body.

  4, build bodybuilding, elegant body men because women do not pay attention to their body shape like women, after 30 years of age, men have a high proportion of obesity, and the consequent diseases are a lot of hidden dangers. Practicing yoga can reduce excess meat in body parts. AdultsHas a special effect, increasing the flexibility of the body, can help men maintain their normal body shape.

Unlike other sports, yoga is a comprehensive system that embraces the body, brain, and spirit.

Yoga is the foundation of other sports. Many sports stars, such as baseball catcher Barry Zito, and running back EddieGeorge, etc., use yoga to maintain their best physical condition. NBA player Jarnett must be first before each game.Practicing yoga breathing.

Yoga exercises are not contradictory to other sports and can also increase the effectiveness of other sports.

  5. Wisdom in the workplace Having a relaxed brain and body is the nature of human nature. It helps to release all kinds of energy by reducing the pressure on the body and brain.

Breathing exercises in yoga can help you control your brain, achieve peace and tranquility, improve your concentration and clear thinking.

Practicing yoga can make your life very regular and improve efficiency.

When people are busy, their thoughts are often chaotic. People need a little time to calm down and think every day. Many important things will float out. Unimportant things will sink. People are often indistinguishable when they are busy. Only when they are calm.Only when you increase your acuity of intuition can you increase your acuity by practicing yoga and let you know what is most important.

Working in the workplace is always like the New York Stock Exchange. It is always full of stress. Yoga can increase sensitivity and insight, and make decision-making and judgment more wise.

After practicing yoga, energy will be abundant and work efficiency will be very high.

  6. Gain a deep, lasting, and satisfying sense of happiness. For a person who is suffering from death in the desert and is on the verge of death, a drop or two of water can not relieve his thirst. Similarly, the sense of enjoyment is extremely limited.Your happiness cannot be fulfilled.

Modern people are constantly pursuing love, success, and happiness, but the happiness and feelings around them are disrupted and ignored by our chaotic thoughts, becoming blurred, and the heart will never worry and be restless.

The small amount of happiness that you gain from your senses is completely worthless. The pain caused by the pursuit of this happiness has unfortunately replaced this little happiness.

Yoga can give people a deep, lasting and satisfying happiness, and the world around them becomes sunny and harmonious. You will learn what is most important to you.