Simple seven steps for you to be a muscle man

Simple seven steps for you to be a “muscle” man

From Stallone, Schwarzenegger to the present Van Diesel, Rock, they all chose to use muscles to push the door of Hollywood quickly.
This really makes those dragons who are in the entertainment circle stunned, even the eight-pole can not beat the street men in Hollywood is also ready to move!
Shouting: “If you have muscles, you can have a man’s charm. If you have charm, you can attract beautiful women.” So how do you make yourself a man with a muscle family?
  Self-test your muscle mass As an adult man, if the muscle mass is small, the muscle strength will decrease, especially the muscle endurance will be attenuated.
But what is the extent of your muscle strength reduction and the extent to which your muscle endurance is attenuated?
You may wish to test it yourself, so that you can count it: Test-1: The upstairs endurance test method uses a step of about 20 cm in height and continues to test on 40 steps.
It is faster than usual, and it takes 40 to 50 seconds.
Then judge according to your own feelings, whether it is “easy” or “strenuous”.
If you feel “easy” indicates that the muscle endurance is good, if it is “strenuous” it means poor.
  Test-2: The Abdominal Endurance Test is lying on the bed, asking others to hold their feet and then bending the knees to 90 degrees.
Put your hands behind your head, lean your elbows to your knees, and sit up on your upper body.
Count yourself a few times in 30 seconds.
The more times you have, the stronger your muscle endurance, and vice versa.
  Test-3: The body muscle endurance test method is to straighten the feet forward and hold the body forward without tilting backwards, requiring the toes to form a right angle with the bed.
Test how much the tip of the finger can stretch forward than the tip of the toe. The more you stretch, the stronger your muscle endurance.
  Test-4: The sit-up strength test put your arms on your chest, stand up while keeping your back muscles straight, and then sit down.
The test can be repeated several times in 30 seconds.
The fewer the number, the worse your muscle strength.
  In order to timely grasp the lack of muscle quality and the extent of decline, such tests can be done every 3 months or half a year in order to adjust the exercise method and lifestyle in a timely manner.
  7 steps to build a huge muscle block Seven times “Mr. Olympia” winner, the famous movie star Arnold?
Schwarzenegger is an idol worshipped by bodybuilders.
Even today, his unparalleled biceps and chest muscles are still popular.
Here is the principle of how to practice a large muscle block (especially suitable for beginners) through personal experience, which is worthy of careful consideration and reference.
  Principle-1: I only practice twice a week (large amount of exercise), I think it is especially suitable for students with less time, white-collar workers, etc.
  Principle-2: Focus on so-called large-scale training exercises that can stimulate multiple muscle groups at the same time, such as bench presses and squats.
  Principle-3: Keep the training program simple and easy to implement.
  Principle-4: Targeting strength growth, this is the easiest to implement but difficult. It is easy to say that everyone is easy to think about this. The difficulty is that the growth of strength comes at the expense of hard training.
  Principle-5: In the training example, the first is the thigh muscle barbell squatting 3 groups of 100% of each group of 10.
  Principle-6: Chest presses 3 groups of 100% of each group of 6.
  Principle-7: The back weight is pulled down into 3 groups of 100% of each group of 6.
  Schwarzenegger suggests that squats are used by a lot of muscles in the body.
The preparation activities for each part should be done well. My general practice is to understand the two groups smaller, a group of about 50% of 8 and a group of 80% of 8 and then do 100%.
  Men’s Bodybuilding Nutrition Law Recently, the National Strong-ly built unite meeting (NSBUM) nutrition expert Chris?
Eckert presented their latest research at the American University Games: “Men’s Nutritional Principles” in muscle building and bodybuilding.
This is the most effective nutrient method known to reduce fat without reducing muscles, which allows you to effectively grow muscles while ensuring reduced body fat.
  Rule-1: Protein powder.
Increasing muscle requires a positive nitrogen balance.
In order to achieve a positive nitrogen balance, the body must have enough protein to make muscle growth.The more muscle, the more protein you need.

The best supplement is 1 gram of protein per pound of body weight.

Eat six times a day, three times must have protein.

Protein powder is more easily absorbed by the body than chicken and beef.

It is preferred to use a protein powder containing ion exchange whey and recombinant whey protein.

The former is easy to absorb, and the lactose content is low, which can avoid inflation.

It is a necessary product after training because it can quickly enter the bloodstream in the form of amino acids.

The faster the protein enters the blood after training, the faster the catabolism caused by weight-bearing training disappears.

  Rule 2: Creatine.

Creatine is the source of energy for explosive force action.

It can increase the strength, re-create ATP (adenosine triphosphate), replace the 11-B muscle fiber to maintain moisture, to achieve the purpose of muscle growth.

For best results, men add 7-10 grams after exercise.

  Rule 3: Glutamine.

This “conditionally needed” amino acid is needed only when the body is under tremendous pressure.

Glutamine provides energy to the immune system.

Intensity training reduces intramuscular glutamine.

In order to balance the role of catabolism, 7-15 grams should be added after training.

  Rule 4: Branched Chain Amino Acids (BCAA).

These amino acids promote anabolism (muscle growth, insulin release) in two special ways to stimulate the release of growth hormone.

The most important of the branched chain amino acids are the leucine, the precursor of ketoisocaproic acid (KLC) and HMB.

KLC and HMB increase muscle mass, reduce adulthood, and provide nutrients to the body.

Whey protein has a higher BCAA content.

4-6g should be added after training.

  Rule 5: Fish oil.

A special nutrient that prevents muscle loss.

The intensity of the intensity training, the consumption of saturated traces and monosaccharides produces E2 (a fast protein breakdown catabolic hormone).

E1 produced by fish oil inhibits E2 and stimulates the production of growth hormone, allowing the body to process insulin more efficiently.

Recommended dosage, 4-6 capsules per day (1 gram per capsule).

  Rule 6: Arginine.

As with glutamine, it is only needed when the body is under tremendous pressure.

Bodybuilders are often in this state, so arginine needs to be added.

Add 10-20 grams before going to sleep to increase the level of growth hormone in the body.

  Rule 7: Vitamin C.

It is an acidic antioxidant.

It can absorb free radicals in the blood like a sponge.

Recommended dosage: 2000 mg per day.

Taking 1000 mg immediately after training can inhibit the level of catabolic hormones.

  Rule 8: Vitamin E.

Another toxic antioxidant.

It protects the oxidative damage of the cell membrane while enhancing the muscle’s ability to utilize insulin, as the receptor for insulin is on the cell membrane.Recommended dosage: 200-400 international units per day.

  Rule 9: Zinc.

Most athletes are deficient in zinc, and zinc deficiency hinders protein synthesis.

Both thyroid ketone and growth hormone production require sufficient zinc.

Recommended dosage: 20 mg per day for men.

  Rule 10: Magnesium.

Synthetic ATP is inseparable from magnesium.

Magnesium is involved in muscle contraction, improves sugar tolerance, and enhances strength.

Recommended dosage: 400-600 mg per day.

  To achieve the above aspects, one day, you must become a “man with a muscle” Handsome man!

How do the elderly supplement calcium and eat 6 kinds of calcium supplement food?

How do the elderly supplement calcium and eat 6 kinds of calcium supplement food?

Click to buy calcium deficiency is the most common disease in the elderly. The lack of calcium in the elderly seriously affects life, so it is necessary to make calcium in time.

So how do the elderly make calcium?

  Calcium food for the elderly 1.

Shrimp skin shrimp has a higher calcium content, and 25 grams of shrimp skin contains 500 mg of calcium. Therefore, using shrimp skin for soup or filling is a good choice for daily calcium supplementation.


In addition to lowering blood pressure, fungus black fungus has strong calcium-reinforcing ability and beneficial gas. It is light and strong, and hemostasis, hemostasis, blood and blood circulation, anti-cancer effect, etc. The colloidal cocoa in the fungus remains in the human digestive system.It is concentrated and excreted to help clear the stomach and intestines. At the same time, it helps to digest the fiber-like substances. It dissolves the indigestible hair, chaff, wood residue, sand, metal shavings, etc. that are inadvertently eaten.Deuteration.

It also has a significant resolving function for endogenous foreign bodies such as gallstones and kidney stones.


Milk half a catty of milk, containing 300 mg of calcium, also contains a variety of amino acids, lactic acid, minerals and vitamins, to promote the digestion and absorption of calcium.

Moreover, the calcium in the milk is easier to absorb, so milk should be used as the main food for daily calcium supplementation.

Other dairy products such as yogurt, cheese, and milk flakes are good sources of calcium.


The most abundant calcium in sesame sauce in daily food is sesame paste, and the calcium content per 100 grams of sesame sauce is 1057 mg.

The protein, amino acids and multivitamins and minerals in the protein of sesame sauce are higher than those of vegetables and beans. They are often eaten against bones and teeth.

In addition, sesame paste is rich in lecithin, which prevents premature whitening or replacement of hair.


The rich calcium content of kelp kelp is often overlooked. In fact, the calcium content per 100 grams of kelp is about 240 mg.

In addition, kelp contains alginic acid, laminin, semi-emulsion additives and other disaccharides, kelp, glutamic acid, aspartic acid, proline and other amino acids, vitamin B1, B2, C, P and carotene, iodine, potassium, calcium and other inorganic salts.

Kelp has the effect of iodine-deficient goiter, and its alginic acid and kelp have the effect of lowering serum plasma.


Black beans for the elderly to eat calcium and eat black beans.

Black beans are rich in calcium, and the calcium content per 100 grams of black beans is about 224 mg.

The protein content of black beans is as high as 36%-40%, which is equivalent to 2 times that of meat, 3 times that of eggs, and 12 times that of milk.

Black beans contain 18 kinds of amino acids, especially the 8 kinds of amino acids necessary for the human body.

In fact, black beans are basically free of cholesterol, only contain phytosterols, while phytosterols are not absorbed and utilized by the body, but also inhibit the absorption inhibition of the body and reduce the content of cholesterol in the blood.

Therefore, eating black beans often can soften blood vessels, moisturize the skin, and delay aging.

Answer the six major problems of abdominal weight loss

Answer the six major problems of abdominal weight loss


The initial way to accelerate the weight loss of the waist and abdomen?

  Reducing the waist and abdomen by exercise is the most effective and thorough way, but not a blind exercise, but a reasonable training program for targeted training.


I have been taking diet pills, and my weight has dropped significantly, but the excess meat on my waist and abdomen can’t achieve the desired results. What should I do?

  First of all, let’s take a look at the principle of diet pills. The principles are as follows: 1. Appetite suppressants: These drugs mainly suppress the central nervous system norepinephrine and serotonin reabsorption, stimulate the satiety center, and produce fullness.Sense, thereby suppressing appetite, increasing metabolism, and reducing weight.

  Second, the micro-absorption blocker: commonly used is Olivier, which is a new type of endogenous micro-enzyme inhibitor and reduce nutrient absorption drugs.

  Third, didiol hypoglycemic agents: can cause loss of appetite, for the treatment of obesity with diabetes.

We can see that these weight-loss drugs can also achieve the effect of reducing fat, but many nutrients can not be absorbed, which is harmful to health.

Your current situation also includes muscle deficiency, and only by strengthening physical exercise to increase muscles can reach the excess meat of the waist.


I am very fat, after various weight loss methods, from the original 200 kg to the current 180 kg.

But how can we tighten the skin of the abdomen, the meat is slack, and the empty squats are pulled down?

  This situation is very common, because the unfortunate proportion is very large, so fat loss is also a long-term process, you need to scientifically combine your diet and exercise, and do more equipment training, which helps to tighten the slack part.I believe that you will not have this situation in the near future.


I saw a medium-vibration, low-waist, and abdominal device on the TV shopping program. Is it really effective for reducing waist and abdomen?

  The effect of the instrument on fat loss is minimal. We all know that the process of slight consumption is a process of aerobic metabolism during exercise, so it is a very scientific and effective method to reduce fat by exercise.


I hope that experts can customize the waist and weight loss plan and training program for themselves. Where can I ask related questions?

  Nowadays, large fitness clubs have professional coaches to tailor your own weight loss plan and training program.


How does a man’s beer belly exercise a healthy abdominal muscle?

  If you want to eliminate the “beer belly”, you need to work together in many ways. At one point, you should eat seven minutes at a time; do more exercise every day; take a warm bath before going to bed, improve your sleep, pay attention to the control of drinking, and do some targetedExercise.

Is wormwood anti-cancer true?

Don’t be fooled again, wormwood has these three health effects.

Is wormwood anti-cancer true?
Don’t be fooled again, wormwood has these three health effects.

Wormwood is the most common plant in our life, and most people call it wormwood.

The effect of wormwood is many, the most commonly used is to cook eggs, it can also be used to make wormwood, and it can also be used for wormwood.

Chinese medicine said that wormwood has the effect of warming the nerves, removing moisture, dispelling cold, stopping bleeding, reducing inflammation, relieving asthma, relieving cough, curing the fetus, and resisting allergies.

But recently scientists say that wormwood actually has anti-cancer effects. Is this credible?

Here we take a look!

The wormwood of wormwood is a perennial herb, or it can be planted every year if it is planted once. It can be said that it is once and for all.

The stalks are solitary or few, the base is slightly lignified, the upper part is grassy, and there are a few short branches. The leaves are grayish white pubescent, usually flowering in September, and the results in October.

The most obvious feature of wormwood is that it has a strong scent, especially dried wormwood, which smells its special aroma.

The role of wormwood, wormwood can be said that the whole body is a treasure, from root to leaf can be used as medicine, can be used to soak the feet, soaking feet can effectively eliminate the virtual fire and cold fire in the human body, if there is swelling of the throatPain and mouth ulcers, otitis media, soaking feet with wormwood can effectively relieve symptoms.

Using wormwood to soak your feet can also drive cold and cure athlete’s foot.

Second, wormwood can also be used for eating, used to boil eggs to eat the role of a fetus, three raw eggs, plus 15 grams of wormwood and ginger, each with bonfire, so that the taste of wormwoodGoing inside the egg, it is both delicious and curative. It can strengthen the spleen and nourish the stomach.

Third, moxibustion, mashed wormwood and then smashed into strips, dried.

Then put it on the acupuncture points of the body for moxibustion, which has a refreshing effect.

Moxibustion has the effect of treating cold and rheumatism and joint pain, as well as refreshing and nourishing the brain.

Wormwood can fight cancer?

Because of the excessive cancer in the society, many people are scared when they hear cancer, so if you hear that something can fight cancer, you will follow suit.

However, modern medicine has fully confirmed that wormwood can fight cancer, so it cannot be blindly believed that wormwood can fight rumors.

The abnormality of the wormwood of wormwood is not obvious, but if it is allergic to wormwood, it is not edible wormwood.

In addition, if you use wormwood to soak your feet, for some elderly people and physically weak people, the water temperature should not be too hot, so as not to cause collapse.

For elderly people with severe cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, elderly people with high blood pressure fluctuations should be used with caution.