Where is the dead end in friendship

Where is the dead end in friendship

Today is the third anniversary of you and your lover. The other party will give you a ring of great value. Which finger will you choose to wear?

  A: Forefinger B: Middle finger C: Ring finger D: Little finger analysis: A: Although your index finger is cold and arrogant, you ignore everything, but in fact, you know friendship very deeply.

You think friendship is more reliable than love, so you hate people who value friendship more than others.

If you meet someone who only enjoys love, you would rather give up this friendship.

  B: The middle finger means that your life is rigorous, you have a methodical way of doing things, and you hate the most inefficient people.

If the friends around you are so sloppy and disrupt your life, you will be very angry.

Because you will be suffocated to death by these indifferent attitudes, and you will not be friends.

  C: The ring finger means that you hate the most untrustworthy people. They hate them for saying things and not doing them.

If such friends appear in front of you, you will never show mercy, and refuse to take charge of them in person to let go of your anger.

  D: The little finger is just how good your friends and you are. As long as you find the other person betrayed you, you can’t stand it.

Because you can’t afford to be hurt by your friends, you will make a decisive method of making two cuts without owing each other.