What to do if a girl falls in love

What to do if a girl falls in love

The love affair is encountered by eighty to ninety percent of people, and people who are outgoing and cheerful can adjust themselves.

With a lonely character, it is easy to get to the horns of the horns, and there are many girls who commit suicide for a period of unworthy feelings.

  From this, mental health experts told the girls how to quickly get out of the shadow of broken love and find themselves again.

  First, don’t spend your time complaining.

  People in the empty window period ca n’t spend time complaining about themselves or others. They should tell themselves, “I am a mortal, and I will inevitably make mistakes. What I have to do now is to grow up from the experience of failure, and never make the same mistake.
“There are also people who are very calm when they encounter a change in love. This super adaptation is the result of trying to suppress and deny emotions.

  Second, look for support systems.

  Suddenly entering the empty window period, the well-organized life suddenly became chaotic, self-esteem, and self-confidence were very low.

In this painful and confused moment, it is extremely necessary for a close friend or psychological counselor to provide support, listening and encouragement. With these supporters, you will feel that you are still a loved and possible person.

  Third, take good care of your body.

  People in the empty window period often stay up all night playing games because of their bad mood. During this period, they need to work up to take care of themselves, carefully design and make two good dishes, rest early and ensure sleep.

This nourishes my physiology and gives me a positive hint: “I can live well alone.

Fourth, find positive hobbies.

  Finding hobbies that can support and nourish yourself, participating in reading clubs, fitness exercises, mountain climbing, etc. can not only enrich yourself in a positive way, but also contact the positive energy of the outside world, which is also very good for health care.

  A woman who has not been hurt, does not know the feeling of heartbreak, and cannot experience the other maturity brought by that painstaking experience.

When you feel heartbroken for one thing, and when you feel regretful, think about it after thinking about it three or ten years later. Is it all indifferent or even indifferent?