Recommended: 20 diet weight loss products

Recommended: 20 diet weight loss products

Women are 20 years old, after childbirth, and during menopause, they are most likely to hoard in the abdomen due to changes in hormones and lifestyle changes.

For these 3 age groups, experts recommend different ways to exercise your abdomen.

  According to the American Oprah Magazine, women are most likely to accumulate in the abdomen during the three periods of 20 years old, after development, and during menopause. Because of the changes in hormones and lifestyle changes in the body, sports experts have recommendedAbdominal exercise methods of different ages.

  20 years old: the skull is around the ring.

Face the slender mirror, the legs are separated from the hips, the knees are slightly curved, the hips are closed, and the chest is chest.

Draw a circle in the mirror with a dark color, keep the hip joints in motion during continuous movement, alternate between left and right, and do 5 minutes a day.

  Postpartum: The sofa is tightening.

Sit on the edge of the sofa with your feet on the floor and your hands on your abdomen.

Relax your thighs and zoom out slightly, then lower your upper body until your chest just touches the sofa cushion.

During the pressing process, the abdomen is forced to move off the ground with one foot or both feet.

Keep this position, and when you count to 10, squeeze the abdominal muscles harder.

Then, put your feet on the ground, sit up straight and relax.

In addition, you can also use a one-arm push baby stroller, stand sideways behind the stroller, and grab the handle with the hand closer to the car.

Slightly bend the spindle and raise the spindle slightly to push the stroller far away.

Then stand up straight and pull the stroller back hard.

After 5 round trips, repeat this action with the other hand.

  Menopause: muscle exercise in the core area.

Tilt and bend, put your feet on the floor, lie on your upper body, raise your calf until it is parallel to the floor, and still bend in the direction, only relax on the top, palm down.

Do not aim at the support, contract the abdominal muscles and lift it up.

  These exercises, which are not strong enough but are easy to grasp, often practice to help the stomach fight against the physiological age and maintain a fascinating tightness.

What are the fitness equipment for men?

Six essential equipment for home fitness

What are the fitness equipment for men?
Six essential equipment for home fitness

In a busy life, many men like to exercise in the up and down time to relieve their stress.

There are also more and more men choosing to exercise at home.

At home, you need to buy some necessary fitness equipment. There are many fitness equipment for men now, so what are the most suitable fitness equipment for men?

Let ‘s take a look together.

  Necessary fitness equipment 1: Medical fitness ball This kind of fitness ball with different weights is colorful and easy to use.

The main thing is that it allows you to avoid exertion on the whole body during strength training, and focus on training a few muscles.

This purposeful exercise can better train strength, softness, and loss of balance with age.

  Essential Fitness Equipment 2: Skipping Rope It can burn a lot of aunts.

For a person weighing 67.

For a 5 kg woman, skipping rope can consume 11 per minute.

A 4-calorie aunt improves cardiopulmonary vitality, physical agility, and coordination.

  Necessary fitness equipment 3: Soft ball This soft ball of vinyl material can be used to exercise strength and flexibility.

Keeping the soft body ball at home, the bodybuilder can do various contraction exercises lying on the ball; lying on the ball and sitting on the ball can exercise the strength and flexibility of different parts of the body.

If the area of the home is small and there is no place to place the big ball, you can use it to replace the chair. People sitting on the big ball can exercise strength and improve balance.

  Necessary fitness equipment 4: Reebok This is a fitness lying board and arm multi-purpose machine, it can be used to lift the fitness lying board, can also be used to practice arm strength.

  Essential Fitness Equipment 5: Smart Dumbbells Dumbbells are a very cost-effective machine. Even if they are replaced, they can also be used for multiple purposes.

The chrome steel “smart dumbbells” currently sold, as long as the digital dial of the dumbbell tip is turned, you can choose 6 different weight classes for different people to exercise.

  Essential fitness equipment 6: The biggest disadvantage of super mats for fitness at home is that they can’t get feedback from the coach in time.

The biggest selling point of the super mat is the scale above, which can help you keep your body in a straight line when practicing yoga, Pilates, leaning movements, or help you to make your own rapid progress.

When you press your legs, you can easily see if you are on the first line or if you have crossed the second line.

Five things you must pay attention to when practicing yoga

Five things you must pay attention to when practicing yoga

Guide: Five things you must pay attention to when practicing yoga.

However, many MMs will always be able to do some unnecessary movements and experiences in the process of practicing yoga, eventually leading to the effect is not achieved, but also miss their beautiful youth.

Therefore, the following five major misunderstandings must be avoided.

  Misunderstanding 1: Deliberate breathing breath penetrates the whole movement.

When a bottle of perfume is placed in front of you, you will normally inhale and exhale, but when you are reminded to smell the perfume, your breath will intensify subconsciously.

Practicing yoga also encounters the same problem. Often when it comes to breathing, the human brain becomes nervous subconsciously, making it difficult to breathe freely.

  Correction: Practice more.

Breathing can be practiced. Control your thoughts slowly. Don’t imply that you intentionally breathe.

Slowly restore the subconscious breath to a free, natural state, coordinate breathing and many body movements, and drive the movement to swim in each form.

  Misunderstanding 2: Many movements that force you to exercise yoga need to take a long time to achieve your position.

For example, a common small movement of pulling the two hands at the top can be done normally by the right arm, but it is quite difficult for the left arm to do it.

If you are impatient, force yourself to do this stiffly.

The result is that although both hands are pulled together, they are either sprained too much or their arms are painful after exercise.

  Correction: Keep the rhythm of your movements and think of assistive methods.

Practice each movement must be peaceful, you can replace a towel or yoga props to help complete.

Hold the towel in both hands and try to get closer.

Practice this one more time. After cutting, you will find that the left arm can easily achieve the effect you want.

  Misunderstanding 3: The process of practicing yoga without respect for self feelings should be a process of making yourself very relaxed and comfortable.

But when you practice, you find yourself uncomfortable, your neck is tight, or your chest is stuffy.

  Correction: self-respect.

It is important to do yoga to learn to respect yourself.

When you feel uncomfortable, it is best to stop and adjust immediately.

You should use your brain to think about why you are uncomfortable.

Neck tension may be that hands are not flat, chest tightness may be breathing is not coordinated with movement and so on.

In short, you must respect your feelings, even if the actions are not very standardized, but you must make yourself feel comfortable.

  Misunderstanding 4: I care too much about the perfection of the action because doing yoga can make the form and behavior beautiful.

So you imitate every move seriously and hope to do as well as the coach.

But after one lesson, you find yourself exhausted by the beauty and torment, without happiness.

  Correction: Recognize that yoga is not a “competitive” sport, and that “enjoying happiness and doing your best” is the best state.

Pursuing perfection deliberately makes it difficult to truly experience spiritual happiness.

The beauty of yoga is slowly achieved through continuous practice. It is a beauty from the inside to the outside. As long as you complete the basic movements in a comfortable and comfortable state, the effect is almost the same as the standard movements.
  Misunderstanding 5: Think that the movement is not in place. You think that pain is an inevitable reaction to exercise. You are afraid that the movement will not affect the effect of exercise.

Therefore, in the case of incomplete physical conditions, force yourself to do actions that are currently unattainable.

As a result, he suffered backache and back pain, and unfortunately suffered a fall sprain.

  Correct: Change your misconceptions.

Pain is not an inevitable reaction to practicing yoga.

  Tips: Many movements can be achieved as long as they are performed in a coordinated and relaxed state of the body.

It is important to exercise properly according to your physical condition, so that not only will not be easily injured, but it will also deepen the pleasure of stretching your limbs.

Newborn-specific physiological phenomena

Newborn-specific physiological phenomena

Galactorrhea: The newborn’s stomach is horizontal, with a small stomach capacity. The sphincter muscles at the entrance of the stomach are loose, but the pyloric muscles at the exit are relatively tight.Cardiac, return to the esophagus, overflow into the mouth, and flow out of the small mouth.

In addition, the neuroregulatory function of the digestive tract of the newborn is not yet perfect, which is also the cause of milk reflux.

Physiological galactorrhea does not require treatment. As long as you pay attention to care, you generally increase the age of the month and will slowly recover until it disappears.

  Epithelial beads, horse teeth, and mantis mouths: Some newborns have hard white palate on their mouths, and some white beads are visible, which are medically called epithelial beads.

Epithelial beads are caused by incomplete cell shedding, which has no effect on the baby, and will disappear on its own after a few days without treatment.

There may also be white beads on the tooth ulcers of newborns, which look like teeth that have just emerged, and some are like small teeth in the mouth of a pony. This phenomenon is commonly known as “horse teeth”.

A small pile of aunt pads, commonly known as “mantis mouths”, will accumulate on the two toes of the newborn’s mouth.

Like epithelial beads, horse teeth and mantis mouths do not need to be treated, they will disappear on their own.

  Enlarged breasts and sunken nipples: unless born to a baby or a baby, born 3?
After 5 days, the physiological phenomenon of breast swelling will appear.

There are broad beans or hawthorn-sized indurations on the touch. Squeeze gently to get milk.

Newborn breast enlargement is the result of maternal estrogen’s effect during hypertension, which is usually 2?
Can subside within 3 weeks.

Neonatal breast cancer is swollen. Do not squeeze it. If you accidentally squeeze the nipple, it will bring in bacteria, cause redness, swelling and inflammation of the breast, and may even cause sepsis.

If it is a baby girl, squeezing will cause inflammation of the mammary glands, secreting part of the mammary glands, and it will affect milk secretion in adulthood.

  Jaundice: Also called physiological jaundice of the newborn.

Neonatal jaundice may occur 72 hours after birth.

This is due to the specificity of neonatal bilirubin metabolism, which is a normal physiological phenomenon.

The serum bilirubin of term infants generally does not exceed 12 mg / dl, and temporary jaundice occurs about a week after birth, which occurs about 50%.

Serum bilirubin in premature infants generally does not exceed 15 mg / dl, and the incidence of temporary jaundice is about 80%.
Subsides naturally after 10 days.

  Physiological weight loss (collazon): The physiological weight loss of newborns is a common phenomenon in newborns.

In the first few days after birth, newborns have long sleep, weak sucking power, low feeding time and frequency, a lot of water evaporated from the lungs and skin, and a relatively large amount of fecal excretion. In addition, the mother’s milk secretion is small at the beginningTherefore, in the first few days of birth, the newborn’s weight does not increase, but instead falls. It is a normal physiological phenomenon. It is commonly known as “collapse”, and novice mothers need not worry.

In the following days, the weight of the newborn will increase rapidly.

  Physiological peeling: About two weeks after the birth of the newborn, peeling occurs.

Good baby, the tender skin starts to explode overnight, and then it starts peeling. The beautiful baby seems to be coated with a layer of paste and cracked.

This is the metabolism of newborn skin, the replacement of old epithelial cells, and the generation of new epithelial cells.

Fetal fat that is attached to the newborn’s skin at birth is replaced by metastatic epithelial cells, which results in the phenomenon of physiological peeling of the newborn and does not require treatment.

  Physiological alopecia: Some newborns have hair loss within a few weeks after birth. Most of them are hidden hair loss, that is, thick and shiny hair that gradually becomes thin, pale, and thin; very few are sudden hair loss.Hair loss occurred almost overnight.

Neonatal physiological hair loss, most will gradually recover, it is normal, mothers should not worry.

At present, there is no clear explanation for the physiological alopecia of newborns.

  Crying normally: The language of a newborn is crying. The meaning is roughly: “Mom, listen, how healthy I am!

“Medicine calls this kind of cry as a sports cry. The cry sounds frustrated, not harsh, the sound is loud, the rhythm is strong, and there is often no tears to replace.
5 times, each time shortened, extended up to 2 hours, without accompanying symptoms, does not affect diet, sleep, play normally.

If the mother touches the baby lightly, the baby will smile; if you place the baby’s small hand on its belly and shake it twice, the baby will be quiet.

When your baby is crying like this, it is better for the mother not to interrupt the baby and let the baby “speak” with you for a while, this is a good parent-child communication.

  Laugh: Newborn laughs often appear in sleep, smile slightly, or just tilt the corners of their mouths upwards.

When a newborn is awake, it is not easy to laugh or to laugh.
It is natural for a newborn to laugh.

When the newborn’s body is in the best condition, there are more laughs; when the newborn is uncomfortable, there are fewer laughs, even frowning, and crying and groaning when it is severe.

Newborns have their own emotions, sorrows and sorrows, and mothers can make preliminary judgments on their health through their expressions.

  Neonatal Pioneer Head (Tumor): Newborn babies born through the birth canal have headaches that are squeezed by the external force of the birth canal, causing scalp edema, blood stasis, congestion, partial overlapping of the skull, high and pointed head, like a “pioneer”Doctors call it “Pioneer Head”, also called neoplasia.
Newborns born by caesarean section have a round head and no obvious deformation, so there is no vanguard head.

Tumor formation is a normal physiological phenomenon and will gradually change over a few days after birth.

  Fast and slow breathing: newborns have a small chest cavity and a small amount of gas exchange, which is mainly due to the increase in the number of breaths to maintain gas exchange.

Normal newborn breathing rate is 40?
50 times.

The development of the newborn’s central nervous system is immature, and the breathing rhythm is sometimes irregular. Especially in sleep, there will be uneven breathing speed and breath hold. These are normal.

  Retina: Newborns will have sharp jaws or limbs. Novice mothers often think that this is “convulsions” and make a big problem.

Neonatal neurodevelopment is not yet complete, and it is easy to make generalized responses to external stimuli.

When a newborn hears an external sound, it is often the whole body up and down, with limbs stretched out into a hug, which is a generalized response to the stimulus.

Newborns also lack directional ability to stimulate and cannot distinguish the source of the stimulation.

Mothers can try it and touch any part of the baby lightly. The baby’s response is almost the same-the limbs are stretched out and they quickly flex to the body.

The mandible is also a manifestation of the generalized reaction, not smoking, and the mother need not be nervous.

  Facial expressions are weird: newborns will have some strange expressions that are difficult for mothers to understand, such as frowning, grinning, empty sucking, pouting, nose bending, etc. Novice moms have no experience and will think this is a “problem” for the baby.It is the normal expression of the newborn and has nothing to do with the disease.

When the baby repeatedly appears an expression, it is necessary to see the doctor in time to rule out the possibility of convulsions.

  Struggle: Novice mothers often ask the doctor that the baby is always hard, especially when he wakes up, sometimes his face flushes with red, isn’t it uncomfortable for the baby?

The baby is not uncomfortable. Instead, he is comfortable.

Newborns are blushing, that is stretching lazy waists, a kind of exercise that moves the muscles and bones, and the mother should not be surprised.

It is not necessary to hold your baby tightly, not to force the baby hard, or take the baby to the hospital.

  Frightened: The development of the newborn’s nervous system is not yet complete, and the neural tube has not been completely wrapped. When there is an external stimulus, the newborn will suddenly startle or cry.

In order to prevent the baby from being “frightened”, the mothers often wrapped the newborn’s limbs to sleep more peacefully.

But be aware that wrapping the baby for a long time is not conducive to the growth of the baby; when the baby wakes up, you should open the package; be sure not to “candle the package”-wrap the baby upright, just like a candle.

“Candle packs” are harmful to the development of newborns.

  Snoring: When a newborn is anxious or eats something wrong, it will continue to snore, and the baby is very uncomfortable.

An effective solution is that the mother hits the bottom of the baby’s feet with her middle finger, causing her to cry for a few times. When the crying stops, the snoring also stops.

If not stopped, the above method can be repeated.

  Skin erythema: Skin erythema may occur in the first few days of life of a newborn.

The erythema varies in shape and size, and is bright red in color, distributed throughout the body, mainly in the head, face, and trunk.

Newborns have discomfort, but usually disappear after a few days, rarely more than a week.

When erythema appears in some newborns, it is also accompanied by peeling.

Neonatal erythema does not pose any threat to health, and it does not need to be treated, and it will subside on its own.

  Nasal congestion, sneezing: Newborn nasal mucosa is developed, capillaries are dilated and nasal tract is narrow.

When there is secretion, nasal congestion occurs in newborns.

Novice parents need to learn to clean the nasal passages for the baby.

Newborns sneeze when they get cold when they bathe or change diapers.

This is the body’s self-protection, not necessarily a cold.

  Sweating: the palms of the newborns, the soles of the feet are easy to sweat, and the head sweats slightly when sleeping.
Because the development of the central nervous system of newborns is not yet perfect, the temperature regulation function is poor, and it is susceptible to the external environment.

When the surrounding temperature is high, babies will dissipate heat by evaporating moisture and sweating from the skin.

Therefore, mothers should pay attention to the temperature of the room and the circulation of air, and must provide sufficient water to the baby.

  Thinning and occipital alopecia: The hair quality of newborns has a great relationship with the mother’s nutrition during pregnancy.

In the infant period, the baby’s hair quality is closely related to the family genetics.
Neonatal occipital alopecia is not a unique sign of calcium deficiency in newborns. Harder pillows, iron deficiency anemia, and other malnutrition diseases can cause occipital alopecia.

Where is the dead end in friendship

Where is the dead end in friendship

Today is the third anniversary of you and your lover. The other party will give you a ring of great value. Which finger will you choose to wear?

  A: Forefinger B: Middle finger C: Ring finger D: Little finger analysis: A: Although your index finger is cold and arrogant, you ignore everything, but in fact, you know friendship very deeply.

You think friendship is more reliable than love, so you hate people who value friendship more than others.

If you meet someone who only enjoys love, you would rather give up this friendship.

  B: The middle finger means that your life is rigorous, you have a methodical way of doing things, and you hate the most inefficient people.

If the friends around you are so sloppy and disrupt your life, you will be very angry.

Because you will be suffocated to death by these indifferent attitudes, and you will not be friends.

  C: The ring finger means that you hate the most untrustworthy people. They hate them for saying things and not doing them.

If such friends appear in front of you, you will never show mercy, and refuse to take charge of them in person to let go of your anger.

  D: The little finger is just how good your friends and you are. As long as you find the other person betrayed you, you can’t stand it.

Because you can’t afford to be hurt by your friends, you will make a decisive method of making two cuts without owing each other.

What tea does it take to nourish the stomach

What tea does it take to nourish the stomach

Yangwei depends on the specific situation, if it is cold stomach, drinking green tea is not comfortable, so you still have to look at your physique.

In fact, regardless of men and women, drinking tea depends on physical fitness.

  Tea is a favorite drink, but medical experts caution: drinking tea needs to distinguish between physical fitness and proper, otherwise it is very easy to hurt.

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that people’s constitution is different from hot and debilitating, and tea leaves can be divided into cool and warm after different manufacturing processes, so tea with different constitutions is also particular about it.

People with a hot constitution should drink cold tea, and those with a debilitating constitution should drink warm tea.

  Common tea leaves are mainly divided into green tea, clear tea (including oolong tea, Tieguanyin, Dahongpao), black tea, and black tea (puer tea).

This is basically based on the degree of fermentation of tea leaves from low to high.

Generally speaking, Tieguanyin in green tea and green tea belongs to cold tea due to reduced fermentation; Oolong tea in Dacha, Dahongpao belong to neutral tea, and black tea and Pu’er tea belong to warm tea.

  Experts suggest that people who have a habit of smoking and drinking are likely to get angry, and those who are hot and have a fat body (that is, those with a hot constitution) drink cold tea; their stomachs are cold, they usually eat bitter gourds, and people with watermelon feel uncomfortable or have a discomfortThose who are weak early (that is, those with a debilitating constitution) should drink neutral tea or warm tea. The elderly are suitable for placing black tea and Pu’er tea.

However, special attention should be paid to the fact that Kuding tea has a strong cooling effect, clears heat and detoxifies, softens blood vessels, and lowers blood lipids. It is better than other teas. It is most suitable for those who are dry and hot, but those who are sweaty are definitely not suitable for this tea.

  However, the physique of modern urban people cannot be simply divided into hot and cold, and some people have both of them in terms of performance: they are fat and easy to get angry, but they will have diarrhea if they eat something cold;The human body is thinner, and the spleen and stomach are weak, but it is very hot.

This is mainly a modern urban person who has bad living habits such as smoking, drinking, staying up late, etc., which leads to the transformation of the physique, but everyone’s physique will show the main symptoms. Drinking tea should be based on the main symptoms.

  People with sub-healthy urban diseases should drink Dahongpao, black tea and Pu’er neutral and warm tea, and add milk to the tea at most, so the milk tea effect will be better.

If the blood sugar itself is not high, consider adding sugar to the tea.

There may be some people with poor absorption function, drinking milk tea may have diarrhea, then drink only cooked Pu’er tea (higher degree of fermentation), because cooked Pu’er will produce a lot of trace elements after fermentation to promote appetite and absorption.

  The characteristics of different teas: Pu’er tea: mild and mellow, it has the effects of warming the stomach, lowering blood pressure, lowering blood lipids, and long-term elimination is effective for atherosclerosis and prevention of cardiovascular disease.

  Green tea: Allergic constitution is easy to vomit when drinking green tea.

Most of China’s famous teas are green tea. Because there is no fermentation in the production process, other types of rich nutrients are high, but the chlorophyll content can also be penetrated through the gastrointestinal tract. Patients with gastric ulcers cannot drink green tea.

  Tieguanyin: Do not drink on an empty stomach.

Tieguanyin is a semi-fermented tea. It is still cold due to its short fermentation period, and its fat-reducing and digestive functions are outstanding.

But do not drink Tieguanyin on an empty stomach, otherwise, it is easy to get drunk.

  Oolong tea: It must be brewed with boiling water at 100 ℃.

Oolong tea is neither cold nor hot, but it is a kind of neutral tea, suitable for most people.

Because the tea is relatively old, it must be brewed with boiling water at 100 ℃.

  Dahongpao tea: warm but not cold does not hurt the stomach, the taste is mellow, and the aroma is strong. After the drink, the tooth tip stays fragrant and lasts forever. After brewing 9 times, there is the osmanthus fragrance of the original tea.

Why jealous women can lock men’s hearts

Why jealous women can lock men’s hearts

A few days ago there was such a news: There is a realistic version of “Wei Xiaobao” in the United Kingdom, relying on his own two money, to seduce seven women to become their “wife”.

The eldest wife is 65 years old and the youngest is 30 years old. Seven of them take turns serving the 48-year-old husband.

The reporter learned that in this bizarre family, these seven women are suffering, and the family is full of terrible jealousy and hatred . It seems to think of a recent statement from Yuan Li: “If I were a man, I would find many womenFriends, one for each type, and everyone is together.

I believe this is also the life that many men want to live in. Three wives and four wives, I think it’s good, as long as they don’t fight.

If the other way round, I would also like to be one of these women.

“Three wives and four wives is indeed a man’s dream since ancient times, but being a member of the three wives and four wives has never been a woman’s wish since ancient times.
However, in reality, some women are still unwilling to admit that they are jealous. It seems that acknowledging their fear of jealousy means admitting their infatuation and knowledge of this man.

Probably, they felt that this would devalue their worth.

A man thinks she can hold her tightly!

  In life, the weaker the woman, the harder her mouth is.

They refuse to admit their jealousy, deliberately portray their free and easy, and when it comes to anything, they always say “What’s the big deal!”

But let me tell you, the more women in this group, the more insecure they are. They are afraid of being hit, so they deliberately use strong and unruly style to disguise themselves.

Imagine that women are not afraid of jealousy?

Which woman would rather stay alone and listen to her husband and other women kissing me next door?

  The nature of love is selfishness. Love without “selfishness” is not love at all. Perhaps, Yuan Li’s remarks are to make women treat marriage as a “professional” and have enough food to eat.

But in fact, even if you treat your career, you will have inertial feelings over time. In the face of a man’s third wife and four wives, women don’t have to pretend to be so free and easy!

The more free and easy you act, the more you will reduce the guilt of the man, and the more he will feel that he can be bright and carefree, and will not harm anyone.

When men are no longer disturbed by their conscience for derailment, women’s day is really coming!

As a woman, don’t be a stupid woman with a soft heart and a tough mouth. This will only provide a strong excuse for men’s betrayal.

  Between men and women, jealousy is not hidden in the heart, jealousy is to be expressed.

The softness of a woman must be manifested, and if the other party has some scruples, you may be able to love stronger!

9 benefits of children eating coarse grains

9 benefits of children eating coarse grains

The so-called coarse grains refer to cereal foods such as millet, corn, sorghum rice, etc., in addition to polished white rice, strong flour or standard flour.

After children add supplementary food from 4-6 months, they can consider eating coarse grains.


Clean the internal environment Various coarse grains and fresh vegetables and fruits contain a lot of supplementary fiber. These plant fibers have important physiological functions such as balance, improve digestion, absorption and excretion, and play a special role as “body cleanser”.


Controlling your baby’s obesity Plasma fiber can absorb water that is several times or even dozens of times heavier than its own in the gastrointestinal tract, increase the volume and weight of the accumulation by dozens of times, and form a gel-like substance in the internal tract to produce satietyReduced eating is good for weight control.


Preventing pediatric diabetic plasma fiber can slow the absorption of sugar in the body, avoid hyperglycemia after meals, increase the body’s tolerance to sugar, and help stabilize blood sugar.

Plasma fiber inhibition inhibits the secretion of thickin and enhances the full function of the body.


Relieve the constipation suffering In the daily diet, babies who eat only fine but not thick can easily cause constipation due to plant fiber implantation.

Therefore, letting your baby eat a moderate amount of fiber-implanted food every day can stimulate tandem peristalsis, accelerate defecation, and relieve the pain caused by constipation.


Conducive to reducing the rise in the incidence of cancer among children with cancer is closely related to poor eating habits.

Bingham, a nutritionist at the University of Cambridge, UK, has analyzed and studied that the more starchy foods are consumed, the lower the incidence of colorectal cancer.


Cardiovascular protection If your baby often eats some coarse grains, plant fiber can combine with the bile acids in it, reduce the concentration of cholesterol in the blood, prevent atherosclerosis, and protect the cardiovascular function.


Prevent osteoporosis babies from eating too much meat and sweets, which will change body fluids from weakly alkaline to weakly acidic.

In order to maintain the acid-base balance of the human body environment, a large amount of calcium will be consumed, resulting in osteoporosis of the bones due to decalcification.

Therefore, eat some coarse grains, fruits, vegetables, and reconstituted bones.


It is good for skin and bodybuilding. If you eat too much meat and sweets, it will produce a lot of toxins in the process of digestion and decomposition of the gastrointestinal tract and erode the skin.

If you eat some coarse grains and vegetables often, it can cause toxin replacement, which is good for skin health.


Eating coarse grains to maintain dental health often promotes the development of the baby’s chewing muscles and gums, and can remove the dirt inside the teeth, thereby cleaning the mouth, preventing dental caries, and maintaining the effects of periodontal health.

8 secrets of lotion that few people know _1

8 little-known secrets about lotions

Lotion has become a must for our daily skin care.
But do you still have a lot of doubts about this little bottle of lotion?
Today, we will answer the lotion myths you must know.
  1.Is there a lotion step?
  Expert guidance: The three steps of cleansing, conditioning (lotion), and moisturization are inextricably linked. They are indispensable and are the most basic elements for creating beautiful skin.
  The toner can sterilize and condition the skin’s pH value, condition the cumulative damage of the tap water (hard water) to the skin, and once again remove the remaining grease, makeup and metals and chlorides in the tap water.
Therefore, lotion is not just a bottle of water, it can re-do a healthy and soft conditioning for the skin, and help the effective absorption of subsequent maintenance ingredients.
  2.Using spray lotion is more effective than general lotion?
  Expert guidance: No such statement.
  Whether it works depends on the ingredients and whether they are suitable for you.
If additional moisturizing factors are added to the spray, such as polyalcohol, hyaluronic acid or neuraminic acid, etc., spray it evenly on the face and massage with fingers, then use eye cream, essence and moisturizer.
However, if the spray contains only mineral ingredients, it should be positioned as a fresh soothing water instead of a lotion, which can be used to calm and relieve the pressure, dryness and redness of the skin at a certain moment.
  3.High-performance lotion is more effective than ordinary?
  Experts point out: high-performance lotion may not be suitable for everyone, it can have a good effect on extremely dry and aging skin, but for young skin, using general lotion is enough, otherwise high-function ingredients are not only a waste but alsoNo visible effect.
  In fact, all lotions are extended from moisturizing lotions. The difference is that some lotions have some functional ingredients added to them or their penetration is strong.
High-performance lotion usually contains more expensive biochemical moisturizing factors, such as hyaluronic acid, mucopolysaccharides, collagen, amino acids, peptides, etc., not only has high-quality moisturizing effect, but also has repair and anti-aging maintenance effects.
  4.Can I use alcohol-based lotions?
  Experts point out: Alcohol can remove oil secreted from the skin.
  On the other hand, it also has antiseptic function, and it also has sterilization effect, but to fully achieve this purpose, the concentration of alcohol needs to be as high as 60% to 70%, which is very irritating and harmful to the skin.
There are more and more non-alcoholic lotions, because many of their ingredients have the advantages of alcohol but are not irritating, especially some plant formulas, you can try it.
  5.Is there no seasonal difference in the use of lotion?
  Experts point out: In fact, it is not just when changing the seasons, whenever the condition of the skin changes, you should alternate the use of the corresponding effect of lotion.
  Moisturizing lotion can be used in winter or when the environment is dry; plant-based astringent lotion can be used in summer or when the oil is stronger; whitening or hypoallergenic lotion can be used in autumn and spring.
For acne or rough horny areas, you can use the appropriate lotion locally, but it should not be used for a long time.
  6, oil control effect lotion is a summer essential?
  Experts point out: oil control lotion is not suitable for long-term use, it will change the skin’s natural water and oil balance.
  It is recommended to be used in the T-shaped oil outlet, or use oil-control lotion during the day, and moisturizing lotion at night, so that the skin can get a breather.
  7, tapping the lotion with your hands can better absorb nutrients?
  Experts point out: The advantages of hand pats are that tapping the skin directly with your hands can help the skin effectively absorb nutrients.
  This feeling of direct contact with the skin is very kind.
Disadvantages cannot take into account every inch of skin and check skin cleanliness, and the amount is not necessarily small.
The advantages of makeup sponge can take care of every inch of dead skin and face, and check whether makeup and dandruff are left on the face.
If the lotion on the pad is still enough, you can also take care of the neck, chest and arms.
Disadvantages If the force is too heavy or the quality of the wafer is not good, it will hurt the skin.
  8. Is colorless water safer?
  Expert guidance: None of the colors of the skin care products are primary colors.
  Because all ingredients have their own colors, when they are blended together, they cannot be all beautiful white or pink, so you must add pigments to make the color of the product more uniform, but the pigments used by regular companies should bePassed inspection by relevant departments.
The only pigments that have been proven to cause sensitization are tar dyes and D & C red dyes.

Urban white-collar workers suffer from financial anxiety

Urban white-collar workers suffer from financial worries: pressure on mortgages

Three urban white-collar workers in Hangzhou are college classmates: Jing Jing is the editor of a fashion magazine, Annie is a university teacher, and Amy is seeking a job at a foreign insurance company. In the eyes of ordinary people, they are well-dressed and well-groomed. They have a decent job and a fair job.income.

“This is just a superficial phenomenon, and I feel worried every day.

“The three people who haven’t met for a long time have recently met, and Jing Jing’s troubles have aroused the resonance of two companions.

  Every day when I wake up, I think of “monthly confession” and “I always feel like I keep turning and turning, and I don’t see the end.”

Jing Jing admits that she works more than 10 hours a day and feels that it is too late.

Her worries come mainly from mortgages and education costs for her children.

  The 36-year-old Jing Jing originally lived in a 60-square-meter house in Dongshan Lane, Hangzhou. After the child was born three years ago, the housing pressure came at the same time.

“As soon as the child came out, the family’s population suddenly swelled, and the nanny invited. Adults from both sides took turns to come to help, and suddenly felt that the space was crowded.

At that time, the couple had the same goal. Buying a house requires at least a three-bedroom house.

“Jingjing regrets she didn’t see the right time,” she bought a house at the highest point.

“” I started to look at the house in May 2007. After looking at it for more than half a year, I found the house I was satisfied with. Because I wanted to be closer to the school, we chose a set of more than 130 square meters of three-bedroom second-hand houses in Century New City.The landlord insisted on 1 per square meter.

50,000 yuan, the total price of 1.95 million, after a few counter-offers, finally erased a small amount, 1.9 million transactions.

“At that time, the bank had to pay 30% of the down payment. Jingjing paid 400,000, and the remaining 1.5 million was mortgaged for 30 years.” When the bank first sent the repayment form, it took a breath.

The monthly repayment of 12,000 yuan was too stressful and I couldn’t handle it. I finally managed to settle the mortgage of the previous months. Fortunately, the bank lowered the interest rate. Now the interest rate has been reduced by 70%. After several repayments,After the payment, the principal was reduced to 1 million, but the monthly mortgage was still more than 6,000 yuan.

“” The first thing I open my eyes every day is more than 6000 yuan monthly.

Jing Jing admitted that she had carried more than one mountain.

  ”The monthly mortgage is more than 6,000 yuan, the child is 700 yuan for kindergarten, 600 yuan for a part-time job, and at least 400 yuan for taking the child out.

The cost that must be paid for a month is as high as 7,000 yuan, which has reduced the salary of one person in the family, and does not include daily expenses such as food, clothing, water, electricity, communications, and transportation.

  Jingjing’s biggest yearning now is to be “debt free.”

  Dreaming is either the Yin line or the Yang line. The monthly loan for 6000 yuan in Jingjing is included in the mortgage. The pressure on Anne’s mortgage is very light. More than 300,000 mortgages and monthly repayments of more than 2,000 yuan. This is not enough for Annie who has tens of thousands of income.what.
  However, every family has a difficult experience, Anne’s main trouble comes from stocks and funds, the cost of 5,000 points to enter the market, and half of it is still inside, which is half of her savings.

  What annoyed Anne was listening to a friend’s so-called inside information, and buying half of the money in the family to buy an Aijian stock.

  ”I heard that Aijian’s shares need to be reorganized. The maximum price is 60 yuan. If you have money, buy more.

In August 2007, when she got this “inside information”, with almost no hesitation, Annie cashed in the national debt and time deposits in advance, and all the more than 700,000 cash was deposited in the Bank of China Securities Exchange.I bought nearly 30,000 shares at the time.

“It used to go up to 32 yuan, but it’s still far from 60 yuan.

“Soon, the stock market plummeted.” Seeing that it fell below 20, fell below 10 yuan, and fell to as low as more than 4 yuan.

Others may be making up positions at this time, and I’m about to collapse.

Now even some come up, but it’s only more than 10 yuan. It’s not enough to make up, and it’s not to sell. I turn on the computer every day to see the K line, and see other stocks rising so fast. I am really anxious.

“Because of the deep set, Annie was insomnia and fell asleep stupidly. Her dream was also Aijian shares.

  Now I don’t know, should I make up a little or sell first and then buy at a low point.

It’s really troublesome. I’m afraid I will fall again after I make up, and I am afraid that I will rise if I sell it. I think how easy it would be to live without stocks.

  Carrying cash is also unsettling. Amy grabbed all of her cash. It was her savings over the years plus the profits made by falling down the house. The numbers were not small.

  ”Isn’t it saying that cash is king, you are so happy now, neither a house slave nor a stockholder. What you want to buy, just place an order.

“The two companions were jealous of death.

  ”What cash is king is not to say that Americans print banknotes, and British print banknotes. The world has started printing machines. I am just holding a small amount of money and I am worried that money is not worth it.

Amy’s words caused a laugh.

  At the end of last year, Amy sold a newly delivered house in Binjiang. “The 120m2 house was more than 7,000 square meters when it was bought in April last year. At the end of last year, it was 12,000 yuan.

Earned 600,000.  ”It seems to be making money, but it may not be.

Amy said that she originally wanted to live by herself because the property market was a bit weak in the second half of last year. She thought that it would be better to let go and wait for house prices to fall a little more, buy on dips, and earn a difference.

But now the houses in Binjiang and downtown have not fallen at all, and some have risen instead.

“I have to buy a house. I have to buy a house these days. The house looks more and more expensive these days. I am afraid that the little money in my pocket is worthless. I am worried.