Slimming yoga for hard-to-reach areas

Slimming yoga for hard-to-reach areas

Want to drive away the redundant aunts in different positions of the body, in addition to paying attention to a balanced diet, as long as the current hot yoga exercise, focus on tightening the upper and lower body muscles, remodeling beautiful lines is not difficult!

  Excess meat on the arms, hips, and waist is usually a difficult complication. In addition to the following yoga exercises, it is recommended to mix appropriate aerobic exercise and eat less snacks or high sugar and high salt foods to increase the effect of body shaping.


  Step1 kneel on both knees, then press the palms to support the body; step2 pull your right foot backwards, try to lift your toes, and repeat your left foot; step3 face forward and use the strength of your arms and feet to support your body.Hold the action for about 10-20 seconds, and repeat the entire set if necessary.

  Beautify your back muscles!

  Step1 first lie on the ground, facing the floor, then raise your head, put it to the back, palms to the sky; step2 put your hands back together, and then lift your upper body back strongly; step3 then lift your feet to the ground with the same force, Make a V-shaped state, try to keep moving for about 10-15 seconds.

  Shape the waistline!

  Step1 Support the body with both palms and toes first, keeping the height straight; step2 With the body facing to the left, use one hand to maintain balance and force to support the body with both feet and right arms; step3 Straighten your left hand, increase upwards, and use the waistContract upwards, keep moving for about 10 seconds at natural breathing rate, and repeat left and right.

  Asian women and women who often sit in the office usually have too much lower body seriousness. Due to lack of activity, it is easy to have gastrointestinal problems and increase stool formation. There are three types of exercises that focus on the lower body to increase water absorption and help reduce body shape.
  Fight the belly!

  Step1 Sit on the ground first, then bend your knees and use your hands to tighten the thighs. Step2 Use the strength of the abdomen and tibia to lift your feet firmly for about 10 seconds. Step3 try to release your hands and keep the same posture for about 10 seconds to close the abdominal muscles.tight.

  Firmly tighten your chest step1 and lean forward slightly, then put your hands on your thighs to stand still; step2 make a sitting motion, tilt your hands forward, remember to keep your feet tight and keep the movement for about 10 seconds; step3 last doubleKeep your knees flexed and try to straighten your hands to the sky, maintaining motion for about 5-10 seconds.

  Slim thighs!

  Step1 stands forward, hands supporting the waist, and then takes a big step forward; step2 The left foot is slightly bent, and the right foot is pulled backwards, and the upper body is pressed down hard.

Note that the feet must stay close to the ground; step3 flexes the left foot to 90, the right foot tries to pull, hands are folded and straight to the sky, pay attention to maintain posture, stay for 5-10 seconds, then change the other side and repeat the action.