Why do you sleep well on rainy days

Why do you sleep well on rainy days

People often like to go to bed as soon as it rains. If there are sounds of water flowing around and bird sounds accompanying you to sleep, you will also sleep soundly.

Is there any scientific reason for this?

  Acoustically, these sounds have a common term name: white noise.

It refers to the power of the frequency components in a sound over the entire audible range (0?
20KHZ) are uniform.

In contrast, other noises that do not have this property are called colored noise.

Of course, the absolutely ideal white noise does not exist, but the sounds of nature such as rain, running water, bird song, etc. are the closest to white noise in the real world.

  Our hearing system is like an alert system on call.

If we make noise when we sleep, the sudden change will attract attention and wake us up.

And white noise will create a masking effect, making people ignore the noisy environment, which is equivalent to shielding a lot of small, you have no sound changes.

  Some experts believe that white noise can help treat some neurological diseases.

At present, foreign experts have used it to solve two clinical problems.

One is to use white noise to stop the baby crying.

The newborns have just left their mother’s womb and came to a strange environment. The strange sound will make them feel restless.

White noise is similar to the sound in their familiar womb.

Some people who are often polluted by environmental noise will use white noise to help restore work efficiency. Some college students and white-collar workers will use white noise to reduce the adverse effects of construction noise on their concentration.

  There are so many benefits of white noise, so what kind of sound in life is white noise?

The sound of rain is the best “white noise”. Generally speaking, forest insects, mountain birds, and running water are all good white noise.

In other words, nature far away from the city is the best source of white-like noise. If you want to relax and sleep, it is recommended to go to nature every week.

Of course, you can also download some insect songbirds, the sound of rain and water, and play them when you sleep.