[A kind of fruit sparkling wine is delicious]_Nutrition value_Assumption

[A kind of fruit sparkling wine is delicious]_Nutrition value_Assumption

Traditional products are abundant and there are many varieties of fruits. In some areas, when the seasonal fruits come down, they will be used to make wine for health.

The fruits that can be used for sparkling wine are mulberry, plum, grape, etc. The wines made from different fruits are different in color, nutrition, and taste.

Let’s introduce the knowledge about fruit sparkling drinks.

Fruit sparkling wine: 1.

Hawthorn wine: slightly warm, sweet and sour.

Can relieve fatigue, restore physical strength, nourish spleen and appetite, relieve diarrhea, smooth air, reduce blood pressure, spalling, and prevent cancer.

Treatment of chest and abdomen bloating tightness, meat accumulation, diarrhea, sore ringworm.


Mulberry wine: flat and sweet.

Can make up the five internal organs, eyes and eyes, black hair.

Governing the body is debilitating, dizzy, tinnitus, astringent, yin deficiency, nocturnal emission, must be early white, edema.

Mulberry wine can be used to lower blood pressure, blood sugar, and blood lipids. The fatty acids it contains have the effect of decomposing fat and lowering blood lipids, and can prevent or improve vascular sclerosis and enhance vascular diseases.


Chrysanthemum wine: cooler in nature, sweet and bitter.

Can strengthen the body, adjust vitality, clear the boss, Cong ears, detoxify the poison, and remove paralysis.

Treat headaches, dizziness, tinnitus, and upset in summer heat.


Grape sparkling wine: Wash the purple grapes and dry them a little. Peeled and peeled is white wine, unpeeled and cut, it is red wine.

Apple sparkling wine, pear sparkling wine, litchi sparkling wine, longan sparkling wine, melon sparkling wine, pineapple sparkling wine are best stored separately.


Lycium barbarum: nourishing kidney and refining essence, nourishing liver and eyesight, nourishing blood and soothe nerves, nourishing thirst, nourishing lungs and coughing.

5. Cinnamon Xin, Gan, Hot, Guiren, Spleen, Heart, Liver Meridian; it has the effects of nourishing the fire and helping the yang, igniting the fire, returning to the source, dispersing the cold and relieving pain, and promoting blood circulation.

Lemon sparkling wine: lemon sweet and sour, calm, enter the liver, stomach meridian; have the effect of resolving phlegm, relieving cough, regenerating, and strengthening the spleen; treating bronchitis, whooping cough, vitamin C deficiency, heatstroke, anorexia


Myrica rubra: in the summer season, it will feel refreshing, refreshing, and even relieve diarrhea.

Myrica rubra is not only high in potassium, but also too much myricetin. This substance can well promote even the health of the heart, and thus has a very effective diuretic effect.

In addition, bayberry wine can also treat some rheumatic diseases, especially arthritis.

In normal life, you should take more bayberry wine in an appropriate amount. This can reduce cholesterol content, high blood pressure and blood lipid content, improve the effect of regulating qi and blood circulation, and better promote the body to recover health.


Cider: Shujin active, helps to remove excess salts caused by arteriosclerosis and urolithiasis in the human body, and can also lower blood lipids.


Pear wine: remove the fire and prevent radiation, but many are dissolved by alcohol, the effect is not particularly obvious.

10. Cherry wine: June is the season when the cherries are fresh. At this time, it is very good to drink some cherry wine.

Cherry wine contains higher protein, sugar, phosphorus, carotene, and vitamin C. Drinking cherry wine often can make the skin rosy, white, delicate, shiny, wrinkle-removing, anti-aging and anti-aging.

For those white-collar workers who have faced computer for a long time, people who are prone to dry eyes and tired eyes, drink cherry wine can relieve fatigue.

It is useful for women with acid constitution.

Cherry wine is also effective for people who often have sore wrists and joint pain.

It is an ideal food for treating rheumatism.
11. Litchi wine: Litchi is the “King of Fruits”. It has the effects of promoting stasis and quenching thirst, regulating qi and nourishing blood. Litchi wine is made from high-quality fresh lychees as raw materials and fermented in a sealed tank at low temperature.The fresh fragrance of litchi prevents the loss of nutritional value of litchi.
Drinking lychee wine often can promote the metabolism of human cells, enhance cell vitality and human immunity, and promote healthy growth and development.

Effectively eliminate acne, whiten and rejuvenate skin. It is the best product for women’s internal adjustment and beauty. Litchi wine contains organic acids, which can adjust the interaction function and is good for digestion.

Drinking lychee wine can also effectively lower blood lipids, soften blood vessels, and prevent coronary heart disease.