What to do if a girl falls in love

What to do if a girl falls in love

The love affair is encountered by eighty to ninety percent of people, and people who are outgoing and cheerful can adjust themselves.

With a lonely character, it is easy to get to the horns of the horns, and there are many girls who commit suicide for a period of unworthy feelings.

  From this, mental health experts told the girls how to quickly get out of the shadow of broken love and find themselves again.

  First, don’t spend your time complaining.

  People in the empty window period ca n’t spend time complaining about themselves or others. They should tell themselves, “I am a mortal, and I will inevitably make mistakes. What I have to do now is to grow up from the experience of failure, and never make the same mistake.
“There are also people who are very calm when they encounter a change in love. This super adaptation is the result of trying to suppress and deny emotions.

  Second, look for support systems.

  Suddenly entering the empty window period, the well-organized life suddenly became chaotic, self-esteem, and self-confidence were very low.

In this painful and confused moment, it is extremely necessary for a close friend or psychological counselor to provide support, listening and encouragement. With these supporters, you will feel that you are still a loved and possible person.

  Third, take good care of your body.

  People in the empty window period often stay up all night playing games because of their bad mood. During this period, they need to work up to take care of themselves, carefully design and make two good dishes, rest early and ensure sleep.

This nourishes my physiology and gives me a positive hint: “I can live well alone.

Fourth, find positive hobbies.

  Finding hobbies that can support and nourish yourself, participating in reading clubs, fitness exercises, mountain climbing, etc. can not only enrich yourself in a positive way, but also contact the positive energy of the outside world, which is also very good for health care.

  A woman who has not been hurt, does not know the feeling of heartbreak, and cannot experience the other maturity brought by that painstaking experience.

When you feel heartbroken for one thing, and when you feel regretful, think about it after thinking about it three or ten years later. Is it all indifferent or even indifferent?

Take you to repair your skin


Take you to repair your skin

Has your skin ever been sensitive?

Have you ever felt overwhelmed in the face of sensitivity?

In fact, sensitivity is coming, and the skin is in a hurry. What do we need to do?

Come, let us listen to the statements of experts and beauty experts.

  Repair the skin, turn on the care button, and shield the sensitive source-redness, itching, red bloodshots. Complete Manual 1 The Causes of Sensitive Skin To really block skin sensitivity, first of all, you need to understand the real causes of skin sensitivity. Only in this way can we better helpWe reduce sensitive skin disturbances.

  Acquired factors can also trigger sensitivity-the innate factor is the primary one, and the sensitivity caused by the acquired factor is more and more prominent today.

  Causes of skin sensitization ● Congenital heredity ● Acquired secondary experts suggest that “there are many reasons for skin sensitization, but the main reason is two types of congenital heredity and acquired secondary.

Acquired factors mainly include the environment, seasonal climate, improper use of psychological and skin care products, etc., and are often caused by a combination of multiple factors. It is difficult to calculate the proportion of each factor.

-Shen Xing’s environment and psychological effects have become important factors that cause skin sensitivity-psychological factors, and work stress has become an important factor that causes skin sensitivity.

  Environmental factors ● Air pollution ● Ultraviolet ● Pollen ● Dust mite psychological factors ● Work stress ● Psychological stress experts suggest that “modern people have a lot of work pressure and their skin is often exposed to severe air pollution, plus pollen, dust, mold,Dust mites and other unclean foreign objects cause increasing symptoms of skin maladjustment. Therefore, sensitive skin is regarded as a civilized disease. The advancement of civilization and scientific and technological life have changed the original habits of human beings.Here comes such a disease.

— New causes induced by Nancy 2 sensitivity. Nowadays, urban women are increasingly relying on cosmetics to nourish their skin. It is not known that among these products that claim to be beautiful and permanent, there is a burden that the skin cannot bear.

  Improper use of cosmetics has become the biggest cause of skin sensitivity today-Improper use of skin care products has become a source of skin sensitivity that cannot be ignored nowadays.

  Causes of sensitive skin ● Pollen, seafood ● Improper use of skin care products Experts advise “Reposition, more and more medical treatment of skin lesions caused by improper use of skin care products, also caused the awareness of many dermatologists, so the moreMore and more dermatologists have their own medical advantages involved in the beauty market.

“-Shen Xing Cosmetics’ skin sensitivity rate caused by improper use of cosmetics is on the rise. Experts teach you to stay away from sensitive skin. 1 Some of the cosmetics make skin allergic.” The so-called skin sensitivity caused by cosmetics refers to someone in the cosmetics. “These ingredients cause an allergic reaction to the skin.

The skin is in the outermost layer of the body. When the skin comes into contact with certain cosmetic ingredients and produces a cellular immune response, this is called ‘allergic contact dermatitis’.

The so-called cosmetic allergies are in fact mostly irritating dermatitis, which is not an allergic reaction. This type of skin problem is caused by irritated destruction of the cuticle of the skin. For example, excessive exfoliation or the use of scrubs or easy to useIngredients that cause allergies: fruit acid, A acid, salicylic acid, etc. These ingredients can regulate skin metabolism, but the higher the concentration, the stronger the irritation, which may cause damage to the skin.

It should be used in small amounts from the lowest concentration according to the skin’s tolerance, and the time should not be too long.

-Nancy 2 sensitivity can be divided into different levels according to the severity of the symptoms. “Sensitivity can be divided into general sensitivity, poor tolerance and high sensitivity according to the severity of the symptoms. It generally manifests as stinging, itching, dry desquamation,In severe cases, it can manifest as allergies such as redness, swelling, blisters, and exudation.

For general sensitive situations, we must first avoid all irritating factors and use simplified and safe medical skin care products; when the symptoms are severe, we must go to the hospital to see a dermatologist to make a clear diagnosis and effective drug treatment. At the same time, we can also use highly sensitiveSkin formula skin care products, such as live spring water, provide soothing treatments, which can restore it again.

-Remedy for Shen Xing Cosmetics’ Allergies-Lili ‘s Xiaomi recruits cold distilled water, wet cotton to wash the face, temporarily not use fiber sponges, thick velvet towels and other rough surface cleaning appliances, otherwise it will only irritate the skin.

  Once Lulu ‘s Xiaomi Zhao has a cosmetic allergy, I will immediately cleanse my face, wash off the skin care products on my face, and then spray the face with an anti-allergy spray to relieve allergic symptoms.

  Vivilian’s Xiaomi tricks me always soak the mask in pure ice water, and then carefully cover the entire face, this can relieve the burning sensation and redness when the skin is sensitive.

  The distant Xiaomi trick, if the allergy symptoms do not subside for more than 24 hours, I will go to the hospital for treatment, because the doctor will have more solutions to allergic skin.

Aerobics at the table

Aerobics at the table

Hand movement a: The ten fingers are interlocked, calm and restful, exhaling deeply.

  b: Straighten your arms and exhale. Excessive force.

Repeat 3?
4 times.

  c: The palm of the left hand is facing down, the thumb of the right hand is extended to the left wrist, and the other four fingers are used to press down the thumb of the left hand and exhale.

Do it again and then change hands.

  d: The palm of your left hand is facing up, your fingers are straight, press your little finger down, and exhale.

Turn your wrist, clockwise and counterclockwise each 5?
10 times.

Swing your hands and relax.

  Outstanding with Shoulder Movements 1.

Put your fingers on the back of your head, put your weight in your hands and arms, press your head down, straighten your neck, and breathe deeply 5 times.


Insert your right hand into your left ear and gently hook your head so that your head is seriously to the right. Breathe deeply for 5 times. Repeat the exercise with your left hand several times.


Slowly rotate the coaxial, clockwise and counterclockwise five times each.


Raise the baseline, exhale and lower, repeat 4?
5 times.


Shake the front end 5 times forward and 5 times forward.


Look to the right and back, repeat 3?
5 times, then proceed in the opposite direction.


Sit back and relax with your arms flat on your knees, then raise your head and chest, and exercise 3?
5 times.

  The movements of the feet and feet will bend the legs and lift them parallel to the chest. Lift and lower them 5 times each to make you feel more comfortable.

Turn your feet clockwise and counterclockwise 10 times each.

Put your toes together, bend upwards, straighten downwards alternately 5 times.

Keep your feet flat on the ground and change your feet. Repeat the exercise 20?
30 times.

  Hand and Face Movements 1.

Use your fingertips to hold the top of your head and move it up and down (tap).


Use your fingertips to gently massage from your temples to your chin.


Hold your upper eyelid with your forefinger and thumb, and pull repeatedly.

Initial cheek bone massage to the eyes.

  Massage from the side of the nostril to the jaw, and then return to the original point.

Massage your jaw downwards.

Rotate the lower jaw 5 times each.

Stretch your nose and palm for whole body exercise 5 times in each direction.
Squeeze the ear bones up and down, and pull 3 times longer, then turn forward 3 times.

White-collar workers: how the office out of place

White-collar workers: how the office “out of place”

The five working women who participated in the conversation came from different industries. They were Zou Jing, a reporter for an Evening News; Chen Yue, a car magazine plan; JOY and Zhou Zhenni were two employees of the advertising company;Field staff.
See how they understand “out of place”.
  Professional women move out of the office. In the office, men are concerned about politics, and women are intentionally out of office.
  Clothing, manners, work, performance, and interpersonal reasons are all reasons and motivations.
  ”In the short term, it’s easier to get dressed and behave; in the long run, it’s mainly her ability to work and performance that sets her apart.
Especially those girls who work better than boys can easily be affirmed!
Zou Jing’s understanding of work is not superficial.
  ”Women themselves need to have character.
If her ability is not worse than that of men, why her position is lower than that of men is a social issue and a personality issue.
“Chen Yue, who is in charge of planning, has led a team of more than 20 people, and she values personality more.
  Zhou Zhenni has a unique view and concluded that “women must be in a certain position, and in addition to professional skills, they must have good interpersonal relationships.
In addition, according to my observations, the so-called strong women are often very neutral.

  何时出位最有效  “出位的本身是为了向有利于自己的方向发展,工作可能不是为了出位,但一定要做好,好的结果必然会有回报,不要为出位而不顾后果.
Zou Jing compares the relationship between work itself and position.
  When she first arrived at an advertising company, she worked overtime for ten consecutive days in order to do an unfamiliar 4A company case, and kept asking colleagues for advice.
Although she hasn’t done long at this company, the boss and the department manager have repeatedly retained when she left for personal reasons.
She feels that such work has achieved the out-of-place effect.
  The experienced Yuan Jing believes that in a new environment, don’t rush into position, but pay attention to the relationship between colleagues.
Because after having the performance and being recognized, speaking has weight.
“In the beginning, showing yourself especially would be counterproductive.
Only when there is a performance in the company can it be affirmed.
“” I like to be out of office wherever I go, either a PARTY or a party, I am a ‘outspoken’ person.
This is the character.
I haven’t noticed it myself, but what can be done may already be in place.
“Joy is” criticizing “herself:” If you get affirmation, you will be more confident.
“I want to be in place when I am out of the office.
But being out of place is also a problem.
Zhou Zhenni raised a more practical question, “As an employee, don’t be too ‘outspoken’.
The boss hopes that your position will help him solve problems and troubles. Too much position will suppress your boss and the superiority of the next level, then it will have a negative impact.
But Chen Chenyue believes that as long as one thing is completed, no matter how many people get out, it will be a positive help for himself in the future.
The advertising industry needs to be personalized, and it can’t do anything without being critical.
“Now women will intelligently choose the time to put themselves in position, and a professional woman should have this ability.
“She added.
  Cheerful JOY believes that this position is not strong. “In the beginning, when things were done, they would rub against the team, and some people would reflect that I always have different ideas from others.
Actually, I don’t mean to oppose others, but my true thoughts.
Adapt to each other and slowly integrate with the team.
“It seems that the position in the team is still a matter of adaptability.
  How to grasp the degree of success depends on the corporate culture?”To understand the company’s corporate culture, when I was in Guangzhou before, I felt that the people in the advertising company were very personal in all aspects.

Now changing to referrals will follow the corporate culture of referrals.

In addition, an appropriate degree is required for the position.

Zou Jing looks at this problem from the perspective of the enterprise.

  ”Different company cultures shape the ideas of employees.

Some companies want their employees to be better, some companies want their employees to be well-formed, some companies want their employees to have their own personalities, and some companies don’t want employees to have their own personalities.

“Chen Yue is more expected.

  If creativity is required for the job, companies will encourage it.

“People need to have personality, they must be active, they must have ideas.

The boss of the company is always looking for ways to help you realize your potential so that your design is in place or in place.

“Jenny has a relaxed working environment.

  Everyone agrees that it is beneficial to work in the expected position. Excessive position will have a negative impact.

Letting your performance be in place, without feeling “outspoken” is definitely the ideal state.

Wrong concept of eating fruit correctly

Wrong concept of eating fruit correctly

Although the fruit is good, why don’t people eat it in life?

Some experts point out that precipitation, the Chinese supplementation structure is becoming more and more westernized, and high-oil, high-conversion foods such as big fish and meat occupy the table, while the main dietary habits of traditional plant foods are quietly changing.

And some misunderstandings and doubts also prevent people from eating fruit.

Misunderstanding 1: Faster blood sugar Many people regard fruit as a “dessert” and think it is the culprit of diabetes, stay away.

However, research shows that the glycemic index of most fruits increases, such as apples, pears, peaches, apricots, plums, cherries, grapes and other fruits significantly higher than the glycemic index of steamed bread, rice, potato and other foods, suitable for patients to eat, dailyEat about 200 grams.

Even if the fruit has a high glycemic index, such as pineapple, mango, and watermelon, people with diabetes can eat 100 grams per day.

Misunderstanding 2: There are more agricultural residues. Many people worry too much about pesticide residues in the peel.

In fact, the use of highly toxic pesticides in directly imported foods such as fruits and vegetables has long been banned, and most of the low-toxic pesticides have been decomposed before consumption.

Repeated rubbing before eating fruit can effectively remove surface residues.

Misunderstanding 3: During the process of drinking fruit juice instead of fruit juice, the feeling of fullness can be enhanced, and the precipitated fibers that reduce the intake and absorption are filtered out in large quantities. Antioxidants such as vitamin C will also be damaged to a certain extent, which greatly reduces fruit nutrition.

Therefore, it is better to drink fruit than to eat fruit.

Myth # 4: In the life of superstition super fruits, people are more likely to buy those super fruits that are expensive, known as the king or queen of fruits, and ignore the local seasonal fruits. In fact, the nutritional value of fruits varies, and there should be many varieties.Eat with multiple colors.

Four Points for Eating Fruits Correctly Experts point out that fruits are nutritious and not an optional snack. Eating fruits properly should adhere to the Four Points Principle.

Quantity: One apple per day The Chinese Residents’ Guide suggests that adults should consume 200?
400 grams of fruit, ordinary apples, pears, oranges, etc. Eat 1?
2 is enough.

Collocation: The richer the better The nutrition experts said that you should pay attention to the difference in eating fruits, such as eating an apple, and then eating some strawberries, oranges, etc., can not only eat enough, but also enrich the nutrition.

Time: Experts point out that healthy people want to eat. For healthy people, there is no time limit for eating fruits.

However, for people who control weight, high blood pressure and high blood lipids, eating fruits before meals can add a lot of fiber and potassium, and can also reduce meal intake.

On the contrary, lean and malnourished people eat a lot of fruits before meals will affect appetite, it is recommended to eat after meals.

It is worth reminding that don’t eat too sour fruits such as hawthorn and persimmon when fasting in the morning, it may cause discomfort.

Choice: First season fruit experts point out that the quality of seasonal fruit is a continuous off-season product.

For the north, there were no seasonal fruits before April; strawberries were in May; 5?
Cherry, bayberry, apricot, etc. in June; 7?
August is the world of watermelons and peaches; 9?
Apple, pear, sand fruit, pomegranate, kiwi, etc. are available in October; oranges and oranges are available later.

How to regulate your baby’s sleep disorders

How to regulate your baby’s sleep disorders

It is difficult for a baby to fall asleep, and he wakes up many times in the evening. Every day, he has a top problem at home. Why does the baby have a sleep disorder?


  Sleep disorders Infants with sleep disorders, including difficulty falling asleep, waking up at night, eating at night, early and interrupted sleep cycles (ie, sleep early, wake up early; sleep late, wake up late), etc.

Sleep disorders are related to your baby’s physical, psychological, and temperament characteristics, and are the result of interactions between your own characteristics and the external environment, such as parenting styles, disturbances in the surrounding environment, and food allergies.

  Babies who have difficulty falling asleep and who wake up at night are slow to fall asleep. They need to go through a light sleep state of about 20 minutes before entering the deep sleep stage with the assistance of their parents.

I believe most parents have the experience that the baby seems to be asleep, but will wake up and cry as soon as it is put down.

This is because he has not entered deep sleep and needs more breastfeeding, soothing, patting, shaking, etc.

  At night, it is normal for a baby to wake up after a period of sleep.

If you don’t have high blood pressure or urine, you usually move a little bit and then move on to the next sleep cycle.

However, if the baby has developed the habit of being hugged, patted, shaken, or covered with nipples (pacifiers) to fall asleep, after waking up at night and discovering that the situation is not the same as when he fell asleep, he will cry until he meets the requirements. This phenomenonCalled “sleeping conditions.”

  Correction: When the baby starts crying, you can let him cry for 1-2 minutes before giving comfort, but do not pick up the baby or feed him.

If you cry again, wait longer (2-5 minutes) before giving comfort, and repeat this many times.

Don’t be distressed, stick to it, it usually works on the third night.

The baby will gradually cry from crying to weeping, and then stop crying and fall asleep by itself.

  Babies who eat at night 3-4 months old can give more positive stimulation during the day, such as talking, touching, playing, and gradually stop breastfeeding at night (including artificial replacement).

This is good for cultivating your baby’s good rest and eating habits.

Some parents think that the baby crying at night must be more and more unbearable, so they are busy feeding, but after the baby falls asleep again, his digestive system has to “work the night shift”, causing excessive urination and other conditionsWake up again.
  Correction: 1.

Let your baby eat enough before going to bed, such as milk and some rice noodles, to make the milk thicker and hungry, and try to make your baby drink less water before going to bed.


After the baby wakes up at night, feed the baby directly. Don’t worry about the baby being hungry. His main energy consumption is during the day.

If your baby is still crying, give a small amount of milk.

The milk powder should also be made a little thinner than usual, and slowly he will prolong the time of continuous sleep, thus gradually quitting the milk at night.

  Early and delayed sleep cycles Most babies sleep between 8pm and 7am.

However, some babies start to sleep in the evening, and wake up early in the morning, and some babies fall asleep and naturally wake up later than normal.

The baby sleeps early and wakes up late and wakes up late, both of which conflict with the parents ‘sleep time, which reduces the parents’ sleep time.

Over time, parents will feel very tired because of this.

  Correction: 1.

Gradually reduce the time to bed.

For babies who go to bed early and wake up early, go to bed 10-15 minutes later than the previous day, so that the wake-up time in the morning will gradually change.


Gradually fall asleep early.

For babies who wake up late and wake up late, wake up the baby 10-15 minutes earlier than the day before, so you can gradually advance his time to sleep, and at the same time, gradually adjust the time of feeding and nap during the day.

Do not arrange a nap within 4 hours before falling asleep at night to avoid difficulty falling asleep at night.

  Of course, the causes of babies’ sleep disorders include too wet or too tight diapers, uncomfortable pajamas, newborns at this time, overeating or feeling obese, and diseases.

Mom and dad need to prescribe the right medicine to do more with less.

Notes on Massage Massage 2 hours after meal

Notes on Massage Massage 2 hours after meal

Now many white-collar workers at work like to use massage to exercise, because massage is one of the easiest and more effective health care methods.

Massage can alleviate people’s fatigue at work, inhibit the growth of diseases, and promote people’s blood circulation.

So, what are the precautions for massage?

Let ‘s take a look at it together.

  Notes on massage massage Many hospitals will notice that the massage is accidental and enter the hospital for physical therapy. Orthopedic treatments often occur, and the most among them are patients with spine disease, so we recommend that people who have this symptom always be the bestDon’t use massage for health.

When massaging acupuncture points, if the technique is correct, it can reduce people’s tiredness during the work day and promote physical health.

When you are fine at home, you can also give yourself a simple massage.

  Pay attention to the following points when you are massaging massage: Wear comfortable and loose clothing, and remove all kinds of cascading jewellery; do massaging massage for 2 hours after meals, and should not be performed after obesity or overeating; women during menstruation, pregnancy, postpartum 1Within a month, do not do massage, especially waist and abdomen massage is absolutely prohibited; have internal organ diseases, malignant tumors, infectious, purulent diseases such as burns, burns, skin diseases, etc., varicose veins or thromboticPhlebitis, tuberculous arthritis and other diseases should not be treated with massage; if symptoms such as palpitation, nausea and bruising are observed, massage should be stopped immediately.

  The easiest operation: rubbing the lower abdomen and the soles of the feet helps to strengthen the spleen and stomach. The navel is where the essence is concentrated, and it is also an important acupuncture point in Chinese medicine.

There are also acupoints such as Zhongli, Guanyuan, Qihai, etc. Gently rubbing and pressing is good for adjusting human blood and improving internal organ function.

  Inserting the soles of the feet to promote blood circulation The feet are called the “second heart” of the person. Here, the acupoints are offset, and there are thousands of peripheral nerves, which are closely related to the health of various organs of the human body. The importance is self-evident.

Using hot water to bubble your feet every two or three days, every half an hour, is a very easy to reset health care method. It can apply warming and meridian to promote blood circulation.

  The most complete effect: both ears and spine rubbing both ears benefit the whole body. Traditional Chinese medicine talks about “kidneys open to the ears”, do good ear health, and have a better effect on strengthening the kidneys.

Massage the ears gently, usually with squeegee, rubbing, and pulling. The time is preferably 5 minutes, not more than 10 minutes.

Pushing your ears upwards can regulate and promote the physiological functions of the human body’s systems, which is good for strengthening your physique; rubbing your ears and rubbing them can clear the meridians, and it can play a health role in organs throughout the body.

  Push the spine to enhance immunity.

The spine and its two sides are one of the two largest meridians of the human body. The place where the meridian passes, and there are important meridians such as the liver crest and kidney crest.

Normally, the family of adolescents helps to massage the spine and back and forth from top to bottom, or from bottom to top. It can be pushed forward while pinching, or beat forward, every 5 minutes has the effect of clearing the meridians.

  The easiest thing to ignore: Pocket and front chest and armpits according to Pocket Ningshen Wide Heart Chest Chinese medicine believes that there is an important acupuncture point at the pocket, called Jiquan. Acupuncture or massage Jiquan has the effect of wide chest Ningshen.

There are two methods of massage, one is kneading.

With your right index finger, middle finger and ring finger, massage the arm sockets clockwise, then counterclockwise 15 times each, and then change the left hand to massage the arm sockets for 3?
5 minutes.

The second is to pluck, raise the elbow arm, put the thumb of the other hand on the shoulder joint, and flick the bottom of the arm with your middle finger. You can change the rhythm quickly and slowly, and alternate left and right.

  Photographing the front chest to improve lung function The front chest is where the human yin meets. Doing good health care on the chest can not only achieve the effect of wide middle qi, but also improve the lung function and improve the resistance of the body.

Use the virtual palm to pat lightly for health care. Put your five fingers close together, the palm of your hand is hollow, and aim at the sternum in the middle of the front side.

3 at a time?
5 times, stop for about 10 seconds, 3 times a day?
5 minutes.

  Through the above sharing, we realize that massage cannot be performed blindly, and we need to understand the relevant knowledge before performing massage.

Oral: How to achieve bodybuilding of teeth

Oral: How to achieve bodybuilding of teeth

In the United States, Sweden and other extensions, the popular slogan is “Dental bodybuilding makes you more attractive.”

  Supplements, bodybuilding of teeth, jaw and face are an important window to increase your charm.

As the saying goes.

Heart of beauty in everyone.

Beauty is people’s pursuit and people’s enjoyment.

US President Reagan, because of the needs of the President of Congress, has undergone cosmetic surgery, Westerners see him as an example of the pursuit of beauty.

The beauty of the human body in social life is certainly the most important.

Ancient China has long been described as “Xishi Shi, Zhao Jun, sinking fish and falling geese; Diao Chan, jade ring, closed moon ashamed flower” description.

The appearance of the human body is the only part of the human body that cannot accept any cloak. It can timely reflect the psychological state and emotional changes of the human body, and is also the best starting point for the aesthetic effect.

Teeth and maxillofacial are important components of the face. The bodybuilding of the teeth and maxillofacial means the teeth, conferring the health and beauty of the face.

  The World Health Organization has set standards for oral health.

Requires clean teeth, no cavities, no pain, normal gum color, and no bleeding.

It should be clear: the health of the teeth and jaws is the foundation of beauty and a substitute for beauty. Bodybuilding, bodybuilding, how can you talk about beauty without health?

Most contemporary people do not like Lin Daiyu’s morbid beauty.

Today’s people’s demand for medicine: Not only is it expected that “preventive medicine” can prevent people from disease and enhance their physique, but also that it can maintain the natural beauty of the human body.

Not only is it hoped that “clinical medicine” can save lives and relieve pain, but also hopes that it can repair the natural beauty of the human body.

So how can we achieve the bodybuilding of teeth and jaw face?

  (1) To break through the restricted area and emancipate the mind, “the body and skin are the parents”, to change the old concept that the appearance brought from the mother’s womb is treasonable, but to establish a new idea that is justified and reasonable to pursue beauty

  (2) Pay attention to oral hygiene and develop a good habit of brushing teeth and rinsing.

Carry out regular oral health checkups and actively prevent oral diseases; in the daily life, improve your aesthetic ability, accumulate aesthetic experience, and realize your desire to be beautiful.

  (3) Once an oral disease is found, it should be diagnosed and treated in a timely manner. During the process of filling teeth, dental implants, orthodontics and maxillofacial surgery, not only the cure of the disease, but also the psychological requirements of the patient’s beauty, and a more beautiful appearance than before.

Solutions to Internet Addiction

Solutions to Internet Addiction

1. Close the door to real life, curl up alone in the hut, surf in the virtual network world, and replace electronic communication with human peers!

  Solution: For internet addicts, even throwing a computer into the toilet will not help. Therefore, in your life, you should use a reasonable and balanced connection, use the Internet less, and communicate with family and friends.

  2, eat all day long, do not pay attention to exercise, soaked in the computer all day!

  Solution: Do 3 every week?
4 aerobic exercises, every 20?
30 minutes, jogging, walking and cycling works well.

  3, in front of the computer, keep eating some snacks with high nanometers such as chocolate and pizza!

  Solution: When indulging in front of the computer, eat more foods that are good for the brain and nutritious, such as apples, cabbage, soy products, etc.

  4. Develop a bad habit of tolerating coffee, alcohol, etc. to pass the time online!

  Solution: Do not spoil your body, try not to drink alcohol and coffee for a long time, and choose some health drinks that increase energy and relax your mood.

  5. “Online lover” destroys the intimate relationship between men and women. Solution: Internet communication is mysterious without excessive demands. If you find this kind of threat from the Internet, please review that your partner from onlineWhether you get what you lack in your life.

But your partner is really drowsy and can’t extricate himself. You must “help each other!”

  6. A humpback solution appeared: change the sitting position, use a straight-back chair, and adjust the position of the computer monitor so that you do n’t bend your neck to surf the Internet.

  7, excessive use of eyes, resulting in decreased vision!

  Solution: It is recommended to often walk outdoors, or stand in front of the window every hour, and use eye drops to relieve visual fatigue.

  8, too addicted to the Internet, work at risk!

  Solution: Strict self-control and establish the consciousness of “work is work, play is play”.

  9, revel in online pornography, which contains porn games and obscene chat rooms!

  The solution: Seriously review your own implementation and leave the “spiritual opium” early. If it is transmitted and downloaded, it will be punished by law.

  10. Dissatisfaction with the status quo is vented through unrealistic online life!

  Solution: Discover the real cause of addiction to the Internet, and apply the right medicine to restore normal real life.

Top ten tips for men dealing with burning girlfriends

Top ten tips for men dealing with burning girlfriends

The first trick: There are girlfriends of this type in Cunning Rabbit Cave. If you carry cash on your body, it is as dangerous as a bomb tied up. Hurry to take the money to buy a house, stocks, bonds, long-term fixed deposit, it is best to open the wallet and have only small changeYou can also tell her that you are planning for the long-term future.

  The second trick: Ninja Turtle fled the payment site quickly. Before the waiter comes to pay the bill, you will suddenly have a stomachache and go to the toilet for a long time. You may also contact the company boss’s important phone number and ask her to pay the bill. You pay half of her, To develop the habit of paying for herself.

Don’t be embarrassed, be patient.

  The third trick: change to zero without big bills, just bring small change, even small bills of fifty yuan will work, and it is best to fishmongers, vegetable vendors find you wrinkled old fishy notes, letYour girlfriend is embarrassed when paying. Maybe in the future, she will attract sanctions from the clerk.

  The fourth measure: credit guarantee resets the credit card demagnetization.

If you swiped the card casually, when the credit card was returned, the clerk faced him innocently and asked him, “Do you accept phone cards?

“So, my girlfriend doesn’t pay for it, okay?

  Fifth trick: Do n’t go anywhere where it ‘s dangerous to spend a lot of money. If your girlfriend wants to visit a department store, you are advised to go to an art exhibition or visit the countryside.Clear porridge side dishes, girlfriends want to buy cosmetics, said: “Natural is beautiful!

Anyway, it’s a place to spend money away from the abyss of sin.

  Sixth trick: The miserable world takes her to an African refugee camp, or visit a homeless home.

  Seventh trick: The mainland miracle judging machine promotes the tragedy of eating sweet potatoes in the past, telling her the story of diligence, and at the same time beautifying the diligent woman, how to get the awareness of men (of course, it is one thing, men chooseThe subject is still pleasing to the eye).

  The eighth trick: to destroy the imaginary girlfriend ‘s purchase is your enemy. When the enemy is eliminated, so when the girlfriend starts to want to buy something, he shouts, “This is ugly”, “That ‘s no taste”,”Not for you” to break down the girlfriend’s shopping interest.

  Ninth trick: Scorched earth tactics, you can also buy some, and let her accompany you for a month of instant noodles.

  Tenth trick: The plan of the grief soldiers to work at McDonald’s and work on night shifts. Those who originally drove RVs changed to riding motorcycles, changing bikes on motorcycles, and walking on bicycles, and then constantly told her how hard you worked and let your girlfriendKnow the price you paid for her money.

  I went to work at McDonald’s and worked on the night shift. The person who originally drove the motorbike changed to riding a motorcycle, changing the bike by motorcycle, and walking instead of cycling, and then kept telling her how hard you worked, and let your girlfriend know that you had enough money to make money for her.cost.
  Finally, I want to remind you that the above ten tricks should be used alternately and in a flexible manner, because if you keep using the eighth trick to destroy, in the end, even if your girlfriend does not abandon you, you will find a friend alone and scold you while you work hard”You’re stingy, have no taste, no personality”, and then the more you buy, the happier you are, and the more you curse, the smoother it becomes.