[Cold Tofu Practice]_Cold Tofu Practice _How to Do _Cooking Daquan

[Cold Tofu Practice]_Cold Tofu Practice _How to Do _Cooking Daquan

Everyone has eaten cold tofu. Generally, there are many cold tofu methods. However, the cold tofu to be introduced today uses organic tofu. Both southern tofu and northern tofu are acceptable. Generally, you need to prepare some coriander and pepper.Cut the tofu into pieces and put it in the pot. It is best to simmer the tofu with cold water to make the tofu more delicious.

Ingredients Organic tofu, a box of green kiwi, a cow tomato, an onion, half a nine-story tower, coriander peel, pepper, a strip of Tainan sweet soy sauce, a tablespoon of sesame oil, seasoning of soy sauce, 1/2 tablespoon of lemon juice, a small amount of minced garlic instead of onionSoak in ice water for later use; peel the kiwifruit and cut the beef tomatoes to about 0.

5cm small pieces, peeled peppers, minced, nine-story tower, chopped coriander, as thin as possible, put in a large bowl.

Add all the seasonings and mix thoroughly, add in Method 1 and mix well.

Take out the boxed tofu, drain 2 cm pieces of water, and pour on the second method to serve.

Material Tofu empty box 1 milk empty box half of animal fresh cream empty box half of fine granulated sugar amount of gelatine powder, please see small skimming boiling water, please see small skimming black syrup amountspare.
Add fresh cream, milk and granulated sugar to the pot and heat to the temperature of the bath water without boiling.

Then add gelatin that has been dissolved into a liquid and mix well.

Fill the empty tofu box with liquid and refrigerate on ice until it solidifies.

(It is recommended to do well the night before, it should be fine when you wake up, you don’t need to wait for it to solidify.

) Prepare hot water at about “bath water temperature”, soak the solidified tofu, just immerse the box in hot water for a few seconds, just soak it to the bottom and edges, this step is to help demold, because gelatinAfter being heated, it will melt into a liquid state. The first heated part must be the periphery, so if there is a little water around the box, you can flip the box upside down, and the fake tofu can be smoothly ejected.

Pour all kinds of sweet sauces that you think look like soy sauce, such as caramel sauce, black syrup, brown sugar water, chocolate sauce and so on.

Pseudo tofu (fresh milk jelly) is done!

※ Giletine powder can also be used to replace gelatin tablets in the same amount as gelatin powder.

(Giletine can be cut into small pieces with scissors.

), The gelatine tablets need to be soaked in ice water to soften, then drain the water. When the milk is cooked with fresh cream, throw it in and mix well until the gelatine tablets are dissolved.