Take you to repair your skin


Take you to repair your skin

Has your skin ever been sensitive?

Have you ever felt overwhelmed in the face of sensitivity?

In fact, sensitivity is coming, and the skin is in a hurry. What do we need to do?

Come, let us listen to the statements of experts and beauty experts.

  Repair the skin, turn on the care button, and shield the sensitive source-redness, itching, red bloodshots. Complete Manual 1 The Causes of Sensitive Skin To really block skin sensitivity, first of all, you need to understand the real causes of skin sensitivity. Only in this way can we better helpWe reduce sensitive skin disturbances.

  Acquired factors can also trigger sensitivity-the innate factor is the primary one, and the sensitivity caused by the acquired factor is more and more prominent today.

  Causes of skin sensitization ● Congenital heredity ● Acquired secondary experts suggest that “there are many reasons for skin sensitization, but the main reason is two types of congenital heredity and acquired secondary.

Acquired factors mainly include the environment, seasonal climate, improper use of psychological and skin care products, etc., and are often caused by a combination of multiple factors. It is difficult to calculate the proportion of each factor.

-Shen Xing’s environment and psychological effects have become important factors that cause skin sensitivity-psychological factors, and work stress has become an important factor that causes skin sensitivity.

  Environmental factors ● Air pollution ● Ultraviolet ● Pollen ● Dust mite psychological factors ● Work stress ● Psychological stress experts suggest that “modern people have a lot of work pressure and their skin is often exposed to severe air pollution, plus pollen, dust, mold,Dust mites and other unclean foreign objects cause increasing symptoms of skin maladjustment. Therefore, sensitive skin is regarded as a civilized disease. The advancement of civilization and scientific and technological life have changed the original habits of human beings.Here comes such a disease.

— New causes induced by Nancy 2 sensitivity. Nowadays, urban women are increasingly relying on cosmetics to nourish their skin. It is not known that among these products that claim to be beautiful and permanent, there is a burden that the skin cannot bear.

  Improper use of cosmetics has become the biggest cause of skin sensitivity today-Improper use of skin care products has become a source of skin sensitivity that cannot be ignored nowadays.

  Causes of sensitive skin ● Pollen, seafood ● Improper use of skin care products Experts advise “Reposition, more and more medical treatment of skin lesions caused by improper use of skin care products, also caused the awareness of many dermatologists, so the moreMore and more dermatologists have their own medical advantages involved in the beauty market.

“-Shen Xing Cosmetics’ skin sensitivity rate caused by improper use of cosmetics is on the rise. Experts teach you to stay away from sensitive skin. 1 Some of the cosmetics make skin allergic.” The so-called skin sensitivity caused by cosmetics refers to someone in the cosmetics. “These ingredients cause an allergic reaction to the skin.

The skin is in the outermost layer of the body. When the skin comes into contact with certain cosmetic ingredients and produces a cellular immune response, this is called ‘allergic contact dermatitis’.

The so-called cosmetic allergies are in fact mostly irritating dermatitis, which is not an allergic reaction. This type of skin problem is caused by irritated destruction of the cuticle of the skin. For example, excessive exfoliation or the use of scrubs or easy to useIngredients that cause allergies: fruit acid, A acid, salicylic acid, etc. These ingredients can regulate skin metabolism, but the higher the concentration, the stronger the irritation, which may cause damage to the skin.

It should be used in small amounts from the lowest concentration according to the skin’s tolerance, and the time should not be too long.

-Nancy 2 sensitivity can be divided into different levels according to the severity of the symptoms. “Sensitivity can be divided into general sensitivity, poor tolerance and high sensitivity according to the severity of the symptoms. It generally manifests as stinging, itching, dry desquamation,In severe cases, it can manifest as allergies such as redness, swelling, blisters, and exudation.

For general sensitive situations, we must first avoid all irritating factors and use simplified and safe medical skin care products; when the symptoms are severe, we must go to the hospital to see a dermatologist to make a clear diagnosis and effective drug treatment. At the same time, we can also use highly sensitiveSkin formula skin care products, such as live spring water, provide soothing treatments, which can restore it again.

-Remedy for Shen Xing Cosmetics’ Allergies-Lili ‘s Xiaomi recruits cold distilled water, wet cotton to wash the face, temporarily not use fiber sponges, thick velvet towels and other rough surface cleaning appliances, otherwise it will only irritate the skin.

  Once Lulu ‘s Xiaomi Zhao has a cosmetic allergy, I will immediately cleanse my face, wash off the skin care products on my face, and then spray the face with an anti-allergy spray to relieve allergic symptoms.

  Vivilian’s Xiaomi tricks me always soak the mask in pure ice water, and then carefully cover the entire face, this can relieve the burning sensation and redness when the skin is sensitive.

  The distant Xiaomi trick, if the allergy symptoms do not subside for more than 24 hours, I will go to the hospital for treatment, because the doctor will have more solutions to allergic skin.