Whitening at night is more effective


Whitening at night is more effective

Many people paint wooden boards with various skin care products during the day, especially sunscreen products, for fear that ultraviolet rays will cause a little damage to the skin.

However, do you know that in addition to day care, night protection is the focus of whitening?

Because the skin is a good time to rest at night.

So want to really whiten!

Night care is very important, don’t let yourself lose the chance of whitening because of laziness!

Here’s how to do whitening at night and become a real white beauty.

  The first trick of whitening at night: Washing out the whitening and smoothing work during the day, not only the brain is consumed, the skin of the face is also a great loss.

Dust in the air, computer radiation, and unknown bacteria cause rapid loss of skin moisture and make the skin look dull and dull; a large amount of dust is adsorbed on the skin, clogging the pores, and the skin is more easily dullLight.
So whitening is a great achievement.

  The first step in whitening is to wash off dirty things first.

Then the moment of washing your face is especially important!

If you wash your face frequently, you must not be lazy. If you do not wash your face, the consequences will be serious.

  It is best to wash your face with warm water at night, which can better remove the skin care products, makeup products and dust used during the day.

  The second trick of whitening at night: Many MMs that are photographed have ignored the role of toners, which is quite wrong!

The toner has a good cleaning and hydrating effect.

Use a toner or toner for a second cleansing to thoroughly remove the residue of cleaning products, while promoting the skin’s ability to absorb subsequent products.

  Toners can better improve the quality of the skin and allow the skin to better absorb subsequent products.

At the same time, it can replenish water very well!

Naturally, the skin becomes tenderer and whiter quickly.

  The third trick of whitening at night: the pale white and dull complexion that is wiped out, of course, it is not that simple washing can solve the problem.

Be sure to use some “magic” to whiten your skin.

After thoroughly cleaning the skin, letting the skin absorb nutrients and restore charming redness is the key.

  Whitening at night, the use of whitening night cream is particularly necessary!

Let the skin absorb the whitening cream of the whitening cream in the evening, wake up, and whiten back at night. The fourth trick: the whitening mask applied is a good whitening product. Use the whitening mask to better absorb the facial skin.It promotes skin metabolism and whitening.

Of course, the mask is not an elixir. It won’t be effective immediately after one or two tablets. You have to restart it to have a real effect.