What can I do if I can’t get along with my roommate?

What can I do if I can’t get along with my roommate?

There are two general situations when it is difficult to get along with roommates: First, there is no “home feeling” after returning to the bedroom, and even the dormitory becomes a painful place that is afraid to return, unwilling to return, and not wanting to return;Individuals fail to get together, resulting in a “suspected neighbor stealing an axe” mentality. If you don’t like anyone, then look at every movement of him and listen to every sentence of him and feel uncomfortable.

Under the same roof for a long time, this feeling is also uncomfortable.

  So what is causing the unpleasant thing to happen?

In fact, everyone has no fundamental conflict of interest, and the conflicts are all caused by trivial matters or some alternative habits.

For example, some classmates like to get up early, he may get up when others are sleepy, and the sound of ding ding dong wakes others up, which is annoying; or some people, especially boys, are lazy and smelly socks and shoesThe bunk was thrown under the bed, and the bunk and even the whole bedroom were smoked, but he was alone.

In addition, everyone in the bedroom unconsciously feels a sense of relaxation at home, and the polite appearance when leaving the bedroom will be replaced by the disheveled appearance when returning to the bedroom.

And living in a room for a long time, each other finds that each other’s weaknesses will be more and more, so that some unpleasant things may happen, making it impossible to get along.

  If you do n’t get along well with your roommate, it can affect your mood and even your learning. How can you improve this relationship?


To reflect on yourself If you are more isolated in the bedroom, then you have to reset yourself, not blindly reject others.

Why do others isolate you so “work together”?

Maybe your behavior is too “self-centered”-rarely think about others, do what you want, make some sounds during the rest to affect others, or do not care much about the public things in the bedroom, cleaning is not activeTaking into account your own small space, there are even things that you never share with others but you are not polite to others and so on.

These seemingly small things will hurt the roommate and your feelings for a long time, and everyone will be light to you.

If you want to get along with your roommates, you can only change yourself, start with small things, have a good initiative to share with others, be more diligent, and be positive when you clean up.

Of course, doing these things requires showing sincerity, and it is necessary to persevere, and to think more of others in everything, naturally will improve the relationship with roommates, and make a lot of friends.


Learn to be generous, and tolerate bad room habits of your roommate, and do not prevent him from talking openly with him.

Because sometimes it is that you have not noticed and obstructed others. If someone raised it, he might notice it.

The students living in the upper bunk may accidentally aim at the lower bunk sheets, or wrinkle the sheets that are already flat and flat.

Everyone lives in the same room. When the spoon always touches the pot, if you are often dissatisfied and annoyed with such small things, it is really difficult to get along with each other.


It is necessary to treat everyone’s strengths and weaknesses properly, and there is no shortage of money.

If you find your roommate polite and even a bit rude in the bedroom after going out, it may be a sign that he really treats the bedroom as a home where he can express himself without the need for defense.

Don’t hate him because someone has some kind of deficiency, if this shortcoming is not of quality, it is not a moral issue.

  Being able to come together is a fate in itself.

When you go galloping in the wider world, I believe that everyone will not forget those “brothers who live in my bunk” in the flowering season.

Get in harmony with your roommates!