[Efficacy and Function of Chinese Herbal Gardeniae

[Efficacy and Function of Chinese Herbal Gardeniae

Because this kind of plant is only cultivated in the upstream Yunnan region, most people should never see it.

And when the gardenia is ripe, the fruit that it produces is often often used by Chinese medical experts who believe that it has good curative effects on the human body.

Chinese medical scientists also generally believe that the role of Chinese medicine zongzi on the human body cannot be ignored. Today’s article will specifically explain the effectiveness of zongzi for readers.

1. Drug efficacy The Chinese herbal medicine Zongzi has particularly excellent medicinal effects. It tastes bitter and sweet after being used. It is mild and non-toxic. It can enter the lung and stomach and large intestine.It is usually used for the treatment of human diarrhea and anal prolapse, as well as the treatment of male nocturnal emission and frequent urination. The treatment effect is particularly obvious.

2. Anti-inflammatory, anti-diarrheal, anti-diarrheal and anti-diarrhea is the main role of Chinese medicine gardenia, usually it can treat chronic diarrhea and chronic enteritis, chronic ulcers in humans. It can both converge, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory, but usually it can treat sustainable diseases.This kind of mediocrity is rarely used alone. It needs to be used together with other astringent medicines, so that it can have better anti-diarrheal and anti-inflammatory effects. For example, dried ginger and ebony and Zhishi are all used to treat diarrhea.Ideal partner.

3, Runfeizhike Runfeizhike is also the main role of Chinese medicine dumplings, but people cough due to different reasons, medication methods are not the same.

When people have adverse symptoms such as dry cough or hemoptysis due to tuberculosis, they can be used together with sea pumice stones and peels.

For cough caused by chronic pharyngitis, it needs to be used together with Chinese herbal medicines such as balloonflower and licorice. Only with proper medication can people’s cough symptoms be relieved quickly.

4. Prevention of cancer The Chinese medicine zongzi can also prevent cancer. Its extract and the medicinal solution obtained after decoction contain excellent anti-cancer ingredients, which can inhibit the canceration of cells in the human body, reduce the activity of cancer virus, and prevent tumor formation.And regeneration, usually it can also be an adjuvant treatment for human cancer, which can effectively prevent the deterioration of cancer.