White-collar workers: how the office out of place

White-collar workers: how the office “out of place”

The five working women who participated in the conversation came from different industries. They were Zou Jing, a reporter for an Evening News; Chen Yue, a car magazine plan; JOY and Zhou Zhenni were two employees of the advertising company;Field staff.
See how they understand “out of place”.
  Professional women move out of the office. In the office, men are concerned about politics, and women are intentionally out of office.
  Clothing, manners, work, performance, and interpersonal reasons are all reasons and motivations.
  ”In the short term, it’s easier to get dressed and behave; in the long run, it’s mainly her ability to work and performance that sets her apart.
Especially those girls who work better than boys can easily be affirmed!
Zou Jing’s understanding of work is not superficial.
  ”Women themselves need to have character.
If her ability is not worse than that of men, why her position is lower than that of men is a social issue and a personality issue.
“Chen Yue, who is in charge of planning, has led a team of more than 20 people, and she values personality more.
  Zhou Zhenni has a unique view and concluded that “women must be in a certain position, and in addition to professional skills, they must have good interpersonal relationships.
In addition, according to my observations, the so-called strong women are often very neutral.

  何时出位最有效  “出位的本身是为了向有利于自己的方向发展,工作可能不是为了出位,但一定要做好,好的结果必然会有回报,不要为出位而不顾后果.
Zou Jing compares the relationship between work itself and position.
  When she first arrived at an advertising company, she worked overtime for ten consecutive days in order to do an unfamiliar 4A company case, and kept asking colleagues for advice.
Although she hasn’t done long at this company, the boss and the department manager have repeatedly retained when she left for personal reasons.
She feels that such work has achieved the out-of-place effect.
  The experienced Yuan Jing believes that in a new environment, don’t rush into position, but pay attention to the relationship between colleagues.
Because after having the performance and being recognized, speaking has weight.
“In the beginning, showing yourself especially would be counterproductive.
Only when there is a performance in the company can it be affirmed.
“” I like to be out of office wherever I go, either a PARTY or a party, I am a ‘outspoken’ person.
This is the character.
I haven’t noticed it myself, but what can be done may already be in place.
“Joy is” criticizing “herself:” If you get affirmation, you will be more confident.
“I want to be in place when I am out of the office.
But being out of place is also a problem.
Zhou Zhenni raised a more practical question, “As an employee, don’t be too ‘outspoken’.
The boss hopes that your position will help him solve problems and troubles. Too much position will suppress your boss and the superiority of the next level, then it will have a negative impact.
But Chen Chenyue believes that as long as one thing is completed, no matter how many people get out, it will be a positive help for himself in the future.
The advertising industry needs to be personalized, and it can’t do anything without being critical.
“Now women will intelligently choose the time to put themselves in position, and a professional woman should have this ability.
“She added.
  Cheerful JOY believes that this position is not strong. “In the beginning, when things were done, they would rub against the team, and some people would reflect that I always have different ideas from others.
Actually, I don’t mean to oppose others, but my true thoughts.
Adapt to each other and slowly integrate with the team.
“It seems that the position in the team is still a matter of adaptability.
  How to grasp the degree of success depends on the corporate culture?”To understand the company’s corporate culture, when I was in Guangzhou before, I felt that the people in the advertising company were very personal in all aspects.

Now changing to referrals will follow the corporate culture of referrals.

In addition, an appropriate degree is required for the position.

Zou Jing looks at this problem from the perspective of the enterprise.

  ”Different company cultures shape the ideas of employees.

Some companies want their employees to be better, some companies want their employees to be well-formed, some companies want their employees to have their own personalities, and some companies don’t want employees to have their own personalities.

“Chen Yue is more expected.

  If creativity is required for the job, companies will encourage it.

“People need to have personality, they must be active, they must have ideas.

The boss of the company is always looking for ways to help you realize your potential so that your design is in place or in place.

“Jenny has a relaxed working environment.

  Everyone agrees that it is beneficial to work in the expected position. Excessive position will have a negative impact.

Letting your performance be in place, without feeling “outspoken” is definitely the ideal state.