Answer the six major problems of abdominal weight loss

Answer the six major problems of abdominal weight loss


The initial way to accelerate the weight loss of the waist and abdomen?

  Reducing the waist and abdomen by exercise is the most effective and thorough way, but not a blind exercise, but a reasonable training program for targeted training.


I have been taking diet pills, and my weight has dropped significantly, but the excess meat on my waist and abdomen can’t achieve the desired results. What should I do?

  First of all, let’s take a look at the principle of diet pills. The principles are as follows: 1. Appetite suppressants: These drugs mainly suppress the central nervous system norepinephrine and serotonin reabsorption, stimulate the satiety center, and produce fullness.Sense, thereby suppressing appetite, increasing metabolism, and reducing weight.

  Second, the micro-absorption blocker: commonly used is Olivier, which is a new type of endogenous micro-enzyme inhibitor and reduce nutrient absorption drugs.

  Third, didiol hypoglycemic agents: can cause loss of appetite, for the treatment of obesity with diabetes.

We can see that these weight-loss drugs can also achieve the effect of reducing fat, but many nutrients can not be absorbed, which is harmful to health.

Your current situation also includes muscle deficiency, and only by strengthening physical exercise to increase muscles can reach the excess meat of the waist.


I am very fat, after various weight loss methods, from the original 200 kg to the current 180 kg.

But how can we tighten the skin of the abdomen, the meat is slack, and the empty squats are pulled down?

  This situation is very common, because the unfortunate proportion is very large, so fat loss is also a long-term process, you need to scientifically combine your diet and exercise, and do more equipment training, which helps to tighten the slack part.I believe that you will not have this situation in the near future.


I saw a medium-vibration, low-waist, and abdominal device on the TV shopping program. Is it really effective for reducing waist and abdomen?

  The effect of the instrument on fat loss is minimal. We all know that the process of slight consumption is a process of aerobic metabolism during exercise, so it is a very scientific and effective method to reduce fat by exercise.


I hope that experts can customize the waist and weight loss plan and training program for themselves. Where can I ask related questions?

  Nowadays, large fitness clubs have professional coaches to tailor your own weight loss plan and training program.


How does a man’s beer belly exercise a healthy abdominal muscle?

  If you want to eliminate the “beer belly”, you need to work together in many ways. At one point, you should eat seven minutes at a time; do more exercise every day; take a warm bath before going to bed, improve your sleep, pay attention to the control of drinking, and do some targetedExercise.