15 behavioral secrets of women

15 “behavioral secrets” of women

Secret 1: Maybe women like cold men, but what she loves the most is those who are empathetic.
  Women will show those aspects that resonate with men at the beginning of their relationship, so you will soon know how much she likes strawberry ice cream, how many action movies she collects, and her unique ski skills.
However, every strong and independent girl has a soft side. It won’t be long before you find that she actually likes watching Madagascar, and likes watching overnight Korean drama on Saturday night.
  Pay more attention to her sentimental side. When this mood heats up, your tenderness and thoughtfulness are as effective as Baiyoujie.
  Secret 2: The people around her know everything about him.
  It is really difficult for a woman to bury the details and happiness of her new relationship in her heart.
No matter how hard she keeps silent, she will eventually say it.
In the early days of your relationship, you were almost everything she lived, so her friends will know the details of your love story from the phone and email, and it is updated every day.
A little careless, she will add your name to the blog’s domain name.
  If you meet one of her friends, you can ask for inside information about your stock.
  Secret 3: The more unnatural a woman is when she receives praise, the more she desires it.
  If you tell a baby how beautiful she is, she may not even blink her eyes, and she won’t make any impression on your praise.
But when you praise a woman, she blinks unnaturally, or looks away, or asks if you have smeared honey on your mouth, she is just an ordinary person.
In fact, if you say her “beautiful”, she is as precious as pure gold in her heart, and will be remembered forever.
  Praise her often, and then you will see her slowly melting towards you.
  Secret 4: Some sex tips women say she never tried?
Actually she tried it, and many times.
  Women know that even the gentlest and most sensitive man in the world, at least in the early stages of love, dominates sexuality, so at first they always underestimated their sexuality.
It wasn’t until a month or two before her firewood side was exposed in bed.
  To get her real side up early, you can make some “coincidence”, such as gently tying a tie to your bedpost.
  Secret 5: The dress that the woman dated him was bought 4 hours ago.
  Women often feel it is a mistake to wear old clothes when dating new men.
In order to go to your date, she spent at least 500 yuan to make her look more attractive.
  Pay more attention to her outfit-reach out and caress the lace on her dress, fiddle with the bow on her underwear, and unzip her leather boots-all of which will make her feel value for money.
  Secret 6: The woman groaned in excitement on the bed, half of it was fake.
  It seems that every movement and every touch of you touches her sensitive area and excitement point just right, but it’s true that the probability that a woman can reach orgasm in a short time is very low.
And most women in the early sexual relationship always have strong self-awareness, it is more difficult to concentrate on enjoying sex, so they always pretend to be excited until they are truly relaxed and used to it, naturallyReally climax.
  Don’t worry, you can do it as long as you can.
  Secret 7: Women don’t stress how successful they are when they talk about their work.
  If she says her title is not as great as it sounds, don’t believe it.
Women always seem to be humble when it comes to work. This is partly because they don’t consider the success of their careers to be their full value.
  When you introduce her like others, you should emphasize her professional excellence and get her due admiration.
  Secret 8: Women’s feelings about men are all written on their faces.
  If she likes you very much, when you walk into the room, she will look at you and smile like a fool.
If she stands up and walks towards you, that means she is completely fascinated by you.
  If you don’t want to keep a distance from her, just smile at her as she walks into the room.
  Secret 9: Women will imagine how men look like 10 years later.
  From your standing position to your waistline, she will secretly evaluate how you look years later, especially if you are older than her.What she needs to make sure is that in a few years, you won’t become an uncle with a big beer belly sitting on the sofa and watching TV.

  Tell her about some of the extreme sports you plan to participate in to calm her down and work hard to maintain the figure you need to participate in extreme sports.

  Secret 10: It takes 20 minutes for a woman to write a simple email to a man.

  Don’t think that she wrote you an e-mail in one go, change a few typos at most, and then send it to you without even looking at it.

In fact, she not only had to modify the editor, but also corrected it aloud to ensure that the letter looked concise, powerful, and natural.

  Every time you write to her, write more concisely and witty, so that her desire for you will continue to heat up.

  Secret 11: Everything a man says will become a testimony.

  In the early days of your relationship, you always felt that you could say nothing to her, that you had tried drugs, you had sexual fantasies about it, you had attended a bachelor party with your best friend, and she heard these,He behaved calmly.

In fact, she is collecting these details. If you quarrel one day, she will come up with the corresponding evidence to deal with you.

  With self-return, it is better to say to her directly, “If two people can’t treat each other frankly together, what else is necessary to maintain this so-called intimate relationship?

“Secret 12: Women are ecstatic about men’s honesty. People’s moral standards are always vibrant.

For example, most people don’t steal things, but if the cashier in the supermarket finds 5 more dollars, some people usually accept them silently.

But your girlfriend always secretly hopes that you are a man who is as honest and upright as Superman, with absolute solid moral standards.

  Do not deliberately but often do the right thing, so she will think you are a peerless good man.

  Secret 13: The woman is gathering all the clues to his ex-girlfriend.

  If possible, she will really follow your ex-girlfriend and visit her at her house to ask everything about you and why you broke up.

But after all, she is not a pervert, so she will wait for you to unintentionally reveal the bits and pieces, and then put them together and make her own judgment.

  What you have to do is simple and silent about everything you used to do with your girlfriend.

  Secret 14: Women judge men based on what they read.

  The movies you like to watch and the music you listen to will make a girl understand your personality, but what really cares about you is reading some kind of book.

If you let her see some old magazines about motorcycles or low-level horror stories on your bookshelf, you may never get the girl’s heart.

  If you want to add points to women, put more biographies, history, eastern and western philosophy, and pure literature books in the bookcase.

If you can really see some of them, it will be very beneficial to you.

  Secret 15: Women are equally afraid to commit.

  But she didn’t know it.

You can feel that she is constantly working hard to push your relationship to another level, because women are taught to do so by birth.

But deep down, she wasn’t really sure what she wanted, and she was also afraid of quitting single life.

So it often goes like this: When she becomes your formal girlfriend and considers that marriage will be the ultimate end of your relationship, she starts to feel scared.

  Using a woman’s proper method to relieve her vacillating doubts is a tight hug.