White-collar family game eye protection new boom

White-collar family game eye protection new boom

As a gamer who is used to “combat” in front of the computer, do your eyes often experience fatigue, congestion, dryness, soreness, etc?

These are the catastrophes of using computers for a long time.

  Eye “strike”?

  The computer screen is composed of preset points and is imaged by continuous refreshing, while our eyes need to constantly focus to keep the line of sight clear, and the result can be imagined, in the face of high-frequency flashing and high-brightness computer screen,The “hardworking” eyes quickly fell, and the symptoms of fatigue appeared.

  How can I eliminate eye fatigue by refueling my eyes?

Let’s make a simple eye exercise together: the eyeballs go up, down, left, right and right, and then drop a new drop of music, which can soothe the eyes’ excessive “work”.

  In addition, you can also drop a drop of New Leton, which contains eye nourishing ingredients such as phenol (panthenol) and vitamin B6. It can activate eye cell tissue, promote metabolism, quickly relieve eye fatigue, effectively eliminate bloodshot, eliminate redness and swelling of both eyes.The cool formula adds a cool and comfortable feeling after dripping.

  Everyone should remember to protect your eyes and play games naturally more than fun!