What is the best food for diabetic patients?

What is the best food for diabetic patients?

Core Tip: People with diabetes should eat plenty of high-quality protein, vitamins and trace elements in the spring, such as lean meat, eggs, fresh vegetables, fruits, etc., to nourish the liver and protect the spleen.

  In the spring season, the temperature begins to warm up, the human yang begins to rise, and the metabolism gradually grows up. The use of Xingan food to help yang is beneficial to metabolism.

It is recommended that the province should increase the acid and increase the temper.

This is because when the liver is vigorous in the spring, the complications of liver qi and spleen affect the spleen, so the spleen and stomach are weak in the early stage.

And eating more sour foods, leading to liver function hemiplegia, so the spring diet nursed back to health, should choose Gan Wenzhi, avoid spicy.

Diet should be light and delicious, avoid greasy, cold and irritating food.

  Therefore, people with diabetes should eat more high-quality protein, vitamins and trace elements in the spring, such as lean meat, eggs, fresh vegetables, fruits, etc., to nourish the liver and protect the spleen.

Here are some vegetables that are suitable for the spring diet of diabetic patients.

  1, leek: spring climate is mixed, need to maintain yang, and amaranth is warm, the most suitable for the human body, spring to eat more leek can enhance the spleen and stomach of the human body, but the leek should not be digested, do not eat too much.

  2, yam: sweet and flat, non-toxic, spleen and qi, nourish the lungs and nourish the stomach, kidney and solid essence and other functions.

Especially suitable for eating in spring.

It can prevent spring liver qi from damaging the spleen and enhance the body’s resistance.

  3, bitter gourd: cold, bitter taste.

Can remove evil heat, relieve fatigue, clear heart and eyesight.

Bitter gourd heats and detoxifies, in addition to annoying thirst, bitter gourd is known as “plant insulin.”

Pharmacological tests have found that bitter gourd saponin contained in bitter gourd even has an insulin-like effect, and stimulates the release of stimulating, which has a very obvious hypoglycemic effect.

  4, carrots: Diabetes patients will produce a large number of free genes in their blood, it is these free genes that destroy the activity of insulin in the human body.

Carrots contain a lot of beta carotene, which can eliminate free radicals in the body. Therefore, eating more carrots, cabbage and other vegetables that supplement carotene in daily diet can greatly help prevent diabetes.

  5, onion: mild taste, has the effect of lowering blood sugar, and found that onion is the only vegetable rich in prostaglandin A, multi-food is beneficial to dilate blood vessels, prevent arteriosclerosis, and is beneficial for the prevention of diabetic complications.

Onions can also reduce blood lipids, reduce blood viscosity, improve atherosclerosis, and regular consumption can prevent the occurrence of diabetic cardio-cerebral vascular complications.

  6, lettuce: lettuce is rich in niacin, niacin is an insulin activator, regular consumption is helpful for the treatment of diabetes.

Lettuce stimulates gastrointestinal motility and has an adjuvant treatment for diabetic gastroparesis and constipation.

The potassium ions contained in lettuce are 27 times that of sodium ions, which can promote urination and lower blood pressure.

  7, garlic: garlic spicy, warm, can relieve qi, warm spleen and stomach.

Garlic contains garlicin and garlic enzyme. When contacted, it produces allicin with bactericidal effect. The alkaloid contained in garlic has the function of lowering blood sugar fraction, increasing insulin, and more importantly, it has no effect on normal blood sugar level;Garlic still has the ability to promote metabolism, relieve fatigue, stimulate the digestive organs to secrete digestive enzymes, promote epithelial hyperplasia, and accelerate wound healing.

  8, black fungus: black fungus has anti-platelet aggregation, reduce blood coagulation, can reduce blood clots, prevent thrombosis, cause vascular sclerosis, but also antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, liver, blood fat, blood sugar lowering, etc.It has anti-tumor activity and has inhibitory effect on polypeptide.

  In addition to the above vegetables, the diet of diabetic patients can appropriately increase celery, rapeseed and other vegetables, are good spring health methods, which is conducive to stable blood sugar.