What are the preventive measures for vaginitis?

What are the preventive measures for vaginitis?

Vaginitis is a common and very harmful gynecological disease that has a great impact on the lives of patients.

So how do you prevent vaginitis and kill the disease in the cradle?

1, careful use of antibiotics in the vaginal colony of pathogenic bacteria and beneficial bacteria disorders is the first priority for women with vaginitis.

If women use antibiotics excessively, it is very easy to cause preventive and damage to the liver, kidneys, and hematopoietic system.

It is not that women cannot use antibiotics for anti-inflammatory treatment, but treatment should be carried out under the guidance of a doctor.

2, eating sweets and sweets is a favorite of many women, especially those who eat and eat fat are even more unscrupulous eating sweets.

A large intake of sweets can not easily lead to weight gain, but more serious is the body’s large amount of acidic substances to destroy the vaginal acid-base environment leading to vaginitis.

3, cleaning the vaginal precautions Now people’s living conditions are much better before, so women also have the conditions to take a shower every day.

4, sex life clean and a small number of males will not cause disease in the body of the bacteria into the female vagina will easily lead to vaginitis, so before the two sides in the same room must clean the genital organs, to avoid sexually transmitted diseases and diseases.

5, the mood is cheerful and the mood to be cheerful and psychological reasons will also reduce the body’s immunity, so that Candida can take advantage of it.

6, daily habits in addition to the above several methods to prevent vaginitis, there are other ways to prevent vaginitis.

For example, the washed underwear should be exposed to the sun.

The towels and basins that clean the vulva should be separated separately.

No scented toilet paper.

Sanitary napkins or toilet papers with added fragrance can irritate the lower body, causing local skin damage and even inflammation.

Perfume is easy to cause arthritis.

Do not arbitrarily apply perfume, bath oil, powder, etc. in the vulva. These items contain chemical components that are very irritating to the vulva and mucous membranes.

The direction of wiping should be from front to back to avoid bringing Candida at the anus to the vulva.

I have introduced some methods to prevent vaginitis. I hope to help everyone.

Vaginitis is very harmful, female friends must add, prevent early, have inflammation and early treatment, and maintain their health and beauty.