Solutions to Internet Addiction

Solutions to Internet Addiction

1. Close the door to real life, curl up alone in the hut, surf in the virtual network world, and replace electronic communication with human peers!

  Solution: For internet addicts, even throwing a computer into the toilet will not help. Therefore, in your life, you should use a reasonable and balanced connection, use the Internet less, and communicate with family and friends.

  2, eat all day long, do not pay attention to exercise, soaked in the computer all day!

  Solution: Do 3 every week?
4 aerobic exercises, every 20?
30 minutes, jogging, walking and cycling works well.

  3, in front of the computer, keep eating some snacks with high nanometers such as chocolate and pizza!

  Solution: When indulging in front of the computer, eat more foods that are good for the brain and nutritious, such as apples, cabbage, soy products, etc.

  4. Develop a bad habit of tolerating coffee, alcohol, etc. to pass the time online!

  Solution: Do not spoil your body, try not to drink alcohol and coffee for a long time, and choose some health drinks that increase energy and relax your mood.

  5. “Online lover” destroys the intimate relationship between men and women. Solution: Internet communication is mysterious without excessive demands. If you find this kind of threat from the Internet, please review that your partner from onlineWhether you get what you lack in your life.

But your partner is really drowsy and can’t extricate himself. You must “help each other!”

  6. A humpback solution appeared: change the sitting position, use a straight-back chair, and adjust the position of the computer monitor so that you do n’t bend your neck to surf the Internet.

  7, excessive use of eyes, resulting in decreased vision!

  Solution: It is recommended to often walk outdoors, or stand in front of the window every hour, and use eye drops to relieve visual fatigue.

  8, too addicted to the Internet, work at risk!

  Solution: Strict self-control and establish the consciousness of “work is work, play is play”.

  9, revel in online pornography, which contains porn games and obscene chat rooms!

  The solution: Seriously review your own implementation and leave the “spiritual opium” early. If it is transmitted and downloaded, it will be punished by law.

  10. Dissatisfaction with the status quo is vented through unrealistic online life!

  Solution: Discover the real cause of addiction to the Internet, and apply the right medicine to restore normal real life.