Life health seven recipes

Life health seven recipes

Vitamin supplements (vitamin foods) C is not a good nutrient for the body. Males (male foods) should be given more than 90 mg of vitamin C per day, and women (female foods) should be over 75 mg.

On this basis, an appropriate amount of vitamin C supplement can also prevent arthritis.

However, is it better to make up more?

Scientists in North Carolina, USA, found that if long-term excessive intake of vitamin C is not beneficial, it may increase arthritis.

In addition, excessive intake of vitamin C will cause diarrhea, ion imbalance, kidney stones and other complications.

Therefore, vitamin C supplementation is not “more good.”

  Sports (sports food) can prevent arteriosclerosis. It is currently believed that the main direct cause of hypertension and stroke is arteriosclerosis, which is the result of accumulated arterial intimal injury.

This extreme injury process may begin when the patient is young.

American scientists have found that obese young people are more likely to have arteriosclerosis than normal-weight peers, according to the poor diastolic response of the arterial intima of obese young people.

Fortunately, this situation can be corrected by physical exercise.

After three weeks of regular exercise, obese young people even have the same weight, and the functional test of the arterial intima can return to normal levels.

However, exercise should be adhered to, otherwise the functional indicators of the arterial intima will return to the state before exercise.

  Drinking too much alcohol can help the liver American scientists based on the results of the health and nutrition survey report found that the intake of coffee and caffeinated beverages can reduce the risk of alcohol damage to the liver.

The survey was mainly conducted by people who consumed too much alcohol.

Under normal circumstances, excessive drinking over a long period of time can damage the liver, causing unfortunate liver and liver cirrhosis.

If you drink two cups of coffee or other beverages containing caffeine every day, the risk of alcohol-related liver damage can drop to 44% and 69%, respectively.

However, the principle of action of caffeine for liver protection needs further research and confirmation.

  Orange peel can lower cholesterol. There used to be a period of time. It was probably before the popular black tea that all the people in the country drank orange juice.

If someone can persist until today, he may at least not worry about the high blood plasma.

Recently, Canadian scientists have discovered that the chemical composition of orange peel can reduce the plasma content of blood.

For the first time, this study found that this type of chemical component, in addition to the known health (health food) effect, can also reduce the concentration of oligodendrocyte-induced atherosclerosis.

Maybe you should think twice before throwing away the orange peel.

  Put two slices of tea every day, or you can drink it separately.

Orange peel is also a “secret weapon” for cooking lovers.

Burning porridge, adding some meat to the stew will add a lot of fragrance.

Not only do not feel the bitterness, but also a good medicine.

  Marine fish can fight high blood pressure in the newborn. If the mother has a disease, it may be inadvertently inherited by the child.

If you pay attention to it, you may be able to prevent this from happening.

According to a survey by American scientists, if a mother with high blood pressure often eats oily (oily food) large marine fish during pregnancy (pregnancy food), such as salmon or fish, the risk of a child’s birth can be reduced by 70%.

Because marine fish contains a lot of omega fatty acids, it can inhibit the complications in the human body, thus reducing the chance of hypertension.

It is necessary to note that the consumption of marine fish should pay attention to the mercury content of marine fish.

  Patients who measure blood pressure (blood pressure food) at home have the best antihypertensive effect. British doctors have recently found that patients who regularly monitor their blood pressure at home have the best antihypertensive effect.

The study investigated 2,714 hypertensive patients, about half of whom often measured their blood pressure at home, and the other half regularly went to the hospital or clinic to measure blood pressure. The results showed that patients who were at home with high blood pressure were either systolic or diastolic.Lower than the other group.

According to the analysis, the reason why the blood pressure of patients with high blood pressure is high is not because of the so-called “white sputum effect” when the doctor is nervous.

The real reason may be that patients who often test their blood pressure are more likely to find out if blood pressure is high in the future, how far away from the blood pressure target, and carefully implement various antihypertensive measures to pay attention to the results of health care in life.

  One of the manifestations of a language that mitigates some of the aging and aging is the slow response, which is currently unchangeable.

However, Canadian psychologists have recently discovered that people who speak two languages are better at speaking than slowing down on mental decline.

The tester used a psychological test to test the difference between observational and reactive power among young, bilingual and monolingual elderly (aged food) people.The results show that elderly people who grew up in both language environments are very close to the young people in terms of mental indicators.

Bilingual old people and single-language old people are more able to show the advantages of intelligence.

Scientists believe that the use of two languages for the brain’s exercise properly mobilizes the brain’s potential for analysis, synthesis, and storage of information that delays the brain’s recession.