Urban white-collar workers suffer from financial anxiety

Urban white-collar workers suffer from financial worries: pressure on mortgages

Three urban white-collar workers in Hangzhou are college classmates: Jing Jing is the editor of a fashion magazine, Annie is a university teacher, and Amy is seeking a job at a foreign insurance company. In the eyes of ordinary people, they are well-dressed and well-groomed. They have a decent job and a fair job.income.

“This is just a superficial phenomenon, and I feel worried every day.

“The three people who haven’t met for a long time have recently met, and Jing Jing’s troubles have aroused the resonance of two companions.

  Every day when I wake up, I think of “monthly confession” and “I always feel like I keep turning and turning, and I don’t see the end.”

Jing Jing admits that she works more than 10 hours a day and feels that it is too late.

Her worries come mainly from mortgages and education costs for her children.

  The 36-year-old Jing Jing originally lived in a 60-square-meter house in Dongshan Lane, Hangzhou. After the child was born three years ago, the housing pressure came at the same time.

“As soon as the child came out, the family’s population suddenly swelled, and the nanny invited. Adults from both sides took turns to come to help, and suddenly felt that the space was crowded.

At that time, the couple had the same goal. Buying a house requires at least a three-bedroom house.

“Jingjing regrets she didn’t see the right time,” she bought a house at the highest point.

“” I started to look at the house in May 2007. After looking at it for more than half a year, I found the house I was satisfied with. Because I wanted to be closer to the school, we chose a set of more than 130 square meters of three-bedroom second-hand houses in Century New City.The landlord insisted on 1 per square meter.

50,000 yuan, the total price of 1.95 million, after a few counter-offers, finally erased a small amount, 1.9 million transactions.

“At that time, the bank had to pay 30% of the down payment. Jingjing paid 400,000, and the remaining 1.5 million was mortgaged for 30 years.” When the bank first sent the repayment form, it took a breath.

The monthly repayment of 12,000 yuan was too stressful and I couldn’t handle it. I finally managed to settle the mortgage of the previous months. Fortunately, the bank lowered the interest rate. Now the interest rate has been reduced by 70%. After several repayments,After the payment, the principal was reduced to 1 million, but the monthly mortgage was still more than 6,000 yuan.

“” The first thing I open my eyes every day is more than 6000 yuan monthly.

Jing Jing admitted that she had carried more than one mountain.

  ”The monthly mortgage is more than 6,000 yuan, the child is 700 yuan for kindergarten, 600 yuan for a part-time job, and at least 400 yuan for taking the child out.

The cost that must be paid for a month is as high as 7,000 yuan, which has reduced the salary of one person in the family, and does not include daily expenses such as food, clothing, water, electricity, communications, and transportation.

  Jingjing’s biggest yearning now is to be “debt free.”

  Dreaming is either the Yin line or the Yang line. The monthly loan for 6000 yuan in Jingjing is included in the mortgage. The pressure on Anne’s mortgage is very light. More than 300,000 mortgages and monthly repayments of more than 2,000 yuan. This is not enough for Annie who has tens of thousands of income.what.
  However, every family has a difficult experience, Anne’s main trouble comes from stocks and funds, the cost of 5,000 points to enter the market, and half of it is still inside, which is half of her savings.

  What annoyed Anne was listening to a friend’s so-called inside information, and buying half of the money in the family to buy an Aijian stock.

  ”I heard that Aijian’s shares need to be reorganized. The maximum price is 60 yuan. If you have money, buy more.

In August 2007, when she got this “inside information”, with almost no hesitation, Annie cashed in the national debt and time deposits in advance, and all the more than 700,000 cash was deposited in the Bank of China Securities Exchange.I bought nearly 30,000 shares at the time.

“It used to go up to 32 yuan, but it’s still far from 60 yuan.

“Soon, the stock market plummeted.” Seeing that it fell below 20, fell below 10 yuan, and fell to as low as more than 4 yuan.

Others may be making up positions at this time, and I’m about to collapse.

Now even some come up, but it’s only more than 10 yuan. It’s not enough to make up, and it’s not to sell. I turn on the computer every day to see the K line, and see other stocks rising so fast. I am really anxious.

“Because of the deep set, Annie was insomnia and fell asleep stupidly. Her dream was also Aijian shares.

  Now I don’t know, should I make up a little or sell first and then buy at a low point.

It’s really troublesome. I’m afraid I will fall again after I make up, and I am afraid that I will rise if I sell it. I think how easy it would be to live without stocks.

  Carrying cash is also unsettling. Amy grabbed all of her cash. It was her savings over the years plus the profits made by falling down the house. The numbers were not small.

  ”Isn’t it saying that cash is king, you are so happy now, neither a house slave nor a stockholder. What you want to buy, just place an order.

“The two companions were jealous of death.

  ”What cash is king is not to say that Americans print banknotes, and British print banknotes. The world has started printing machines. I am just holding a small amount of money and I am worried that money is not worth it.

Amy’s words caused a laugh.

  At the end of last year, Amy sold a newly delivered house in Binjiang. “The 120m2 house was more than 7,000 square meters when it was bought in April last year. At the end of last year, it was 12,000 yuan.

Earned 600,000.  ”It seems to be making money, but it may not be.

Amy said that she originally wanted to live by herself because the property market was a bit weak in the second half of last year. She thought that it would be better to let go and wait for house prices to fall a little more, buy on dips, and earn a difference.

But now the houses in Binjiang and downtown have not fallen at all, and some have risen instead.

“I have to buy a house. I have to buy a house these days. The house looks more and more expensive these days. I am afraid that the little money in my pocket is worthless. I am worried.