Notes on Massage Massage 2 hours after meal

Notes on Massage Massage 2 hours after meal

Now many white-collar workers at work like to use massage to exercise, because massage is one of the easiest and more effective health care methods.

Massage can alleviate people’s fatigue at work, inhibit the growth of diseases, and promote people’s blood circulation.

So, what are the precautions for massage?

Let ‘s take a look at it together.

  Notes on massage massage Many hospitals will notice that the massage is accidental and enter the hospital for physical therapy. Orthopedic treatments often occur, and the most among them are patients with spine disease, so we recommend that people who have this symptom always be the bestDon’t use massage for health.

When massaging acupuncture points, if the technique is correct, it can reduce people’s tiredness during the work day and promote physical health.

When you are fine at home, you can also give yourself a simple massage.

  Pay attention to the following points when you are massaging massage: Wear comfortable and loose clothing, and remove all kinds of cascading jewellery; do massaging massage for 2 hours after meals, and should not be performed after obesity or overeating; women during menstruation, pregnancy, postpartum 1Within a month, do not do massage, especially waist and abdomen massage is absolutely prohibited; have internal organ diseases, malignant tumors, infectious, purulent diseases such as burns, burns, skin diseases, etc., varicose veins or thromboticPhlebitis, tuberculous arthritis and other diseases should not be treated with massage; if symptoms such as palpitation, nausea and bruising are observed, massage should be stopped immediately.

  The easiest operation: rubbing the lower abdomen and the soles of the feet helps to strengthen the spleen and stomach. The navel is where the essence is concentrated, and it is also an important acupuncture point in Chinese medicine.

There are also acupoints such as Zhongli, Guanyuan, Qihai, etc. Gently rubbing and pressing is good for adjusting human blood and improving internal organ function.

  Inserting the soles of the feet to promote blood circulation The feet are called the “second heart” of the person. Here, the acupoints are offset, and there are thousands of peripheral nerves, which are closely related to the health of various organs of the human body. The importance is self-evident.

Using hot water to bubble your feet every two or three days, every half an hour, is a very easy to reset health care method. It can apply warming and meridian to promote blood circulation.

  The most complete effect: both ears and spine rubbing both ears benefit the whole body. Traditional Chinese medicine talks about “kidneys open to the ears”, do good ear health, and have a better effect on strengthening the kidneys.

Massage the ears gently, usually with squeegee, rubbing, and pulling. The time is preferably 5 minutes, not more than 10 minutes.

Pushing your ears upwards can regulate and promote the physiological functions of the human body’s systems, which is good for strengthening your physique; rubbing your ears and rubbing them can clear the meridians, and it can play a health role in organs throughout the body.

  Push the spine to enhance immunity.

The spine and its two sides are one of the two largest meridians of the human body. The place where the meridian passes, and there are important meridians such as the liver crest and kidney crest.

Normally, the family of adolescents helps to massage the spine and back and forth from top to bottom, or from bottom to top. It can be pushed forward while pinching, or beat forward, every 5 minutes has the effect of clearing the meridians.

  The easiest thing to ignore: Pocket and front chest and armpits according to Pocket Ningshen Wide Heart Chest Chinese medicine believes that there is an important acupuncture point at the pocket, called Jiquan. Acupuncture or massage Jiquan has the effect of wide chest Ningshen.

There are two methods of massage, one is kneading.

With your right index finger, middle finger and ring finger, massage the arm sockets clockwise, then counterclockwise 15 times each, and then change the left hand to massage the arm sockets for 3?
5 minutes.

The second is to pluck, raise the elbow arm, put the thumb of the other hand on the shoulder joint, and flick the bottom of the arm with your middle finger. You can change the rhythm quickly and slowly, and alternate left and right.

  Photographing the front chest to improve lung function The front chest is where the human yin meets. Doing good health care on the chest can not only achieve the effect of wide middle qi, but also improve the lung function and improve the resistance of the body.

Use the virtual palm to pat lightly for health care. Put your five fingers close together, the palm of your hand is hollow, and aim at the sternum in the middle of the front side.

3 at a time?
5 times, stop for about 10 seconds, 3 times a day?
5 minutes.

  Through the above sharing, we realize that massage cannot be performed blindly, and we need to understand the relevant knowledge before performing massage.