There is some kind of medicinal recipe for thermal retina

There is some kind of medicinal recipe for thermal retina

(1) Southern apricot and sangbai pig lungs: 20 grams of southern almonds, 15 grams of mulberry white skins, and about 250 grams of pig lungs. The pig lungs are cut into pieces, and they are repeatedly squeezed and washed to remove the foam in the trachea.Soak and peel, wash mulberry skin, place in a clay pot, add water to a boil, cook with oil and salt, and drink in portions.

  (2) Lugan Zhuru porridge: 150g of fresh reed root (halved for dried people), 15g of Zhuru, 3 slices of ginger, 100g of rice, wash the reed root and cut into sections, fry it with Zhuru and use the juiceCook with rice to make porridge. Porridge will be ready. Add ginger and cook a little. Season with oil and salt. Serve twice.
5 times.

  (3) Lily ginkgo soup: 10 grams each of lily and ginkgo (husking kernels), wash the two flavors, cook with water, warm, 2 times a day.

  (4) Yuzu peel lily soup: 50g of lily, 150g of fresh grapefruit peel, wash the first two flavors, and fry for 2?
3 hours to rotten, add 50g of sugar, each dose divided into 3 times, 1 dose / day, 3 times a course of treatment.

Avoid radishes, fish and shrimp.

  (5) Toad eggs: 1 egg (preferably under white chicken), 1 live toad (toad), fill the egg in the mouth of the toad and force it to swallow it, then wrap it with kraft paper and threadWell, cover it with two yin and yang tiles. Put a half-finger thick mud on the outside and cook in the oven.

When the mud is dry and the eggs are cooked, the tiles are lifted, the toad is cut to remove the eggs, and the egg shells are eaten. Then, drink a small amount of rice wine.

Normally 1?
2 times, you can see results.

  (6) Beili Qingfei Dingchuan cream: Chuanbei, gypsum, 30g each of orange red, 6 Sydneys, 13g of Hu, 20g of almonds, 10g of licorice, 100g of winter melon sticks, 150g of rock sugar, suitable amount for white staff

First, gypsum, almonds, edible husks, and licorice are fried in a bowl of clear water with two and a half bowls of medicinal juice. Set aside, then cut the melon sticks into small pieces, crushed Chuan Fritillary, grind the orange and red into fine powder, peel and smash the pears.Add a small amount of white staff water.

Pour each flavor and medicinal juice together into a large bowl and stir well. Steam for 1 hour under water to make a viscous paste. Take 1 tablespoon each time and eat in multiple portions.