There are three main benefits to soaking your feet with vinegar

There are three main benefits to soaking your feet with vinegar

Clean skin with vinegar and water, improve skin absorption of nutrients, and increase skin vitality.

In fact, we can also use vinegar to soak our feet, which can reduce stress, strengthen the body, and promote blood circulation.

Here are some of the benefits of using vinegar to soak your feet: TCM believes that the foot is the root of the human body, and there are enough reflex areas with important therapeutic value of 75. Frequent vinegar soaking can be used to adjust the meridians to promote qi and blood.Running helps balance yin and yang.

Sticking to soak your feet with vinegar for a long time can not only improve the quality of sleep, but also improve the physical strength and resistance.

  Decompression often uses vinegar to soak the feet, which can coordinate the excitement of the sympathetic and parasympathetic nerves, thereby regulating and relaxing the originally nervous nerves.

  Promote blood circulation In winter, the cold hands and feet are often caused by the impaired blood circulation of the body. The use of vinegar to soak the feet can accelerate the blood circulation of the human body, improve the hypoxia caused by long-term immobility or fatigue in various parts of the body, enhance metabolism and improveCold hands and feet.

Looking down on mobile phones is dangerous!

Wholesome neck exercise

Looking down on mobile phones is dangerous!
Wholesome neck exercise

In today’s society, more and more bow-headed people are holding mobile phones all the time, and many people recognize mobile phones.

The occasion when these people play mobile phones is totally beyond imagination. When driving, eating, going to the toilet, or even walking, they are looking down at the mobile phone.

This kind of behavior can cause huge damage to people’s cervical spine and neck.

Gradually there will be some who find you unknowingly, and the consequences of these effects on your health are silent, subtle, and you must pay attention to it, and do n’t look down and play with your phone all the time.

At the same time, do some appropriate actions to protect the cervical spine.

Do you know how harmful it is to play with your mobile phone while looking down? Let me talk about the dangers and exercise methods of playing with your mobile phone. Let’s take a look together!

  It is too harmful to play with a mobile phone. When we do not lower our head, the neck is in a straight line with the head. The neck bears the pressure of the head at 4-5kg. This posture will make people feel very relaxed.

  The neck slowly moved forward, and the pressure of the cervical spine appeared: when the neck and the head showed 15 degrees, the pressure on the cervical spine was about 12 kg; when the neck and the head showed 30 degrees, the pressure on the cervical spine was about 18 kg; When making a 45-degree posture, the cervical spine may be under 22kg of pressure.

  It is precisely such “tilt” movements in different postures that can damage the cervical spine.

When playing with a mobile phone, it is very easy to show a 45-degree lowered head. Continuously doing this may cause double cervical injuries.

  High neck pressure may follow!

  When the above facts appear, this incorrect posture will compress the nerves. If you lower your head for two consecutive hours while playing with your mobile phone, you will experience tension headaches; in the process of playing your phone with your head down, it will affect your vital capacity and cardiovascular health; Long time playing with a mobile phone will cause chronic muscle strain, hurt the lumbar spine, and cause herniated discs.

  Of course, the most important thing is that the neck is continuously extended forward, which has an impact on the shape of the entire person.

If you look down and play with your mobile phone for a long time, you will feel very painful shoulder joints, which will cause fasciitis in your neck and shoulders.

Yes, we can play less with mobile phones; implantation can do some healthful movements, constantly improve neck stiffness and relieve soreness.

  Neck exercise 1 together. When playing with your mobile phone for a while, you can stand up and massage your neck, which can relieve neck stiffness.

Tap your palm lightly on the neck, or press your palm firmly against the neck.

  2. Stand straight and do the chin-up action. At this time, the neck feels stretched.

When the chin is retracted, the chin moves horizontally backward.

  3. Exercise your back. This movement is more common in yoga.

Kneel on the carpet, hands forward.

When breathing, the back begins to stretch, and then inhales to collapse.

This kind of movement is mainly to avoid back and stiff lumbar spine.

  4, chest expansion exercise, when doing broadcast gymnastics, there is a chest expansion exercise, this time does not prevent doing something.

The chest expansion exercise can exercise the thoracic spine, and it can also open the thoracic spine. Secondly, during this exercise, the shoulder can be stretched to prevent shoulder disease.

  Persevering in this exercise can also strengthen the strength of the back end, enough to stretch the back axially, and also greatly improve the body, which will be better for shaping the body.

Skincare private words, keep your husband’s heart


Skincare private words, keep your husband’s heart

It ‘s true that women are made of water. Women-skins must be supple . For women before the age of 30, the skin is generally oily, easy to get oily, easy to get acne, easy to take off makeup, evenNo matter how expensive your clothes are, you can’t hide the shine and stars with good cosmetics.

Every morning, my husband opened his eyes and saw his greasy “high-yielding flour face”. The husband teased that he slid into the oil barrel during sleepwalking, and when he saw his face, he thought of the rag in the kitchen.

When going out, others opened their mouths and closed their mouths, aunt, aunt, soreness in their hearts is not the taste.

  After 30 years of age, women’s skin growth cycle will slow down. If you miss the key skin rejuvenation maintenance period, you will find that your skin is thick, your face is yellow, and wrinkles and stains are all found. The original “beauty” was immediately discounted.Turned into a “yellow face woman”, it looks like he is more than 10 years older than his peers.

Husband is because you lose face and gradually lose interest and love for yourself.

  Therefore, fighting “traces of time” is an indispensable part of a woman’s life, and she can write more about her face and win her happiness for life.

Let’s go and listen to the skin care private talk of successful skin care sisters.

See how they are invincible from young girls to young women, conquering the eyes of men?

  One of the skin care private words: In order to capture the hearts of men, you must first conquer men’s eyes and skin care. One of the best: Bai Shasha, 39 years old, the chief financial officer of a private company’s skin care experience is firmness and anti-wrinkle. After 30,Women are the first to feel loose on their face. If you want good skin, it is best to use them together. This will improve the essence of the essence, reduce melanin, reduce wrinkles, and whitening with full-effect cream., Isolation, sun protection, multiple protections, it is difficult to look bad on the entire face.

  I do not know since when I no longer envy the beauty of the girls around them but their youth.

It ‘s been almost 10 years since I married my husband, and I feel the numbness of feelings in my left hand and my right hand. My husband is going to work earlier and later, and getting late from work. The more he drinks, the less he smiles.

I suspect he has an affair!

He started to follow him, but was discovered by him. We started to quarrel. His words broke my heart: “You still doubt me, you do n’t look at yourself, you ‘ve become a child after giving birth.Bian, you did n’t do this when you first got married. Now you look like Huanglian Po, who wants you to be frugal?

We’ll send you the money you saved.

“My husband’s words are like a thunderbolt on a sunny day. He gave me a head-on blow and paid so much, but no matter how you manage your family, no matter how good you are with your husband, this will not make up for your old sin.

For a woman in her thirties to manage her love, she must first hold her husband, and to hold her husband, she must run her own business.

So it must be beautiful, so beautiful that he has no chance to think about others.

In order to find my husband’s heart, I secretly bought skin care products myself. It did not disappoint me. After using it for a few days, my arms became smoother, wrinkles were reduced every day, and the stains were lightened.Changed a new face, tender and smooth, but also full of elasticity, glowing healthy and rosy, and just like when they were just married, when the husband came back to make up for it, he had to hug me and touch my face, saying that you have long beenIt’s time to nourish the skin, and it looks much younger now!

Dear sisters, if you want to keep a man ‘s heart, first tie his eyes, this is my skin care experience!

Tonic with sea cucumber and mushrooms in autumn and winter

Tonic with sea cucumber and mushrooms in autumn and winter

Sea cucumber is a famous treasure in the sea. Modern medicine believes that it helps to correct anemia, reduce blood lipids, and soften blood vessels. It is a food for people with high blood pressure and coronary heart disease. It contains chondroitin sulfate to help the human body grow and develop; it contains iodineA high amount can prevent premature muscle aging and enhance human immunity; the mucopolysaccharides and vanadium contained can inhibit the growth of peptides.

Chinese medicine also believes that it can nourish the kidney, nourish the blood, moisturize, regulate menstruation, nourish the fetus, and nourish the essence.

It is very beneficial to eat more sea cucumbers in autumn and winter, and it is better to make soup in autumn, sea cucumber and shiitake mushrooms and shrimps, smooth and delicious, moisturize and nourish yin, nourish kidney and refine essence, suitable for men, women and children.

  Materials: 180 grams of sea cucumber after the hair is released, shrimp (ie, shelled, fresh shrimp meat behind the head), 100 grams of lean pork, 6 mushrooms, 60 grams of bamboo shoots, 2 eggs, and 3 slices of ginger.

  Cooking: Sea cucumber, shrimp, winter bamboo shoots cut into small squares; sea cucumber, ginger, spring onion and boiling water are slightly rolled up; eggs are shelled and mixed well; lean meat is minced.

Stir-fried minced meat in oil, bamboo shoots, mushrooms, 1250 ml of water (5 bowls) and ginger rolls for a while, sea cucumber, shrimp until freshly cooked, egg liquid, coriander and salt, oil can be.

For 3?
For 4 people.

Slimming yoga for hard-to-reach areas

Slimming yoga for hard-to-reach areas

Want to drive away the redundant aunts in different positions of the body, in addition to paying attention to a balanced diet, as long as the current hot yoga exercise, focus on tightening the upper and lower body muscles, remodeling beautiful lines is not difficult!

  Excess meat on the arms, hips, and waist is usually a difficult complication. In addition to the following yoga exercises, it is recommended to mix appropriate aerobic exercise and eat less snacks or high sugar and high salt foods to increase the effect of body shaping.


  Step1 kneel on both knees, then press the palms to support the body; step2 pull your right foot backwards, try to lift your toes, and repeat your left foot; step3 face forward and use the strength of your arms and feet to support your body.Hold the action for about 10-20 seconds, and repeat the entire set if necessary.

  Beautify your back muscles!

  Step1 first lie on the ground, facing the floor, then raise your head, put it to the back, palms to the sky; step2 put your hands back together, and then lift your upper body back strongly; step3 then lift your feet to the ground with the same force, Make a V-shaped state, try to keep moving for about 10-15 seconds.

  Shape the waistline!

  Step1 Support the body with both palms and toes first, keeping the height straight; step2 With the body facing to the left, use one hand to maintain balance and force to support the body with both feet and right arms; step3 Straighten your left hand, increase upwards, and use the waistContract upwards, keep moving for about 10 seconds at natural breathing rate, and repeat left and right.

  Asian women and women who often sit in the office usually have too much lower body seriousness. Due to lack of activity, it is easy to have gastrointestinal problems and increase stool formation. There are three types of exercises that focus on the lower body to increase water absorption and help reduce body shape.
  Fight the belly!

  Step1 Sit on the ground first, then bend your knees and use your hands to tighten the thighs. Step2 Use the strength of the abdomen and tibia to lift your feet firmly for about 10 seconds. Step3 try to release your hands and keep the same posture for about 10 seconds to close the abdominal muscles.tight.

  Firmly tighten your chest step1 and lean forward slightly, then put your hands on your thighs to stand still; step2 make a sitting motion, tilt your hands forward, remember to keep your feet tight and keep the movement for about 10 seconds; step3 last doubleKeep your knees flexed and try to straighten your hands to the sky, maintaining motion for about 5-10 seconds.

  Slim thighs!

  Step1 stands forward, hands supporting the waist, and then takes a big step forward; step2 The left foot is slightly bent, and the right foot is pulled backwards, and the upper body is pressed down hard.

Note that the feet must stay close to the ground; step3 flexes the left foot to 90, the right foot tries to pull, hands are folded and straight to the sky, pay attention to maintain posture, stay for 5-10 seconds, then change the other side and repeat the action.

What is the relationship between a person’s sleep time and personality?

What is the relationship between a person’s sleep time and personality?

Human beings living in thousands of worlds each have different personality characteristics.

Generally, it can be summarized into two categories of introvert and extrovert. People with two different personalities can also sleep as much as they want.

  Some research data show that how long each person needs to sleep each day is accompanied by a close relationship with personality characteristics.

People who need short sleep have mostly extroverted personality. Most of them are broad-minded, optimistic and confident, work hard, and have great work enthusiasm.

Most of these people are tireless in learning, ambitious, and confident in life and the future. It seems that Edison is the representative of this type.

The personality of people who need long sleep is mostly introverted. Such people are cautious about work, broad in interest, good at thinking, have independent opinions on everything, they are rich in artistic creation, and the founder of relativityStan is a representative of this type. He sleeps longer than ordinary people every day.

Why moxibustion can be healthy and longevity

Why moxibustion can be healthy and longevity

Fun facts?

Du Mu’s “Du Gong Tan Compilation” records an interesting fact: During Yongle’s reign, Jiaxing person Jin Sheng served as director of the Ministry of Penalty.

In a discussion of thieves, the government arrested many robbers.

What surprised Jin was that the leader of the robber was actually a “star” who was “one hundred and twenty-five years old”, but this man looked like he was not old, and “faced like a boy.”

Jin Chu didn’t believe it, so he sent someone to investigate the prisoner’s origin to obtain evidence, and the result was correct.

Jin then personally interrogated the robber, “ask him for his longevity.”

The prisoner said: When he lived in Jingshan (now Hunan) when he was young, he heard a stranger tell him that he often moxibusted his umbilicus with grass, which made him longevity.

So he practiced this technique for a long time, “I knew it so far.

Similar records are found in other ancient medical books.

For example, the Song Dynasty “Acupuncture and Shizijing” contained: “Someone who is old and looks like a boy, covers every year with a rat feces moxibustion suture.

“The recipe for Qingtai Hospital” contains the umbilical formula called “Yulin Lin Guben Ointment”, which is said to have been used by Empress Dowager Cixi to treat gastrointestinal disorders.

  What is “umbilical”?

  Navel, commonly known as the navel eye.

From the point of view of modern medicine, the “umbilical cord” is just a trace tissue left after the umbilical cord is placed in a newborn child. However, Chinese medicine believes that the umbilical cord is an important acupuncture point with a curative effect and is called “god”.

This acupuncture point is considered to be the head of the meridian, the sea of meridians, and it can control the various meridians of the human body.

When the body’s qi and blood yin and yang are imbalanced and a disease occurs, by stimulating or applying medicine to the Shenque acupoint, it can adjust the balance of yin and yang, qi and blood, and unblock the function, and get the effect of eliminating evil and curing disease.

  The effect of “moxibustion of the umbilical cord” is interesting. Some scientists use the “golden law” to measure the human body, and surprisingly found that the ratio from the length of the belly button to the foot to the length of the belly button to the top of the head is exactly equal to zero.

618, that is, the navel is located on the “golden section” of the human body.

And modern scientific research shows that 0.

168 plays an important role in health, so the “golden section” should be the best point to adjust the function of the human body.

Experimental studies have also proven that: stimulating drugs, moxibustion, and other stimuli can help regulate the nervous system and endocrine activities of the human body, especially can significantly improve the immune function of the human body, which can improve the role of righting, eliminating disease, and prolonging life.

  For preventive surgery, there are three precautions for anesthetizing the umbilical cord: first, the umbilical cord is damaged, and there are too many injured and pregnant women;Otherwise, it may cause burns.

  Related Links: Two commonly used moxibustion methods of the umbilicus. The first method: direct moxibustion of moxa.

Hang the burning moxa directly above the middle of the umbilicus (about 1 cm) for moxibustion to the degree that it feels warm.

Each moxibustion is 15-30 minutes, once a day, and 10 moxibustions are a course of treatment.

The initial moxibustion can be 3-5 treatments from time to time, and the effect of moxibustion is better in autumn and winter.

Gastrointestinal dysfunction, neurasthenia and other diseases due to physical deficiency are better for implantation.

  The second method: the shrine divides ginger moxibustion.

A few holes were punctured in the ginger slices, and the umbilicus was covered. The moxa was ignited to prick the thorns in the ginger slices, taking the temperature and comfort as the degree.

Each moxibustion is 15-20 minutes, once every other day, and 10 times a month. It is best to start moxibustion in the winter solstice.

This method has a preventive effect on indigestion and abdominal pain caused by cold evil.

Medicine and Food

Medicine and food

Rice belongs to the grass family, which has the most other names, such as barley kernel, barley kernel, rice kernel, pearl pearl rice, grain rice, Hui rice, bodhi beads, medicinal corn, water corn, furrow rice, Tiangu, barley rice, grass bead,Ji Shi and so on.

Indica rice has a long history in developing countries, and its high nutritional value is known as the “king of the world’s grasses”; it has excellent medicine and food, and is called the grass of life and health in Europe; it has the characteristics of being easily digested and absorbedIt is also classified as an anti-cancer food in Japan.

People have long known about indica rice. It is regarded as a good meal and a valuable traditional Chinese medicine. It is widely used in medicated diets and was listed as one of the palace occupations in ancient times.

  Indica contains protein 16.

2%, aunt 4.

65%, cobalt 79.

1%, also contains 330 mg% of vitamins, and also contains amino acids, halogens, fats, triphenyl compounds and starch, etc., has a high nutritional value.

The taste of indica rice is similar to that of rice, and it is easy to digest and absorb. It is similar to porridge and soup.

40g each of rice, Huaishan, lotus seeds, jujube, 20g each of lily, ginseng, Citrus, and Yuzhu (If you choose this combination, you can make a variety of porridge with rice or sticky rice)Boil soup, add sugar, and take soup with dregs. It is a refreshing tonic for people who are not warmed up in hot summer days and physically weak fires.

Have spleen and diarrhea, nourishing yin and moisturizing lungs, removing annoyance and soothe the nerves, suitable for lung deficiency cough, chronic diarrhea, physical weakness and sweating, dry mouth and insomnia at night, more dreams, men’s spermatorrhea, leucorrhea dripping and other symptoms.

Wash the barley kernels and soak in water for half a day.

10 Miga lilies, add more water, boil over high heat and reduce to low heat.

When the barley is blooming, add a few pieces of red dates and cook for another 10 minutes.

Keep cool, drink cold in summer and hot in winter.

One cup a day in the morning and evening.

  Chinese medicine believes that: barley is sweet, mild, slightly cold, enters the spleen, stomach, and lung meridians, has the advantages of diuresis, dampness, spleen and diarrhea, heat clearing and detoxification, and is also good for balancing blood pressure and blood lipids.

“Compendium of Materia Medica” records indica “functions of spleen and stomach, invigorating lungs, clearing heat, relieving wind and dampness, maintaining beauty and keeping light, and prolonging life”; “Compendium of Materia Medica” records indica “functions of main muscles, restrained from stretching, rheumatism, etc.”.
It can cure and prevent spleen deficiency diarrhea, muscle acidity, joint pain, gastric cancer, cervical cancer, chorionic epithelial cancer and other symptoms.

Because of its high metabolism, barley has the effect of promoting metabolism and reducing the burden of dialysis. It can be used as a tonic food for frail patients during or after illness.

Regular consumption of barley food is also effective for chronic enteritis and indigestion.

Indica rice can enhance renal function, and has a heat-clearing and diuretic effect, so it has a curative effect on edema patients.

Modern pharmacological studies have proven that barley has an anti-cancer effect.

Its anti-cancer active ingredients barley seed fat, barley seed fat, etc., can effectively inhibit the proliferation of polymers, and can be used for adjuvant treatment of gastric cancer and cervical cancer.

Healthy people often eat barley, which can make the body light and light, and reduce the chance of tumor development.

Indica rice is also a kind of beauty food. Regular food can keep human skin shiny and delicate, eliminate acne, stains, and improve skin tone.

In addition, it has a certain therapeutic effect on the unnecessary excess caused by viral infection.

Rice is rich in vitamin B1, which is very beneficial for beriberi.

Tips: constipation, urination and early pregnancy women should not eat.

The psychological needs of the elderly cannot be ignored!

The psychological needs of the elderly cannot be ignored!

Mental health is an important substitute for physical health. Recognizing the psychological characteristics of the elderly, understanding and satisfying the normal psychological needs of the elderly is of great significance for stabilizing the emotional changes of the elderly and promoting healthy longevity.

Therefore, as a young person, don’t neglect the psychological needs of the elderly: health demand is a psychological state that prevailed in the past. When people reach old age, they often have fear of being old, afraid of illness, fear of death, and family members should be more at heart with the elderly., talk about the heart, open your heart.

  Harmony needs the elderly to hope that they have a happy family environment. Regardless of the family’s economic conditions, as long as the whole family is harmonious, the neighborhood is harmonious, mutual respect and mutual help, and the elderly will feel warm and happy.

  Dear demand, the elderly may be depressed after leaving the job. If they are not respected by their families, they will develop pessimism and even go out of their way. In the long run, they will cause depression and depression, and lay the foundation for all kinds of diseases.

  Depending on the demand for people to the old age, energy, physical strength, and mental power have declined. Some lives cannot be completely self-care, and they hope to be taken care of.

As a child, only filial piety will make the elderly feel old.

  Quiet demand for the elderly generally like quiet, afraid of noisy.

Some elderly people are afraid of going through Sundays, because their children, children and grandchildren gather together, and spend a day in a chaotic manner. For the elderly, such a Sunday is a “wean Sunday.”

But moderate reunion and exuberance are good for the elderly.

  Most of the elderly who need to retire from work need to have the ability to work. Suddenly leaving the job position will certainly generate a lot of ideas, and hope to carry out labor and reflect their own value.

Therefore, the elderly should be allowed to exert the heat.

  Summing the need for the elderly to die, life is very lonely, child care is not a long-term solution, so if the elderly have this intention, children should support the elderly’s courtship needs, let them celebrate their old age.

  Dominant demand for the elderly is mostly the head of the family, to control the right to control at home.

However, due to changes in the socio-economic level of the elderly, the family level and the right to control of the elderly may be affected.

This may also cause distress in the elderly.

Therefore, the younger generation should properly satisfy the old people’s control.

Recommended: 20 diet weight loss products

Recommended: 20 diet weight loss products

Women are 20 years old, after childbirth, and during menopause, they are most likely to hoard in the abdomen due to changes in hormones and lifestyle changes.

For these 3 age groups, experts recommend different ways to exercise your abdomen.

  According to the American Oprah Magazine, women are most likely to accumulate in the abdomen during the three periods of 20 years old, after development, and during menopause. Because of the changes in hormones and lifestyle changes in the body, sports experts have recommendedAbdominal exercise methods of different ages.

  20 years old: the skull is around the ring.

Face the slender mirror, the legs are separated from the hips, the knees are slightly curved, the hips are closed, and the chest is chest.

Draw a circle in the mirror with a dark color, keep the hip joints in motion during continuous movement, alternate between left and right, and do 5 minutes a day.

  Postpartum: The sofa is tightening.

Sit on the edge of the sofa with your feet on the floor and your hands on your abdomen.

Relax your thighs and zoom out slightly, then lower your upper body until your chest just touches the sofa cushion.

During the pressing process, the abdomen is forced to move off the ground with one foot or both feet.

Keep this position, and when you count to 10, squeeze the abdominal muscles harder.

Then, put your feet on the ground, sit up straight and relax.

In addition, you can also use a one-arm push baby stroller, stand sideways behind the stroller, and grab the handle with the hand closer to the car.

Slightly bend the spindle and raise the spindle slightly to push the stroller far away.

Then stand up straight and pull the stroller back hard.

After 5 round trips, repeat this action with the other hand.

  Menopause: muscle exercise in the core area.

Tilt and bend, put your feet on the floor, lie on your upper body, raise your calf until it is parallel to the floor, and still bend in the direction, only relax on the top, palm down.

Do not aim at the support, contract the abdominal muscles and lift it up.

  These exercises, which are not strong enough but are easy to grasp, often practice to help the stomach fight against the physiological age and maintain a fascinating tightness.