Skincare private words, keep your husband’s heart


Skincare private words, keep your husband’s heart

It ‘s true that women are made of water. Women-skins must be supple . For women before the age of 30, the skin is generally oily, easy to get oily, easy to get acne, easy to take off makeup, evenNo matter how expensive your clothes are, you can’t hide the shine and stars with good cosmetics.

Every morning, my husband opened his eyes and saw his greasy “high-yielding flour face”. The husband teased that he slid into the oil barrel during sleepwalking, and when he saw his face, he thought of the rag in the kitchen.

When going out, others opened their mouths and closed their mouths, aunt, aunt, soreness in their hearts is not the taste.

  After 30 years of age, women’s skin growth cycle will slow down. If you miss the key skin rejuvenation maintenance period, you will find that your skin is thick, your face is yellow, and wrinkles and stains are all found. The original “beauty” was immediately discounted.Turned into a “yellow face woman”, it looks like he is more than 10 years older than his peers.

Husband is because you lose face and gradually lose interest and love for yourself.

  Therefore, fighting “traces of time” is an indispensable part of a woman’s life, and she can write more about her face and win her happiness for life.

Let’s go and listen to the skin care private talk of successful skin care sisters.

See how they are invincible from young girls to young women, conquering the eyes of men?

  One of the skin care private words: In order to capture the hearts of men, you must first conquer men’s eyes and skin care. One of the best: Bai Shasha, 39 years old, the chief financial officer of a private company’s skin care experience is firmness and anti-wrinkle. After 30,Women are the first to feel loose on their face. If you want good skin, it is best to use them together. This will improve the essence of the essence, reduce melanin, reduce wrinkles, and whitening with full-effect cream., Isolation, sun protection, multiple protections, it is difficult to look bad on the entire face.

  I do not know since when I no longer envy the beauty of the girls around them but their youth.

It ‘s been almost 10 years since I married my husband, and I feel the numbness of feelings in my left hand and my right hand. My husband is going to work earlier and later, and getting late from work. The more he drinks, the less he smiles.

I suspect he has an affair!

He started to follow him, but was discovered by him. We started to quarrel. His words broke my heart: “You still doubt me, you do n’t look at yourself, you ‘ve become a child after giving birth.Bian, you did n’t do this when you first got married. Now you look like Huanglian Po, who wants you to be frugal?

We’ll send you the money you saved.

“My husband’s words are like a thunderbolt on a sunny day. He gave me a head-on blow and paid so much, but no matter how you manage your family, no matter how good you are with your husband, this will not make up for your old sin.

For a woman in her thirties to manage her love, she must first hold her husband, and to hold her husband, she must run her own business.

So it must be beautiful, so beautiful that he has no chance to think about others.

In order to find my husband’s heart, I secretly bought skin care products myself. It did not disappoint me. After using it for a few days, my arms became smoother, wrinkles were reduced every day, and the stains were lightened.Changed a new face, tender and smooth, but also full of elasticity, glowing healthy and rosy, and just like when they were just married, when the husband came back to make up for it, he had to hug me and touch my face, saying that you have long beenIt’s time to nourish the skin, and it looks much younger now!

Dear sisters, if you want to keep a man ‘s heart, first tie his eyes, this is my skin care experience!