Top ten tips for men dealing with burning girlfriends

Top ten tips for men dealing with burning girlfriends

The first trick: There are girlfriends of this type in Cunning Rabbit Cave. If you carry cash on your body, it is as dangerous as a bomb tied up. Hurry to take the money to buy a house, stocks, bonds, long-term fixed deposit, it is best to open the wallet and have only small changeYou can also tell her that you are planning for the long-term future.

  The second trick: Ninja Turtle fled the payment site quickly. Before the waiter comes to pay the bill, you will suddenly have a stomachache and go to the toilet for a long time. You may also contact the company boss’s important phone number and ask her to pay the bill. You pay half of her, To develop the habit of paying for herself.

Don’t be embarrassed, be patient.

  The third trick: change to zero without big bills, just bring small change, even small bills of fifty yuan will work, and it is best to fishmongers, vegetable vendors find you wrinkled old fishy notes, letYour girlfriend is embarrassed when paying. Maybe in the future, she will attract sanctions from the clerk.

  The fourth measure: credit guarantee resets the credit card demagnetization.

If you swiped the card casually, when the credit card was returned, the clerk faced him innocently and asked him, “Do you accept phone cards?

“So, my girlfriend doesn’t pay for it, okay?

  Fifth trick: Do n’t go anywhere where it ‘s dangerous to spend a lot of money. If your girlfriend wants to visit a department store, you are advised to go to an art exhibition or visit the countryside.Clear porridge side dishes, girlfriends want to buy cosmetics, said: “Natural is beautiful!

Anyway, it’s a place to spend money away from the abyss of sin.

  Sixth trick: The miserable world takes her to an African refugee camp, or visit a homeless home.

  Seventh trick: The mainland miracle judging machine promotes the tragedy of eating sweet potatoes in the past, telling her the story of diligence, and at the same time beautifying the diligent woman, how to get the awareness of men (of course, it is one thing, men chooseThe subject is still pleasing to the eye).

  The eighth trick: to destroy the imaginary girlfriend ‘s purchase is your enemy. When the enemy is eliminated, so when the girlfriend starts to want to buy something, he shouts, “This is ugly”, “That ‘s no taste”,”Not for you” to break down the girlfriend’s shopping interest.

  Ninth trick: Scorched earth tactics, you can also buy some, and let her accompany you for a month of instant noodles.

  Tenth trick: The plan of the grief soldiers to work at McDonald’s and work on night shifts. Those who originally drove RVs changed to riding motorcycles, changing bikes on motorcycles, and walking on bicycles, and then constantly told her how hard you worked and let your girlfriendKnow the price you paid for her money.

  I went to work at McDonald’s and worked on the night shift. The person who originally drove the motorbike changed to riding a motorcycle, changing the bike by motorcycle, and walking instead of cycling, and then kept telling her how hard you worked, and let your girlfriend know that you had enough money to make money for her.cost.
  Finally, I want to remind you that the above ten tricks should be used alternately and in a flexible manner, because if you keep using the eighth trick to destroy, in the end, even if your girlfriend does not abandon you, you will find a friend alone and scold you while you work hard”You’re stingy, have no taste, no personality”, and then the more you buy, the happier you are, and the more you curse, the smoother it becomes.