There is some kind of medicinal recipe for thermal retina

There is some kind of medicinal recipe for thermal retina

(1) Southern apricot and sangbai pig lungs: 20 grams of southern almonds, 15 grams of mulberry white skins, and about 250 grams of pig lungs. The pig lungs are cut into pieces, and they are repeatedly squeezed and washed to remove the foam in the trachea.Soak and peel, wash mulberry skin, place in a clay pot, add water to a boil, cook with oil and salt, and drink in portions.

  (2) Lugan Zhuru porridge: 150g of fresh reed root (halved for dried people), 15g of Zhuru, 3 slices of ginger, 100g of rice, wash the reed root and cut into sections, fry it with Zhuru and use the juiceCook with rice to make porridge. Porridge will be ready. Add ginger and cook a little. Season with oil and salt. Serve twice.
5 times.

  (3) Lily ginkgo soup: 10 grams each of lily and ginkgo (husking kernels), wash the two flavors, cook with water, warm, 2 times a day.

  (4) Yuzu peel lily soup: 50g of lily, 150g of fresh grapefruit peel, wash the first two flavors, and fry for 2?
3 hours to rotten, add 50g of sugar, each dose divided into 3 times, 1 dose / day, 3 times a course of treatment.

Avoid radishes, fish and shrimp.

  (5) Toad eggs: 1 egg (preferably under white chicken), 1 live toad (toad), fill the egg in the mouth of the toad and force it to swallow it, then wrap it with kraft paper and threadWell, cover it with two yin and yang tiles. Put a half-finger thick mud on the outside and cook in the oven.

When the mud is dry and the eggs are cooked, the tiles are lifted, the toad is cut to remove the eggs, and the egg shells are eaten. Then, drink a small amount of rice wine.

Normally 1?
2 times, you can see results.

  (6) Beili Qingfei Dingchuan cream: Chuanbei, gypsum, 30g each of orange red, 6 Sydneys, 13g of Hu, 20g of almonds, 10g of licorice, 100g of winter melon sticks, 150g of rock sugar, suitable amount for white staff

First, gypsum, almonds, edible husks, and licorice are fried in a bowl of clear water with two and a half bowls of medicinal juice. Set aside, then cut the melon sticks into small pieces, crushed Chuan Fritillary, grind the orange and red into fine powder, peel and smash the pears.Add a small amount of white staff water.

Pour each flavor and medicinal juice together into a large bowl and stir well. Steam for 1 hour under water to make a viscous paste. Take 1 tablespoon each time and eat in multiple portions.

Uses of various yoga supplies

Uses of various yoga supplies

Yoga mats: Yoga mats are aids for yoga exercises.

Tile the yoga mat on the ground to prevent injuries to the spine, foot fractures, hip bones, knee joints and other parts.

Yoga mats should be non-toxic, tasteless and flexible.

Gently push the surface of the mat with your palm to have a dry feeling. If there is too much foaming agent on the surface of the mat and there is a slippery feeling, it will easily slip and fall when you practice on it.

Those who are new to yoga can choose a thicker mat, such as 6mm thick; if you have a certain foundation, you can choose a thickness of 3.

5mm-5mm yoga mat.

  Yoga clothing: A type of clothing worn when practicing yoga in a yoga suit.

When choosing yoga clothes, you must focus on comfort, looseness is the best, and at least there is better breathability.

  Yoga brick: It is an auxiliary product when doing yoga exercises.

When doing some basic yoga movements, you can use bricks to transition when some of the forward movements are out of reach; when you do half-moon, you can use bricks to transition when the balance is not stable enough.

  Yoga ball: is a modern and popular fitness product.

Through exercise, you can improve people’s flexibility, balance ability, improve their posture, and enhance their cardiopulmonary function.

Generally, you should choose yoga balls of different sizes according to your height and needs.

  Inclined belt: It is an auxiliary product when doing yoga exercises.

For example, in the half-face style, when the two hands cannot reach each other, you can use the segmented belt to transition; when you are in the king dance style, you can use the staggered belt to transition if you can’t reach your hands and feet.

  Towels: Towels should be used in conjunction with yoga mats. The tops of the mats are soft and sweat-absorbing.

What to pay for your eleven-year affection

What to pay for your eleven-year affection

At the look 11 years ago, he deeply branded her in his heart.

At the age of 11, he never gave up looking for her and finally found her, but she didn’t know if she should follow him, even though he is now brilliant and her marriage is like a stagnant water.

  ■ Introduction: Xiangyu (pseudonym) ■ Gender: Female ■ Age: 30 years old ■ Education: The secondary school is the gentleness of that look. My hometown is a county on the Yangtze River.

After finishing secondary school in that small county, I entered the county government office and became a small clerk.

At the age of eighteen or nineteen, he didn’t understand anything, but he was very stingy and lived in a simple joy all day.

Bei Ming (pseudonym) was in love with me at that time.

  Beiming is a native of Chengde, Hebei, tall and bold.

He came to our small county to do office equipment business and met me in government agencies.

  I was not impressed with the first meeting, but Bei Ming said that he was very impressed: when he walked in, I was sitting cross-legged on the carpet, and had no reason to be happy.

It was a bit hot in April, and there were some small beads of sweat on the tip of my nose, and glitter on the sharp little nose.

The warm sun covered my hair.

Bei Ming said that with that glance, he couldn’t help but fall in love with me.

  This is what happened 11 years ago.

  When Bei Ming found me last November, he used the word “stunning” to describe it.

He said the scene remained in his mind.

It was that wonderful feeling that kept him looking for me for 11 years.

  At that time 11 years ago, Bei Ming stayed only a few days before leaving.

He came back less than two days after leaving, and made a special trip to give me a gift.

He brought me a very cute little alarm clock with a beautiful love poem.

I left the gift in my office and hurried away.

  Colleagues said that Bei Ming’s love for me was unabashed.

But at that time I was unconscious and didn’t take him seriously.

Besides, Bei Ming was a 31-year-old married man at the time. I thought he just liked my simplicity and cuteness.

  In the following 11 years, Bei Ming became a vague tall figure in my impression.

  Four months after Bei Ming left, I left my hometown and came to Wuhan.

He has since lost contact with him.

  10 years of emotional life is like a pool of standing water. In April 1994, I met my current husband Han Wei (pseudonym).

  At that time I was the foreman in the hotel. The hotel was run by a friend of Hanwei. He often came to eat and saw me.

According to himself, he was in love with me at first sight.

  Han Wei was two years older than me, who had just graduated from college and was doing business by himself.

He has a flexible mind and is particularly hardworking.

By 1998, his career had not improved, and family members persuaded me to break up with him, to find a better one for me.

My spirits came up, and I was determined to be with Han Wei.

  From the age of 20 to 27, we have been dating for 7 years.

In the end, the person was tired and no more passion. Both felt that if they didn’t get married again, they would only have a break up. It seemed to be an explanation for the relatives and friends on both sides. In May 2002, we held a wedding.

  In fact, in the legal sense, we are not legal couples, because we have never obtained a marriage certificate.

After I came to Wuhan, my parents moved a few times, and my household registration in my hometown was also lost, so the marriage certificate has been dragged out.

  A year later, Han Wei began to often stay away from the night.Soon, when a girl came to her home and knew me as Han Wei’s wife, tears ran down.

I understand: this is the “third party” between me and Han Wei.

  Afterwards, I talked to the girl and had a deep talk. I said that if they truly loved each other, I would do well.

But Han Wei confessed to me and said that she would live with me.

I did n’t make a noise, I did n’t make a noise, and I could n’t handle the whole thing, but my psychological shadow could never be removed.

  Later, a series of things happened that made me completely lose trust in Hanwei.

  One of our very good friends celebrated their birthday and they joined to sing.

When I got there, I didn’t realize that the ladies in that area seemed to be familiar with Han Wei. He greeted him all the way, just like the king of that kingdom.

Throughout the night, Han Wei was particularly irritated and restless.

He sent me home in advance, saying that there were some things to go back to arrange, and it was another night.

Just before dawn, I sent him a text message saying that we were completely done.

  Han Wei has always “enlightened” me like this: Now the social atmosphere outside is like this, as long as the man’s heart is still at home, you don’t ask too much.

  I’ve always wanted a child, and Han Wei always said that we can’t afford it now.

Due to the issue of getting a marriage certificate, he is even more unavoidable now.

  My parents died prematurely, and their relationship with Han Wei was so salty and indifferent. I felt a sense of wandering, like an orphan.

  Another man has been looking for me for 11 years. Last November, I received a text message from Bei Ming.

Seeing the text message, I suddenly remembered the tall figure sealed in my heart.

  It turned out that since I came to Wuhan in 1994, Beiming had to go to my hometown every two years to find me. He was at the police station and the neighborhood committee checked my hukou.

A major flood occurred in 1998. Bei Ming said that he dreamed about the fact that I was washed away by the flood every night, and was anxious to call my hometown radio station to ask for information.

  In November last year, Bei Ming drove from Chengde to my hometown and brought three subordinates.

This time, he gave his subordinates a death order: In such a large county, you must find my jade even if you turn over the land.

After all their troubles, they searched for a large group of relatives, and finally learned my phone number from one of my aunts, and then sent me a text message as soon as possible.

  Bei Ming said to see for myself how I was doing.

If I am not doing well, he must take me away.

  But I refused, but kept on the phone.

  In March of this year, Bei Ming ran to Wuhan to find me.

Before that, I secretly vowed that if I hadn’t seen him before my 30th birthday, I would never see him again.

Coincidentally, the day Bei Ming came was my 30th birthday.

We met at a Western restaurant in Hankou, and Bei Ming brought me a platinum necklace as a gift. I refused.

Bei Ming’s sadness is that if you don’t accept it, then I have to go.

He said this twice, and I still didn’t promise to accept his gift. He got up and left, and the necklace was on the table.

I asked the waiter to run out to him.

  This is how we meet again after 11 years.

  I don’t know where to go from here Beiming is now the typical “successful person”.

He has done a great job, is the boss of a large group company, almost every city in the north has his branch or office.

  This is why it is difficult for me to decide to give up everything to follow him.

  Bei Ming said, spiritually, anything in the material, as long as you want, I will give you.

And that paper of marriage, if you insist, I will give it to you.

I am now reckless.

You are a peach demon, clothed a peach blossom array, and took away my soul 11 years ago.   I think he is losing his mind now.

With his current achievements and scope, one can imagine how much a divorce will have an impact on his career.

In early April, at the request of Bei Ming, I went to Chengde.

Bei Ming took me to meet some of his best friends, and then took me to see his branch in Beijing and the house he bought for more than 1.2 million yuan in Beijing.

Bei Ming hoped that I would stay and said that this house was bought for me.

  After two days in the north, I hurried back.

I have been very contradictory since I came back. In the past few days, Bei Ming has been sending me text messages to remind me to pass. Sincerely, you do n’t have to make a decision right away. You can first look at my career, inspect my people, and see if we canCan’t live a lifetime together.

Bei Ming said that he can tolerate all of me, my stubbornness and willfulness, and he will accept all the advantages and disadvantages of me.

  I have no doubt about Bei Ming’s feelings for me. If he is not sincere, a 42-year-old man should not have such great passion, and he will not persistently look for me for 11 years.

  I’m in a dilemma right now, and morally and family-wise, I should stay.

But this means that I still have to endure Han Wei’s debauchery.

  On the one hand is the man who loves me and the unpredictable future, and on the other hand is a marriage like a stagnant water. I don’t know where to go.

  [Postscript]The man’s long-cherished responsibility, Bei Ming said a lot, “And there is that paper, if you insist, I will give it to you.

“What does it mean to insist?”

What does “also give”?

Isn’t it taken for granted?

  A man who has a marriage who is crazy about pursuing another woman, no matter how persistent or infatuated, is zero.

How enthusiastic he is about Xiangyu, the deeper he hurts his wife.

Residual wine in the old bottle has not been cleaned up, how can you rush into the new wine?

  Xiangyu followed Beiming to Chengde to see the company and to Beijing to see the big house. He must have been excited?

Helpless “from the perspective of morality and family responsibilities, I should stay”, so outsiders need to encourage.

  Your marriage is your own responsibility.

Since marriage is “in order to give an explanation to both parents and relatives and friends”, why not continue to explain it?

Xiangyu’s husband is one of the reasons, but the real fuse should be the extinguished love in her heart, but she didn’t know whether Bei Ming rose up or could last a lifetime.

For some men, a woman who did not get when she was young is just a sad heart.

Got it, the wish was gone, and there was no woman behind.

  Will Bei Ming be such a person?

The answer lies in Xiangyu’s own heart.

Whitening at night is more effective


Whitening at night is more effective

Many people paint wooden boards with various skin care products during the day, especially sunscreen products, for fear that ultraviolet rays will cause a little damage to the skin.

However, do you know that in addition to day care, night protection is the focus of whitening?

Because the skin is a good time to rest at night.

So want to really whiten!

Night care is very important, don’t let yourself lose the chance of whitening because of laziness!

Here’s how to do whitening at night and become a real white beauty.

  The first trick of whitening at night: Washing out the whitening and smoothing work during the day, not only the brain is consumed, the skin of the face is also a great loss.

Dust in the air, computer radiation, and unknown bacteria cause rapid loss of skin moisture and make the skin look dull and dull; a large amount of dust is adsorbed on the skin, clogging the pores, and the skin is more easily dullLight.
So whitening is a great achievement.

  The first step in whitening is to wash off dirty things first.

Then the moment of washing your face is especially important!

If you wash your face frequently, you must not be lazy. If you do not wash your face, the consequences will be serious.

  It is best to wash your face with warm water at night, which can better remove the skin care products, makeup products and dust used during the day.

  The second trick of whitening at night: Many MMs that are photographed have ignored the role of toners, which is quite wrong!

The toner has a good cleaning and hydrating effect.

Use a toner or toner for a second cleansing to thoroughly remove the residue of cleaning products, while promoting the skin’s ability to absorb subsequent products.

  Toners can better improve the quality of the skin and allow the skin to better absorb subsequent products.

At the same time, it can replenish water very well!

Naturally, the skin becomes tenderer and whiter quickly.

  The third trick of whitening at night: the pale white and dull complexion that is wiped out, of course, it is not that simple washing can solve the problem.

Be sure to use some “magic” to whiten your skin.

After thoroughly cleaning the skin, letting the skin absorb nutrients and restore charming redness is the key.

  Whitening at night, the use of whitening night cream is particularly necessary!

Let the skin absorb the whitening cream of the whitening cream in the evening, wake up, and whiten back at night. The fourth trick: the whitening mask applied is a good whitening product. Use the whitening mask to better absorb the facial skin.It promotes skin metabolism and whitening.

Of course, the mask is not an elixir. It won’t be effective immediately after one or two tablets. You have to restart it to have a real effect.

People who have insufficient oxytocin secretion tend to do bad things

People who have insufficient oxytocin secretion tend to do bad things

Why do people have good and bad people? Studies have found that evil people do bad things recklessly because they lack compassion for others and cannot experience the pain of others. This psychological ability is closely related to the oxytocin secreted by the brain.

The people who cause oxytocin account for about 5% of human beings. Their ruthlessness seems to be gaining a lot of benefits for themselves, but they are also isolated by the good people who have strong oxytocin secretion, and their lives are wrapped in a cruel “survival model.”

Case: Computer Genius Killed His Wife in Cold Blood In 2008, Hans Reiser, a well-known American computer expert and Linux file system developer, strangled his wife and discarded his body, and was sentenced to 15 years in prison.

People are surprised that this gentleman is a computer genius who has been to university at the age of 15 and is a tide of the Internet age.

So smart, why do n’t you know how to divorce your wife?

While in prison, Reiser wrote a 4-page letter to apply for a retrial, citing research by Dr. Paul Zack, a professor of economics at the Clermont Graduate University in the United States.

Zack found that oxytocin people are sympathetic to others, which makes them behave ethically.

Does Reiser think he lacks oxytocin and is not responsible for his actions?


He argued that his defence lawyer lacked oxytocin and was not sympathetic to him, which resulted in him not being able to properly defend it in court.

Zack believes that Reiser’s lack of self-knowledge is striking, and his appeal is just a manifestation of morbidity.

The secretion of oxytocin gives birth to good people and good deeds. Why do human beings have enthusiastic goodhearted people and bad guys?

The answer lies in the brain.

Zack’s study found that 95% of people receive positive signals in interpersonal communication, and the brain secretes a chemical hormone called oxytocin.

These signals include: entrusted to manage money, touched by people, watching sensational movies.

The remaining 5% do not secrete oxytocin in these situations, and they also show the characteristics that many psychopaths often have: charming charm; love to deceive, or even deceive themselves; if you get money, you need to be separated from othersWhen they are cheeky, they put all their money in their pockets.

Animal studies have found that occludens, which are inherently insensitive to oxytocin (that is, the brain has secreted but failed to function), will exhibit a large number of unscrupulous behaviors. Do whatever you want, regardless of the interests andSafety.

Many people who have been abused as children have similar behaviors. It turns out that a person needs care from an early age in order for the brain to correctly establish the secretion of oxytocin.

The life of a person who lacks oxytocin is equivalent to the “survival mode” in the game-facing waves of challenges until the final failure.

Excessive psychological pressure suppresses the secretion of oxytocin, making people temporarily cold and ruthless.

As the saying goes, “I am not a casual person, but I am not a casual person!

“Psychological stress will cause people to focus on themselves, and no matter how much others do.

The so-called “virtue” means putting the interests of others above their own, and showing honesty, enthusiasm, fairness and justice.

Zack found that oxytocin just makes people show “moral hormones” that care about virtues such as others: those who cause charity have higher levels of oxytocin, and using various methods to increase the level of oxytocin in the brain can directly induce good things.

In real life, situations such as soldiers marching and players warming up before the game will cause the brain to secrete oxytocin.

When you are at the peak of oxytocin secretion, you will feel very close to others and eager to help others. This does not become your relatives and friends, but also people who do not know at all.

Human sociality determines that we need to keep in touch with the people around us in order to feel good about ourselves.

Oxytocin is the driving force of this feeling, which allows us to avoid doing things that hurt others, but also to help others.

From the perspective of evolution, Zack believes that oxytocin is a design that can be easily transformed: being a good person can consolidate your substitution in the ethnic group, otherwise it will be easy to be isolated and even destroyed by everyone, so that it will not end well.-Crowds and wolves are the same survival rules.

In fact, if you are friendly to others and others are good to you, you can enjoy the warmth and security of the ethnic group.


What can I do if I can’t get along with my roommate?

What can I do if I can’t get along with my roommate?

There are two general situations when it is difficult to get along with roommates: First, there is no “home feeling” after returning to the bedroom, and even the dormitory becomes a painful place that is afraid to return, unwilling to return, and not wanting to return;Individuals fail to get together, resulting in a “suspected neighbor stealing an axe” mentality. If you don’t like anyone, then look at every movement of him and listen to every sentence of him and feel uncomfortable.

Under the same roof for a long time, this feeling is also uncomfortable.

  So what is causing the unpleasant thing to happen?

In fact, everyone has no fundamental conflict of interest, and the conflicts are all caused by trivial matters or some alternative habits.

For example, some classmates like to get up early, he may get up when others are sleepy, and the sound of ding ding dong wakes others up, which is annoying; or some people, especially boys, are lazy and smelly socks and shoesThe bunk was thrown under the bed, and the bunk and even the whole bedroom were smoked, but he was alone.

In addition, everyone in the bedroom unconsciously feels a sense of relaxation at home, and the polite appearance when leaving the bedroom will be replaced by the disheveled appearance when returning to the bedroom.

And living in a room for a long time, each other finds that each other’s weaknesses will be more and more, so that some unpleasant things may happen, making it impossible to get along.

  If you do n’t get along well with your roommate, it can affect your mood and even your learning. How can you improve this relationship?


To reflect on yourself If you are more isolated in the bedroom, then you have to reset yourself, not blindly reject others.

Why do others isolate you so “work together”?

Maybe your behavior is too “self-centered”-rarely think about others, do what you want, make some sounds during the rest to affect others, or do not care much about the public things in the bedroom, cleaning is not activeTaking into account your own small space, there are even things that you never share with others but you are not polite to others and so on.

These seemingly small things will hurt the roommate and your feelings for a long time, and everyone will be light to you.

If you want to get along with your roommates, you can only change yourself, start with small things, have a good initiative to share with others, be more diligent, and be positive when you clean up.

Of course, doing these things requires showing sincerity, and it is necessary to persevere, and to think more of others in everything, naturally will improve the relationship with roommates, and make a lot of friends.


Learn to be generous, and tolerate bad room habits of your roommate, and do not prevent him from talking openly with him.

Because sometimes it is that you have not noticed and obstructed others. If someone raised it, he might notice it.

The students living in the upper bunk may accidentally aim at the lower bunk sheets, or wrinkle the sheets that are already flat and flat.

Everyone lives in the same room. When the spoon always touches the pot, if you are often dissatisfied and annoyed with such small things, it is really difficult to get along with each other.


It is necessary to treat everyone’s strengths and weaknesses properly, and there is no shortage of money.

If you find your roommate polite and even a bit rude in the bedroom after going out, it may be a sign that he really treats the bedroom as a home where he can express himself without the need for defense.

Don’t hate him because someone has some kind of deficiency, if this shortcoming is not of quality, it is not a moral issue.

  Being able to come together is a fate in itself.

When you go galloping in the wider world, I believe that everyone will not forget those “brothers who live in my bunk” in the flowering season.

Get in harmony with your roommates!

Why do you sleep well on rainy days

Why do you sleep well on rainy days

People often like to go to bed as soon as it rains. If there are sounds of water flowing around and bird sounds accompanying you to sleep, you will also sleep soundly.

Is there any scientific reason for this?

  Acoustically, these sounds have a common term name: white noise.

It refers to the power of the frequency components in a sound over the entire audible range (0?
20KHZ) are uniform.

In contrast, other noises that do not have this property are called colored noise.

Of course, the absolutely ideal white noise does not exist, but the sounds of nature such as rain, running water, bird song, etc. are the closest to white noise in the real world.

  Our hearing system is like an alert system on call.

If we make noise when we sleep, the sudden change will attract attention and wake us up.

And white noise will create a masking effect, making people ignore the noisy environment, which is equivalent to shielding a lot of small, you have no sound changes.

  Some experts believe that white noise can help treat some neurological diseases.

At present, foreign experts have used it to solve two clinical problems.

One is to use white noise to stop the baby crying.

The newborns have just left their mother’s womb and came to a strange environment. The strange sound will make them feel restless.

White noise is similar to the sound in their familiar womb.

Some people who are often polluted by environmental noise will use white noise to help restore work efficiency. Some college students and white-collar workers will use white noise to reduce the adverse effects of construction noise on their concentration.

  There are so many benefits of white noise, so what kind of sound in life is white noise?

The sound of rain is the best “white noise”. Generally speaking, forest insects, mountain birds, and running water are all good white noise.

In other words, nature far away from the city is the best source of white-like noise. If you want to relax and sleep, it is recommended to go to nature every week.

Of course, you can also download some insect songbirds, the sound of rain and water, and play them when you sleep.

What is the best food for diabetic patients?

What is the best food for diabetic patients?

Core Tip: People with diabetes should eat plenty of high-quality protein, vitamins and trace elements in the spring, such as lean meat, eggs, fresh vegetables, fruits, etc., to nourish the liver and protect the spleen.

  In the spring season, the temperature begins to warm up, the human yang begins to rise, and the metabolism gradually grows up. The use of Xingan food to help yang is beneficial to metabolism.

It is recommended that the province should increase the acid and increase the temper.

This is because when the liver is vigorous in the spring, the complications of liver qi and spleen affect the spleen, so the spleen and stomach are weak in the early stage.

And eating more sour foods, leading to liver function hemiplegia, so the spring diet nursed back to health, should choose Gan Wenzhi, avoid spicy.

Diet should be light and delicious, avoid greasy, cold and irritating food.

  Therefore, people with diabetes should eat more high-quality protein, vitamins and trace elements in the spring, such as lean meat, eggs, fresh vegetables, fruits, etc., to nourish the liver and protect the spleen.

Here are some vegetables that are suitable for the spring diet of diabetic patients.

  1, leek: spring climate is mixed, need to maintain yang, and amaranth is warm, the most suitable for the human body, spring to eat more leek can enhance the spleen and stomach of the human body, but the leek should not be digested, do not eat too much.

  2, yam: sweet and flat, non-toxic, spleen and qi, nourish the lungs and nourish the stomach, kidney and solid essence and other functions.

Especially suitable for eating in spring.

It can prevent spring liver qi from damaging the spleen and enhance the body’s resistance.

  3, bitter gourd: cold, bitter taste.

Can remove evil heat, relieve fatigue, clear heart and eyesight.

Bitter gourd heats and detoxifies, in addition to annoying thirst, bitter gourd is known as “plant insulin.”

Pharmacological tests have found that bitter gourd saponin contained in bitter gourd even has an insulin-like effect, and stimulates the release of stimulating, which has a very obvious hypoglycemic effect.

  4, carrots: Diabetes patients will produce a large number of free genes in their blood, it is these free genes that destroy the activity of insulin in the human body.

Carrots contain a lot of beta carotene, which can eliminate free radicals in the body. Therefore, eating more carrots, cabbage and other vegetables that supplement carotene in daily diet can greatly help prevent diabetes.

  5, onion: mild taste, has the effect of lowering blood sugar, and found that onion is the only vegetable rich in prostaglandin A, multi-food is beneficial to dilate blood vessels, prevent arteriosclerosis, and is beneficial for the prevention of diabetic complications.

Onions can also reduce blood lipids, reduce blood viscosity, improve atherosclerosis, and regular consumption can prevent the occurrence of diabetic cardio-cerebral vascular complications.

  6, lettuce: lettuce is rich in niacin, niacin is an insulin activator, regular consumption is helpful for the treatment of diabetes.

Lettuce stimulates gastrointestinal motility and has an adjuvant treatment for diabetic gastroparesis and constipation.

The potassium ions contained in lettuce are 27 times that of sodium ions, which can promote urination and lower blood pressure.

  7, garlic: garlic spicy, warm, can relieve qi, warm spleen and stomach.

Garlic contains garlicin and garlic enzyme. When contacted, it produces allicin with bactericidal effect. The alkaloid contained in garlic has the function of lowering blood sugar fraction, increasing insulin, and more importantly, it has no effect on normal blood sugar level;Garlic still has the ability to promote metabolism, relieve fatigue, stimulate the digestive organs to secrete digestive enzymes, promote epithelial hyperplasia, and accelerate wound healing.

  8, black fungus: black fungus has anti-platelet aggregation, reduce blood coagulation, can reduce blood clots, prevent thrombosis, cause vascular sclerosis, but also antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, liver, blood fat, blood sugar lowering, etc.It has anti-tumor activity and has inhibitory effect on polypeptide.

  In addition to the above vegetables, the diet of diabetic patients can appropriately increase celery, rapeseed and other vegetables, are good spring health methods, which is conducive to stable blood sugar.

What is the difference between keratitis and conjunctivitis?

Does it affect vision?

What is the difference between keratitis and conjunctivitis?
Does it affect vision?

Keratitis and conjunctivitis are among the most common diseases on the ocular surface. These can be manifested as eye discomfort, tearing of the eyes, increased secretions, and congestion of the eyes. It is difficult for ordinary people to identify.

So how do you distinguish between keratitis and conjunctivitis?

Let’s take a closer look below.

What is the difference between keratitis and conjunctivitis?

First, the keratitis cornea, commonly known as “black eyeball”, is a transparent avascular tissue, the light is directed into the eye so that people can see things; and conjunctivitis occurs in the conjunctiva, that is, covering the upper and lower eyelids.And the transparent mucosal tissue on the “eye white” is rich in blood vessels.

Because the cornea is rich in nerve endings, keratitis often has eye pain and aggravation in the blink of an eye. This pain continues until the absorption subsides and is accompanied by photophobia.

Simple conjunctivitis is characterized by foreign body sensation, itching, burning sensation, etc., often without pain and photophobia.

Experts point out that keratitis is a serious blinding eye disease that can cause varying degrees of visual loss if left untreated.

Especially when the pupil area occurs in the center of the cornea, the patient’s vision loss is more pronounced.

The course of keratitis is long and the recovery is slow. If it is not controlled in time, it will further develop into corneal ulcer or even perforation, and eventually corneal transplantation may be needed.

Second, regarding conjunctivitis and conjunctivitis in addition to eye discomfort, eye tears and other symptoms, generally does not affect vision.

Acute conjunctivitis, which is commonly referred to as “red eye disease”, is mostly caused by bacterial or viral infections. It is generally self-limiting. It can be cured at 10-14 hours without treatment. It can usually be 1-3 minutes after administration.get well.

However, if it develops into chronic conjunctivitis, it is more difficult. Generally, there is no self-limiting. Patients will have itchy eyes, foreign body sensation and eye fatigue, mild congestion and a small amount of secretions. If it lasts for a long time, it will lead to conjunctival hypertrophy.
Most conjunctivitis is caused by infection with pathogenic microorganisms and is an infectious disease.

Especially in the spring and summer, people should pay special attention to eye hygiene, avoid rubbing with your hands, and do not wipe the eyes with a towel.

When a single eye is onset, care should be taken to prevent the other eye from being infected.

In general, once the eyes have symptoms such as congestion, pain or foreign body sensation, the patient should not repeat the use of eye drops, and should go to the hospital at the appropriate time for examination and rational use of the medicine under the guidance of a doctor.

15 behavioral secrets of women

15 “behavioral secrets” of women

Secret 1: Maybe women like cold men, but what she loves the most is those who are empathetic.
  Women will show those aspects that resonate with men at the beginning of their relationship, so you will soon know how much she likes strawberry ice cream, how many action movies she collects, and her unique ski skills.
However, every strong and independent girl has a soft side. It won’t be long before you find that she actually likes watching Madagascar, and likes watching overnight Korean drama on Saturday night.
  Pay more attention to her sentimental side. When this mood heats up, your tenderness and thoughtfulness are as effective as Baiyoujie.
  Secret 2: The people around her know everything about him.
  It is really difficult for a woman to bury the details and happiness of her new relationship in her heart.
No matter how hard she keeps silent, she will eventually say it.
In the early days of your relationship, you were almost everything she lived, so her friends will know the details of your love story from the phone and email, and it is updated every day.
A little careless, she will add your name to the blog’s domain name.
  If you meet one of her friends, you can ask for inside information about your stock.
  Secret 3: The more unnatural a woman is when she receives praise, the more she desires it.
  If you tell a baby how beautiful she is, she may not even blink her eyes, and she won’t make any impression on your praise.
But when you praise a woman, she blinks unnaturally, or looks away, or asks if you have smeared honey on your mouth, she is just an ordinary person.
In fact, if you say her “beautiful”, she is as precious as pure gold in her heart, and will be remembered forever.
  Praise her often, and then you will see her slowly melting towards you.
  Secret 4: Some sex tips women say she never tried?
Actually she tried it, and many times.
  Women know that even the gentlest and most sensitive man in the world, at least in the early stages of love, dominates sexuality, so at first they always underestimated their sexuality.
It wasn’t until a month or two before her firewood side was exposed in bed.
  To get her real side up early, you can make some “coincidence”, such as gently tying a tie to your bedpost.
  Secret 5: The dress that the woman dated him was bought 4 hours ago.
  Women often feel it is a mistake to wear old clothes when dating new men.
In order to go to your date, she spent at least 500 yuan to make her look more attractive.
  Pay more attention to her outfit-reach out and caress the lace on her dress, fiddle with the bow on her underwear, and unzip her leather boots-all of which will make her feel value for money.
  Secret 6: The woman groaned in excitement on the bed, half of it was fake.
  It seems that every movement and every touch of you touches her sensitive area and excitement point just right, but it’s true that the probability that a woman can reach orgasm in a short time is very low.
And most women in the early sexual relationship always have strong self-awareness, it is more difficult to concentrate on enjoying sex, so they always pretend to be excited until they are truly relaxed and used to it, naturallyReally climax.
  Don’t worry, you can do it as long as you can.
  Secret 7: Women don’t stress how successful they are when they talk about their work.
  If she says her title is not as great as it sounds, don’t believe it.
Women always seem to be humble when it comes to work. This is partly because they don’t consider the success of their careers to be their full value.
  When you introduce her like others, you should emphasize her professional excellence and get her due admiration.
  Secret 8: Women’s feelings about men are all written on their faces.
  If she likes you very much, when you walk into the room, she will look at you and smile like a fool.
If she stands up and walks towards you, that means she is completely fascinated by you.
  If you don’t want to keep a distance from her, just smile at her as she walks into the room.
  Secret 9: Women will imagine how men look like 10 years later.
  From your standing position to your waistline, she will secretly evaluate how you look years later, especially if you are older than her.What she needs to make sure is that in a few years, you won’t become an uncle with a big beer belly sitting on the sofa and watching TV.

  Tell her about some of the extreme sports you plan to participate in to calm her down and work hard to maintain the figure you need to participate in extreme sports.

  Secret 10: It takes 20 minutes for a woman to write a simple email to a man.

  Don’t think that she wrote you an e-mail in one go, change a few typos at most, and then send it to you without even looking at it.

In fact, she not only had to modify the editor, but also corrected it aloud to ensure that the letter looked concise, powerful, and natural.

  Every time you write to her, write more concisely and witty, so that her desire for you will continue to heat up.

  Secret 11: Everything a man says will become a testimony.

  In the early days of your relationship, you always felt that you could say nothing to her, that you had tried drugs, you had sexual fantasies about it, you had attended a bachelor party with your best friend, and she heard these,He behaved calmly.

In fact, she is collecting these details. If you quarrel one day, she will come up with the corresponding evidence to deal with you.

  With self-return, it is better to say to her directly, “If two people can’t treat each other frankly together, what else is necessary to maintain this so-called intimate relationship?

“Secret 12: Women are ecstatic about men’s honesty. People’s moral standards are always vibrant.

For example, most people don’t steal things, but if the cashier in the supermarket finds 5 more dollars, some people usually accept them silently.

But your girlfriend always secretly hopes that you are a man who is as honest and upright as Superman, with absolute solid moral standards.

  Do not deliberately but often do the right thing, so she will think you are a peerless good man.

  Secret 13: The woman is gathering all the clues to his ex-girlfriend.

  If possible, she will really follow your ex-girlfriend and visit her at her house to ask everything about you and why you broke up.

But after all, she is not a pervert, so she will wait for you to unintentionally reveal the bits and pieces, and then put them together and make her own judgment.

  What you have to do is simple and silent about everything you used to do with your girlfriend.

  Secret 14: Women judge men based on what they read.

  The movies you like to watch and the music you listen to will make a girl understand your personality, but what really cares about you is reading some kind of book.

If you let her see some old magazines about motorcycles or low-level horror stories on your bookshelf, you may never get the girl’s heart.

  If you want to add points to women, put more biographies, history, eastern and western philosophy, and pure literature books in the bookcase.

If you can really see some of them, it will be very beneficial to you.

  Secret 15: Women are equally afraid to commit.

  But she didn’t know it.

You can feel that she is constantly working hard to push your relationship to another level, because women are taught to do so by birth.

But deep down, she wasn’t really sure what she wanted, and she was also afraid of quitting single life.

So it often goes like this: When she becomes your formal girlfriend and considers that marriage will be the ultimate end of your relationship, she starts to feel scared.

  Using a woman’s proper method to relieve her vacillating doubts is a tight hug.