Looking down on mobile phones is dangerous!

Wholesome neck exercise

Looking down on mobile phones is dangerous!
Wholesome neck exercise

In today’s society, more and more bow-headed people are holding mobile phones all the time, and many people recognize mobile phones.

The occasion when these people play mobile phones is totally beyond imagination. When driving, eating, going to the toilet, or even walking, they are looking down at the mobile phone.

This kind of behavior can cause huge damage to people’s cervical spine and neck.

Gradually there will be some who find you unknowingly, and the consequences of these effects on your health are silent, subtle, and you must pay attention to it, and do n’t look down and play with your phone all the time.

At the same time, do some appropriate actions to protect the cervical spine.

Do you know how harmful it is to play with your mobile phone while looking down? Let me talk about the dangers and exercise methods of playing with your mobile phone. Let’s take a look together!

  It is too harmful to play with a mobile phone. When we do not lower our head, the neck is in a straight line with the head. The neck bears the pressure of the head at 4-5kg. This posture will make people feel very relaxed.

  The neck slowly moved forward, and the pressure of the cervical spine appeared: when the neck and the head showed 15 degrees, the pressure on the cervical spine was about 12 kg; when the neck and the head showed 30 degrees, the pressure on the cervical spine was about 18 kg; When making a 45-degree posture, the cervical spine may be under 22kg of pressure.

  It is precisely such “tilt” movements in different postures that can damage the cervical spine.

When playing with a mobile phone, it is very easy to show a 45-degree lowered head. Continuously doing this may cause double cervical injuries.

  High neck pressure may follow!

  When the above facts appear, this incorrect posture will compress the nerves. If you lower your head for two consecutive hours while playing with your mobile phone, you will experience tension headaches; in the process of playing your phone with your head down, it will affect your vital capacity and cardiovascular health; Long time playing with a mobile phone will cause chronic muscle strain, hurt the lumbar spine, and cause herniated discs.

  Of course, the most important thing is that the neck is continuously extended forward, which has an impact on the shape of the entire person.

If you look down and play with your mobile phone for a long time, you will feel very painful shoulder joints, which will cause fasciitis in your neck and shoulders.

Yes, we can play less with mobile phones; implantation can do some healthful movements, constantly improve neck stiffness and relieve soreness.

  Neck exercise 1 together. When playing with your mobile phone for a while, you can stand up and massage your neck, which can relieve neck stiffness.

Tap your palm lightly on the neck, or press your palm firmly against the neck.

  2. Stand straight and do the chin-up action. At this time, the neck feels stretched.

When the chin is retracted, the chin moves horizontally backward.

  3. Exercise your back. This movement is more common in yoga.

Kneel on the carpet, hands forward.

When breathing, the back begins to stretch, and then inhales to collapse.

This kind of movement is mainly to avoid back and stiff lumbar spine.

  4, chest expansion exercise, when doing broadcast gymnastics, there is a chest expansion exercise, this time does not prevent doing something.

The chest expansion exercise can exercise the thoracic spine, and it can also open the thoracic spine. Secondly, during this exercise, the shoulder can be stretched to prevent shoulder disease.

  Persevering in this exercise can also strengthen the strength of the back end, enough to stretch the back axially, and also greatly improve the body, which will be better for shaping the body.