8 secrets of lotion that few people know _1

8 little-known secrets about lotions

Lotion has become a must for our daily skin care.
But do you still have a lot of doubts about this little bottle of lotion?
Today, we will answer the lotion myths you must know.
  1.Is there a lotion step?
  Expert guidance: The three steps of cleansing, conditioning (lotion), and moisturization are inextricably linked. They are indispensable and are the most basic elements for creating beautiful skin.
  The toner can sterilize and condition the skin’s pH value, condition the cumulative damage of the tap water (hard water) to the skin, and once again remove the remaining grease, makeup and metals and chlorides in the tap water.
Therefore, lotion is not just a bottle of water, it can re-do a healthy and soft conditioning for the skin, and help the effective absorption of subsequent maintenance ingredients.
  2.Using spray lotion is more effective than general lotion?
  Expert guidance: No such statement.
  Whether it works depends on the ingredients and whether they are suitable for you.
If additional moisturizing factors are added to the spray, such as polyalcohol, hyaluronic acid or neuraminic acid, etc., spray it evenly on the face and massage with fingers, then use eye cream, essence and moisturizer.
However, if the spray contains only mineral ingredients, it should be positioned as a fresh soothing water instead of a lotion, which can be used to calm and relieve the pressure, dryness and redness of the skin at a certain moment.
  3.High-performance lotion is more effective than ordinary?
  Experts point out: high-performance lotion may not be suitable for everyone, it can have a good effect on extremely dry and aging skin, but for young skin, using general lotion is enough, otherwise high-function ingredients are not only a waste but alsoNo visible effect.
  In fact, all lotions are extended from moisturizing lotions. The difference is that some lotions have some functional ingredients added to them or their penetration is strong.
High-performance lotion usually contains more expensive biochemical moisturizing factors, such as hyaluronic acid, mucopolysaccharides, collagen, amino acids, peptides, etc., not only has high-quality moisturizing effect, but also has repair and anti-aging maintenance effects.
  4.Can I use alcohol-based lotions?
  Experts point out: Alcohol can remove oil secreted from the skin.
  On the other hand, it also has antiseptic function, and it also has sterilization effect, but to fully achieve this purpose, the concentration of alcohol needs to be as high as 60% to 70%, which is very irritating and harmful to the skin.
There are more and more non-alcoholic lotions, because many of their ingredients have the advantages of alcohol but are not irritating, especially some plant formulas, you can try it.
  5.Is there no seasonal difference in the use of lotion?
  Experts point out: In fact, it is not just when changing the seasons, whenever the condition of the skin changes, you should alternate the use of the corresponding effect of lotion.
  Moisturizing lotion can be used in winter or when the environment is dry; plant-based astringent lotion can be used in summer or when the oil is stronger; whitening or hypoallergenic lotion can be used in autumn and spring.
For acne or rough horny areas, you can use the appropriate lotion locally, but it should not be used for a long time.
  6, oil control effect lotion is a summer essential?
  Experts point out: oil control lotion is not suitable for long-term use, it will change the skin’s natural water and oil balance.
  It is recommended to be used in the T-shaped oil outlet, or use oil-control lotion during the day, and moisturizing lotion at night, so that the skin can get a breather.
  7, tapping the lotion with your hands can better absorb nutrients?
  Experts point out: The advantages of hand pats are that tapping the skin directly with your hands can help the skin effectively absorb nutrients.
  This feeling of direct contact with the skin is very kind.
Disadvantages cannot take into account every inch of skin and check skin cleanliness, and the amount is not necessarily small.
The advantages of makeup sponge can take care of every inch of dead skin and face, and check whether makeup and dandruff are left on the face.
If the lotion on the pad is still enough, you can also take care of the neck, chest and arms.
Disadvantages If the force is too heavy or the quality of the wafer is not good, it will hurt the skin.
  8. Is colorless water safer?
  Expert guidance: None of the colors of the skin care products are primary colors.
  Because all ingredients have their own colors, when they are blended together, they cannot be all beautiful white or pink, so you must add pigments to make the color of the product more uniform, but the pigments used by regular companies should bePassed inspection by relevant departments.
The only pigments that have been proven to cause sensitization are tar dyes and D & C red dyes.