[Eating indigestible food]_Not easy to digest_Some foods_How to eat

[Eating indigestible food]_Not easy to digest_Some foods_How to eat

In daily life, many friends will have problems such as bloating, stomach pain, stomach indigestion, etc. after eating. This is mainly because some foods are not easily absorbed by the human body. Friends who are more vulnerable to the stomach, You will experience symptoms of stomach upset.


Tremella Tremella is rich in nutrition, as well as the effects of kidney, lungs, and Shengjin, which are popular among the elderly, but clinically, elderly people who have intestinal obstruction due to improper consumption of Tremella are also common.

This is because the elderly have poor digestive functions, and Tremella is not very well digested. If you eat too much at one time or continue to eat more than one meal, it will cause intestinal obstruction.Stop venting the anus, etc., some serious conditions even need surgery.


Caviar Caviar is a nutritious food, which contains a large amount of protein, calcium, phosphorus, iron, vitamins and riboflavin. It can also be replaced. It is a good supplement and nourishment for the human brain and bones, but the elderly must try toEat less, because the caviar is implanted in the plasma, and the elderly do not eat more.

In addition, although the caviar is small, it is difficult to cook thoroughly, it is difficult to digest after eating, and it is easy to have indigestion after eating, which causes diarrhea.

Therefore, the caviar should be cooked thoroughly and not overdone.


Although sunflower seeds are rich in nutrition and delicious, they are not suitable for the elderly.

First of all, sunflower seeds have high oil content, and these oils are mainly unsaturated fatty acids. Excessive eating will not only consume choline in the body, make the body’s trace metabolic disorders, trace deposits in the liver, affect the normal function of liver cells, and cause liver dysfunction.It also easily causes connective tissue hyperplasia, and even induces liver tissue necrosis or cirrhosis.

Basically, some sunflower seeds, such as cinnamon and peppercorns, have certain stimulating effects on the stomach during frying.


Tofu is a common food with high nutritional value, but it should not be eaten by the elderly.

Tofu contains extremely rich protein, but also contains phytic acid and bloating factor. If it is consumed too much at one time and the body will absorb iron, it will also easily cause protein indigestion, abdominal distension and diarrhea.

In addition, the soybeans that make tofu contain a substance called saponin, which can not only prevent atherosclerosis, but also promote the excretion of iodine in the human body, causing iodine deficiency in the human body.

Chinese medicine believes that tofu is cold, so people with cold stomach and diarrhea, bloating, spleen deficiency and kidney deficiency who often have nocturnal emission should not eat more.