[Coffee hand punch method]_How to hand punch_How to hand punch

[Coffee hand punch method]_How to hand punch_How to hand punch

Many of us in modern times like to drink coffee, and think that drinking a cup of coffee every day can be refreshing and improve the efficiency of work.

Indeed, drinking coffee properly has many benefits.

However, many people usually drink instant coffee in order to save time. Many times they can’t get a satisfying coffee, so if they make the coffee by hand, they will definitely enjoy and satisfy a lot.

So how to make coffee by hand, let’s take a look at the method of coffee by hand.

First, the method of hand brewing coffee 1, first boil water, do other work in the process of boiling water heating, reasonable overall planning.

2. The beans are gradually brewed into tea, and the brewed coffee should be weighed excellently, including the grams of coffee beans used and the grams of hot water injected. At this time, an electronic scale is needed, accurate to 0.

1 gram, rush out every good cup of coffee with a rigorous attitude, and live up to every coffee bean.

Here it is recommended to use 15g beans at a time to make out exactly one cup (about 200ml).

3. Fold the filter paper. Put the filter paper into the filter cup, and align the filter paper with hot water while heating the sharing pot.

4. Grind the beans with an electric grinder or a manual grinder to grind the coffee beans into granulated sugar, and then pour them into the filter cup and pat them gently.

5, steamed and poured a small amount of hot water (about 1 bean weight.

5 times) Introduce coffee powder and carry out steaming and degassing process. If the beans are fresh enough and the beans are roasted above medium roast, you can see that the coffee powder in the filter cup will “swell into a small bun” image.The carbon dioxide emissions are strong; if you do n’t see the mountain buns or even fall down after pouring water, it means that this bag of beans has been roasted for many days, and many of the wonderful flavors of coffee have been distributed; there is another case, fresh light roastThe beans are not obvious when they are steamed, but the exhaust process is still in progress.

6. Formal water injection Formal water injection to the required powder-water ratio and brewing time, the main point of this stage is “uniform extraction”, that is, each coffee powder is also surrounded by hot water.Soluble substances in coffee powder are released.

When injecting water, keep calm and calm, inject water around the circle or at a fixed point, one tool flow or segmented type, and then complete the water injection in a set continuous amount.

7. Shake the pot and divide.